“Live in the Spirit, Walk in the Spirit, Talk in the Spirit…” – Smith Wigglesworth

Thank you Lisa for this excellent post which is pertinent to the apparently ‘mixed bag’ of my recent AND current posts. I recommend every believer to run off a hardcopy for reference and application.

Life's Little Slices

The active life of the Spirit-filled believer.

Subtitled, “Ministration and operation of the gifts.”
Preached in Bradford, England.
Published in the Latter Rain Evangel, February 1923.

I want to talk from the twelfth chapter of 1st Corinthians.

These are the last days; the days of the falling away. These are days when Satan is having a great deal of power. But we must keep in mind that Satan has no power only as he is allowed. And we must never think that Satan has power over the believer. If I could get only the establishment of that fact in your hearts it would be something living all the time. Satan has no power over the believer. “The wicked one toucheth him not.” So we must understand that all things that fall to our lot are according to the mind and will of God. “All things work together for good…

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