Prophecy Update 2: press reports ‘no deal’ Brexit is ‘back from the dead’!

LATEST NEWS noted on Telegraph online in this posted at 2:17 pm under headline (my emphases),

Brexit Essentials: how a no-deal Brexit has come back from the dead – ‘If there’s one thing we do know about Parliament it’s that it really doesn’t like the idea of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. MPs have voted against it on three separate occasions. None of those was legally-binding, but it did seem that last week MPs really had killed the idea off – they would force Theresa May to get a long Brexit extension or, at worst, back her deal, leaving ‘no-deal’ dead and buried.’

‘Yet now, ‘no-deal’ is hauling itself out of the grave and stalking the House of Commons once again. How has that happened? The answer lies within the Conservative Party.

‘Time and again, the PM has shown that she will choose party unity over anything else. Theresa just does not want to be the Prime Minister who split the Conservative Party for good. So this week, even though there was no sign of MPs backing her deal at the third time of asking, and a long delay to Brexit seemed to be the only option left, she caved to her party’s demands and asked for only a short extension.

‘Theresa probably didn’t even want a long extension. It was a useful tool to scare her backbenchers into supporting her. But it looks like the scare she gave them was too good, and instead of meekly surrendering, her MPs have come out swinging…’

This claim is closely (ie. not by direct, literal reference) related to what Veronika West prophesied on 8th January and reiterated last Friday, 15th March about a death being reversed. A copy of each follows for ease of reference. (Introducing the latter I observe it makes “an exceptional word to test in the near future as to its accuracy!”): Continue reading

LATEST on Brexit delay

Posted 15:40hrs (per Telegraph Online Live News, emphasis mine)

‘Theresa May will ask European leaders to delay Brexit after John Bercow’s bombshell intervention plunged Britain into a “constitutional crisis”, Downing Street has confirmed.

‘Following a prolonged Cabinet meeting this morning, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said she would now write to Donald Tusk “in relation to an extension”.

‘Whilst they refused to say how long a delay she would request, it is understood that Mrs May will ask for an extension running until 30 June, which could be extended if a deal has still not been ratified by Parliament…’

That date fits closely with previous post prophecies regarding 9 months October 2018 to July 2019 delay -see Fear Not – Watch Next 4 Months.

Veronika West: a rising star and a kiss of betrayal

This afternoon Veronika West posted the following on Ignite Ireland Ministries Fb:






 = = = = = = = = = = = =




Published in His Kingdom Prophecy, 15 November 2018:

An Urgent Word for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,  Brexit….. and…. Divine breakthrough in the days ahead…!

The Spirit of God says, “Fear not, for this is the hour of your divine turning, a turning towards the ‘Son’, for now a new day and a new dawn is breaking upon the land!

“Look not to the right nor to the left but look up.

“Lift up for your eyes to the mountains from where your help comes, it comes from The LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.

“Fear not!  For I have heard the cries of the oppressed in this nation.

“I have heard the cries of repentance and I have decreed liberty and justice over this nation!

“Watch!  As My Glory now rises upon the people of this great land.

“Watch and be still, for where the enemy has come in like a mighty flood, I AM now raising a new standard in this nation.

“Listen!  Pay attention to what will now take place in this nation, for My Spirit of Truth and Righteousness now goes forth to uncover and expose what has been hidden in darkness.

“Fear not!  But remember Judas.  Remember the kiss of betrayal, for surely I tell you, that which I have started in this nation shall be brought to divine completion and perfection and that which has been planned and purposed by the hand of the enemy, shall not prosper but shall fall to the ground and die,”  says The Spirit of God!

= = = = = = = = = = = =

And these late this morning:

More on Leviathan and ‘coincidental’ 40th anniversary of EU’s ‘Snake’

Fascinating example of synchronicity or ‘God-incidence’ in view of today’s developing news on Theresa May once again facing defeat in the Commons, and what Deborah Orgill kindly emailed a fortnight ago with a couple of follow-ups, which I’ve been saving for now in view of tomorrow’s historic significance. On that last, Deborah writes,

‘I saw your post Update on Vision of Snake in Parliament yesterday (26 February) and thought I should share…

‘In that article you mention 3 things: The snake, Leviathan and “the more at stake.” In 2015, these were the exact same phrases the Lord used to reveal the issues I was facing in a situation that involved the marriage break-up of an American friend. In short the Lord told me that the problems we were facing, “the more at stake,” were because of the unseen operation of Leviathan. I was given Psalm 74:14 and Isaiah 27:1:

“You crushed the heads of Leviathan. You gave him as food for the creatures of the wilderness.”…..”In that day the Lord will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent,
With His fierce and great and mighty sword,
Even Leviathan the twisted serpent;

And He will kill the dragon who lives in the sea.”

‘Once Leviathan’s head had been removed by the Lord, by His Word, he becomes food for the people. The removal of the head releases wealth. Because of the startling similarities between your post yesterday and my 2015 circumstance other instances came to mind and I began to see a pattern based on what the Lord had previously said to me that explains, “the more at stake” and the role of the snake, Spirit of Leviathan.

‘For the UK right now this spirit is standing against the wealth, the harvest the Lord wants to release in this season to the UK by withstanding Brexit. Please note wealth or harvest is not just about finance. This can be seen in the following 2 points:

  1. Through 2 consecutive dreams 29/30th November 2014, The Lord told me He wants to bring the USA and UK together, but the enemy is withstanding this. This is one of the reasons for the fight over Brexit. Today, I am “switching on the lamp” as to this reality.
  2. Last year, Chuck Pierce came to Betty King Ministries in Wembley, London and delivered a prophetic word for London and the UK. In it he says, “Something the Lord tried to do 40 years ago He is trying to do now.” On 15th November 2018, Theresa May said at the Draft Brexit Agreement Press Conference at 10 Downing Street, “Trying to renegotiate something we have been in for 40 years wasn’t easy.” I believe the two are related.

