Paws 4 Thought ‘God-incidence’ continues onto Boston, its Tea Party and NATO

After drafting the previous post yesterday afternoon, before scheduling it for publication in the evening I checked out Veronika West’s Facebook and found that she, too, had posted a word which connects with Boston, but in USA – so the God-incidents continue! (Although mine refers to emails sent Sunday and opened Monday I’d been unable to blog on it for a couple of days – so timing is much more than circumstantial).

Here’s the sequence as posted 4th Dec.on her Ignite Ireland Ministry Facebook but note it’s in reverse chronological order. Therefore, to get the full gist of her reaction you will need to note and then read the full account last to make sense of it all. SO, over to you to weigh and pray:

At ’16 hrs’ ago, she writes,

‘CHECK THIS OUT just got a wee message from a fellow Prophet in the Lord concerning the Dream/TEA AND TRUMP which I posted; Hi Veronika, Very interesting word!  Peas porridge hot…. is a nursery rhyme first published in 1760!

‘Tea that’s nine days old is very bitter and prophetically, feeding such tea to theses four nations is humiliating – the bitter taste of failure for them but it may be lining up Armageddon as they will want a payback for being humiliated!

‘When receiving this message I researched the date 1760 and look what I found; (Pictures below)

‘Seems like the date 1760 and the Nursery Rhyme about Pea Porridge Hot…makes direct correlation to the timing of AMERICA REVOLUTION AND THE TIMING OF THE BOSTON TEA PARTY…(1760’s-1840’s) A coincidence???…I don’t think so….I believe God is speaking volumes..!’

And 18 hrs ago she publishes this detailed exposition:  


Last night I had another strange dream concerning PRESIDENT TRUMP, STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD AND YEAR 2020…”!

In this strange dream I saw a beautiful table which was set with pure white tablecloths made of the finest linen, delicate tea cups and saucers neatly laid before those who were sitting at this beautiful table. Suddenly in the dream I became aware of President Trump sitting at the head of the table and I heard these words, “TEA, TEA, TEA….AND THEY SHALL DRINK STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD…WATCH! FOR THERE SHALL BE A TEA PARTY IN TWENTY TWENTY (2020) AND THEY WILL SHOUT, “TRUMP ELECTED AGAIN, TRUMP ELECTED AGAIN, TRUMP ELECTED AGAIN…”!

Now as I heard those words I looked again at the beautiful table and I saw many different people sitting at the table as if waiting to be served. Then I saw President Trump stand up at the head of the table and in his hand he held what looked like AN ANTIQUE TEA POT, and he looked ready to serve those who were sitting waiting, now as I looked again at the tea pot I saw that it looked very old and fragile and then I heard President Trump speak these strange words, “STRONG BREWED TEA HOT, STRONG BREWED TEA COLD, SOME LIKE STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD”…HA!!! I know sounds strange, and yet it reminded me a childhood nursery rhyme about porridge, anyhow) But as he said those words in the dream which I thought were very strange and I did not understand it’s meaning, suddenly I noticed that some of the people who were sitting at the table waiting to be served started to look uneasy, uncomfortable and rather nervous at the prospect of possibly being served STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD…BY PRESIDENT TRUMP…!

But then suddenly my eyes shifted and I caught a glimpse of a Chinese man who was sitting at the table and I heard these words, “CHINA….shall drink STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD”..! And then I saw the Nation of Russia at the table and I heard a similar thing, “The Nation of RUSSIA shall drink STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD”….and then I saw the Nation of Venezuela and I heard the same words, “The Nation of VENEZUELA shall drink STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD” and then the Nation of Iran, and again I heard the same words, “The Nation of IRAN shall drink STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD” and as I listened and tried to understand what I was seeing and hearing in the dream suddenly the Spirit of God quickened to me in the dream Psalms 23….which says, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”…! Now as my heart connected with that verse in the dream the Holy Spirit gave me some revelation of what I was seeing and hearing in this strange dream and what was to take place in the days ahead…!

My Prayerful Interpretation of Dream…!

I submit that as I have prayed again and again over this dream I believe that PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WILL CONTINUE TO BE USED MIGHTILY BY THE HAND OF GOD IN THE DAYS AHEAD TO DESTROY, DISMANTLE AND DISARM THE POWERS OF EVIL AND CORRUPT NATIONS IN THE EARTH…..the Spirit of God also quickened to me in the dream this powerful verse concerning President Trump and what I was seeing and hearing…..This is what the LORD says about Cyrus, his anointed one: “I have held him by his right hand so he could conquer the nations ahead of him, strip and disarm kings of their power, and open doors ahead of him so that the gates would not be shut…..This is what the LORD says: “I will go before you, Cyrus, and level the mountains, I will smash down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron….I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden wealth of secret places, So that you may know that it is I, The LORD, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name”..!

