Fulfilled Prophecies #39 & #40 – offence at Holy Spirit’s moving; from Mozambique to Mecca

The following word published as GPS#10 on 19 December 2017 is now republished because the situation it prophesies about has been repeated. Not only did that word confirm a vision received the same day 120 miles away, but also it spoke into a debate I’d been having in-depth over many days on a website purporting to cover prophecy!

In a Vision of Entrants to the Kingdom and Players in a Pigpen, Simon Braker of Leicester notes,

‘..It was at this point that I noticed there were other people in front of the door. Most of them ignored the Holy Spirit; others actually argued with Him when He directed them to a door to enter through. Still others were trying to climb up to the high doors but they would keep falling; each time they fell they became more and more bitter.

‘I then saw another group; they were shouting, ”You must only come through this door,” and not only did they try to force people through it, but they also tried to stop people going through the other doors the Holy Spirit was directing them to.

‘I could see that as a new door opened for a person it would sit upon the other open doors that person had, so each new door sat upon the others.

‘I then saw another group of people to the side of the door; they were all together rolling around in the mud in a pigpen. They were blind to their door for the mud covered their eyes; I could see many had been in the mud so long that they had begun to rot in the midst of it.

‘Upon the door I saw the words – THE REVELATION OF THE CHRIST AND HIS KINGDOM.’

That day in Kingston-upon-Thames, Brett Dewey writes in THOSE HOLDING ON TO OFFENCE WILL NOT ENTER INTO THE NEXT MOVE OF GOD’S SPIRIT:

‘During My time of fasting and praying in October (2017) I was given a dream. In my dream I was standing upon an old wall overlooking the ocean. I pointed out towards the ocean and began to prophesy:


‘Next thing I could see, there was a huge wave which was rolling in from the back. The wave came in and went half way up the beach. An old lady was on the beach and the water came to her feet. Even though she had wellington boots on she didn’t like the water being on her feet and walked off the beach.

‘I was again on the wall and looked out to the sea and began to prophesy “A WAVE IS COMING, A WAVE IS COMING”. Straight away a huge wave came in from the back.

‘This time the wave came right up to the beach and completely covered it. There was, however, a divider between the waters and right over the back on the right hand side, some distance from the shore, were a small group of people playing in the surf and having fun on their surf boards, enjoying the wave.

‘I then looked and I was standing by a teal green fence and it was like I was holding onto a fence. A woman who was standing on an old wall a little higher than the fence started trying to prophesy to me, but when I looked into her eyes she was of another Spirit not the Holy Spirit – so I called fire on her and she disappeared out my dream.

‘I then heard the Spirit of God speak saying:

“Those that are holding on to offence will not be able to enter in to the next wave of My Spirit.”

‘Also the woman prophesying that wasn’t of God presented herself as a Prophet, but was a woman who was a Christian; in offence she had been prophesying out of a divination spirit – as those in offence open the door to function from that Spirit when allowing it in – WATCH FOR THIS!

‘I first took the dream personally as a warning for me not to enter into offence – but later while attending a connect group in our Church, I felt led to release it – shortly after for the next few weeks I had fun walking out this word as that Spirit of Offence came through different vessels trying to find access to my life and calling, but never prevailed.

‘November’s 2017 Fire conference on the Saturday – I again saw this Spirit of Offence. I began asking the Lord what this was and had I offended him in any way – I began repenting – The Lord said that there would be many who would be offended because of Him. I felt a peace and a witness that what He was going to do in the next wave of glory would be offensive to many – especially people that had no room for GOD’S sovereignty in their mindsets.

‘I was also was reminded about the old woman, whom I believe represented an old Church, in my dream above – perhaps one set in religion, or tradition passed down – she didn’t like what the Spirit did and didn’t want to be in the water, which depending on the colour, represents the Spirit. She was stuck in tradition and legalism and hadn’t grasped the concepts of GOD’S enormous grace and sovereignty.

‘I also believe the Lord encourages us not to be offended if other churches despise you or are offended, because you let God’s work be done and His Spirit manifest in all his Glory in the midst of your meetings. Hold fast to what is true. This is what the next wave will bring.

‘Also I want to include that recently after releasing a word in our Church – KingsGate, Kingston – about turning the page and not being stuck on a page in the book of our life – as God has started your story and there was more – turn the page and keep walking – after I went and laid down before the Lord as His Presence became more manifest, again I saw this Spirit of Offence come out of a dark place – this time it was pinging back and forward looking for a place to land on the Church – I felt this was a prayer point and also it was an assignment from the enemy to abort us from enjoying the next wave of God’s glory which he has planned to be released in our meetings at a very large proportion.

‘I should have bound it when I saw it, but I just waited to hear more from the Lord about it.

‘Last of all I will record the vision I saw in the December One Voice prayer meeting in our church. During worship I was focusing on the Lord and watching for His Spirit – I saw myself in what was the top floor of an office building. I was sitting in a chair looking up with my eyes closed but could see all that was in the room.

‘Suddenly the whole roof lifted up off the floor and there were just open heavens – I had the feeling the Lord was removing restrictions – possibly the restrictions of man – we have perhaps put limitations on God – He removed the roof: there was no limit now – all restrictions man-made or otherwise being removed in Jesus name…’


In the original of this posting, I explain excitement in my spirit was not only because of what’s cited above, but also and more especially because the last part of Brett’s vision (about being in an office and seeing the heaven opened) relates directly to the dream of September 2011 wherein I watch and declare, “They’re setting up The Kingdom!”

