Is Donald Trump’s heart for God’s Kingdom? – part 5: worship and belief


The above-titled 18th Century hymn by William Cowper is one that moved me deeply on hearing it sung in my primary school morning assembly and music classes. Let’s bear it in mind as we append this blog to the previous parts of this series.

MOREOVER, it’s timing is most encouraging because these video clips were sent to me ‘coincidentally’ early today from two sisters in the Lord, one by email and other on FB messenger – so thank you J and S:

They were confirmation of what I’d been mulling in mind after waking up of how Trump gave Glory to God during his 2020 campaign

…as well his personally quoting scripture to bring Christmas blessing to his nation:


Moreover, this ‘God-incidence’ is yet another example how when the negative strikes then the Lord is swift to bring encouragement that I’m in His will and thus brings His peace.

You see, as well as these items in came three contrary comments politely at odds with  prophecy!  So the above videos encouraged me greatly in responding to enquiries and blogging with a hectic schedule.

  1. 2008-2017 – Challenge and comparison
  2. 2017-2020 – Dismantling Obama’s legacy
  3. President Trump’s Personal Faith
  4. President Trump’s Faith in Action.
  5. President Trump’s Worship & Belief
  6. Truth Social, and Bible Prophecy?

PS: 20th Anniversary of 9/11 –  Pres. Trump Shares 21 Days National Prayer Call

2 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump’s heart for God’s Kingdom? – part 5: worship and belief

  1. Modern day Watchmen, Judges and Deliverers.

    I believe that Trump has been raised up in the same mould as the Judges of Israel in the OT. They were raised up to deliver Israel from her enemies, and Donald Trump carries that anointing right now to deliver both the USA, and the free world from captivity of today’s manifestation of Babylon.

    All evidence shows that Winston Churchill carried that same anointing.
    He made no song and dance about his own perspective of the Lord, but in reading his many writings it is clear that he had a strong faith in God’s call on his life.

    In fact, I believe Churchill exhibited far more faith than the majority of born again Christians I meet passively sitting in Church. His faith saved a nation.

    Imperfect as he was, Churchill was the judge raised up by God for Britain’s time of acute national disaster, but before he took the position of judge, he had acted as the nation’s watchman.
    And just as shown in scripture, he was insulted, ignored and derided as a warmonger throughout the 30s, and then when the enemy was at the door, they finally sent for him!

    Churchill’s vision.-
    The following is a record of a conversation between a 16 year old Winston Churchill, and Murland Evans, a school friend around 1890, 50 years before he became Prime Minister.

    Are you going into politics, following your father?”
    “I don’t know, but it is more than likely because, you see, I am not afraid to speak in public.”

    Evans was quizzical as he gazed back at his friend. “You do not seem at all clear about your intentions or desires.”
    “That may be,” Winston shot back, “but I have a wonderful idea of where I shall be eventually. I have dreams about it.”
    “Where is that?”
    “Well, I can see vast changes coming over a now peaceful world; great upheavals, terrible struggles; wars such as one cannot imagine; and I tell you London will be in danger—London will be attacked and I shall be very prominent in the defense of London,” Winston said.

    “How can you talk like that?” Evans asked. “We are forever safe from invasion, since the days of Napoleon.”

    “I see further ahead than you do,” Winston replied. “I see into the future.”
    Churchill continued, undaunted, as he would many times throughout his career. “This country will be subjected somehow, to a tremendous invasion, by what means I do not know, but I tell you I shall be in command of the defences of London, and I shall save London and England from disaster.”

    Evans remembered Churchill as “warming to his subject” as he spoke. “Will you be a general, then, in command of the troops?” Evans asked. “I don’t know, dreams of the future are blurred, but the main objective is clear. . . . I repeat—London will be in danger and in the high position I shall occupy, it will fall to me to save the Capital and save the Empire.”

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