‘We joined the EU 43-45 years ago, but on 13th March (March 13th 1979 – March 13th 2019) it will be 40 years since the European Monetary System (EMS) was created, of which the UK became a part in 1990. The EMS was created to replace its predecessor and was the metamorphose of “The Snake in the Tunnel”, the aim of which had been to limit fluctuations between different European currencies by essentially pegging all EEC currencies to one another in order to be a force against THE AMERICAN DOLLAR. We withdrew from the EMS or EMR on black Wednesday in 1992, did not join the European Currency and now want to leave the EU altogether.

’40 years later to the day since the day of the EMS’ creation, the 13th March ‘happens’ to be the date when MP’s will be given the choice to vote on ‘no deal’ and extension, should the Prime Minister’s deal be rejected on 12th.  Effectively, “40 years later” we would leave the European Monetary System and be free to work with other nations and currencies.

‘This is the war we are in right now This war is over the natural and spiritual wealth and harvest that the Lord wants to channel through London as the financial capital of the world for this next move of God. It’s time, by rapturing faith, to leap over the walls, as in Psalm 18:29, that the enemy Leviathan has established to try and keep us bound (that is, tied into a monetary system that does not allow us to make the connection, nexus with the USA) so that we run until we see that river of finance and wealth flowing through the City of London out to the nations of the world to enable the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth.

‘A final thought. The word Stake in the “more at stake” often refers to wealth and finance. It is a boundary-denoting word. This far and no further!

More Thoughts:

‘Although Britain did not join the EMS in 1979, it was the British politician Roy Jenkins who was not only instrumental to us joining Europe in the first place, but also overseer of the creation of the EMS.  His domestic reforms are also revealing as to the spirit behind his politics. Divorce, abortion and homosexuality. Here’s a quote from his ‘obituary:

“Roy’s second cause was Europe. Without his ceaseless advocacy, it is doubtful whether Britain would have become a member of the European Community. He did not have an easy time as Commission president from 1977-81, but the overall balance was certainly positive. I would rate him third in terms of effectiveness after Hallstein and Delors. His major achievement was to launch the European Monetary System, the forerunner of EMU and the euro.”  (See Jenkins: death of a passionate pro-European)

‘Critics, particularly those in the 1980s, said that Roy Jenkins had introduced what they called ‘the permissive society’. During the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher and Norman Tebbit tended to say that he was responsible for a lot of the social problems that Britain had at that time, through his legislation. (See Roy Jenkins, Europe and the Civilised Society)

‘The recent defecting labour and conservative MP’s [‘The Independent Group’ – RB] were likened to the gang of four 1981 only last week. We are in the time of Roy Jenkins again 40 years later: abortion controversy here and in America, defecting MP’s and Europe.’

More on Leviathan – an Irish Connection?

‘This is what I heard today (1st March):

‘In Psalm 74, Leviathan was behind Egypt against Israel. Today, antisemitism is against Israel. Behind the antisemitism is Leviathan, which as we have seen is in Parliament. The Irish border back stop issue is Southern Ireland and EU supporters of the Palestinians antisemitism and all that means against Northern Ireland supporters of Israel. The head has to come off Leviathan to break that spirit and feed the people. Was Roy Jenkins anti-Israel? Was the EMS set with an agenda to enforce the political aims of the EU which are anti Semitic?
‘Repentance is needed from us regarding the 1967-1969 liberal legislation and 1979 EMS, then we can ask the Lord to do Isaiah 27:1.

(3rd March) ‘The word is, “If we will repent of the 1960’s legislation and the EUropean Monetary System, the Lord will take the head of antisemitism (Leviathan) off our nation and we will align properly with Israel and then the inheritance harvest will come.” 1 Chronicles 7:14.’

‘Thanks for reading. Many blessings’

Deborah Orgill

Also on 3rd March I noted this telling quotation Iain Duncan Smith (former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) uses to begin his op-ed For too long, we have swallowed lies about the EU (emphases mine). He takes journalistic licence to stress the doubling of decades between our entry to the EEC and its deceitful goal of totalitarian control:

“The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences, not asked.  So wrote Lord Thorneycroft in 1947 about the plan for a European Union, and in so doing he expressed the growing belief of the political class that this was a pursuit of the ‘greater good,’ which would become the hallmark of successive governments down the years.  Yet there was something else those words indicated, that in pursuit of this greater good, the political ends would always justify the means.

What has followed in the intervening 80 years has been a collective deceit about the purpose of the European project. This can be seen in decision after decision taken on issues concerning the EU.

‘Even now after losing the referendum, the political establishment’s Project Fear narrative of economic Armageddon is as narrow as it was in 1973.  One only has to look at the disastrous negotiations to join the EEC in 1972. As Sir Con O’Neill, the leader of the negotiating team said, the overriding principle guiding the UK team from the top was, “swallow the lot and swallow it now.” Which attitude led to the last minute and tragic abandonment of the UK fishing industry. Much of our manufacturing industry suffered a similar fate in our desperate haste to sign up to the ‘greater good’...

He concludes, ‘In 2016, the British people finally saw through the deceit and voted out. Surely for those of us in Parliament, delivering on that vote isn’t just about leaving the EU but also, as importantly, it is about returning accountability to our politics and honesty to our governments.’


‘Brexiteers and the DUP have rejected Theresa May’s deal as Geoffrey Cox warned the UK could be trapped in the backstop indefinitely, despite changes secured by Theresa May from Brussels last night.

‘In a significant blow for the Prime Minister, the Attorney General said “the legal risk remains unchanged”.

Transcript of prophetic word on the Lord’s plans for Brexit and Ireland

MoThank you to Carolyn Stewart for providing this transcript, as published at Glasgow Prophetic Centre and UK Prophetic Words, of this most insightful, encouraging word Emma Stark broadcast in her latest of three videos on Brexit. Footnotes give my brief weighing (1Cor 14:29) of this exceptionally significant prophetic word that Emma received on 27th February whilst with a group of prophets in Belfast:


Where is the solution to Brexit, the Backstop and the Irish Border?

