Fulfilled Prophecy #45.1: once more Press repeats prophetic description, ‘Bulldozer Boris’!

Komatsu; credit Scott Lee, USA

Prophecy Update #5 published 17th June featured national press headlines relating directly to the prophecy on divine excavations Veronika West had 5 months earlier when she saw Boris Johnson standing in front of a JCB.  Both were also connected to the open vision of a mammoth bulldozer I’d been blessed with 5 years ago.

Now this morning upon catching up with the news, I discover the following headline of Sunday to an overview of our new Prime Minister’s prime mission (click image to read article):

5 thoughts on “Fulfilled Prophecy #45.1: once more Press repeats prophetic description, ‘Bulldozer Boris’!

  1. Based on what I’ve seen in the news so far, what I think will happen is this.

    A) The EU will refuse to renegotiate the deal or offer any other kind of deal (Norway-style, Canada-style).
    B) Parliament will attempt to prevent a no-deal.
    C) But Parliament will not be able to force a withdrawal of Article 50.
    D) Parliament and others may ask for an extension, but the EU will not grant it.
    E) Even if Parliament passes an anti-no-deal Act, it will be irrelevant because mutual consent is required for us to stay in the EU.
    F) Therefore, we will come out by default, regardless of Parliament’s actions, because the EU will refuse to let us stay.


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