That dream’s content amazingly coincided with what happened at the Revival Alliance meeting in Westminster, as reported in ‘Father Let Your Kingdom Come’. That ‘God-incidence’ propelled me into blogging within weeks.

If you read that email, please note the direct connection between the dream and what Bill Johnson had prophetically mused about that date being retrospectively regarded as the day when, from a Kingdom viewpoint, things started changing in Britain.

Consequently, I regarded both visions on 14th December 2017 as confirming the stance I’d taken disputing claims against modern moves of the Holy Spirit. I blogged on it when telling how EIGHT ‘God-incidents’ Validate Three Visions, just like pieces of an invisible jigsaw puzzle!!

In view of that and earlier intrusions from self-appointed heresy hunters I inserted a clarification in ‘An Introduction to Prophecy’, which is now a separate reference page Beware – A Word of Warning.

Fulfillment #39

Therefore, having that revelation in connection with Bill Johnson – and his associates in the Revival Alliance – as well as having attended dozens of their meetings, I disagree with Prophecy TodayUK’s opinion about other followers of Jesus Christ at Wembley Day of Prayer for the UK on 29th January – and in later articles on their site!

In fact, the next day a visitor here left five critical messages on posts about Heidi Baker drawing attention to and questioning her association with Bill. Presumably that person has never met those whom they criticise?

Having supported Prophecy Today UK’s relaunch online and kindly permitted to reprint several of Dr Clifford Hill articles, and had pleasant, satisfactory dealings with managing editor Frances Rabbitts, I’m most disappointed in their continued criticism of other non-perfect leaders. (Yes, I know there could be many improvements in their operations.)

I cannot recollect, however, anything prophetic or of the Holy Spirit being brought by the Reverend Doctor other than sound biblical teaching and application for our days. So I have to question whether or not he has the gift of prophecy? He does not function in the office of prophet and I do hope all their denigration of what Holy Spirit has been and is doing (eg. claiming it’s demonic kundalini spirit – from which I was delivered years ago!) hasn’t resulted in their committing the unforgivable sin!

According to the above word, those brethren are unwilling to recognise and will, therefore, be barred from entering into the next wave of Holy Spirit’s power and presence!

In my opinion, they’d be wise to avoid aiding and abetting the Accuser of the Brethren, thus giving succour to the enemy of our souls and hater of humanity.

Fulfillment #40

The first time I saw Heidi, the Lord gave me an open vision indicative of the anointing the Bakers carry. My email 8 years ago of Dutch Sheets speaking about A Third Great Awakening? recounts the details:

‘Dutch’s descriptions reminded me of a vision of holy fire sweeping up the eastern side of Africa from Mozambique (where Rolland and Heidi Baker have brought whole Muslim provinces to Jesus), up to Sudan and Egypt and then into the Arabian peninsula! Even so, the one who would usurp God’s throne will no doubt get stirred up. So we shall see…

‘[2012 Note: The vision came when I first saw Heidi addressing a conference in Toronto. Suddenly, it was as though I was in orbit over central Africa and saw tall flames leaping high into the atmosphere over the whole of Mozambique and which spread northwards. The Mediterranean coast sat on the curvature of the globe and I saw the flames go along it and across the Sinai peninsular (thus, into Arabia). Upon speaking to Rolland Baker a year or so later, he told me the vision is like that which their director Supresa Sithole had for Iris Ministries (in his early days with them).]

Therefore, we could say recent visits by evangelical leaders to Egypt, Jordan and the Middle-East, as well as President Trump’s personal envoys to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are taking that fire into those Muslim nations. Not to forget on 14th anniversary of 9/11 a lightning bolt struck a significant building in Mecca (read Kingdom-related Events Since Lightning Strike on Mecca’s Grand Mosque).

Personally and most importantly, I cannot forget the night Toronto’s John Arnott didn’t deliver his prepared message because, “I think the Lord wants to heal tonight!” Within minutes my dear wife, officially registered as ‘permanently disabled’, was fully enabled to leave her wheelchair behind – and returned other apparatus!!! (Testimony here)


PS. Yet another God-incidence – and whilst writing! It’s very encouraging because I’d intended blogging on what I had over the weekend on Ireland and EU. But after having noted a friend’s brief comment on Wembley prayer day and then receiving an unhappy email from a Facebook contact, I was simply going to copy GPS#10 – but then found myself carried away!

NOW, this may be hard to believe, but it’s true, as God and my wife are my witness..:

In finishing writing above, I took a phone call for Nina as she was chatting to our friend in the lounge. ‘R’ wanted to ask my opinion on a disturbing book she’s got, but Nina didn’t want to interrupt me as it’s my full blogging day before starting our long weekend.

So she asked ‘R’ to phone later and talk about its author: ‘Clifford Hill’ – not knowing he’s the very subject I’m writing about !!

Thus I’ve got a clear, God-incidental confirmation now’s the time to blog about him.

Further Reading:

Simon Braker: awesome vision of entrants to the Kingdom and of players in pigpen!

Simon posted this last Thursday on Prophetic Voice Leicester Facebook page (typeface colours by RB). It is especially pertinent in view of my ‘coincidental’ debate objecting to an article demeaning Holy Spirit’s bringing our Father’s love into the world via Toronto since 1994 (as here):

5778 The Year of The Door (Prophetic Art of James Nesbit – click4link)


The Lord took me into a vision/dream.

I was stood in front of a giant door; the door was so large that I could not see to the top of it.

As I watched, I saw people walking up to this door. It was at this point that I saw that this one door was actually made up of many small doors within the one big one.

As a person walked up, suddenly many of these small doors would open as they approached. As they did, blinding light of many different colours shone through the door.