Lastly, So On waking from this rather strange dream I have to be honest and say I thought long and hard about whether to share this dream, as I believe there are still some aspects of this dream that have not yet been made fully plain to me. But As I have remained praying and meditating today I feel led now to share some of it that I believe could be significant for the purpose of prayer and intercession at this time. I further believe that it will serve as a timely encouragement for many that are praying fervently for President Trump and for the upcoming Elections in 2020..!

I believe the Number 9 is Powerfully prophetic concerning PRESIDENT TRUMP in this hour..I am trusting the Spirit of Revelation to highlight MORE to me and others connected with this Number (9) in this season, as it will bring forth SPECIFIC STRATEGIES FOR PRAYER AND DECLARATIONS.

And Lastly, I felt led to share a link to the last two words God gave me concerning “TEA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP”…as there seems to be a few links between all three…!



SEE LINK at His Kingdom Prophecy;

1. Word Concerning American President Donald J. Trump  October 15, 2019, Veronika West

My friends CALL ME CRAZY, but this is what I heard and saw as I was praying for the United States of America this morning.

Suddenly I heard The Spirit say, “The table has been set, the tea has been brewed, now for a Tea Party to shift the MOED!”

When I heard this riddle, I prayed again and I listened and The Spirit of God repeated it to me three (3) times. On the third time I went to write it down and on writing down the riddle, when I wrote the word MOOD, The Spirit of God immediately corrected me and showed me clearly the word was to be written as…. MOED …!

Not fully understanding what I was seeing and not recognising the spelling I went to Google. The word MOED is a Hebrew Word and it means; “An appointed time.”

Moed: Strong’s Concordance: 4150
moed: appointed time, place, or meeting
Original Word: מוֹעֵד
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: moed
Phonetic Spelling: (mo-ade’)
Definition: appointed time, place, or meeting

I immediately felt a strong witness that this was correct. As I began to pray over this riddle and this word MOED — APPOINTED TIME — The Spirit of God reminded me of a prophetic Word I posted concerning President Trump AND TEA…!

For more understanding, please see my June 3, 2019 HKP Word I have re-posted below.

Prophetically, I submit to you:

I see a table set before President Trump in the presence of his enemies.

The governing Hand of God is moving mightily.

The shift into an appointed time is now here…!
I submit this riddle for weighing and praying.

Bless you all.


2. A strange dream concerning the nation of America.

”Watch!” says The Spirit of God, “for President Donald Trump will go from strength to strength to strength in the days ahead!”

Here goes! Some of you will laugh, but those of you who have come to know me over time, will hear my heart and trust that I only share what I see and hear from The Spirit of God, irrelevant of whether it ticks certain boxes or tickles certain ears!

Two nights ago I had a really strange dream where I saw President Donald J. Trump being picked up by the Hand of God and he was put into a pot of boiling hot water.

Now as I looked at this strange thing in the dream, suddenly the dream shifted and I saw a Tea Bag and written upon the top of the tea bag were the words “Strong Brew!” (I told you it was a strange dream!)

Yes, a tea bag! I saw the tea bag being put into a pot of boiling hot water!

Now as I watched in the dream, the water began to change colour and the longer the tea bag sat in the boiling water the stronger and stronger the tea became!

Suddenly the dream shifted again, and I saw President Trump being immersed once again into a pot of boiling hot water and I heard The Spirit say in the dream, “Watch! For President Donald Trump will go from strength to strength to strength with each passing day, and that which sought to derail him, deter him and destroy him, will only make him stronger and stronger!

Now watch, as My Spirit moves in this hour to shift, change and transform the spiritual atmosphere over this nation.

Watch! As the tactics of the evil one are overturned and overthrown in the land, for this is the season of divine turnaround and supernatural transformation!”

God is sovereign and in full control of everything that concerns His anointed!

As I prayed concerning this strange dream, what really impacted me and gave me great comfort was that I saw: The Hand of God putting President Donald Trump into the boiling hot water.

As I began to inquire of The LORD, The Holy Spirit quickened to me the powerful story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and how The LORD was with the three of them in the midst of the burning hot furnace — and though the furnace was turned up 7 times hotter, not one hair on their heads was burned, not even their clothes smelled of smoked.

