Has ‘shining star’ Theresa May become a ‘falling star’? A prophecy revisited.

[Posted 12 July 2018 – updated Jan 2019 with contributions]

Some readers will recall Charlie Shamp’s very detailed prophetic word brought in May 2017 full of promise for Theresa May’s role in leading Britain out of the EU. He was very clear that Brexit is on God’s agenda and that the PM would blossom and be seen in the next month as a “bright shining star” and given grace to complete her task.

Comments on that post considered the timely connection with the elections in Northern Ireland and Arlene Foster’s reaction and support after Theresa May’s general election, which had seen her Parliamentary majority significantly reduced. I now notice Charlie has withdrawn that word from his site, perhaps in view of Mrs May’s poor dealing with subsequent events and now betraying the largest ever vote at 17.4M in British history for us to leave the EU. [To highlight that I’ve just-added PS of important quotes to previous post.]

Does that make Charlie a false prophet? Not necessarily so. At the time I replied to one comment that he may have been seeing through a glass darkly, but on my Facebook someone was of the opinion he was just saying how the Lord sees Theresa May. (Read also my reply to a comment below.)

Considering it now, we’re all granted the gift of free will and whether or not we follow the Lord and how closely we come to Him. Moreover, many Christians are prone to failing to accept, apply and move into the deep blessing arising from prophetic words spoken over them. (I recall Graham Cooke correcting one man who’d kept telling him life was difficult and depressing, when in fact he’d often received very powerful words that would have helped to overcome had he but accepted the prophecies and walked through the issues.)

SO the Lord graciously blesses us, but we have the personal choice of staying in them, or moving away from the blessing. But the latter removes us from the Lord’s protection and we may become vulnerable to the demonic exercising whatever rights it has over any sin to direct and influence us. In my humble opinion and without being judgmental, it seems our churchgoer Prime Minister has moved out of the blessing!

Furthermore, in view of her having undermined the leading Brexit ministers and then suppressed dissent, it suggests something may have gained access to afflict Cabinet meetings. (Eg, one function is to emasculate male authority and leadership, others bring sexual issues, idolatry, apostasy, conflict and death etc, etc.)

Therefore, when I read of Mrs May saying at a side-meeting of Commonwealth Leaders in April by way of an apology, she “deeply regrets” Britain’s historical legacy of anti-gay laws, I realised she’s come under the influence of a ‘quasi-Christianity’ exemplified by Justin Welby at Canterbury. (Signs #15 & #19 of About Signs refer.)

Isn’t such an apology tantamount to insulting the Lord? As our laws and those of our colonies were based upon biblical principles then, in the Lord’s eyes, she’s moved out of the blessing and put herself under the wrong influence as a consequence, becoming vulnerable to its dictates via its henchmen who work through and support the EU.

Couple of ‘God-incidents’

You may recall my postscript to Fulfilled Prophecy #33 about getting a comment from Nova Scotia, Canada, reporting,

“As recently as a few days ago, seeing the treacherous choices made by Theresa May, I heard the Lord say about her “TREASON”.

Yet again ‘coincidentally’ another ‘God-incident’!! As I started writing this blog I got an email from David Chapman about a dream his wife Ann had on the morning after the Cabinet meeting at Chequers. It is published with their kind permission:

Dream – Saturday 7th July (after waking earlier, and going back to sleep).

“I walked into a shop – the kind of shop where you buy all sorts of ‘gifty’ things, and noticed two or three girls, one an older ‘mother figure’ standing together watching a girl throw a little pig with wings into the air. (not sure if a real pig or a toy, but probably real!).

“It flapped its wings and flew for a bit, just flapping really, but then dropped into girls hands. I remarked to the girl that it had done well and to try again – “pigs might fly”, I said!!

“I was looking for a specific gift someone had asked me to buy for them. I looked at some pictures on the wall and noticed one that was very colourful but had a witch painted black (but trying to appear like an angel). I knew straight away that this is what I should buy. I took it to the counter and realised it was newly painted with ‘like’ oil paints and I had to be careful not to get it on my fingers. The assistants did not know how much it was and called the manager or shop owner.

“He spent some time writing on a paper adding up various costs and then approached me and told me it would be £49.50. I thought about it (as I immediately thought it was far too expensive) and then said I would not pay a penny more than £35. He refused to budge on the cost and I walked out of the shop. As I opened the door to leave and looked back at the shop I saw its name ‘Poppins’.”

She and Dave add:

‘No firm interpretation has been made, but there are several links to the Brexit issues.

