Ms. Mogherini prophesies Second Signpost

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark LongHave been lining up a short blog on the EU/Greece crisis with a point about this ‘High Representative’ and Europe’s political war with Israel. Very few know that the number of the document recommending creation of that office at the Western EU summit in Vienna in 1998 was ‘666’! (See this blog’s Not many people know – 2 and the late Herb Peters’ Overview and book Recommendation 666.)


Once in a while, someone in the secular world speaks a prophecy right out of the Signpost interpretation of God’s word.  Iranian president Rouhani did it several months ago.  It happened again today with the breaking of this story.

Ms. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union, spoke these words while in the thick of the negotiations with Iran for a nuclear deal, about the deal itself:

“…[the] security of the world is at stake.”

How true are those words!  Her university thesis was “Relationship between religion and politics in Islam” according to Wikipedia, so there is a good plausibility she understands who she is dealing with, though she likely could not know the full extent of the current situation.  She likely meant her words to refer to a new nuclear threat from a fundamentalist Islamic nation.  But her words can be taken differently, as a threat…

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Monday M.A.S.H. – modern, amusing social history

If the ‘Monday blues’ may be lingering here’s some light amusement. Those old enough to recall Britain coming out of 14 years’ real austerity (rationing of food) in 1954, as in Pat Cryer’s collections and Graeme Shimmin’s explanation about its duration, will smile  nostalgically. Whatever you age, enjoy some ‘home truths’ from relatively recent times:


Lion Bites: Changed Prayer & Fresh Fire

fire-of-Holy-Spirit-300x194I trust these words of yesterday and today from Glasgow Prophetic Centre may be a personal exhortation for you too:


These are the days when we need to amend what and how we pray, because the Lord is doing brand new things in the earth that have not been seen in previous times. Heed the Holy Spirit today,

“Amend your prayer! Change your perspective and allow me to show you a higher plane of my glory as you do.”

Many of us have become ‘stuck’ in a place because of our own prayers – they hold us in a stationary place of waiting, which prevents us from moving forward. It is time to renew our minds and come out of this! It is time to distinguish and understand what the Spirit of the Lord is guiding us to in prayer and come away from our repetitive, self-focused and habitual ‘list prayers’, where these have become dry, faithless and religious in our mouths.

In the moment of agreement with God’s word to amend our prayer life we are catapulted forward into a new realm of God’s glory, where there is an ease and a flow of prayer language and breakthrough. It’s as simple as agreeing with God and saying, ‘yes’ to applying this change.

There are areas, regions and nations for you to pray over which you never dared to imagine; areas which God has given you authority and influence over, in the Spirit and in the natural. It is there for the taking in your prayer life!

So let us be those who come up higher, transformed by another degree of God’s glory, as we access His realms through our amended prayer life. Forgive us Lord where we have become stuck with repetitive, pedestrian prayer and kept our heads down, rather than looking up to join with your prayers in the realms of your glory. We choose to come into the place of your glory-realm prayer!

Shake up my prayer life God as I choose to amend my prayers, for I desire to enter into the realm of glory that you have invited me into, and there access those prayers that are prayed in Heaven.

Psalm 54:2
Hear my prayer, O God; listen to the words of my mouth.


Tongues of Fire Acts 2-3

Credit Iris Global (aka Iris Ministries, Mozambique). Click for website.

Fresh fire from heaven is ready to fall like lightning on those who will receive it. Our God of fire is looking for those who have their hands raised in expectation and desire; those who have positioned themselves to be lightning conductors wherever they stand on the earth.

“Get ready for the new spark”, says the Lord, “Those who are like a dry kindling and highly flammable are those who are ready to be ignited. I am seeking those who do not pay attention to the shifting sands around them but who are feeling the atmosphere of heaven and are ready to be conductors for my fresh fire. I am coming to set my people on fire. Look to me. It is not about where you stand but instead it is about what you are standing under. Be ready to receive my fresh fire from above!”

Matthew 3:11
I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

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ALERT: suppression of free speech in UK and USA

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunTHREE emails await me this morning on this subject!

Does this indicate the suppression of freedom to think and speak for oneself, especially in proclaiming Biblical truths, is being ramped up?

Only on Monday had I had occasion too refer  to that when inserting a reference to Rev Dr Mike Ovey’s well-informed warning into the copy from Wilberforce Publications’ on Magna Carta Unravelled.