I saw that as each person approached, they were greeted by a person the like of which I’ve never seen, and it would be very hard to explain.

This person had no fixed shape: like fire, wind or water; they also had no fixed colour as they shifted and changed constantly. As I looked, in the midst of this I could see the face of a man, the face of a lion, the face of a lamb, the face of an eagle, the face of a dove, and the face of a woman and the face of a small child all at the same time.

Sometimes one face would become clearer than the others, yet the other faces could still be seen in the midst of the wind, the fire and the water.

I understood that this person was the Holy Spirit; as each person came to the door, He would greet them and invite them to enter into a new door.

I heard Him say,

“The greatest doors are the ones you have to bow lowest to get through.”

As one older man came forward many of the small doors opened all at the same time. The light was both refreshing and blinding at the same time.

The man greeted the Holy Spirit and clearly they were close friends as they embraced one another like brothers; as they did the man was lost in the flames, wind and water.

They spoke for a short time then the man looked at the door, smiled then bowed to the ground and began to crawl towards a very small very low door. As he got close, he reached out to open the door; the moment his hand touched the handle he was lifted up off the ground at an awesome speed and a door that was very high up opened to him. Blinding light poured out the door as it opened as he entered in.

It was at this point that I noticed there were other people in front of the door. Most of them ignored the Holy Spirit; others actually argued with Him when He directed them to a door to enter through.

Still others were trying to climb up to the high doors but they would keep falling; each time they fell they became more and more bitter.

I then saw another group; they were shouting, ”You must only come through this door,” and not only did they try to force people through it, but they also tried to stop people going through the other doors the Holy Spirit was directing them to.

I could see that as a new door opened for a person it would sit upon the other open doors that person had, so each new door sat upon the others.

I then saw another group of people to the side of the door; they were all together rolling around in the mud in a pigpen. They were blind to their door for the mud covered their eyes; I could see many had been in the mud so long that they had begun to rot in the midst of it.

Upon the door I saw the words –


Let those who have an ear hear!

Simon Braker, 14th December 2017
Prophetic Voice Leicester

Simon is founder of School of the Spirit, Leicester, and is in senior leadership of Holy Trinity Church, Leicester. He operates in the office of a Prophet and has been actively involved in equipping and raising up prophetic ministers both in the UK and overseas for over 20 years. . [http://www.schoolofthespirit.uk/]

Prophetic words and vision of pruning in church prior to harvest

These words, and ones received by others, continue this year’s emphasis upon the parable of ‘wheat and tares’ (as here and here) and are shown in chronological order. They’re published courtesy of UK Prophetic Words and contributors and, as usual, are to be weighed with the Lord :


Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven”

The Lord says, “The season of preparation is almost gone. The season of ploughing and planting is almost gone. The season of seeding is almost gone. The season of reaping, of harvest, of gathering in is almost upon you. But first,” says the Lord, “There is a short season of sharpening and pruning! It is time for Me to prepare My sickle to cut out the good wheat from the bad wheat. For My axe to cut the roots of the non-productive trees – those that have blossomed for years, giving every appearance of fruit, but bearing nothing! After that,” says God, “I will open My barns for the harvest to be brought in. 

“Did I not tell you that I would start by pruning all the dead wood? Did I not warn you that the dead wood will be thrown on the fire? You have talked about this for years. You have spoken My Word many times. Why are you shocked when I tell you that I meant every word I spoke to My servants the prophets?

“The season of ease, the season of lukewarm, the season of unpreparedness is over! Let the season of sharpening, of pruning, of shedding the dead wood begin!” says the Lord God Almighty.

Chris Bennett, 16th September 2017


This is not a word I give lightly; we need to pray!!

At Capstone Church last night the Lord took me into a vision.

I saw in front of me a beautiful old English oak tree; its trunk was wide and its roots spread all over the nations.

As I looked, I could see the branches of one side of this tree reached up to the sky.

But on the other side, I saw a large old branch; it was old and thick but I could see it was bending towards the ground. Then I saw that many brambles were reaching up from the ground and pulling it down. This continued for some time until I heard an almighty crack!

I then looked and saw this beautiful old oak had been split in half; the old branch was now fully on the ground and, quickly, bramble grew round the branch. As this happened the branch grew black and died, yet because of all the bramble it looked like it had many leaves. But it was not the tree branch that lived, it was the brambles and thorns that did.

As a looked, I saw the other half of this old tree struggled to live for a short time, but then out of the break, new fresh branches began to grow, with fresh new leaves.

I asked the Lord the meaning of the vision. He said:

“The tree you see is the Church of England. It has spread and flourished across the earth and many of its branches reach up to me.

“The old branch you saw is a branch that has become more and more entangled with this world and its fallen and perverted ways; in its desire to reach out and be understood, it has become compromised and entangled and pulled down. This will continue until there is a fracture; at this point a whole section of the church will fully fall away into the world. On the surface it will appear to be alive, but its life will be death.

“What’s left will be shaken and for a short time it will struggle to live, but then out of the break new life shall come forth.”

Simon Braker, 19th September 2017

Simon is founder of School of the Spirit, Leicester, and operates in the office of a Prophet. He’s been actively involved in equipping and raising up prophetic ministers both in the UK and overseas for over 20 years and is part of the senior leadership of Holy Trinity Church, Leicester.