‘I felt that God gave me a really significant word about Brexit in the last handful of days, and a real God intervention and a heads up for what God is going to do in what looks like a chaotic situation. I really want to share this with you, particularly for those of you who are intercessors. I feel like God has given me something that I’m asking you, would you stand with me and would you pray? Would you come into a place of agreement of some of the things God is saying that needs to happen? So I am really asking for your opt-in right now and your anointing to partner with what God is revealing through His prophet.

‘I was standing in Belfast last week. Of course, I am Northern Irish; that’s where I was born and raised. Cut me and I bleed of that land, and I am passionate about Ireland, both north and south of the border.

‘I heard the Lord say this, when I asked him this question: “Where is the solution to Brexit? God, what are You saying about the Backstop and the Irish border?”

‘And the Spirit of the Lord said this to me, “Emma, the solution is in Dublin.” Well, I was shocked. And the Lord said, “There is a tangled ball of wool that is sitting in the Parliament building in Dublin, and the end of that ball of wool is in the hands of Leo Varadkar. Now Leo Varadkar is the Taoiseach, or the leader or the prime minister in Ireland, and they of course meet in Dublin. The Lord said this to me: “I put an anointing on Leo Varadkar, and it has been a dormant anointing.” But the Lord says that He made him one who would challenge the rules. He made him one who would challenge the status quo. He made him different from other leaders that had arisen within Ireland. And the Lord says, “I even put a subversive anointing on him, that he would subvert the status quo.” The Lord says he used that subversive anointing not for good purposes. But the Lord says, “Right now, like I grabbed hold of Cyrus, I am about to grab hold of that man’s hand, and I am anointing his subversion that it may be turned to subvert the kingdom of darkness and even bring about a righteous solution.”

‘And then I said to the Lord, “Well what is he to do?” and the Lord said, “He is to reach out his hand to Arlene Foster,” who as you know is the previous First Minister, the leader of the DUP in Stormont, which is the devolved parliament in Northern Ireland. And the Lord said, “I gave her a spirit and an anointing of determination, but she too didn’t always know how to use that gifting for my glory.” And the Lord says, “I am calling on what I put in her of determination, and I am going to call that out to be used for my Kingdom, and Leo Varadkar’s subversiveness. And the Lord says, “I am going to enable them to turn and to be a man and a woman who face each other.” And the Lord says, “I will put an ability for them to look at each other, see each other, dialogue with each other, communicate with each other.” And the Lord says, “I will strike them with holy lightning that there may be a resolution and a new relationship that has grown between the North and the South on the landmass of Ireland. And the Lord says, “That subversion and that determination will start to work on a plan.” And I heard the Lord say, “They will be in a coalition.” I am not talking politically. I am not talking about divided Ireland. I am not talking about united Ireland. Don’t hear this through any agenda or political mindset. I heard the word “coalition” in terms of a new relationship, a new ability to see and understand each other, a new ability to figure some things out between each other. And I heard the Lord say this – it was so clear – He said, “Brexit is out of Time”. I don’t mean like it’s running out, because we know it’s running out in terms of the end of March – but it is “out of Time” of the order of God. And the Lord says, “Do not fear, even if there is a delay. Do not fear, if that looks like increased chaos.” For the Lord says, “There is an order, and I will start in Ireland,” And they will form such a new understanding, and a new relationship with one another, that the Lord says, “It will be a model for what I want to do in nations and how they will relate to each other, even across the continent of Europe and beyond.” But the Lord says, “I am beginning a work of reconciliation and seeing each other and solution in Ireland.”

‘And the Lord says, “That is going to even have an effect on Brexit.” The Lord says, “Let Ireland be solved first before Brexit can be unpacked and fully realised.” And you can see God working in an order around the nation, from Ireland in the south, up to Northern Ireland and across, down into Westminster. And the Lord is saying in this hour that we are to pray, even for the EU and even for Theresa May and Westminster, to give Ireland space and to not dominate in that place so that the Lord can raise up these leaders to see each other. And the Lord said this: “Oh intercessors, you have prayed about the Irish border, you have gone back and forward along it.” And the Lord says, “You have bound every demon that you knew how to bind, and you have been diligent and faithful.” But the Lord is even saying now, “You did not replace that which you bound with the solution from my throne room.” The Lord says, “It is a time for the intercessors to start to say over the Irish border, ‘God has a solution’, and to release the solution; not just to bind and limit that which is nasty, but to put a higher decree in place, an overarching decree that says, ‘There will be a relational solution’.” And the Lord says, “I need your decrees and your agreement that MY relational order will come even into that landmass”, says the Lord.

‘I want to keep you up to date with some of the things I prophesied over Brexit before (videos 2017 and 2018). The Lord is saying, “Look, there is going to be a disconnect from Europe, so that there can be a reconnection.” And the Lord says that in two to three years we will be in mass revival on the continent of Europe and within the British Isles. And the Lord says, “I am making some situations [to] bring nations to their knees right now, and even a humbleness to come within the British Isles”, says the Lord, “that I may break the spirit of Leviathan off you and your pride.” For the Lord says, “I cannot come near the British Isles while there is pride, because I am held by my word that says I must resist those who are proud.” But the Lord says, “As there is humbleness and as confusion even opens a door to a hands-up that says, ‘I don’t have an answer’” – and as that brings a sense of “Oh God! We need to look to you outside of ourselves” – the Lord says, “Then Leviathan breaks”, and then that revival rushes towards us.

