Exposure of sin, darkness and corruption as sign of God’s coming glory (Fulfilled Prophecy #10 cont’d)

One of many important words being received in these times, this from UK Prophetic Words reminds me of my musing last year about the increasing exposure of corruption and its connection to the foretold great shaking of everything (Hebrews 12:25-29):


Two weeks ago I awoke in the morning with a clear picture in my mind. I was standing on the shore of one of our beautiful Pembrokeshire bays looking out to sea when suddenly the water in front of me began to recede rapidly and very quickly the whole sea in front of me out to the horizon was empty of water. I could see the whole of the bottom of the sea covered with rocks and other features which had been completely hidden.

I knew immediately that this was an indication of a coming tsunami wave and then the Lord began to speak to me:

“These days are like the time before a tsunami. The waters are drawing back, the seas are retreating and all the earth is being exposed. Sin, darkness, corruption and iniquity are being exposed as I draw back the waters that cover the earth. You will see an increasing exposure of all that has been hidden since the beginning of time. But it is the sign of the coming wave of my glory.

“I will sweep over the earth with the living waters of my Spirit and so shall my glory cover the earth even as the waters now cover it. It shall be as in the days of Noah but this time the flood shall be a flood of my light and truth and it shall sweep away the works of the enemy and I shall recover and restore that which belongs to me.

“Then shall the end come; then shall my Son return; then shall every knee bow before him; then shall I gather together all things in him and bring forth new heavens and a new earth in which my righteousness dwells. 

“Therefore, do not despair and do not be cast down but lift up your heads, lift up your eyes and see that which I am doing, for your redemption draws near. I do not wait until the last moment to help my people as some of you think. My timing is perfect, established from before time existed. What and when I move is according to my perfect will and purposes.

“Change your thinking about me and my ways. I do whatever I please for the sake of my Name. I am not the God of the last moment; I am the God of the present and perfect moment. Draw near to me and live with me in the present moment every day. This is your inheritance that has been purchased for you and freely given to you. This is your rightful place of rest that will keep you from fear and anxiety when you look at the situations around you, when you see evil everywhere and hear of wars and rumours of wars. Draw near to me and live in my peace,” says your God.

Stuart Wentworth, 10th November 2017

PS July’19: Fulfilled Prophecies lists (#10) several exposures (of many) noted on this blog.

10 thoughts on “Exposure of sin, darkness and corruption as sign of God’s coming glory (Fulfilled Prophecy #10 cont’d)

  1. Yes Richard – I’ve been thinking of these prophecies too. The timing of the events in Zimbabwe looks like God’s to me: right as the ANC in South Africa are voting to appoint President Zuma’s successor, this example appears showing them that deep-rooted corruption can be swept away.
    There have been lots of articles written about this (eg. https://m.news24.com/Columnists/AdriaanBasson/mugabe-goes-is-zuma-next-20171121). I would love to think this could be the beginning of a spare of similar oustings of corrupt leaders in Africa!

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  2. Yes, over the last few years there certainly seems to have been more and mor exposures of all kinds of corruption.
    This is only my own opinion, but I’ve always tended to think that God’s glory won’t be fully made manifest until evil has reached its peak, and then will be completely ousted by the Light, as it were.
    I wonder how quickly all these things will happen – I should think that there is still much to be outworked, so that whilst one might hope that the culmination of things will be relatively soon, it still might not be for decades, I suppose.
    As far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better, just so long as all those who will be ‘saved’, will be saved.

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    • Indeed I do Tony and am republishing it from 4th Aug for others to note:
      ‘I had one of those nights where I was in and out of sleep. In spite of this, however, I had a dream. In the dream I saw a tsunami wave and in the dream I knew that the United States was where this was happening. A tsunami is caused by an earthquake in the natural but I would call it a shaking in the spiritual. In any event this tsunami was unlike any I had ever seen before in that the wave didn’t seem to recede but just kept moving. Secondly the wave was kicking up a lot of dust and other things as it moved. Things are going to be exposed. Again, not normal of any tsunami I had ever heard of. What I also saw in the dream was dry parched, cracked earth that I imagine hadn’t seen water in many years hence the cloud of dust being produced by the tsunami. After the tsunami passed over, the area behind it was no longer a barren wasteland but now green with vegetation.

      ‘What I heard in the dream and believe it to be the Lord speaking is as follows :

      ‘Where it was said this is impossible will not be impossible to the Lord. Where there was no life there will be life. I believe that the Lord is about to move in places that believers wouldn’t dream of going to.

      ‘My interpretation of the dream is the tsunami is a moving of Gods Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord is going to move in places and do things that were thought to be impossible by believers. As with anything I post, take this to the Lord in prayer.’


    • On doing that and noting the strong similarity between yours and the vision Stuart had, I’m reminded of the spiritual connection between our two nations. As I’d noted in my first piece of last year on corruption, exposure was happening concurrently on both sides of the ‘Pond’!


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