His concern is now repeated by the Coalition for Marriage. (C4M is an umbrella group of many individuals and organisations supporting traditional marriage and opposed to its redefinition. Click link for more details.)

In his email circular of Tuesday their campaign director Colin Hart writes,


Since the introduction of same-sex marriage we have drawn attention to ordinary people around the UK who have found their reputations and livelihoods attacked for standing by their beliefs.

Sadly the Government is about to make the situation much worse. The Home Secretary is seeking sweeping new powers to silence ‘extremists’ and disrupt their activities. We strongly support the Government’s fight against terrorism, but we don’t support plans which put basic free speech in jeopardy.

Vague laws will catch law-abiding people

The proposed Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) are set to be contained in the new counter-extremism Bill.

We back stopping jihadists, but these vague EDOs appear to be so broadly defined that even supporters of traditional marriage could be branded ‘extremists’. See our short briefing for more information.

Conservative MPs Dominic Grieve and David Davis have voiced alarm about the plans.

Before he became Justice Minister, Dominic Raab MP also said: “The public should certainly expect the security services to track terrorists online, but the broad powers of proposed Extremism Disruption Orders (EDO) could be abused. Those engaged in passionate debates – such as Christians objecting to gay marriage – could find themselves slapped down.”

Home Secretary Theresa May was recently challenged on just this point when the BBC’s John Humphrys asked her whether the “woolly” plans would still allow people to say that gay marriage was damaging to society. We’re not convinced by her answer.

Free speech under threat

People can call us bigots and extremists for believing in traditional marriage – that’s their point of view. But they must not be given power to use the force of law against us.

We have good reason to be concerned. We will be asking you to make your views known to your MP.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Hart

As an aside, look at what I learned a month ago:


A series of high-profile cases in recent years, where Christians have been penalised for expressing and living out their beliefs in public discussion, led a top judge, Sir Michael Tugenhadt, to compare secularists to ‘Tudor tyrants’. He commented as follows,

Those who are hostile to belief in a superhuman being or to religious practices, I am afraid, sometimes exhibit an attitude to freedom of religion and freedom of speech which is as restrictive of that of Elizabeth I or Burghley.

They seek to limit those freedoms to the private sphere, but that is a denial of the rights that these freedoms enshrine.

“The terrible story of the Tudor-Stuart religious divisions should be a reminder that freedom which is confined entirely to the privacy of a person’s home is a form of oppression.” (Emphases added)

He added: “The fact that states recognise human rights and natural rights and even the fact that they may enshrine them in their laws doesn’t mean they always respect them”.

Sir Michael retired from the High Court last year and reminisced about the beginning of his professional career when, “Lawsuits involving religion were absolutely unknown”. In respect of the past 10 to 15 years, however, “they had become increasingly frequent”.


US S_Court

The second email on this matter covers US Supreme Court’s rulings in America. In writing for The Legal Project, Johanna Markind outlines recent cases that potentially affect the right to discuss Islam openly and freely in The US Supreme Court, Speech Regulation and Islam.

The third email, Muting American Speech Through Politicised Television Theatre, was a brief note of RJ Dawson’s blog in which he lambasts TV broadcasters for brainwashing audiences into the fear of having or expressing an opinion, in contravention of the 1st Amendment.

His review of changes since the 60’s is informative for all who, in those days, were only twinkles in their mother’s (or grandmother’s) eyes. On this side of ‘the pond’, American TV was regarded as a very inferior product. RJ’s views make interesting reading and it’s noteworthy how our once, world-renowned but now Broadly Biased Corporation (BBC) has since descended to the moronic depths and spews out PC indoctrination.

So, RJ Dawson’s opinion is valid for Britain as well as the United States.

The ‘one-eyed god’ once resided in a box in the corner of the room but is now a window on a wall as well as a mirror on our knees, or even a spy in our pockets!  It should come with a mental and spiritual health warning. So beware!

