Prophecies fulfilled by Obama’s visit to White House and cartoons of Biden

Ever so quickly being our long-weekend for readers to note; ‘hat tip’ Tim Shey for his comment and to Veronika West for posting.

First, this 1 minute video of brief prophetic word on 1st February 2020 with fulfillment on 5th April – NB: not shown that Obama took the lead ahead of Biden and Harris upon their on entry to the room:

Next, the circus joker vision given to Veronika in October 2020, upon which I’ve blogged many times:

Note carefully the seven, instead of traditional floppy three points (liliripes) each with  jingle bell at the end, of the jester’s cap ‘n bells or ‘cockscomb’.

Had it not been for other priority activities and unplanned blog material on Thursday, I’d intended blogging a follow-up on Veronika’s vision of the Democrat donkey pinata being burst after 7 attacks by elephants’ trunks as symbolising major policy failures/events!


3 thoughts on “Prophecies fulfilled by Obama’s visit to White House and cartoons of Biden

  1. Hi Richard thanks for putting the article up. There was a prophecy by possibly Robin or perhaps someone else about people openly laughing at Joe Biden.
    This is what happened when Obama came to the W.H.
    Praise the I AM.

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