‘The Lord also said this to me, that there had been a robbing of the DNA of the British Isles, and that the British Isles for centuries had been known for leadership in the earth. And yes, sometimes they got that just disgustingly wrong, and sometimes there was weeping for the need for repentance. But the Lord says, “In the middle of all of that, you forgot”, says the Lord to the British Isles, “that in your very core, in your very DNA, there was the ability to make a leadership role in the nations.” And Lord is saying that the nations are crying again for the British Isles to raise themselves up, and to know what leadership is. And the Lord says, “I am healing and restoring leaders, the length and breadth of the British Isles, in this hour.” And the Lord says, “If you want to know how to pray, you pray for Leo Varadkar in Dublin, you pray for Arlene Foster in Belfast.” And the Lord says, “There is going to come such a fresh template of how leaders across borders work with each other that it will heal the backstop, it will heal Ireland, it will propel Brexit to come forth in the right way. It will model a new way of relationship for the landmass of Europe.” And the Lord says, “It will enable even revival to come, as there is a domino effect from Ireland.” And so the Lord is saying, “Take hope. I am on My throne. I know what I am doing, but I need your agreement,” says God.

‘Why? You’ve got to understand why God wants our agreement. You see, in Amos 3 it says, ‘Surely the sovereign Lord does nothing before revealing it to his servants the prophets’. God is saying, “I won’t act until you’ve seen it. I won’t act until you’ve heard it and agreed it.” Well now I am telling you what God is saying, and I want you just to raise your hands where you are and say, “Oh God, we decree a solution of relationship over Ireland. Oh God, we decree that leaders that don’t even acknowledge each other fully are going to start to come together in a new relationship. We agree even that Theresa May and the European Union back off, so that there is a space for a healing in this land.”

‘And let me tell you what else I thought the Lord was asking us to pray. I grew up in Northern Ireland. I grew up in the troubles. I know there’s a spirit of violence. You know there’s a spirit of violence there. But that violent spirit says this: “Defend yourself! Defend your people! Look after your own! Destroy those who come against you!” But when I stood on Northern Ireland last week, I felt that violent spirit had changed and it was now a blood thirsty spirit, and that is one beyond violence, where the blood thirsty spirit doesn’t just say, “Defend your own”. It says, “Decimate everywhere. Just have carnage as far as the eye can see.” I heard that spirit in the land, and I want you to agree with me right now that there will be peace in Ireland, north and south. There will be peace in England and Wales and Scotland, and all of the British Isles and all of the islands that that includes, that there will be in this day a striking of the ground with the spirit of the government of God and the increase of his peace. We need to decree together that there will not be a return to violence or bloodthirstiness. For the Lord is saying, “I want to work with you that there may be peace,” and the Lord says, “Now is the time not just to bind the violence, but to say, “Let peace be established for multi-generations in this hour”.’

RB Footnotes:
  • The Personal Prophetic Trail section that follows my previous posting of Emma’s video doesn’t give the finer details of the first ‘coincidental’ confirmation over my musing upon the possibility of this year being spiritually connected to what I’d learned in 2012 (because 7 years have elapsed since we’d started blessing Britain and Ireland). The details show the Lord’s hand pointing me by means of a ‘divine appointment’ to the above UK-Eire-EU issue, as follows:
  • During morning coffee I didn’t mill around in the large foyer with others but returned to my chair in the conference hall to quietly sip the drink. A different person to the woman I’d seen sitting behind me came to sit in that chair to await her friend. I turned and asked if she’d had far to travel to Windsor. This sister in the Lord replied she’d flown from Belfast and I recalled having seen her introduced on the platform a few months ago as a pastor from Dublin.
  • Subsequently, returning to my musing upon 2012+7=2019, I wondered if there may be any relevance in that brief chat. In answer I ‘saw’ on my mental image of the map we pray over daily, a tube-like white line between Dublin and Belfast, as though indicating a connection.
  • The reference to Ireland’s significance in the Lord’s plans for revival reiterates what Dr Sharon Stone brought in her Clarion Call of 2013 to the British Isles, “In speaking into Ireland it doesn’t take a genius to see that’s the western gate of revival for the UK. That means that if God is moving from the west eastwards they’re carrying something that those in England have need of…”
  • Politically, let’s remind ourselves that Leo Varadkar is on record as having seen no problem over Ireland’s border with Northern Ireland and the UK being outside the EU, as in Prophecy Progress Check #1 – Eire, UK & EU.

Update on vision of snake in Parliament – with latest news

Note: first drafted mid-January but not published because of number of other posts on the Parliamentary chaos. I’m grateful to Ann Dennis for bringing this pertinent, amusing video to my attention last Thursday on RJ Dawson’s The Future is Now…:

“I expect you either saw or have been told about a recent TV advert for The Times Newspaper. Just in case, I confirm the Ad shows the Chamber of the House of Commons filled up with various animals where people would normally sit. Amongst the animals are two very large snakes slithering over the benches. The advert ends with the entrance of A UNICORN and A LION striding towards the despatch box. The lion begins to lift his magnificent head and ROAR AND ROAR. Not the norm for an advert, especially for a newspaper. It must have been SUPERNATURAL. Haven’t seen it a second time. Interesting! Praise God, He IS IN THE HOUSE.”

I responded: “ACE! Thank you Lord and Ann, as this is news to me because we avoid all tv adverts…As I respond to you from my WordPress ‘dashboard’ I espy a short list of draft blogs, and the topmost is ‘Update of vision of snake in Parliament’. AND as I’m not blogging as usual today because of dental and medical appointments I was wondering what and when to post next.”  [Note, normal process for replying is via email notification connecting into WP notifications in drop-down side-bar, not the full-screen ‘desktop’.]

An article in The Drum about this new publicity campaign explains,‘The Times and The Sunday Times has launched a new campaign that portrays politicians as animals in ‘Westminster Zoo’ as the publisher tries to reinforce its commitment to keeping readers informed in confusing times. Capturing the current mood of the nation, the ‘Politics. Tamed’ campaign anthropomorphizes politicians as animals in a similar vein to Orwell’s Animal Farm…Reiterating how it is newspaper’s jobs to ‘tame politics,’ only the lion and the unicorn – from the crest in The Times masthead [RB: using the Royal Coat of Arms]  – can bring order to the proceedings.’