The Holy Spirit spoke so clearly to my heart through this dream and this story that indeed, ‘God is sovereign and is in full control of everything that concerns His anointed’.

Fulfilled Prophecy #38.2 & 3: Biblical ‘escape’ numbers

Those readers having time and inclination to delve deeper into mathematical aspects of the Bible in its Hebrew and Greek languages may wish to consider an application of Jonathan Hill’s thesis to two globally significant ‘escapes’. These were first published here last November at:

May the Lord open our minds to deeper revelation and comprehension of ‘His numbers’.

Biblical and historical perspectives upon the EU

Being politically non-partisan my motivation is to follow the Lord and assist in bringing His Kingdom on earth. However, in noting prophetical words issued in Nov-Dec 2015 about the EU I began blogging in some depth on this topic as we approached the 2016 Referendum, and especially for checking the accuracy of those words. Subscribers submitted their researches and, together with personal insights, this developed into a full flow of blogs monitoring the on-going situation as best as possible.

In last week’s Prophecy Today UK, Peter Carruthers offers some biblical and historical perspectives on the EU, and reminds us our first priority as citizens is to the Kingdom of God:


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Your liberty and freedom come from Magna Carta not the EU

A superb addition to this blog’s collection of posts on Magna Carta and on EU law in David Chapman’s paper on the EU and An Alternative.

Wax Lyricals Blogspot

In the UK an individual has rights laid down since Magna Carta.
This is particularly important when a crime is committed or suspected of being committed. As under the rights laid down from Magna Carta onwards, someone in the UK is deemed innocent until proven guilty. If you are accused of a crime, the onus is on the State to prove your guilt.
The writ of Habeus Corpus prevents the State from imprisoning you without evidence of a crime.
Under the European legal system, they never had a Magna Carta of their own and as such they work under a different assumption than we do, in that you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence.
Thus, the State has the legal authority to imprison you whilst they find the evidence and formulate the case to convict you. The onus is on you to prove your innocence as there is…

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Lord Trimble corrects Barnier’s ‘backstop’ blunders! (NI-Eire Prophecy Update #20)

I was interested to read on Sunday EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier’s article with his brief historical recap explaining how he sees the Brexit situation (We will only start work on alternative arrangements if the current deal is ratified). It is summarised as follows on the front page:

In yesterday’s centre page-spread of Editorial and Letters to the Editor, the 7th being from a lead negotiator in the Good Friday Agreement (which led to power-sharing with Irish nationals), and all appearing under this header (emphases mine):

In this battle between Commons and the people, the Government is on the people’s side

‘SIR – Michel Barnier (Comment, September 1) says that the backstop “is not about changing the constitutional status of Northern Ireland. That is none of the EU’s business…” Yet that is precisely what the backstop does do.

‘He goes on to say that “the backstop fully respects the carefully negotiated balance found in that [Belfast / Good Friday] agreement between competing political views and different identities in Northern Ireland”. He is wrong. That is why Unionists oppose it and why the UK Government, having listened and learned, now insists that the backstop must go.

‘It is true that the backstop avoids a hard border on the island of Ireland, but it does so at the expense of the “carefully negotiated balance” in the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement.

‘As it stands, the backstop is not a legally operational solution, as it is not in keeping with the spirit and letter of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement. We need to think again, and fast.

‘Merkel and Macron have listened and realised that something has changed, and are open to alternatives. It is time Mr Barnier listened too.’

Lord Trimble
London SW1


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Prophecy Update #6: Postscript to Press echoes Prophecy (again)

Here I wrap-up Press Echoes Prophecy (again!): Last Night ‘s Brexit News with a brief postscript on those 6 prophecies with further references.

First, I apologise for any lack of clarity because I didn’t have the luxury of an in-depth check prior to publication in view of time constraints. Therefore, I’ve revisited the post and added a few more emphases where journalists’ articles reinforce prophecy.

For continuity the following has been added, thus connecting ‘Prophecies’ and ‘Press’ sections:

‘Over a dozen indications of the coming fulfillment of item 3 (EU’s fall) appear in Fulfilled Prophecy #13 series, and several for items 4 (Exposure) and 6 (‘Fox’) are in that hub’s listing. More recently noted are Press headlines here and here describing our new PM as ‘Bulldozer Boris’, and we’ll now find that attribute coming to the fore!’

Prophetic item 5, “The Redcoats are coming! The British are coming…” first manifested when Theresa May wore a red outfit and spoke on Obama’s podium, as well as in her first visit to the USA to meet Donald Trump and then speak in the heart of revolutionary America, Philadelphia – as blogged in Fulfilled Prophecy #16.