  • These words are in line with subsequent developments (as in yesterday’s reblog and elsewhere known to me) since my musing upon the schismatic effect of July’s synod in the Church of England.
  • How does Simon’s vision relate to the word received at the Ffald-y-Brenin retreat centre in 2014 about the Lord calling the CofE out of Lazarus grave?  That Gospel story involves the removal of cloth-strips associated with death, and is thus similar to this vision of a decaying, dead branch that will fall off the revived body.

A Press release from the Archbishop of the Christian Episcopal Church.

This news of Gavin’s consecration as bishop is only to be expected in view of July’s schismatic synod and prophetic words about the state of the Church of England, especially the vision of a broken oak tree received by Simon Braker only last week. UPDATE: see Archbishop Cranmer’s congratulatory blog.

Gavin Ashenden

Press Release from the Archbishop of the Christian Episcopal Church.

The Feast of St Michael and All Angels

September 29th 2017 :

Former Queen’s Chaplain Consecrated as Missionary Bishop to Anglicans in

the UK and Europe.

The Christian Episcopal Church of Canada and the USA, has announced the consecration in Vancouver, BC, during the course of an Episcopal Synod, of the Rt. Rev’d Dr Gavin Ashenden, a former Chaplain to the Queen, as missionary bishop to the United Kingdom and Europe.

Bishop Ashenden is charged with the responsibility of working as closely and collaboratively as possible with those Anglicans who are committed to remaining faithful to orthodox Christianity. In particular with the Free Church of England and the ‘Unity Forum’ that has been created to achieve that unity of purpose and action in the UK.

The Right Reverend John Fenwick, convenor of the Unity Forum, said: ‘Gavin’s stand for orthodoxy has been an encouragement to Anglicans in the UK and beyond. We look forward to working closely with…

View original post 336 more words

London awakening: old and new prophecies on this move of God

A couple more updates from Michael Marcel, whose websites on historical and current revival-related events may be read at UK Wells and UK Awakening respectively:

This is a word given by a woman I respect who has been in full-time ministry for many years.

“Having watched the London Awakening meetings I felt it was time to release this dream The Lord gave me almost 12 years ago. The Lord showed me a group of people who had moved from Manor Park to Ilford and was now ministering in Ilford. I saw a group of 11 people worshiping on the streets of Ilford going from street to street, but the interesting thing was a woman was in the front-line and she was dressed in a flowing bridal gown.  I then said to the Lord, what is this? And He said this is a group of prophetic people /prophetic ministry that is coming to Ilford who will prepare the way for My return; they are a bridal group operating in prophetic ministry.  I noticed in the dream there were 11 people who were committed at that time in dream  I also noticed that worship was key to this group in preparing the way and a people for the return of Christ.”


Michael writes on 9th September that Capstone Church is still going strong and entering a new phase, as indicated by this prophetic word delivered by Simon Braker of School of the Spirit Leicester:

“As we stood in worship the Lord took me into a vision. I saw a giant bowl in this room and it was full. The angel went to the Father and said, “Father it is full,” and the Father looked at him and said, “Well then, get a bigger one!”.

“I saw that bowl being tipped into another bowl, and what is here now was dwarfed, because the bowl was so big. What I hear the Lord say is He has been building it up to this moment, and it is no coincidence that Apostle Che Ahn is here tonight and Jerame (Nelson) is coming next week, because from this moment it shifts into an apostolic flow, that it is going to break into a new level in the nations.”

Tap/click graphic for link to website

RB Footnote:

Che Ahn is one of the leaders of Revival Alliance and founder of Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena. In June 2008 when opening a large gathering connected with an outpouring in Lakeland, Florida, spoke of a 1984 prophecy of revival in southern California. (See a few videos of worship at that event in my blog New Britain: Spiritual rains have started.) Since early 2016 (here) Che’s associates Jerame & Miranda Nelson in San Diego have been experienced a Holy Spirit outpouring.

Simon Braker: A new season and restoration of the Apostolic Church

The Church has Entered into a New Season and Fulfilment of the Vision of the Restoration of the Apostolic Church

In the year 2000 the Lord took me into a vision:

I saw a group of men and women building a structure out of wood; it looked about the size and shape of a football pitch and what was being built looked like a greenhouse without the glass.

Periodically the people would all gather in the middle to cry out to God for him to come but there was no answer.

This resulted in them getting more wood to be added to the structure, but still when they called on God there was no answer.

I then began to hear a sound coming from a large crowd of people; as they got closer I could hear that they were shouting, ‘there is a new season!’

As they shouted this they smashed through the structure the others were building. Some of the builders began to fight with the new crowd; others just sank to the floor in despair.

Another group grabbed some of the old structure and started to try to rebuild it in another location.

Then one last group got up and joined the new group.

I then was taken into a second vision:

I saw a hand with its thumb missing, suddenly the thumb was added and I heard the Lord say When the thumb is restored the function of the other fingers and hand is redefined and restored.”

I understood the two visions were one vision as they both reflected the promise of the restoration of the Apostolic church.

Over the last few weeks I have found the Lord reminding me of this vision and had the sense that we have entered into the fulfilment of the vision in these days.

The vision is more than simply the restoration of the role of apostle to the church; it is the restoration of the full fivefold ministry and the raising up of a church of mobilised saints, who know their call and have broken free from the four walls of temple based religion and shifted into a mission focused movement.

Simon Braker, School of the Spirit, Leicester 6th April 2017

RB Notes:
  • Upon hearing teaching a few years after the Millennium on Jesus’ Ascension gifts for leaders’ five-fold ministry, I likened them immediately to the under-shepherd’s hand being properly able to grasp his crook in order to lead the Lord’s flock.
  • Republished with the kind permission of UK Prophetic Words.

