Iranian leader’s End-Times declaration

This serves to make my covering introduction to the previous reblogged post easier to read. The normal text format wasn’t available and this will also update the content.:

In that post Joel Rosenberg calls attention to a grave matter which many cannot grasp, especially politicians – the End-Times. Escalating events in the Middle-East are making Judeo-Christian prophetical scriptures increasingly apposite.

William Koenig’s World Watch Daily closely monitors and reports upon such Biblically-significant events according to a profile of key indicators.

His weekly twelve-page report Eye View from the White House (subscribers only) issued on Friday opened with a long list of the latest events being put into perspective by this observation:

We are moving into a time of unprecedented events with all final-day markers in play. (my emphasis)

Those who follow events will recollect President Ahmadinejad’s frequent ranting rhetoric against Israel and USA – but do they appreciate the religious doctrine at the very core of this viewpoint, one that directs Iranian leaders’ irrational political stance??

Iran’s leaders seek to bring about the upheaval of global society to ease the return of the Mahdi, or hidden Twelfth Iman, who will set up a worldwide Islamic caliphate.  Little has been made public until recently of this belief inherent in Shiite Islam.

Nevertheless, it is increasingly recognised that the development of nuclear weapons is instrumental to achieving this theology’s apocalyptic goal.  Israeli intelligence has kept abreast of this game plan, with the USA’s lagging behind. Therefore, it is interesting to learn only last weekend of British MI6’s close and active involvement in delaying Iran’s schemes.

In July 2010 Ayatollah Al Khamenei, according to one senior cleric, was “telling his inner circle that he was visited by the Hidden Iman and that he promised to appear during his tenure as Supreme Leader”.  In supposing that Jesus was merely a prophet, ‘Twelvers’ claim Jesus will return with and be subordinate to this Mahdi!  (See my email of 19 Aug 2010 now published herein together with its rapid update.)

According to Joel’s source, a couple of months ago a newspaper which Al-Khamenei controls boasted that the many changes in US policy towards Israel under the Obama administration are tantamount to rejection of its M-East ally, thus bringing an end to the US-Israel alliance.  According to this report, the Saudi Royal family is the only ‘obstacle’ and, once it falls, then Israel can be ‘destroyed’.

Also, about the same time as publication of that report, billboards were set up in Iranian cities announcing that “Jesus and the Mahdi will come soon” (see here) – but as we know, it is mistaken.

Click here and here to learn how Jesus has already appeared to many Muslims. To learn  about the church in Iran click here.

Meanwhile, about the same time on one of Israel’s largest websites, Ynet, a banner was broadcast proclaiming the coming of the Messiah! (report here)

Very, very interesting on all fronts!

See Joel’s Exclusive; Ahmadinejad’s End-Time speech to the UN, which gives the most detailed explanation of the Twelth Imam to date and wherein UN leaders are told the Mahdi will “soon” reign over the world.

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