This makes the THIRD example of the press inadvertently following modern prophecy, as we saw last year in ‘Outfoxing the Remainers’ – see Urgent: ‘Fox in Hen-house’ (ie. Parliament) Prophecy Reiterated) and last month here.

Now, my update written 16th January followed by this afternoon’s news: Continue reading

Spiritual nature of Brexit vs. EU battle now exposed to the world

Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration

Last night’s news of Donald Tusk’s outburst against Great Britain makes for an unusual follow-up to a reader’s recent enquiry about decrees and declarations. Therefore, I can but conclude:

As President of the European Council and speaking in his official capacity in a conference with the Irish Prime Minster in Brussels yesterday, Donald Tusk spoke out and publicly promulgated an utterly despicable curse from his written notes (ie. a declaration made from a decree), not only upon those who promoted Brexit without having made safe plans for its completion but also and by implication upon every British citizen who voted to leave the E.U.!

(I’d thought to insert a copy of his ‘tweet’ here, but that would reiterate its impudence.)


Resorting to slander shows the EU’s now lost the ‘discussion’ – lock, stock and barrel. Moreover, they confirm the real spiritual nature of the current Battle for Britain.

Prophetic words and visions of the demonic evil behind today’s Tower of Babel are now demonstrably accurate and fully vindicated by this exposure, not only of its President’s heart but also of this totalitarian institution’s leadership. (Read Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics? UK, USA – next EU?? and the Fulfilled Prophecies #10 sequence.)

Clearly, the Lord is allowing this outrage to inform the British public of the real, spiritual nature of the European Union that underpins its legal, political and financial structure.

What’s more, I believe the curse is, or even has been, reversed as foretold in two separate words of prophecy that were brought last year. I’ll reiterate those at the end of this two-part blog.

Tusk’s outburst – endorsed by EU Parliament’s Negotiator – demonstrates Britain’s best interests are served by being completely separate from the EU – without any Irish ‘backstop’!

Today’s report from Brexit Central upon the event reminds us the EU is fundamentally anti-democratic – and corrects the EC President’s faulty memory:

‘What an extraordinary day it was in Brussels yesterday. Leading most of the papers today are the incendiary remarks made by European Council President Donald Tusk yesterday at a press conference alongside Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. At the end of a relatively short statement, Tusk opined:

“By the way, I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely.”

‘Never mind the deeply undiplomatic nature of the comment which unsurprisingly drew much criticism, it was also totally untrue. While David Cameron and George Osborne may have irresponsibly refused to allow the civil service to prepare for the eventuality of a Leave vote in advance of the referendum, plans were drawn up by others. As Dr Lee Rotherham reminded us here (Change or Go, dispels pernicious myth no work done on Brexit), on BrexitCentral in 2016, there was Change, or Go – the seminal publication from Business for Britain which ran to more than 1,000 pages. Its subtitle, “How Britain would gain influence and prosper outside an unreformed EU”, provides the clue to it being exactly what Tusk claims did not exist. Or there was the 2014 publication, Cutting the Gordian knot: A Road Map for British Exit from the European Union, written by Rory Broomfield and Iain Murray. There were many others too.

‘There’s no way that this was an off the cuff intervention from Tusk. It was clearly planned. If you watch him making the remarks on our video, you can see him referring to written notes while he said it. And he then happily tweeted he words out afterwards (prompting an equally inappropriate response from MEP Guy Verhofstadt, which makes our Tweet of the Day below).

‘And then to rub salt into the wound, at the end of the press conference, Varadkar is caught saying: “They’ll give you terrible trouble in the British press for that”, to which Tusk replies: “Yes, I know” and laughs. What on earth was he thinking???

‘Moreover, many of us had already been offended by some of the earlier contents of Tusk’s short statement. Aside from the contradiction of declaring the Withdrawal Agreement “not open for re-negotiation” while demanding that Theresa May offer a “suggestion on how to end the impasse”, the former Polish Prime Minister also reminded us of the EU’s arrogant attitude to referendums which deliver the “wrong” answer.

‘Having claimed that “a very great number of people in the UK… wish for a reversal of this decision” to leave the EU, he lamented: “The pro-Brexit stance of the UK Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition rules out this question… Today, there is no political force and no effective leadership for Remain”.

‘Some might say that the definitive result of the 2016 referendum rules out a reversal of the said decision. Call me old-fashioned, but when a parliament organises a referendum to ask the people a question, is it not duty bound to implement the answer it is given? But of course, that’s not the EU’s way of doing things. When Denmark rejected the Maastricht Treaty in a 1992 referendum, they had to vote again in order to approve it. It was the same with Ireland and their Nice Treaty referendum in 2001. And when the French and Dutch electorates rejected the European Constitution in 2005, it was merely cosmetically repackaged as the Lisbon Treaty. And when the Irish rejected that in 2008, they had to vote again in order to give Brussels the answer it required. All a salutary reminder that the EU is not so much undemocratic as anti-democratic.

‘Back to yesterday’s events and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also repeated that the Withdrawal Agreement is the “only deal possible” and “not open for renegotiation”. Speaking alongside Varadkar after his meeting with the Taoiseach, Juncker specifically rejected the will of the House of Commons as set out through the Brady amendment when he declared that “alternative arrangements” could “never replace the backstop”. And in order to ensure Tusk did not enjoy a monopoly on offending we Brits, a picture emerged of Juncker and Varadkar posing with a large novelty “Thank You from Ireland” card evidently sent to the Commission President, with Juncker’s office letting it be known that it contained the message “Britain does not care about peace in Ireland”.