Prophetic words for the Church in the UK – Simon Braker & Veronika West

Thank you as ever to UK Prophetic Words for informing me of the following brought by:

SIMON BRAKER (School of Prophecy Leicester)

Simon_Braker-147x150The Lord took me into a vision. I was lifted up over a giant field; it was like a giant patchwork quilt. As I looked I could see some sections were well kept and had thick wheat growth. Other parts were not ready for planting, and then I saw one large section; the growth was thin at best and much of what had grown looked like it had not seen water for a long time. Much of this wheat was dry and weak and most had very little grain in its head.

I asked the Lord what is this?

He said,“This is my church in England; much of it has lost a love for my Word and my presence.”

I could see that there were patches of thick growth, but the vast majority was poorly planted.

The Lord spoke again,

“This Land once burned with a passion and many great champions came forth out of this Land, but now there is a deeper love for comfort, pleasure and entertainment.

“In this time I’m sending forth my Spirit to reawaken a passion for my Word and my presence.

“For many are ill-equipped to deal with the season that is close at hand; if my people do not respond to my call, many will be deceived by false teachings and many more will fall away from walking with me. Most have lost sight of the deep foundations put down by England’s champions of faith; most have totally lost sight of who they are.

“The vacuum left from the neglect of my word and prayer has led to the nation of England living with an identity crisis. Because of the absence of truth a false identity is being birthed. Many have lost sight of the spiritual identity and destiny of this Land. It’s time to return.”

I saw a great heart encased in ice; it was beating but it was restricted by the ice, so the flow of life giving blood was weak. I then saw a wind that began to blow upon the frozen heart and the ice began to melt and the heart began to beat stronger again.

I heard the Lord say,

“Call forth the wind to blow on my people.

“Many things that are being called cultural are in fact the symptoms of cold-heartedness. Worship is shortened, teaching is cut back, prayer gatherings reduced to once a month, all in the name of being sensitive to culture, but I say these things are the fruit of frozenness, the fruit of apathy and the fruit of a lack of love.

“These same people will sit for hours being committed to pleasure, this is the god of this age and it has taken the heart of England and turned the lion into a sloth.

“But my Word is fire; call it forth that the people England might burn again.

“It’s time to call a holy fast; it’s time to break the addiction. “For I warn you, if you do not awaken, there is a false fire that is ready and poised to possess the altars of the frozen hearted; it’s driven by demonic  zeal and seeks to steal your true identity and replace it with a counterfeit one.”

Simon Braker, 5th December 2016

VERONIKA WEST (Ignite Ireland Ministry)

As I prayed yesterday for our Great Nation I heard the Spirit say,


Veronika West, 7th December 2016 [Courtesy UK Prophetic Words]

Fulfilled prophecy #8: part 2 – warning of fierce spiritual battle

Continuing from Part 1 on Britain’s new leadership and ongoing politico-spiritual battle:

Puzzle in sky - Idea goFOUR weeks ago this morning the heavens opened up and drenched London and south east England, leading to some localised flooding. Despite the inundation there was a most surprising, record turnout to vote on the UK’s membership in the European Union.

The tables were turned on the government’s ‘Remain’ camp with tumultuous turmoil like a tidal wave across the British and European political spectrum.

Who’d have thought four weeks later we have a new Prime Minister and a wisely chosen Cabinet who are preparing to loose the UK’s moorings and make ‘full-steam ahead’ away from the EU. In fact, the lady-in-charge, Theresa May stood with her predecessor David Cameron’s campaign for Britain to Remain but has now done an “About-turn!”

Verinoka West FbkA fortnight ago the Lord impressed upon Simon Braker and Veronika West the most urgent necessity of intercessory prayer against the spiritual forces strongly contending against His will being done by Britain leaving the EU.

Simon_Braker-147x150This came in the midst of the many profoundly encouraging words and visions from the Lord about the new things He’s doing and bringing us into. It’s as though He’s hearing and will soon respond to intercessory repentance on behalf of our grossly rebellious sinfulness. (Recommended reading: The Daniel Prayer; Prayer that Moves Heaven and Changes Nations by Anne Graham-Lotz – Billy Graham’s daughter.)

Two weeks ago today three Davids emailed me stressing what Veronika had received the previous day, Wednesday 6th July, namely.:



This afternoon the Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks and spoke these words to me,

“Daughter Watch! For there is a fierce battle raging over the Activation of  ‘Article 50’ in this hour”!!

At first I did not understand what I was hearing but as I began to prayer and intercede the Holy Spirit immediately began to reveal to me the powerful significance of the Number 50 and how it directly and prophetically correlates with ‘Article 50’ being activated in our Nation which will bring to completion our Exit from the EU.

The following scripture was quickened to me by the Holy Spirit, “That fiftieth year shall be a JUBILEE to you; in it you shall neither sow nor reap what grows of its own accord, nor gather the grapes of your untended vine. (Leviticus 25:11)

Prophetically Fifty (50) is the number of JUBILEE or DELIVERANCE. The number Fifty (50) points us to completion, deliverance and total restoration following seven cycles of seven years.

In Leviticus 25:8-55, we see special instruction given in the fiftieth year. It was a key prophetic time and season for the Israelites to celebrate, rejoice and be jubilant. The fiftieth (50) year is known as the Year of Jubilee when the Israelites were told to “proclaim liberty throughout all the land.”

I believe Here is one of our first instructions as a praying Nation in this hour; WE NEED TO PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND.

In the fiftieth (50) Year Debts were considered paid in full, slaves were released and the land was returned to the proper owners.


