Did my triple warning about Iran affect WordPress connections?

Publishing this and the previous post proved arduous. In telling why, it may cross your mind I could be getting a tad paranoid – but actually it’s funny; yet perhaps there’s a grain of truth buried away here…

Was what I was trying to write about so revelatory that another ‘invisible hand’ came in causing chaos to connections?? Perhaps it’s not such a daft idea, you know.

Guess what I was writing about the previous time this happened! The very same topic – Iran, and its leaders’ policy to bring about their notion of End-Times!!  Oh, that’s just a coincidence. Well, what are the odds of such a cross-connection between two lots of technical trouble; in addition to the other oddities that occurred recently?

For the record these are the previous posts: Joel Rosenberg’s Iran leader: We must prepare for the ‘End-Times’, my Iranian leader’s End-Times declaration which appeared after Sharanelle Clark’s Getting ready for His return. (For anyone wishing to check my   claims see my original support request and covering mammoth one of 373 posts.)

HA…in hindsight it really is amusing. Fortunately, I’d started drafting on Monday but noticed links were taking several seconds longer than normal to connect and load on-screen. The next day, however, when writing about the three times on which I’d written about Iran and Jerusalem the new paragraphs were lost as the system failed to save. It seemed doing that caused my connection to crash.  So it became an arduous and time-consuming task to get the additional material completed because I couldn’t check what was actually getting saved onto the server. It was as though another invisible hand had started playing mayhem with UK internet connections to WordPress servers to the great annoyance of users (see today’s support forum).

Yet when it was published late Tuesday afternoon my stats shot through the ceiling to almost double the daily average. Thank you readers and visitors. If you’ve not yet had opportunity to read it then here’s the link > The Invisible Hand re-appears!

Updates on the Iranian nuclear situation

For those who’d like to keep informed about developments there’s a mass of informed opinion about the Geneva arrangements. In addition to mainstream media reports and rolling news on World Watch Daily, here are links to articles I’ve found of interest.:

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