How to counter it will be covered in the next post…

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Review – Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy

D.C. Nesbitt’s excellent review of the Magna Carta exhibition takes my brief coverage full circle: from last-minute insertion on the charter to introduce observations and prophetical points on the general election results to this re-blog’s opening reference to David Cameron’s opinion in 2012. Also, I endorse the reader’s recommendation to watch David Starkey’s programme on iPlayer.

the Exhibitionologist

Whether or not David Cameron knew what he was letting himself in for when he appeared as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2012 is anyone’s guess. As anyone who watched the interview or subsequently read about it will know, there was at least one topic of conversation that he was not expecting to come up. Letterman was keen to see if he embarrass his guest by quizzing him on the history the country he was Prime Minister of, and much to the delight of the audience, he succeeded. When asked what the Latin name of the most famous document in British history – the ‘Magna Carta’ – meant in English, Mr Cameron could not muster an answer. Probably better than his lousy guess at who composed ‘Rule Britannia’ (“Edward Elgar”), but enough for many people in Britain to let out a great sigh, or to mumble something mocking about his Eton…

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Magna Carta Unravelled – a new book

Regarding the previous posts on the 8th centenary of Magna Carta, anyone interested in its relevance in the suppression of freedom today may like to know about a recent book, Magna Carta Unravelled.

Only this past fortnight we have an example of the importance of this matter. A former lawyer, now Principal of Oak Hill Theological College in London, has stated the PM’s proposals for new “Extremism Disruption Orders” could be a “disaster area” for people from all mainstream religions, and none. In some settings, traditional Christian teaching could effectively be made a criminal offence!

No doubt Rev Dr Mike Ovey’s previous parliamentary experience drafting anti-terrorism legislation relating to the IRA has given him solid grounds for his deep reservations on this issue. (See Telegraph religious affairs editor John Bingham’s latest – published on Magna Carta’s anniversary – and earlier posts.)

Magna Carta Unravelled

The ethos of Wilberforce Publications, is to put the spotlight on aspects of contemporary politics, society and culture in the light of Christian thinking and examine their impact on individuals and communities. Published jointly with Voice for Justice UK on the charter’s anniversary, this new book is available in paperback/e-book and is described as follows:

magna-carta-3dMagna Carta is not only one of the most celebrated documents in British history, but stands as a foundation of political and religious freedom throughout the world. Yet the liberties and freedoms fought for and heralded in Magna Carta are under severe attack as controversial issues of religious freedoms, human rights, equality legislation and freedom of speech present significant challenges for our society today.

In the year of its 800th anniversary ‘Magna Carta Unravelled’ traces the Christian origins and legacy of this great Charter of liberty, focusing on the current challenges to individual liberty examined by experts with unrivalled backgrounds in politics, academic philosophy, the law and the church.

‘Magna Carta Unravelled’ is an invaluable resource, offering penetrating insights from a variety of perspectives for those seeking a thoughtful approach to issues of freedom in our nation today.

In the opinion of HH Judge David Turner QC.,

“Magna Carta continues to compel Christian people to fearlessly explore what makes for human flourishing in a liberal democracy. Any wake-up call – such as this book – is rarely comfortable, occasionally inconvenient, always unsettling; but the issues discussed, of conscience, belief and freedom, refuse to be silenced.”

Contributing authors include:

  • Baroness Cox
  • Professor Roger Trigg
  • Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
  • Barrister Paul Diamond
  • Philip Quenby
  • John Scriven
  • Rev. Lynda Rose
  • Robert S. Harris

Magna Carta’s 8th centenary: a better perspective

Rather than negating a conclusion built upon the meaning of number 8 in the last post, correcting a maths mistake gives some credence to my conjecture.

In On 800th anniversary of Magna Carta I made a mistake over the passage of time that had elapsed and thank RJ Dawson for correcting me. (He’s author of Real Christianity, the Nature of the Church.)

In fact, this adjustment points us towards a better perspective on man-made laws and the related application of biblical numbers.

[Note: I’m not considering or advocating any unscriptural notions on numbers. Having been deeply involved in New Age I’m well aware of the differences between the Bible’s use of numbers and the claims of numerology.]

That post stated last Monday starts the 8th century since Magna Carta’s declaration in 1215 AD, whereas we’re now in its 9th century. After referring to the Bible’s meaning of number 8 I considered how that may give significance to some recent events.

That count was an elementary error against which I’d quickly checked, yet nevertheless I made the sort of mistake I’ve known about since school. When blogging about cycles it’s often been at the back of my mind. So I’ve given myself a dressing down!  Criticism that it’s simply ‘confirmation bias’ (ie. wanting to see a related result) is understandable. It’s plausible that desiring things to tie neatly together would lead to noticing this 800th anniversary falls at a time of perceived changes in the church and society.