According to the Jewish calendar we have Prophetically entered into the “Year of Jubilee and Deliverance”.

In this Nation there is a battle that is raging over our Jubilee and Deliverance in this hour, I submit that Satan has endeavoured to cause a delay and many detours in ‘Article 50’ from being activated because he knows that as soon as this happens as Nation will see the FULL MANIFESTATION OF OUR JUBILEE, DELIVERANCE AND RESTORATION COMING TO PASS.

THIS MUST BE OUR DECLARATION IN THIS HOUR; This is the Year of Jubilee for people of the United Kingdom, we will be liberated, restored and reformed.

God wants the people of this Great Nation to be FREE, FRUITFUL AND FULLY RESTORED, Jesus spoke these words: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim RELEASE to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind to set FREE those who are downtrodden, to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord” (Luke 4:8-9).

Therefore, “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there IS liberty!” (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Let us Pray, Decree and Declare that every weapon of delay, division and diversion formed by the enemy over ‘Article 50’ from being activated would be rendered powerless and ineffective.

Simon Braker responds as follows on Facebook. (Thank you Suzanne Payne of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival):

This is the word of the Lord. I’ve had a growing burden over the last few days that the there is an attack against our nation’s independence and that the vote has had a massive impact on the enemy’s plans for Europe not just the UK. We must pray for God’s perfect will to be done, I sense if the vote was overturned there will be unrest in the UK at a level none or at least few of us have ever seen
Pray Pray Pray!..

And speak blessing over the UK and do not post or like anything that is dishonouring it’s a demonic place to deepen the hurts! We must lay aside our own wants and stand as one!

If you’re unfamiliar with the many inspirational words received by Veronika West visit her Facebook page or, if unable to use that media, some appear on UK Prophetic Words.

The other words she brought on strengthening of the prophetic during first week of July mirror what was happening that week at Shake The Nation’s Legacy Conference. I was blessed that Nathan Morris put his hand on me whilst preaching and decreed, “Release!”. The final session included awe-filled worship then lengthy silence as we touched heaven.

On the conference middle day worship leader Lydia Marrow went into powerful prophecy on what she was seeing. This was similar to what I’d been seeing since the first night of worship – and it confirmed the live-broadcast action that sparked Nina into being struck by Holy Spirit during Trooping the Colour.

However, home events prevented my covering that material from Veronika on Thursday; in particular, because that from Charlie Shamp took precedence as I’d been looking for something new from him the previous day. And sure enough, in came his latest: The Lion Has Roared And The Eagle Will Fly.


The above prophetic word encourages intercessors to take seriously the vital importance of  Article 50 being applied for formal talks to start on Britain leaving the EU. Therefore, this section presents brief excerpts/quotes with links for further information.

Full Fact, the UK’s independent fact-finding charity, presents a few questions and answers about Article 50 in Ask Full Fact: Brexit in Court. The first answer explains:

‘A number of different people are challenging the way in which the PM plans to implement the referendum vote to leave the European Union. Their claims are about whether Parliament needs to pass legislation before the UK can leave. The High Court decided today that these claims should be heard together in October.

Legal Cheek brings ‘impartial news about the law and the legal profession in the UK with punchy commentary’. In a 16 minutes exclusive interview, leading legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg shares his analysis of this issue. Legal Cheek’s covering note says early signs are, ‘activation of Article 50 won’t be blocked — but anything is possible — rumours are flying fast around legal London about whether this claim by a hairdresser could block Brexit…constitutional implications of this decision could be enormous.’  (Thank you Jonathan Ely at Why Leave The EU?).

During yesterday’s joint press conference with Mrs Theresa May, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is reported to have said Britain is right to “wait a moment” before beginning the formal process of leaving the EU. Also, that we are entitled to “carefully consider” our position before invoking Article 50, which triggers formal exit talks. (Telegraph 21 July front page: Merkel warns May not to rush into leaving Europe).

On page 5 of Monday’s Telegraph in I can block UK exit from Europe, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is reported as conceding to BBC One’s Andrew Marr that she can dictate the timing of a British exit. On Friday, Prime Minister Theresa May had said she won’t trigger Article 50 until all the devolved nations of the UK agree.

So there’s plenty to pray about and bring before the Lord – and to watch what happens!

In Part 3 we will look at the 3 years-old prophecies about this battle and why it makes Britain special in the Lord’s purposes.

[Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy of Freedigital photos.net]

Resurrection Sunday prophecy of a new season


Sunrise Over Montego Bay, Jamaica

An hour before sunrise last Sunday (had it been the previous day that would have been already happening!), Simon Braker writes in School of the Prophetic Leicester

The Lord spoke to me this morning and said –

It is no coincidence that resurrection Sunday falls on the same day as the clocks change in the UK for British summer time, for surely the long winter in my church in this land is over and a new season is upon you, the season of singing has come, the resurrection song of the lamb is over this land,

For even as the first signs of Spring are beginning to break forth in the natural, so the first signs of a new Spring has begun in my church and in this Land, for I say to you,

as the season has shifted in the natural so it has shifted in the spiritual,
The spring rains of my Spirit have started a fresh outpouring of my Spirit has begun,

Watch and see, this year is a land mark year a staging post a crossing over point out of the old and into the new,

I then saw drops of water falling upon blotting paper once these drops hit they spread across the paper until it was saturated, then I saw it was a map of the UK.

The Lord said – I have entrance points being built all over this land where my Spirit has already began to breakout these will multiply and grow,

It will not be contained by stream or denomination but every place that hungry and thirsty people gather I will come!
If you will make space and put down your plans I will come!
If you will humble your hearts I will come!
If you will simply gather I will come!
And if you will go I shall come!

