The Blood of Jesus Christ

The following transcript is offered for use as a prayer and declaration over our nations:

“…We come that we may seek Your face, Lord. We are not here by accident but You have ordained it…we stand and we wait for You. Come in all Thy Glory – we are bold enough to say, “Show us Oh Lord, show us Your glory! – show us Your glory! God send Your glory”…The nations are joining us because all around the world people are crying out in this hour, “God, send Your glory, we need You Lord…we need You God to save a generation…to get a hold on our sons that are in rebellion…our daughters that are lost”.  [Amen]

“I want to tell you Church” continued Nathan, “That we’ve been silent too long…we’ve been silent too long. While hell is seeking to encamp around America, the Church has been silent too long!

“Send Your glory and The Holy Ghost…AND FIRE…my God, my God…something’s happening right now!  You may not like this, but the Church without fire is impotent. When the fire of God, the fire of the Holy Ghost falls as it did in that upper room…falls upon the Church, then we are a nightmare to the enemy!!Oh God, send the Fire!

“Now, we’re too civilised…we want to put The Holy Ghost in a box!…the glory in a box!!  I want to tell you the glory of my God once dwelt between the cherubim on a box and He isn’t going back there again. NOW, He dwells in the hearts of men who hunger and thirst after Him!… Send the fire, send the fire…

“Jesus, what are you doing right now Lord…I feel the power of God starting to break through…people say I shout, but I’m telling you, for the hour in which we’re living in, somebody needs to shout, to shout it from the rooftops that:

“the blood of Jesus has lost NONE of its power!! Oh the blood…the blood has lost NONE of its power!”

Thus petitoned and proclaimed English evangelist Nathan Morris to thousands assembled 9 miles south of the White House and Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on Thursday 19th July. And then he goes into usual power-preaching mode.:

“When the fire of God fell on me it wasn’t in a church building but on my own on a living room floor. I shook for three hours under the glory of God [he then speaks about the start of his vocation]…I’m tired of this wishy-washy Gospel that says we can come to God any old how, we can do what we want Monday to Friday and Sunday we put on our ‘best’ and come like we’re a saint.

“My God…I want to tell you, there’s a call to holiness.  The fire of God will NOT dwell in wishy-washy preaching. The Church doesn’t need wishy-washy ministers…

We need to preach the blood, the cross, the Holy Ghost fire, repentance, holiness.  The day that God sees there are men and women that reverence this place is the day that He will return to the pulpit again…”

[Nathan briefly tells how this brought many healings in Africa, even to the dying.]

“But oh, if we would get back to the Gospel Jesus preached, if we would get  back to our knees again…God still heals, He still saves, He still delivers [alleluyah!]

America, nations of the world, there is a God of eternity who rules and reigns with power…of His dominion and of His Kingdom there is no end

“I want to tell you and I say this with all reverence, and it doesn’t matter who is in the White House, let me tell you one thing:

“When the Church of Jesus Christ stand under the glory of God there is no leader, no power, no government, that will shake what God says to a nation – it SHALL come to pass!!

“Do you think Delia Knox coming out of a wheelchair was a problem to God? It didn’t even flinch him! What a mighty God we serve!…” (For her healing, see video clips.)


[It’s interesting that Christen Forster mentioned this kind of preaching during his summary of the listening prayer-time in Westminster  – see here. ALSO, one of a number of thoughtful posts in Life’s Little Slices emphasises this topic.]

Earlier Rev John Kilpatrick was greeted and honoured by a local bishop and leaders at the National Church of God at Fort Washington, MD. Two had previously invited the rivalist team to Silver Spring on the north side of Washington. That was in the days  leading into US’ National Prayer Day on 5th May – AND it goes without saying that first evening of repentance by thousands was very different to politically convened events.

To be stirred and blessed, run this video and listen to Nathan speaking as above at 2hrs into the meeting AND what Bishop Harry Jackson says at 1hr8min about events related to that earlier conference in DC is, in my humble opinion, important for the USA.:

Bay Revival July 19, 2012 from Bay Revival on Vimeo.

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