However, it’s more likely the issue arose because this week’s been busily interspersed with three half days’ of travelling, replying to correspondence and some meetings – not conducive to continuity or clarity in lengthy posts. Even so, we learn something even more pertinent through that maths mistake.

Let me explain: the first year of life isn’t completed until 12 months have passed. On the anniversary of baby’s birth (or something’s start) the person/thing is one year old – 1st birthday. So every number has two main uses, as an ‘integer’ or whole number counted in its own right, or else as an ‘ordinal’ having a position in a series (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).

Thus, as regards the Magna Carta being 800 years old last Monday, its 800th year was from 16th June 2014 to 15th June 2015. Its first century was from 1215 to 1315 and so its 8×100 years or 8th century was 1915 to 2015. So we’re now in its 9th century. It’s the same reason for referring to 2015 as being in 21st and not 20th Century.

In correcting that post two points pop-up to bring a new perspective:

  • number 8’s meaning relating to centuries is more clearly demonstrated, and
  • the meaning of the newly started 9th 100-year cycle is even more significant!

The previous post has now been tidied and the two original short sections deleted. They are amended to read as follows:

The meaning of 9

Monday 15th June 2015 started the 9th century since the issue in 1215 of Magna Carta. Number ‘9’ appears 7×7 times in the Bible and, being symbolic of divine completeness,  it conveys the meaning of finality and judgement.

During Jesus’ crucifixion ‘darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour’ (Luke 21:44). The Bible Study Site states He died at the 9th hour to make the way of salvation open to everybody. Also, Yom Kippur (Jewish Day of Atonement, in Sept-Oct) is the only one of God’s annual feast days of worship that requires believers to fast for one day. Considered by many Jews to be the holiest of the year, this special day begins at sunset on the 9th day of the seventh Hebrew month Tishri (Lev 23:32).

On the Hebrew Calendar, the total destruction of Jerusalem’s temple began on 9th Ab (July-August). Also on this day, the second temple (ie. Herod’s temple) was burned to the ground by the Romans in 70 AD. It continues to be regarded as a day of tragedy.

Also, according to Galatians 5:22 there are nine fruits of the Holy Spirit, which manifest as positive character traits.

9th cycle of centuries

Thus, the 9th cycle of 100 years is likely to be significant for finality and judgement. As for Britain, the following changes noted in this blog may be preparatory for drawing this Age to a close with the return of Jesus Christ:

    • improving spiritual atmosphere noted by visiting Christian leaders,
    • many prophetic words of promise delivered/declared over these lands,
    • increasing activity of the Holy Spirit within the British Isles.

If, as we believe, the Lord was acting behind the scenes at the general election, we can expect this to continue in the political realm and, hopefully, to bless this nation and its leaders with a real return to righteousness. This doesn’t negate the need to pray such change through to manifestation (Rev Dr Stone’s remarks at #4 of my post refer).

We’d expect this meaning of ‘9’ as ‘finality’ would incorporate the shaking and implicit, consequential exposure prophesied in Hebrews 12:26. As regards man-made laws it’s very pertinent to note that Britain’s judiciary and government offices have been accused of not having clean hands – ie. corruption!

Based upon findings reported by World Justice Project and Transparency International,  The Commentator announced last Saturday in Shame and disgrace: UK 2nd tier nation on law, corruption:

We don’t even make the top 10, despite what we were all brought up to believe, in either the corruption or rule of law indices put out recently by the leading analytical organisations in the world. In some respects, the current reality is truly appalling.

By the close of that 8th century British law introduced a change to marriage contrary to the purpose defined by God.  As the start of the 9th century since Magna Carta may be likened unto ‘as in the Days of Noah and Lot’, as foretold by Jesus, let’s look out for the consequential outcome of this legislative defiance.

According to the above biblical meaning of 9 we have additional grounds upon which to expect the Lord to bring about finality and judgement.

Further observations

The meaning of 8

Biblically ‘8’ signifies a new beginning, as in Genesis with the second week of creation continuing after the Almighty rested for a day, and in the new creation after the Flood with the survival of only 8 persons. There are not a few other significant references to that number – especially Jesus’ name in Greek – as in The Bible Study Site.