‘All of yesterday’s antics were all the more extraordinary because of their timing: today Theresa May is heading to Brussels for meetings with Messrs Tusk, Juncker and Verhofstadt on the back of last week’s Commons votes and the Whitehall talks that have been considering alternative arrangements to the backstop.’

Further Reading:

The Telegraph’s international business editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s Parliament Beware: the Backstop and EU Political Declaration are a double-trap makes essential reading for its historical background:

‘BE very wary of any EU codicil, protocol, or soft law memorandum offering assurances on the Irish backstop. Either it safeguards the UK’s sovereign prerogatives and free agency, or it locks the country into a perpetual legal arrangement as a regulatory captive without voting rights. It is one or the other. No fuzzy compromise on this legal point can exist.

‘The 1713 Treaty of Utrecht still holds force – to the eternal irritation of Madrid – because it is extremely difficult to abrogate. “You cannot get out treaties unless there is a ‘denunciation clause’ or by mutual agreement,” said Lorand Bartels, a law don at Cambridge.

‘NAFTA, NATO, or the WTO, all have escape clauses. That is why Donald Trump can threaten to tear up everything. The Withdrawal Agreement does not. It is sui generis. (ie one of a kind)

‘No large country in modern peacetime history has ever signed a treaty document of this kind yielding fundamental sovereign powers for ever. The insolvent king of Spain agreed to the Treaty of Utrecht and the loss of Gibraltar only because he had been defeated in the War of Spanish Succession.

‘We already have the hard lesson of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, the so-called Christmas tree of rights dismissed at first by one Europe minister (Keith Vaz) as “no more binding than the Beano or the Sun”.

‘The Lisbon Treaty later gave the Charter legal force under the European Court (ECJ). This created a clutch of aspirational economic and social rights that clash with Common Law practice…’

‘Brussels needs to do something because risks are rising. Europe is suddenly in a rougher predicament than anybody expected, hence Mr Tusk’s talk of dispatching Brexiteers to a “special place in Hell”.

‘The eurozone is near recession with no monetary or fiscal defences. It faces the escalating risk of an Italian debt crisis spreading to French and German banks. A no-deal Brexit has become very dangerous for the EU as well…

‘Lest we forget, the backstop is not the only landmine in the withdrawal package. The supposedly non-binding Political Declaration keeps the UK subject to the Acquis on the environment, labour law, taxation, competition, and state aid. Non-regression clauses make this law impossible to repeal even where its manifestly harmful.

‘Paragraph 132 states that the ECJ will have the final say on disputes. This extends the legal capture of the Withdrawal Agreement into the future relationship. Paragraph 135 establishes a punishment mechanism, with fines for breaches of the accord. It sets in train future fishing quotas…’

Kononia eNews_Breakup-of-EU

Bearing all this in mind, especially the point about the EU’s financial crisis and possible collapse, we’ll look at other pertinent prophecies and dealing with Tusk’s curse in the next post > > >

American’s vision: Brexit must NOT be allowed to fail

Further to his dream last April of the need for Britain to regain its sovereignty, I draw your attention to this very specific dream from Tony Puccio in Tucson, Arizona:

My Dreams and Visions

This is what I read today in the news concerning Brexit. “Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement was voted down 432-202, the largest defeat for a prime minister in the history of the House of Commons” As I was reading this I saw a vision of grappling hooks being shot over from Europe to England to pull the country back into the E.U. . Britain must  be totally free from the E.U, or, I feel, that it will share in the judgement that is coming to Europe. Additionally I saw in this vision Theresa May standing at her podium looking out. As I saw her looking out I saw a very large snake  slithering up and down the rows of the House of Commons. I feel in my spirit that this snake is fear and deception and I do believe that this has to do with the rise of the antichrist and…

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Is tonight’s vote ‘checkmate’ for PM May? British MEP likens EU to Tower of Babel

You may recall the ‘chess-pieces’ vision of Theresa May and Brexit in which Veronika West encouraged ‘ALL who are praying and warring for the Nation in this hour that in spite of the chaos, confusion and frustration, God has not changed His mind on Brexit, He is shaking and He is shifting and He is turning and redirecting our nation. He will bring to perfect completion that which He began on June 23, 2016 in our nation…!’

Therefore, we thank and praise you Lord for what You are doing in our nation, and I thank all intercessors for your dedication to Him and our nation and fellow citizens.

Whilst watching the news on 11th December Veronika saw Theresa May momentarily locked in the back of a car upon arriving for talks with Angela Merkel in Germany.  Then Veronika heard these words: “FEAR NOT! FOR THERESA MAY IS LOCKED IN PLACE FOR JUST A LITTLE LONGER AND THEN SHE SHALL BE REMOVED BY MY HAND”

In view of proposals on 12th December for a ‘No Confidence Vote’ on the PM, Veronika writes that she was ‘a little taken aback as the Word I heard yesterday was very clear and very precise…so prophetically could that be for a day or could it be that indeed she will remain in place for A LITTLE LONGER UNTIL THE GREAT CHESSMASTER HAS PERFECTLY ALIGNED ALL HIS PIECES ON THE BOARD OF OUR NATION AND THEN WE WILL HEAR HIM CALL “CHECKMATE”?’


Credit Alastair Grant /AP (click image for article; not new window)

The broadsheet version of the above appears in The Sunday Telegraph, and another columnist – 20 years a Conservative Member of the European Parliament for South East England – pens penetrating personal insights that The EU offers its members a terrible choice – integration of democracy – it is a ‘must read’!


Without any forethought or realisation upon my part until now, Daniel Hannan happens to feature in two consecutive posts. In blogging on 22 biblically-related news headlines in one week I got nudged to close with a link to Europe and Two Daniels, in which I emailed on 25 June 2009:

‘At least one of our MEPs, Daniel Hannan, may be near the truth of these EU matters..”British voters must be denied their general election so Eurocrats can have their Treaty…lack of democracy in Brussels…has spilt over into its constituent nations. In order to make an undemocratic system work, they too must become less democratic…” (emphases mine) Is this why we have an unelected PM (Gordon Brown) and unelected Deputy PM, who wants to abandon Sterling for the Euro?? Dangerous days…watch out…’

Doubtless the Lord is now drawing our attention to this particular matter to emphasis its import!  Daniel begins his latest,

‘The EU is not only undemocratic in itself; it also degrades the internal democracy of its constituent nations.

