Ditch my sermon, let’s celebrate!

Today is the second anniversary of that astonishing day when the living God visited a   two-day conference at a church in Daphne, near Mobile, Alabama, USA. This meeting, called Open The Heavens, was convened by the Rev. John Kilpatrick, to whom in ’95 God had entrusted a revival of repentance in Brownsville, Florida. On Thursday, a few miles from Washington DC, he described what happened on July 23rd 2010:

“(on) the second night miracles broke out and…I’m not a critic…but a sceptical person, and whenever the miracles broke out I saw miracles that were undeniable and I said, “This is God”…But the thing that made it so real for me was when the miracles began to break out – I was sitting in the audience  – I heard coming from behind me that familiar sound of revival…

I heard that roar of the presence of the glory of God come in and I said, “Oh my God – He’s back!” and whenever I heard that I knew beyond any doubt right then, I said, “We’re in for it!”

You may ask, “Is that scriptural, where’s that in the Bible?”  It’s here at Psalm 29:3-4; “The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the glory of God thunders…”

The pastor’s guest was a young English evangelist, Nathan Morris, whose huge Gospel campaigns in India had brought a hundred thousand Muslims and Hindus into salvation with a similar number of miraculous healings, salvations and deliverances in Africa (see Shake the Nations).

Nathan wondered why that doesn’t happen in America and the Western world…but then healings started happening in Mobile too! The first to receive sight to blind eyes was a man who’d had 8 operations to restore his sight, but all failed. Many others received healing for deafness.

Thus began a long, remarkable series of preaching with signs and wonders following. It became known as The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival, named after the original Spanish name for that bay in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

For a short summary of a selection of notable miracles during The Bay Revival that I’ve summarised in this blog click on video clips of testimonies, or visit the main website for  a  collection of testimonies.

Yesterday, several hundreds were assembled in the convention centre for the usual Sunday morning meeting – but that ‘usual’ is not the same usual as in your average church service.  The regulars at Church of His Presence really know how to worship and praise the Lord.  No ‘hymn sandwiches’ here!  Opening worship by musicians and vocalists lasts about 40 minutes; but yesterday after the band stopped, everyone simply couldn’t stop praising God in their individual ways!

This carried on for 10 minutes and the pastor sensed the Lord was doing something different and he realised that it was to encourage a festive time of celebration for the anniversary the next day of the start of the Revival. As one of very few to honour the  presence of the Holy Spirit and make space for Him to have His way, Pastor Kilpatrick announced he’s putting aside his prepared sermon. (In fact, he’d been away for a few weeks and had some fresh teaching.)

John then encouraged all to continue and even brought all teens-and-twenties to the front to worship – then they were replaced by a few dozen adults – who in turn were replaced by the over 60s!  Next, he invited all the black folk to come and show how to worship. What a fantastic time, and live on-line too – now that’s church!

So seventy five minutes into the service the formal business of taking the offering and blessing the congregation happened later than usual – then the celebratory worship just  continued – wow!

Thank you Lord for being so good – Oh, what our eyes have seen!

Why not join in the festivities of 22nd July yourself by clicking here?

For the first short report soon after the start of the Revival play this video:

4 thoughts on “Ditch my sermon, let’s celebrate!

  1. This is awesome! I pray that this move of God would continue and spread like fire across the nation! And it its wake, may the children of God be left with a deeper wisdom and reverence for the glory of God, and a greater walk of love and power before the world!


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