8th cycle of centuries: 1915 -2015

History shows how that symbolism of a refreshing, new beginning applies in respect of man-made law to the 8th cycle of 100 years since Magna Carta.

That ‘century’ began on 16th June 1915 at a time when women were not permitted to vote or to stand in elections for parliament in Britain even though our colonies of New Zealand and then Australia already had women’s suffrage since the turn of 19th/20th Century!  Here, the Women’s Social and Political Union, or ‘Suffragettes’ as they were known, was founded in October 1903 by Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst and took a radical, militant approach to their gaining the right to vote because previous debate had failed.

The Great War, however, changed British perceptions of women when the government issued an urgent appeal for women to serve their country by signing up for vital work in agriculture, nursing, industry, especially in munitions factories, by setting up a Register of Women for War Service in March 1915.

This freed up more men for military service and was welcomed by the Suffragettes. Two years later the PM Lloyd George stated a bill to enfranchise women over the ago of 30 years would be introduced and in that June the House of Commons voted by a huge majority to give wives of that age the vote.

We should note that negotiations were also well under way for issuing the Balfour Declaration on 9th November 1917. This gave British support to the establishment of a permanent Jewish national homeland in Palestine after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Other Magna Carta centennials

The following centennials from my Pocket Book of Dates & Events by David Herman are noteworthy as regards the English crown and law:

  • 1415 – Henry V revives English claim to French throne, invades France and defeats French at Agincourt.
  • (1517 Martin Luther issues his 95 Theses challenging Roman Church).
  • 1715 – Jacobite rising in Scotland in support of son of James II.
  • 1815 – Battle of Waterloo: French army under ex-Emperor Napoleon defeated by allied British, Prussian and Dutch armies. Also this year, Prussian and Austrian monarchies restored, German Confederation established and Kingdom of Netherlands unites Belgium and Holland.

Today marks 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo!

On 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta – or should it be 1,400th?

Today marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta to which King John affixed his seal under the demands of his barons in order to limit his regal powers. There’s more I want to tell about this than was briefly covered in the preamble to prophetical points of last month’s general election.

Also, whilst writing I’m intrigued to have received a reader’s unwitting contribution that’s made me suspect some pieces of the Lord’s invisible jigsaw are falling into place!

[The section originally appearing here has been revised in the next post.]

To recap, I noted this medieval document, “Established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the common law of the land. The British Library states that, although nearly a third of the text was deleted or substantially rewritten within ten years, and almost all its clauses have been repealed in modern times, Magna Carta still remains a cornerstone of the British constitution. I’d add that its great influence extends to the Commonwealth’s and to the United States of America’s legal systems.”

In view of this lengthy document’s importance in world history may I encourage you to consider a few more points gleaned from my weekend reading?  (To read the articles in full and for more information then click the links shown.)

Member of the European Parliament for SE England Daniel Hannan refers to 18th Century PM William Pitt the Elder calling Magna Carta, “the Bible of the English Constitution”. He himself likens it to, “the Torah of the English-speaking peoples: the text that sets us apart while, at the same time speaking truths to the rest of humanity”.

Hannan also recognises the charter’s provisions had been prefigured to a small extent in earlier centuries, yet the document of 1215 AD was different in including an enforcement mechanism. “Instead of leaving it to the king to decide whether he had kept his word, it instituted a form of conciliar government which was to evolve directly into the Parliament that meets at Westminister today”. Of course, parliamentarians’ troubles with Charles I and subsequent civil war used Magna Carta’s provisions as an essential sledgehammer to crack and sever a brick-hard nut!

However, one of our Justices of the Supreme Court as well as distinguished medieval historian, Lord Sumpton, dismisses Magna Carta as being “far less significant in the development of modern rights than the French Revolution”! He argues,

“The modern perception of the Charter as the source of all our liberties was largely the invention of Sir Edward Coke, the seventeenth century lawyer, antiquarian and politician.

“Coke, who was widely regarded as the most learned lawyer of his day, rescued Magna Carta from obscurity and transformed it from a somewhat technical catalogue of feudal regulations, into the foundation document of the English constitution. It is really Coke’s idea of Magna Carta that has been exported to the world, and not the version that King John or his barons would have recognised.

“The libertarian tradition in England is one of this country’s great contributions to the development of the modern world. But its power does not depend on its antiquity.