‘Everyone knows that the EU is run by unelected officials. What is far less widely appreciated is the way that, in order to sustain a fundamentally oligarchic project, the member states are obliged repeatedly to distort their domestic constitutional arrangements. 

‘Consider what happened in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Ignoring the advice of parliamentary officials, the Speaker, John Bercow, intervened to declare admissible a Europhile amendment that was plainly inadmissible under the rules. Challenged about his partisanship, he didn’t really deny it. Instead, with a hint of a smirk, he declared that obeying precedent would mean that nothing ever changed. He was, in other words, rubbing MPs’ noses in the fact that there was nothing they could do about his bias…’

In the middle of this splendid piece of quality journalism, this Member of the European Parliament explains his insights into the demonic nature of the European Union, which will come as absolutely no surprise to those of my readers familiar with the content of this blog’s staunch anti-EU stance, summarised in main menu hubs Brexit vs EU and Brexit Prophecies. So it’s fascinating to read Daniel Hannan’s insight:

‘The readiness of democratic nations to twist themselves into unnatural postures in order to meet the requirements of EU membership is an awesome, even frightening, phenomenon. I think of it as the EU’s “Hideous Strength” – the name of CS Lewis’s 1945 adult novel about a literally diabolical plot to conquer Britain through an apparently benign bureaucracy. (Lewis had borrowed the title from a 16th-century Scottish poem about the Tower of Babel, which makes it especially apt, given the overweening ambitions of the multilingual EU.)’ (Note: illustration at Flag ‘A’ in UK/EU in/out #2 Significant Spiritual Signs.)

‘Again and again, I have watched domestic politicians sacrifice their positions, split their parties and betray their voters in order to advance deeper integration. In Ireland, for example…Perhaps the most extreme manifestation of the EU’s Hideous Strength was in 2011, when Brussels orchestrated civilian coups in Italy and Greece, removing the elected national leaders and replacing them with Eurocrats…

‘Perhaps you imagine that such things couldn’t happen in Britain. We, after all, are not a fragile democracy whose politicians wear sunglasses. Think again. Margaret Thatcher was ousted in 1990 for much the same reason as Silvio Berlusconi in 2011, namely that she opposed the euro…

‘The Establishment is still at it. Following the 2016 referendum, those who had supported the losing side were showered with honours and knighthoods. The winners, meanwhile, have been subjected to low-level state persecution. I don’t use the word “persecution” lightly. Donors to Vote Leave were suddenly told in late 2017 that their contributions counted as gifts, not political donations… Nor did it stop there. As well as investigating their referendum donations, officials began demanding full audits of the personal and business tax records of Leave donors, going back several years…

‘Americans sometimes talk of the “deep state”, meaning the permanent officials who wield real power, regardless of who has been elected. But what we are seeing here is harassment by the “shallow state”…’

He concludes, ‘ We may be about to see its most terrifying manifestation yet. Our MPs, whichever side they were on in the referendum, must be aware of the consequences of overturning the vote. People would be convinced that politicians really are a class apart, that votes count for nothing and that democracy is a sham. The world’s oldest and most successful parliamentary system would be delegitimised. The MPs who had trooped through the lobby to cancel Article 50 would be deposed at the subsequent election. And yet, incredibly, they might still do it. Marvel at the EU’s Hideous Strength.’

PM Theresa May: the way ahead is blocked…the door is locked (GPS#25.3)

Further to the intriguing ‘chess-pieces’ vision Veronika West had on 12th December upon seeing the PM’s car arrival for her visiting German Chancellor Merkel, Mark Maddock emailed me on the 16th from somewhere in the Middle-East as follows:

‘I’m busy over here in…but still enjoying your regular collating of key words from Jesus into the UK scene.

‘During the amazing last week in politics (from Dec 10, 2018) two incidents caught my attention:

1. Theresa May was in Europe for one of her crucial meetings with a European leader.

Her car pulls up… the official goes to open her door. Nothing. The door is locked; frantic twiddling of various knobs and switches follows… nothing. She’s still hemmed in, unable to get out. After an agonising wait, with the cameras still rolling, the lock is released
and out she comes!

2. Back in Westminster a few days later:  She’s survived the vote of confidence. She’s still like a dog with a bone with her ‘best deal, only deal’ approach continuing. Her cavalcade swoops towards Downing Street but, oh dear, the same problem! Someone’s lost the key… they can’t open the gate for her. Rather than staying still, exposed and at risk, off they whoosh. But, sadly for her, the cameras are rolling there as well to record her embarrassment.

‘What is God saying? I sense the following:

“I’m blocking your way, Mrs May. No matter how hard you try to do the ‘right thing’, because you are dealing with people of an opposing spirit they will not give you the slackening that you need. I have locked the gates ahead of you; I have constrained you into a tight place where you have to lead this nation into a No Deal situation. You have tried your best.

“But because of the spirit over the people you are dealing with, your reasonableness will not be enough to change their hearts. They want to be in control of this process. I am in control and it is My plan that will succeed. The gates are barred ahead of you; I will block your efforts. I am calling this nation into a No Deal with Europe.

“When the way ahead is blocked you should do what your driver did…you drive off and find another way. You don’t sit and wait for a European to open the way for you. You make No Deal with the E.U. and you return to Me as a nation and make your deal with Me.

“Britain… return to me; find the joy of repentance… return to your God who you have rejected.  I will discipline you through the pain of No Deal but, as you return to Me, I will raise you up spiritually to finish the task I called you to millennia ago… and blessing will then flow socially, economically and in other ways.”