This refreshing is not just for my church but for this whole land,
In this season there will be stories of my Spirit breaking out in work place, classroom, on streets and in churches in every place people are!

Amen, and thank you Lord. I note the reiteration that revival is “going to come as we go” – as brought by Heidi Baker on A New Move of God in the UK.

Also that same morning, over the Pond and beyond the great plains and into the depths of the Sonora desert in Tucson, a contributor to this blog had a profound dream of An Eagle and A Scroll and hence confirmed my re-blogging of Scroll of Destiny.

Simon Braker: 2nd wave of the Spirit and season of visitation

Simon_Braker-147x150Posted on School of the Prophetic Leicester 8th March:

Over the last few weeks I’ve found the number 5 has been popping up all over the place and then finally my wife and I were eating a meal at table 55.

I already felt the Lord was speaking about grace but this second 5 has opened the word of the Lord.

I heard him say the second wave of my Spirit has begun, this is a season of visitation, it is a time of encounter all who are thirsty shall be filled (Isa 55) this is a time to enter in and drink deep of the fresh release of my presence.

Many will be visited in the night, many will experience my presence in new ways. The last move was Holy joy and laughter the sign of this move shall be holy tears, many will weep in the outpouring of my glory.

At the start of the year these verses from Song of Songs have been highlighted to me –

5:2 I was asleep, but my heart was awake. There’s a sound! My beloved is knocking.
5:3 “I’ve taken off my clothes—am I supposed to put them on again? I’ve washed my feet—am I supposed to get them dirty again?”
5:4 My beloved reached out his hand for the latch. My feelings for him were aroused.
5:5 I got up to open the door, and my hands dripped with myrrh, my fingers with liquid myrrh, on the handle of the lock.
5:6 I opened the door for my beloved, but my beloved had turned away; he was gone! My very life went out when he departed. I searched for him, but couldn’t find him. I called out to him, but he didn’t answer

It’s only as I write that I notice these verses are in chapter 5 and most importantly what is written in 5:5 –

church_doors-235x3505:5 I got up to open the door

This highlights what I feel is a major key at this time, as God’s people we must respond, when he calls we must open the door to him for him to come in, it would be very easy for us to be settled in our current location and not respond got his call for us to leave our current realms of comfort.

It is time for the bride to rise from her bed to arise from her sleepiness respond to the Lord’s voice and enter into the great awakening!


Simon Braker: stepping over into a new position

Simon_Braker-147x150A week ago today, on 15th January, Simon Braker spent the morning with city leaders praying for Leicester and the nation. He reports on Facebook:

‘I felt the Lord speak – as we shift into this next season we have began (sic) to step over into a new position, no longer are we pushing for a move of his Spirit in the nation we are now on the other side as the trickle has began, there is the beginnings of a fresh awakening in the nation with increasing numbers coming to Christ and an increasing number of healings and demonstrations of his power invading earth, we must now shift in our thinking we are no longer seeking a move we are in the move, Gods call to us now is to keep our eyes fixed on him and seek wisdom in the stewardship of the new season, do not get distracted from the face of God by the works of God, do not worship his works or even his presence, stay fixed on him and worship his person!

‘The supernatural will continue to increase, as we move forward we must not become fascinated by this instead of him, signs are never an end in themselves they point to a destination in this case the destination is God himself.’

Visit School of the Prophetic Leicester to read about Simon’s subsequent intercessory meetings.

“It was one of the most profound words I’ve ever been given” – the USA in heaven’s court

RJBThe above quotation is Simon Braker’s on Facebook to me about that most remarkable dream of judgement and the Lord’s decision to send a great revival.

Last night I sensed the Lord wants me to re-emphasis the dream’s significance just in case any American reader or visitor to this blog may not yet have had opportunity to read and consider it.

Hence, this short note in case you may wish to read and be blessed by it; in which case please click here.

I was particularly interested that its publication followed close on the heels of hearing revivalist Pat Schatzline. I’d reported upon the main part of his message in my 3-part post on boasting over Jesus, in which I quoted his rejection of all ‘doom and gloom’  prophecies but left out his own on revival for another blog.

Therefore, I’d encourage everyone now reading Simon’s dream to follow that up with what Pat brought, as in Revival in the USA. In my humble opinion they’re directly connected. You may also like to note in the comments to that post a poetic prophecy brought a year earlier by Jerry Savelle.

May you be mightily blessed…

Revival in the USA – a prophetical perspective from ‘over The Pond’

Sphere of EnergyThe possibility of a fresh Holy Spirit-led revival in the United States seems far-fetched in view of the deep spiritual darkness there and its being long overdue for holy judgement – but…

In the last week we’ve noted prophetic words about a revival coming to the USA, as in Simon Braker’s dream in Leicester, and changes for the church as in posts on James Bailey and Chuck Pierce in America. I’d like to add to these with an update as well as to list earlier posts on this subject for ease of reference.

Let’s not forget that many prophetical voices consider the injunction brought by prophet  Isaiah applies today for Spirit-led Christians:

‘Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon YOU. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn…’ (Isaiah 60:1-3)

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevLast year I started blogging about visitors to Britain noticing good changes in our spiritual atmosphere. So why not ‘turn the tables’ by giving my perspective from here on a coming revival in America? Several times I’ve noted  similarities between what’s been prophetically heard and declared here and over there, as in posts bearing ‘Bridge_o’Pond’ tag.