“Our libertarian tradition actually dates from the constitutional settlement which followed the civil wars of the seventeenth century and the deposition of King James II in 1688. Magna Carta frankly has nothing to do with it.”

Click for the Key Points on differences between both Magna Carta and ‘Declaration des Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen’, to compare the main difference between the British and the French, or Napoleonic, principles.

Nevertheless, those who praise the Great Charter as the published precursor of the rule of law, rather than the diktat of ruling executives, are right to do so.

1,400th anniversary (approx)

The earliest Anglo-Saxon law code is that of King Aethelbert of Kent after conversion to Christianity and issued between 597 and 616AD. The 12th Century manuscript known as Textus Roffensis is the only surviving copy of those codes:

Credit: Cambridge Historical Encylcopedia of Great Britain and Ireland - ed. Christopher Haigh (publ 1985)

Credit: Cambridge Historical Encylcopedia of Great Britain and Ireland – ed. Christopher Haigh (publ 1985)

Subsequent 7th century Kentish codes and laws of Ine of Wales mainly concerned payments for injury, infringement of property rights and breaches of public order. The 9th century King Alfred’s code synthesized elements from Kentish, Mercian and West Saxon codes. The influence of Anglo-Saxon law is apparent in legal measures of kings William I (‘The Conqueror’) and Henry I.

Intriguing God-incidence

Lastly, whilst drafting this I’ve been reading comments submitted by a fellow blogger in the States of whom I’ve known for a few years and today got re-connected. So what’s that got to do with this post? Quite a lot. In fact, I think you’ll be most surprised.

Tim Shey at HitchhikeAmerica adds this perspicuous comment to my Does a spiritual yet political trend link USA to Britain? without realising it’s directly related to this current post. In fact, he puts the whole subject into a Godly perspective:

‘George Bernard Shaw once said that the United States and Great Britain were divided by a common language. It is no accident that the United States is English-speaking and Great Britain is English-speaking. It is because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The United States-Great Britain-English-speaking-Military-Industrial-Spiritual Complex is the great counterpoise to Satan’s Spiritual Babylon (confusion; confused languages because of the sin of the Tower of Babel).

‘Certain principalities and powers of darkness were taken out in England back in the 1600s (the rise of the King James Bible, the English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution) and similar principalities and powers of darkness were taken out in the 1700s in the American Colonies (the great revival before the Revolution, the Revolution itself, the Constitution of the United States). The slave trade was ended in England, I believe, in the 1790s and later the slave trade was ended in the United States; and of course, later the Lord judged the United States for slavery in the great Civil War of 1861-1865.

‘No doubt, the Lord set up this Anglo-American/Judaeo-Christian alliance to spread the Gospel and also to destroy tyranny in different parts of the world through military power: Naziism, Communism, Islamo-Fascism. The British Empire was no accident, the rise of American power and influence was no accident, but both nations must realize that the Lord God in Heaven can easily take down a nation or an empire, if they don’t put the Lord first in their lives. Look at what happened to Nebuchadnezzar: at one moment he was the greatest king on the planet, the same day the Lord humbled him and Nebuchadnezzar went crazy.’

Now is that spooky or just serendipity?  Is it really coincidental?? Or, is the Lord in it???

I’m of the opinion it’s a superb example of ‘God-incidence’ as a ‘Bridge over the Pond‘! Wouldn’t you agree?

Is a similar but far greater ‘taking out’ about to happen in our day, as some prophetical voices are saying?

Keep watching, and gain a better perspective here!.

Heidi Baker, Cindy Jacobs: prophetic messages verified and applied

Buzzing with irritation up in the corner of our conservatory warmed by the morning sun, a bumble bee distracts me from starting to tap out my thoughts. Catching it with a fishing net and rod, as used by children for crabbing, I take the bee to the open doors and release it.

Perhaps there’s a timely message in this minor distraction for my thoughts had been on ‘timing’ – and dare I bore readers by referring to that once again?  But it is significant, as I’ll explain below.

That bee’s busily been buzzing away aiming for the light, only to be confined by the glazed ceiling – yet now’s the time for release and he’s up and away! So too with this post. A vow had lain dormant – but never forgotten – at the back of my mind since I started blogging in late 2011. I’d intended writing about a new mission venture within the UK that was being launched as I was going public – Culture Changers.

