2021 Dream of Biden and £ note fulfilled – Michael M Bennett

Further to last Tuesday’s prophesied ‘surprise’ re-appearance of Barack Obama in the White House, Mike Bennett emailed me about his dream of 1st October 2021. Although he doesn’t mention the connection, I’ve since found its inclusion in this ‘God-incidentally titled post:

‘October Surprise’ – Monday 18th: Is Two Presidents prophecy about Obama and Biden?

Michael now writes me as follows,

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but the dream I forwarded to you last year has now occurred. The dream’s meaning was that while Biden was taking instructions from others on the phone (while in his night attire) a £ (i.e. real money) flew out of his hand and through the window. He was in a bedroom.

As of last Friday, 1st April 2022, the Petro-$ as ‘real money’ has ceased to be the international currency for exchange. Further, the Western Globalist control of the international banking system has ended, with, for now, Russia, India and China using a totally separate system – thus putting an end to Western control of the international monetary system. Indeed, it can no longer be used to weaponise banking.

The internal $ is inflating at a rate unknown for decades, creating uncontrolled and uncontrollable effects to the U.S. economy – exposing the Democrats (globalist s….s) for what they are to the world.

I realise that these events may seem negative to some, but they aren’t. The reality is that these events are predicted Divine judgement on America and on the globalist ‘RINO’ operatives for the globalist s…s.

If you have spotted this already I apologise for informing you, but I felt it was important that you should realise that the Father has indeed spoken of these events in advance – and warned us that they were on the way.

The dream was recorded in my journal on 1/10/2021 and over the next two days its meaning was revealed. I sent you both the prophecy and the interpretation. I have included the original copy below.

God bless,

M. Miles Bennett

1st October 2021 – A Prophetic Dream Vision 

This morning as I awoke, which at the time struck me as odd, but I could not see that it had any meaning. What is significant was that the dream remained clear in mind, as (as I type this) it still is. As the next two days passed it became clear in a series of revealings that the Dream was a Vision and was Prophetic.

I was in a room with an open upper window (the small type at the top of the casement that opens upwards): it was an upper storey (1st storey, UK labelling) and a bedroom. As I awoke I was confused by what I saw: I was an onlooker but it felt like I was experiencing what the man in the room was experiencing: it was weird and, at first, I thought I was the man. This became clear when I realised that I was watching the man!

He is on the phone to someone. It is a windy day. Suddenly, a £10 note flies up into the air (the window is open) and is carried out, tumbling, into the garden. The man  says: “I have to go.” But, he is in his nightgown.

The interpretation took two days, but it is now clear enough – on the 3rd October 2021. The symbolism was revealed step by step. First, I was corrected about where I was in the Dream-Vision: I was an onlooker, but I sensed his panic and that he was in a conversation: it was two way. But I have no sense of what was being said. Second, (with that cleared up) that this was a Prophetic Dream. Third ‘the man’ is Joe Biden – hence the bedroom scene and the nightgown: ‘sleepy Joe’. Third, I guess that the ‘wind’ was the Holy Spirit moving: this is correct. Next the money is real money – £ Sterling not American $ – a Divine joke perhaps. Dollars are not British legal tender – that is the pertinent point.

So, the ersatz president is in his dressing gown, in his bedroom – sleeping Joe, when all the money blows away. He represents the American government and permanent political class – the number 10, scripturally, means perfection, completeness and order. It is the end of one set of figures (1 to 10) and leads on to the next (11-20). It is a junction.

This reflects a simple sentence the Lord gave me: “Things are about to change”. Vague, I’ll grant you, but I believe that this refers to the exposures that are occurring – even though in the main stream marxist media this is at the peripheries.


In this blog’s above post I included his original Postscript:

PS, ‘I would just add a sense that I have – that the whole point of the nightgown, the bedroom and the phone call are that Biden is controlling nothing. However, I already know that Susan Rice is manipulating events – but I do believe that the Spirit is clearly pointing this way.

The financial side is clear – the sterling £10 note represents real money. Since I had the dream the White House has been claiming that the $3.5billion (or is it trillion?) spending spree equals $0! One of my background subjects is Economics – and yes, common sense IS correct: that is INSANE! I can ONLY suspect. My suspicion is that the $ may cease to be a global exchange currency – but that’s absolutely not from the Father. Outside that, it is the element in the Vision that has not been explained.’

3 thoughts on “2021 Dream of Biden and £ note fulfilled – Michael M Bennett

  1. Hi Richard,
    Re Michael Bennets dream, I had a dream a couple of years ago about the $ being useless.it was so bad it was blowing around on the street like paper wrappings. This actually ties in with a comment Putin made recently.
    I felt the actual devastation from this situation and hoped it would not come to pass.
    Praise the I Am that nothing is a surprise.

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  2. Richard: In Michael Bennett’s dream, an American fake president holding a ten-pound Sterling note in his hand is very significant. Then the wind blows the Sterling note out of his hand, out the window and into the garden.

    I believe this means that the Deep State London bankers have been controlling the American brain-dead president up until now. The wind blows the Sterling note out of his hand: the power of the Holy Ghost has now separated the Deep State London bankers from the fake president: they no longer have any influence or control over the fake president or the people who handle the fake president.

    In my research, certain London bankers have very powerful influence in global finance. Even though the British Empire (a geo-political empire) is no longer operating, the London banking empire is very real. One of the Rothschilds once said that whoever controls the money supply of a nation, controls the economy of that nation. But what the Rothschilds fail to realize is that the power of the Holy Ghost (the prayers of the saints) has infinitely more power than the Rothschilds ability to control the money supply.

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