Prophecy Update #6: Postscript to Press echoes Prophecy (again)

Here I wrap-up Press Echoes Prophecy (again!): Last Night ‘s Brexit News with a brief postscript on those 6 prophecies with further references.

First, I apologise for any lack of clarity because I didn’t have the luxury of an in-depth check prior to publication in view of time constraints. Therefore, I’ve revisited the post and added a few more emphases where journalists’ articles reinforce prophecy.

For continuity the following has been added, thus connecting ‘Prophecies’ and ‘Press’ sections:

‘Over a dozen indications of the coming fulfillment of item 3 (EU’s fall) appear in Fulfilled Prophecy #13 series, and several for items 4 (Exposure) and 6 (‘Fox’) are in that hub’s listing. More recently noted are Press headlines here and here describing our new PM as ‘Bulldozer Boris’, and we’ll now find that attribute coming to the fore!’

Prophetic item 5, “The Redcoats are coming! The British are coming…” first manifested when Theresa May wore a red outfit and spoke on Obama’s podium, as well as in her first visit to the USA to meet Donald Trump and then speak in the heart of revolutionary America, Philadelphia – as blogged in Fulfilled Prophecy #16.

It’s noteworthy that, in failing to fulfill the prophesied promises for her premiership, not only did she quit that office but also the UK’s Europhile diplomat and ambassador to the USA Sir Kim Darroch, who clashed with Donald Trump, resigned before her departure. The grounds for this, he claimed, were Boris Johnson’s not answering any questions on his staying in post in the event of Boris winning the leadership campaign.

With Theresa May’s departure that prophetic word began to manifest in the introduction of discussions between Britain and America on a future trading relationship.

Also, in view of the upheavals within the Tory party I’ve inserted extracts from the latter half of Allister Heath’s article covering the party’s love-hate relationship with the EU. As in the weekend news, the division within that party has opened up and is widening, as is only to be expected in line with prophetic items 4 (exposure of rotten politics) and 6 (‘fox in henhouse’ of Parliament). The fact that the last soon began to manifest (as here, here, here) makes it not surprising that those wanting to kill the re-birth of British sovereignty are now coalescing into an identifiable group.  We must assess carefully whether or not they’re aligning with the ungodly spiritual activity of a ‘Spirit of Herod’. read more about this in my blog of last August: Brexit-EU Battles Follow Bible History & Prophecy – 1: ‘Spirit of Herod’ Exposed In Politics.

9 thoughts on “Prophecy Update #6: Postscript to Press echoes Prophecy (again)

  1. I do wonder whether some of the prophecies we’ve looked at here over the years were meant to be conditional (or were simply false). Either way, though, I can see God blessing us: he has kept May’s awful, treacherous deal off the table, and given us Boris Johnson. May the blessing continue.

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  2. For those prophecies that are conditional, it would be good to be told in advance the conditions required for their fulfilment. Otherwise, it is all too easy to justify what may have been a false prophecy after it fails to materialise with the rationalisation that there must have been some (unknown or unknowable) condition that had not been met.

    This is a cop-out, and it skirts the accountability that is required for weighing prophecy. Otherwise people may more easily fall into either of the two traps of either believing everything spoken or else of throwing the baby of true prophecy away with the bathwater of false prophecy.


    • Is this a general point of specific about this post and its source material Mark? Or maybe you’ve read Clifford Denton’s editorial on Friday at Prophecy TodayUK?

      Prophetical material published here comes ‘as is’ and must be weighed against scripture and in prayer with the Lord, as stated in Prophecy Protocol at the top corner of this site’s home page. So you need to enquire direct of the sources about conditional aspects. (You’ll have seen my above replies to Nicholas?)

      It’s a recognised fact that whenever a person declines a calling or cannot fulfill an evangelical mission then the Lord chooses another. Likewise, if a believing yet sinful political leader isn’t able to achieve what He desires then there’s no reason why another cannot pick up the ‘mantle’ or ‘calling’ and run with it – otherwise it makes a nonsense of God’s gift of free will to humanity.


      • It is a general point and not about any specific post. I had not known of Christopher Denton’s editorial, but I just have just read it.

        He is saying something subtly different, but something with which I wholeheartedly agree. This is that since God’s special blessings are conditional, prophecies of His special blessings ought to come with a reminder of the conditions. I instead was saying we need to know upfront of any conditions possibly underlying a prophecy, in order to know, should it not be fulfilled, whether this was because it was false or whether because a condition had not been met.

        I agree with your last paragraph, because of the qualifying word “believing” with reference to political leaders. I think, however, that it is much more prevalent for unbelieving leaders to be used of God in the political sphere. I do not think that a prophecy about them being thus used would then depend on the state of their hearts towards God as it certainly would for believers. This suggests that such prophecy might be an unconditional one.

        A fulfilment, however, could be conditional on a sufficient amount of prayer and intercession being raised by believers – in the way that Daniel’s prayer opened up the way for Cyrus. Although a lack of intercession could not be given as a universal reason for unfulfilled prophecies, it might be so in certain cases, which reminds me of the present need to pray for Cyrus.


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