Then after 3 years, it started buzzing after I’d posted the prophetic word of last October Heidi Baker brought for the UK. And it got louder with the word Cindy Jacobs delivered upon changing flights in Britain. That new mission is directly related to the application of both words and it’s time to release that ‘buzzing’ around me into the cyber-sphere.


Culture Changers – click for website’s homepage

Personal Connection

Culture Changers was launched by Hugh and Ginny Cryer after their leadership of the Winchester Vineyard church came to a close. Based in a large converted warehouse at the city’s perimeter and conveniently close to the M3, it was a most welcoming place for outsiders such as ourselves, but a tad too far to travel to attend regularly. We have fond memories of several conferences and Summer Saturday evenings devoted to worship once a month, when Hugh would deliver a ‘nugget’ or jewel of succinct teaching upon a Biblical topic.

Also, I was blessed with attending excellent courses on the End-times hosted by Keith Mackereth.

Being unable to attend a Revival Alliance gathering in London in Autumn of 2011, we were privileged to be at Hugh and Ginny’s briefing with their WinVin team.  I was humbled and over-awed to learn that what I’d dreamt about the Kingdom related to a prophetic word brought by Bill Johnson. (Details under ‘2011 Sep’ in this blog’s Library.)

Culture Changers incorporates the values of Kingdom culture espoused by the Revival Alliance (UK website and Facebook page). I’m especially impressed with their practice of honouring all brothers and sisters in the Lord and avoidance of criticism and being judgemental. (Had that been practised by ministers when I was young I wouldn’t have rejected Churchianity.)

Let Hugh and Ginny tell you about themselves before we learn the deep relevance of the prophetic words Heidi and Cindy brought for the UK.

Reconnecting Different Parts of God’s Family

In introducing themselves they also tell of the enfolding vision the Lord is giving them and how:

  • the Lord called them out of the established church to pioneer His Culture Changing Families.
  • He told them that the time for a “policing style of leadership” was over.
  • He supernaturally gave them a physical key of encouragement at a time of great adversity.
  • the Lord spoke about Culture Changers as being part of something bigger.
  • our heavenly Father approves of ‘organic’ as well as established churches – longing for all followers of Jesus, Messianic Jews and Gentiles of all churchmanships, to be reconnected in His Family with Jesus as our Head.

In view of my experiences it’s most heartening to hear Ginny’s closing words,

“Hugh and I suddenly began to realise it isn’t so much our connecting, or being part of connecting,  Anglicans and Catholics, Revival Alliance and streams, and all that sort of thing, but it’s the established and ‘organic’ church together that He is wanting to bring together, as His family is reconnected – as the Body of Christ is reconnected – in preparation for the Return of the King.”

The Heidi Baker Prophecy

On 21st December 2014 I was astonished with suddenly being reconnected ‘out of the blue’ by receiving Ginny’s most encouraging email (emphases added):

“Thank you for the word I was sent from your Watch from Heidi – via ‘HS’ – it was very exciting to read as I had just heard the Lord say to me “you keep going and I will keep coming” – so we were amazed to read the first para of her word. Also, to read about the unity that she prophesies about as this is all part of our vision for Culture Changers.
“…So very encouraging – thank you.
Ginny Cryer

Read the full word Heidi delivered on a new move of God in the UK, the relevant part (edited) being:

“I just feel like this revival that God has promised in this nation – it’s another wave of revival He’s promised; I feel like it’s going to come as we go. It’s going to come as we go. It’s going to come as we go, says the Lord. This revival of radical love is going to come as we go…. and as we go, one by one by one by one there’s going to be a lighting up in the hearts of men and women in this city, in this nation.

“There’s going to be a movement of unity in the UK that’s going to shake the world, says the Lord. I hear the prophetic word of the Lord. It’s going to flow through the universities and the colleges of the universities. It’s going to flow through denomination and the non-denominations. There’s going to be a move of unity within the Body of Christ.”

The Cindy Jacobs Prophecy

The word Cindy brought is published in ‘Ezine’, Culture Changers’ web magazine, and prefaced by,

On 13th May Michael Marcel sent us a word from Cindy Jacobs when she came through Heathrow for a few hours and gave this word. It is particularly interesting to us as it confirms the word we had when we were in Israel in February when the Lord said to us that it is time for our voices to be heard. Cindy prophesies (click to read in full)

Here’s the edited part of the second word Cindy brought that would apply:

This is the season where I am giving you a loud voice, Body of Christ, and if you will speak now I will amplify that voice and it is going to begin to tip the nation…Go and see your MPs, make appointments. This is the season where you are to speak and be that loud voice, and if you will do that”, says the Lord, “I am going to give this window of awakening; that the power of God is going to rush into the UK, not just England; the power of God is visiting the whole of the UK.”