I asked Mark for the source of item 2 and he replied:

‘Good practice to always go back to sources for evidence. I’m fairly certain I saw it on Sky News 24 on their International Service. I’ve emailed Sky News if that clip is still available and, if not, if they can post a link on their website. I think it was when she returned from Europe after her unfruitful pleas to EU leaders for reassurances and concessions on December 14th.

‘It’s quite common for the news coverage to be filtered in the UK. When I was in Egypt some years ago I was amazed at how much interesting stuff was in the public domain which we just don’t get at home. The news editors and other senior staff are key people… and who is pulling their strings? Let’s pray for a revival amongst the media!’

NB (RB): the PM has since decided to ignore the EU’s intransigence and to steer the UK towards that other option for getting Britain out of the E.U.!

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Leisa Ebere: UK Government Prophecy (GPS#25.2)

Lesia writes, ‘Please receive this powerful prophecy the Lord gave me on 15 Dec. 2018. He has His purposes and We as His People must rise up and embrace the entitlement that His Precious Son, Jesus fought and died for. His purposes shall prevail over the Nation of Great Britain, Amen.

“This the hour of derision where the enemy seeks to mock My People,” says the Lord. “Yet, the responsibility of entitlement My People have not taken up, which is necessary to forestall the enemy. Do you not know you are a royal priesthood with the ability to bind kings and princes whilst bringing liberty to the nations?

“Let not matters of government trouble you, for surely your prayers shall ensure a good end. My Will shall prevail despite the fears and anxieties of man. The enemy seeks to divert your attention with the cares of this world. My People must focus on hearing My Voice and moving by My Spirit for surely the trumpet is sounding and the times and seasons are growing short. You must leap past the things that weigh you down.

“Systems of government will come and go, do not strive so much, that your attention is diverted from me. I will be the One that marks time and decides who rises and falls. The fate of Brexit is in My Hands and I say to you that in this hour, the outcome will not be as you suppose. I am bringing forth a mighty carousel of My Spirit, and bringing about a 360 degree change and such things will cause governmental upheaval, which will be necessary in the days ahead. I have planted My People in strategic places,” says the Lord, “and favour shall be their portion. Look to Me in the days ahead; and know that as you stay in a place of cooperation with me, then the Kingdoms of this world shall be the Kingdoms established according to My Will and Purpose,” says the Lord of Hosts.’

For more delivered by Leisa click here. The first prophetic word brought to our attention is God’s Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of our Nation, followed by the UK Nationwide Circuit Prophecies; the first of which for 2018 promises the Lord will give His prophets “the ability to see clearly My numbers”Fulfilled Prophecy #38 refers!

A ‘chess-pieces’ vision of Theresa May and Brexit (GPS#25.1)

Further to my latest posts on prophetic words for the Prime Minister, Veronika posted the following this afternoon in time for this evening’s Conservative Party vote of no confidence in Mrs May. I’m pleased this prophetic word refers to what we happened to see as don’t usually watch tv news, shown here with Sky News’ prophetical heading:

Click to run Sky News video and watch from 10 secs mark


Can I start off by saying I was unsure as to whether I should share this word, as I do not want to influence how some might or might not be praying for our Nation at this crucial time, but as I woke up this morning I felt led to post the word, I pray that as you read it and weigh it that the Peace and Light of God will guard your hearts and minds at this time.

When this news clip caught my eye yesterday, I heard these words,

I was immediately cautioned to pray in the Spirit, as I began to pray I saw in the Spirit the hand of God moving powerfully, strategically and governmentally over the Destiny of our Nation in this critical hour. I saw the finger of God moving across our Nation, His finger moving and shifting many things like a Great Chess Master, I saw His finger move strategically re-positioning and realigning certain people both over the Church and over the Government in this hour. As I watched His finger move as if on a great chess-board across our Nation I saw that His finger moved slow and methodical and very precise, HE WAS NOT IN A HURRY, HE WAS IN TOTAL CONTROL OF WHAT WAS TAKING PLACE OVER OUR NATION, HIS EVERY MOVE WAS ACCOMPLISHING HIS GREAT AND PERFECT PLANS AND HIS PURPOSES FOR OUR NATION, I WATCHED AS HIS COVENANT PROMISES OVER OUR NATION WERE BEING FULFILLED WITH EVERY STRATEGIC MOVE OF HIS FINGER.

Now as I prayed, I watched as great chaos and confusion continued to swirl with great force round about Him, but HE WAS UNMOVED AND UNDETERRED BY THE GREAT TURMOIL THAT WAS UNFOLDING IN THE NATION. As I looked again at Theresa May locked in the car, though but for a brief moment, I clearly saw the Great finger of God upon her, AND IN SPITE OF HER REBELLION TOWARDS HIM AND HER DEFIANCE AGAINST THE WILL OF GOD FOR OUR NATION, I SAW THAT IN HIS GREAT WISDOM AND MYSTERIOUS WAYS HE IS STILL strategically and perfectly ORDERING her every step according to HIS KINGDOM DESIRES FOR OUR NATION IN THIS HOUR…GOD’S WAYS ARE NOT OUR WAYS BUT THEY ARE HIGHER…!

SO!! In light of the recent developments this morning of a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE being called in Theresa May, I was a little taken aback as the Word I heard yesterday was very clear and very precise, “THERESA MAY BEING LOCKED IN PLACE FOR A LITTLE LONGER UNTIL THE HAND OF GOD REMOVES HER”, so prophetically could that be for a day or could it be that indeed she will remain in place for A LITTLE LONGER UNTIL THE GREAT CHESSMASTER HAS PERFECTLY ALIGNED ALL HIS PIECES ON THE BOARD OF OUR NATION AND THEN WE WILL HEAR HIM CALL “CHECKMATE”?!



Veronika West, 12th December 2018

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