It’s noteworthy that, in failing to fulfill the prophesied promises for her premiership, not only did she quit that office but also the UK’s Europhile diplomat and ambassador to the USA Sir Kim Darroch, who clashed with Donald Trump, resigned before her departure. The grounds for this, he claimed, were Boris Johnson’s not answering any questions on his staying in post in the event of Boris winning the leadership campaign.

With Theresa May’s departure that prophetic word began to manifest in the introduction of discussions between Britain and America on a future trading relationship.

Also, in view of the upheavals within the Tory party I’ve inserted extracts from the latter half of Allister Heath’s article covering the party’s love-hate relationship with the EU. As in the weekend news, the division within that party has opened up and is widening, as is only to be expected in line with prophetic items 4 (exposure of rotten politics) and 6 (‘fox in henhouse’ of Parliament). The fact that the last soon began to manifest (as here, here, here) makes it not surprising that those wanting to kill the re-birth of British sovereignty are now coalescing into an identifiable group.  We must assess carefully whether or not they’re aligning with the ungodly spiritual activity of a ‘Spirit of Herod’. read more about this in my blog of last August: Brexit-EU Battles Follow Bible History & Prophecy – 1: ‘Spirit of Herod’ Exposed In Politics.

Prophetic Photographs: Patton and Trump

Tim Shey makes thought-provoking points and I’d draw my readers attention to our appended short discussion, which unintentionally homed in on treason (re: recent events in the UK).

The Road

220px-Patton_at_VMI_1907 George S. Patton at the Virginia Military Institute, 1907.

800px-Pattonphoto General George S. Patton, Jr.

170px-Donald_Trump_NYMA Donald Trump at the New York Military Academy, 1964.

p07bxrs9 President Donald Trump

If you look at the two photos of George Patton and the photo of President Trump, there is a resemblance.  Even if Trump doesn’t look exactly like Patton, I believe these photos are prophetic.  Patton was a great warrior in World War II; Trump is a great warrior in a worldwide spiritual/political/intellectual war:  Judaeo-Christianity versus Satanic Globalism (World War III?).  Patton was a great battleaxe; Trump is a great battleaxe:

Jeremiah 51: 20-24:  “Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;  And with thee will I break in pieces the horse and his rider; and with thee will I break in pieces the chariot and…

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NI-Eire Prophecy Update #15: Eire’s PM and the Orange Order

Keeping watch with respect to Emma Stark’s prophetic word, and the climax of Ulster’s marching season with tomorrow’s anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne (1690), Roger Jervois’ emails me yesterday (emphasis mine):

‘Speaking from early ‘90s South Africa experience, this is huge. Three cheers in Heaven to the prayer warriors who heeded the call to pray for Leo Varadkar.

‘Read on…(from Belfast Telegraph)

‘The Grand Secretary of the Orange Order has said that he would be willing to accept a united Ireland if the majority of people in Northern Ireland voted for it.

‘Rev Mervyn Gibson told the Irish Times that if a united Ireland came about as a result of a border poll he would accept the democratic result and was not “going to go to war over it”.

‘However, Mr Gibson said that he was not worried about the prospect of a united Ireland anytime soon and that attempts to link it to Brexit were part of “project fear”.

‘Mr Gibson said that he is “proud to be from Northern Ireland”, but that he felt he had an “all-Ireland dimension” as his father and grandfather were born in Co Donegal.

He praised Taoiseach Leo Varadkar for a visit to the Orange Order headquarters in Belfast last year, saying it was “pivotal in changing and improving relationships”.

NI-Eire Prophecy Updates:
  1. Northern & Southern Irish Leaders Meet In Washington
  2. Northern & Southern Irish Leaders Meet Trump and Pence
  3. EU Grasps Ireland At Its Own Peril (ie. as EU’s puppet)
  4. DUP MP Would Like To See Ireland Join The Commonwealth
  5. Yet Again, NO Need For A Hard Border!
  6. DUP Prefers Brexit Delay To ‘Prison’ of May’s Withdrawal Agreement
  7. The Taoiseach and the E.U.
  8. Eire’s Relationship with Ulster & USA
  9. Irexit – (Eire leaving the EU)
  10. News Roundup – Is S.Africa and Object Lesson?
  11. Ireland to follow Britain out of the EU?
  12. Progress of N. Ireland – Republic power-sharing talks
  13. Ireland will be ‘second biggest losers’ if UK Leaves EU
  14. Irish Gov’t’s Brexit policy ‘is in tatters’, it’s bluff ‘being called’

Remembering and anticipating ‘Deliverance-Days’ 1944 & 2019 – Britain’s Destiny

Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration

In his latest paper Dave Chapman briefly reviews pertinent parts of our history relating to spiritual conflict, as well as legal niceties, and looks forward to an upcoming ‘D-Day’ this year which we trust and pray will be Britain’s ‘Destiny-Day’, or day of deliverance.