  1. the dream occurred early morning after the Chequers Agreement made (Friday 6th July)- with the paint still not dry in picture.
  2. ‘Poppins’ speaks of somewhere you do not stay but just visit. It also speaks of a ‘magical power’, as in ‘Mary Poppins’ viz the pig, and the witch.
  3. the witch is the main feature but underneath her the picture is very colourful and she also tries to appear angelic, with bumble bee shaped ‘wings’.
  4. David Davis on Radio 4 interview with John Humphries this mornings (Monday’s) ‘Today’ programme, described the Agreement as an ‘illusion’. Magic indeed!
  5. Cost to pay if we agree with EU is around £49 billion, but we are trying to pay only £35 to £39 billion.
  6. In the dream Ann walked away without buying it.’

These are the most important days yet – so keep a close watch on events!

10 thoughts on “Has ‘shining star’ Theresa May become a ‘falling star’? A prophecy revisited.

  1. Perhaps I can make the rather facile point that perhaps it’s just too early to judge Theresa May. She is nothing if not a strategic thinker, and it is possible that the Chequers agreement has been put forward not because she wants it or thinks it will happen, but for other reasons. (One possible alternative theory might be that the policy might be agreed by the EU and then, after March 2019, be found to go against WTO rules, leaving it null and void.)

    I suppose I should say I don’t actually think any of that, but I’m just making the point in agreement with you that it’s probably best not to rush to judge Charlie Shamp. Unfortunately though as I remember he also prophesied a big majority for the Tories at the election, which definitely wasn’t right……

    The most relevant prophecy which I keep thinking of (have I said this before?) is that Lion Bites one about how the withdrawal deal will look very bad, but we’re not to fear it, as it will cause people to turn to God in earnest as the only one who can sort this out. I am beginning to use this situation to encourage despairing people to pray. Why not!

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    • Thank you for your interesting thoughts Jonathan. Over the years I try to note which words and visions come true, hence the blog’s menu page of fulfilled prophecies. Having heard Charlie’s highly instructive, imaginative teaching a few times I suspect what he does hear from the Lord could get merged with his own ideas. This is why Dr Sharon Stone often reminds us to keep our thoughts out of the way, especially not to analyse, whilst we’re bringing what the Lord’s saying. That’s why she speaks so rapidly.

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  2. It’s funny that you’ve re-posted this Richard, as I was thinking just now about finding it again to post something interesting I’ve come across. I have just read one of those “what now?” articles about the options open to Mrs May, and the writer makes a point which – perhaps fortunately – hasn’t received much attention yet:
    “She could … decide to go all guns blazing for no deal, but if this strategy became too obvious, her government would quickly lose the support of Tory Remainers and fall.”
    This has surely been the case all through the process. If a “clean” Brexit is her final aim, there has never been a point since 2016 when it has been quite safe for her to admit as much to Parliament. And what struck me yesterday evening, for all the papers are describing her as “ashen-faced”, was how unperturbed she looked by the result, almost chipper – as if things are going her way and she is the only one who really knows it. And her reaction, that she doesn’t even consider resigning but must simply go back to the EU and persevere with her plan, is only really explainable, I think, by saying either that she is engaged in this subterfuge or that she is just cataclysmically stupid. And I feel sure that, whatever she is, she is not stupid.

    Anyway as I say, this theory that she is covertly going for no deal doesn’t feel likely, but it does cover the facts more satisfactorily than any other theory. If it’s right then not only will she shine like a star, she will have turned out to be (for my money) one of our very best leaders. If not – amongst the worst!

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    • If this turns out to be the case – not that likely, in my opinion – a lot of people will owe her huge apologies for the way they have spoken about her! Although, along the way, she will have discarded much decency and integrity in her behaviour towards others.

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      • Very true on both counts. It just makes me think: it’s so easy for us – well, ok, I really mean me – to be judgemental towards those people who agitate loudly against leaving the EU and to think loftily “if only they asked God, as I have.” And yet here we are making similarly negative noises towards Mrs May, whom it seems fairly certain God has chosen. Perhaps we are right to think ill of her, but there is that chance that we’re wrong; and that would arguably go to show how we likewise understand little of God’s ways.

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    • Many thanks Jonathan, especially your opening remark for which I’d direct you to my above response. Also, I’ve a high regard for Juliet Samuel’s astute journalism and appreciate your brief summation and own thoughts on this issue.

      Perhaps PM May did gain something from meeting Donald Trump and their later squabbles: ie. to remain obscurely inscrutable, even feigning ‘madness’ thus disabling attempts to analyse or second guess your aims and strategies before they get announced.

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  3. It has been referenced on here before in prophecy about the parting of the Red Sea. Failure and no exit, an insurmountable problem and God opens up a pathway. I pray that the Lord will now open up a pathway through this mess that leads to freedom.

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