Some have already started to act upon this directive by writing to their MP and/or the Home Secretary. We’re now exhorted and encouraged to do so as well as to support, for example, the work of Prayer for Parliament.


Hence, now is the time to fulfil my personal vow by enabling all my readers and visitors to hear Hugh and Ginny and learn about their God-ordained ministry, Culture Changers.

I’d strongly encourage you to visit their website and learn about introducing the values of the Kingdom to all churches and society, as outlined in New Era and based upon the revelation of Father’s Heart.

Another result of the Lord’s post-election action

Further to my recent brief bullet points, a Christian who was sacked for her views expressed in answering a question from a colleague (!!!!) has won a discrimination claim against her former employer. Christian Concern reports that:

‘Sarah Mbuyi (31) was fired from her job at a nursery in W London after having a conversation with a homosexual colleague in which she explained the biblical position on homosexuality and marriage. [Her colleague had initiated the conversation but became upset at what was said for the sake of her own best interests.]

‘In a brave judgment, the Watford Employment Tribunal chaired by Judge Broughton, found unanimously that Miss Mbuyi had been directly discriminated against because of her belief that homosexual practice is contrary to the Bible. The Tribunal recognised that while the employer was “not anti-Christian” Miss Mbuyi had not been treated fairly and that the decision to sack her may have been made on “stereotypical assumptions about her and her beliefs”.

‘Miss Mbuyi’s belief was described by the Tribunal as one which is “worthy of respect in a democratic society, is not incompatible with human dignity and is not in conflict with the fundamental rights of others” and that the employer’s policy that there was a “prohibition on employees expressing adverse views on homosexuality and/or describing homosexuality as a sin” would have a “disparate impact on Christians holding similar views to Miss Mbuyi on the biblical teachings on practising homosexuality. That is not merely because a significantly higher proportion of Christians would hold such views but also because many evangelical Christians feel their faith compels them to share it”.’

Click to read Christian Concern’s fuller synopsis of the Tribunal’s findings.

Morning coffee chat and talk-talk

Keen for coffee after a quick walk to our town-centre I’m making an instant one and the phone rings. Usually it’s for Nina but as she’s out I expect to be only a moment taking a message.

But no! It’s from ‘Sam’ out in Durban, South Africa asking for me to talk about an email I’d sent to my phone/internet provider. Our chat ends leaving me amazed with its timing and I conclude the Lord was helping to bring a good resolution to an issue.

In view of TalkTalk’s low reputation for customer service, my readers in the UK may like to know how the company resolved my communication problem with them. If so, click to Continue reading

“He will baptise with the Holy Spirit – and fire!”

fire-of-Holy-Spirit-300x194Dr Luke records in his well-researched account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that the Jewish people were in great expectation of an anointed leader sent to them by God.  Chapter 3 of modern copies of that scroll reports the Jews thought the one who was baptising them in the river Jordan may be their eagerly anticipated messiah. But John answered them by saying,

“I indeed baptise you with water; but one mightier than I is coming whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” (Luke 3:16 NKJV)

Or, as Eugene Peterson’s The Message paraphrases John:

The main character in this drama, to whom I’m a mere stagehand, will ignite the kingdom life, a fire, the Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out.

With that in mind I invite you to listen to this petitionary prayer we frequently play, Set a Fire. Having known of this cry for some years we were pleased to find this video of the live recording of our CD:

I’d also recommend a more upbeat version introduced by Rob Cox 13 minutes into a recent morning service at Church of His Presence, as on this video. (You may like to hang in with them as they start to take off in the Spirit with Great Are You Lord…!!)

It was problematic getting connected to CHP’s live session and when the server kicked in one worship song was ending and then Rob led into this one about the ‘fire’ of God. Its occurrence soon after my mid-week blog Wake up and be set on fire was particularly pertinent in view of comments about holy fire in that post and in London’s Burning.

Be thoroughly blessed as you join in…