I’m grateful for his permission to publish this document that draws attention not only to the spiritual but also to the legal rather than political truths of our Nation’s situation.

It is noteworthy that the day after David completed this paper the Lord told Leisa Ebere, “My Glory shall bring about National Deliverance” (as herein):


by Dave Chapman


It is the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on the 6th of this month.
Though the War itself is not to be celebrated, the beginning of its end indeed is!  ‘D’ is simply a militarily term used as a countdown to the day of action – hence ‘D’ minus 3, 2, 1, then ‘D’-Day itself. In the event it became our ‘Deliverance’ Day, as Britain with its allies, including America, invaded Normandy in a western alliance to drive back and defeat the forces of Hitler; while Russia under Stalin, invaded from the East, all on cue. This long, bloody War was entering its last phase. Thank God for the freedoms though that were won in those ensuing days.

Jonathan Dimbleby, on interview for Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme on Friday 31st May, when asked about his father Richard Dimbleby, the first War Reporter for the BBC in 1936, ever speaking about his own role or experiences after the war, said:

“Not really.  Like so many he was so relieved victory had been achieved, that democracy and the rule of law had triumphed, he did not talk about the War……he thought you just got on with the future”.  (Emphases mine)



Poignant words indeed, and yet these are the two battle fronts we face – but from a different ‘foe’ now. This time it is from within! [Emphasis RB] Continue reading

Fire in the cathedral – a sign?

Nicholas brings some poignant reflections on the Scriptures and history before we consider three prophecies and a ‘coincidental’ fire in Jerusalem at the Al-Aqsa mosque!

All Along the Watchtower

Many years ago, I had the privilege to visit Notre Dame de Paris. It was an awe-inspiring sight, a triumph of Gothic architecture. Beloved by millions, it stood as an icon of France and France’s Catholic heritage. Now ravaged by fire, it will be rebuilt, ostensibly as a sign of France’s resilience and commitment to cultural excellence.

There is a deeper problem here, symbolised by the fire in the cathedral – France’s anti-religious secularism and ethno-political turmoil. France has turned its back on God. The presence of Christians from a variety of denominations in France does not significantly alter the big picture of apostasy and decay.

Lest the reader think my judgment is harsh, I would say that I hold much the same view of the United Kingdom at present and speak as someone with partially French blood. I love France and the UK, but I do not love what…

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An Ideal Parliament

This post bridging ‘the Pond’ brings an informative, brief discussion that well serves my coverage (GPS#12) of the historical background to the internationally famed document limiting a sovereign’s ‘divine rights’, as well as its proposed Spiritual Magna Carta

All Along the Watchtower

The Westminster Parliament appears to be tearing itself apart. The current turmoil resembles the time before party whips came to play the role they do today. In the old days, parties were not stable: a leader could not depend on the votes of other MPs and Lords as a matter of course. Much of the time, a member of the legislature had to be persuaded or cajoled into voting in favour of a proposal.

NEO ran a post at his blog, yesterday, commemorating George Washington. The post is well worth a read. In particular, I was struck by George Washington’s dislike for political parties (especially on the basis of geographical divisions). He knew history well, and he was a true patriot. He desired that the people would be united and that faction would not lead to tyranny. Struggles, he contended, can lead to people placing their faith in one man:…

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The future is now: from predicted Church decline to the predicted Great Awakening

RJ’s interesting conclusions are worth keeping in mind because of the timing of this and consternation arising from Clifford Hill’s comments about Wembley Day of Prayer.

Real Christianity

Real Christianity


      I began the early research of Real Christianity, The Nature of the Church, in 1992. The Lord told me then what the future would be. That future is now coming to pass.


       Mine was a voice that got it right. The book is a record from the past correctly foreseeing the future. Though soundly rejected at the time, including by the leadership of my own fellowship that I was dutifully supporting per the Lord’s will, the Lord revealed to me why the disintegration of traditional Christianity in America would not only continue but accelerate. If you’re in to prophecy and possibly followed the major prophecy teachers of that time who never saw the Great Awakening coming, the following passage from my book may interest you. It was originally drafted almost twenty-five years ago:


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