Revival on the Gulf Coast

JohnK 214_logoSoon after opening worship on Sunday 18th October at Church of His Presence in Alabama, pastor Kilpatrick spoke about the necessity of buying adjoining land for extending their new premises.

“What’s that got to do with revival?” you may well ask!

Had it not been for local residents’ recent opposition that land would have been sold for industrial development. Last year, CHP had been mightily blessed with being able to buy and build there within months, thereby no longer needing to hire facilities in Mobile Convention Centre.

Bear in mind also that the Lord blessed pastor John with hosting not one but TWO Holy Spirit led revivals: in 1995, a repentance revival in Brownsville, Pensacola, Florida and, in 2010, The Bay of the Holy Spirit healing revival in Daphne, Alabama. Remarkably both started on Fathers’ Day of their respective year.

That morning Pat Schatzline preached upon the fourth man in the fiery furnace and ‘bragging on Jesus’, as reported here and here. Those posts focussed upon what the Lord had stressed to him on the importance of praising Him in these times. In avoiding over-complication I didn’t tell about an important prophetic word for revival with which Pat opened his message (at 1:39:30 of this video),

“Praise Him…we’re not done here, we’re not done praising! You have no idea what I’m about to preach on. Some of you know I have a sleep disorder called ‘revelation’…

“A few days ago when pastor called me…I was praying after you called and asked me to come. I was supposed to be in Ohio but the Holy Spirit said “You’re to go”! How many of you know when ‘a father’ calls, you go? That’s the rule…

“But I was praying about this property and I saw that new area and the Lord said, “Revival is to come from that land”.

“That’s what He spoke to me. He said this house will raise up revivalists that will touch the world.

Of course, some cynically presume he’s just trying to raise finance, but says he…

“No, no, no, for we’re living in intense times. And just as there’s many ‘preppers’ out there, it’s time to prepare the way for revival.

He’s coming! A move of the Spirit’s coming to America. God’s not done with America yet   – I’m a missionary to America. I so deeply honour this house and know this general’s motives that the Lord spoke to me early this morning, “The camels are coming!”…”

Pat says, as blogged earlier, he’s been on an intense journey with the Lord for over a year because He promised, “If you’ll allow me to take you to the places of revival, you’ll be part of the next one”. Pat continues,

“I was standing over there a minute ago and asked the Lord to bend me…I prayed then I felt the hand of God hit me and He started pushing me over! I’ve never had that happen to me before” (Pat indicates a doubling over)…

People are going to come from north, south, east and west – not just to come and be part of this church; that’s not  what it’s about – but they’re going to come in here because they need to be washed, to have an encounter, to have their cognitive dissonance ripped off, scales broke off of them – this is a Restoration Place of the Lord – and I’m  telling you from the Holy Spirit we’ve seen nothing yet…we’ve seen nothing yet!

“And it’s not by chance that one of my heroes is here: Jeri Hill’s here today (evangelist Steve Hill’s widow)…there’s another wave of the Spirit that’s coming – it was prophesied 50 miles to the west of Brownsville: right here!

“Now why’m I telling you that – because in the next few minutes I’m going to brag on God…(as in More biblical boasting on Jesus.)

On the coming Revivals

For information purposes, revivals prophesied for the USA are covered in earlier posts, as below. The sequence is in chronological order of events (date format dd.mm.yy):

  • John Kilpatrick (1986): If you preach what I give you and preach it unafraid and un-intimidated on television…I will open the heavens from the I10 all along this Gulf coast.” (Then 1993): “I’m about to open the heavens over Pensacola. I’m about to pour out My Spirit in this place, but first you must make it a house of prayer.” (Revivals in the USA cont’d.)
  • Dr Yonggi Cho (1993): “I’m not going to judge, I’m not going to bring My judgment on America, I’m going to pour out My Spirit. Get your atlas out of your attaché case and point! – I’m going to pour out My Spirit first in Pensacola, it will burn like a match-head, fiery, there and it will go west along the I10 to the Mississippi river, (Spanish, ‘River of The Holy Spirit’). Then it will back up along the Gulf coast, go down the peninsular of Florida, go up the Eastern seaboard and come down into the Mid-West and South-West and shoot out through the North-West; and before My Coming ALL of America will be ablaze with The glory of God!” (Revivals in the USA cont’d.)
  • Tony Puccio (3.9.10): vision of a coming wave of the Holy Spirit to the US.
  • Tony Puccio (22.1.14): A couple of visions about Revival in the USA.
  • Dutch Sheets (3.7.14): 4th July and a Third Great Awakening.
  • Joel Rosenberg (13.11.14): 46,000 churches called to ‘extraordinary prayer’.
  • John Kilpatrick (7.12.14): lady pastor brought ‘fire’ from Toronto to Pensacola and the Spirit fell – prophecy about the American Gulf coast: “I believe there’s going to come a powerful shift that will begin in Alabama, and the shift that takes place here, among other places, is going to begin to shift this nation back to where it should be! Now don’t make this mistake…that whatever God does next He’s done before, because it’s not! There’s a new sound that’s coming! There’s  a new level of worship that’s coming! There’s a new level of revelation preaching that’s coming!(Revivals in the USA cont’d.)
  • RB (31.12.14): Revivals in the USA – nature of revival – native Indian revival of 1745 – July 1994 prophecies of 1995 and 2010 revivals – Nov 2014 prophecy, “Brownsville was good, Bay of the Holy Spirit would happen here – but I believe what’s about to take place over there (ie. across the bay from Mobile) is going to rock this nation!…I challenge the men to get ready.. to be in our place and be prepared for what’s about to take place, to be prepared for what’s about to happen!” (J Kilpatrick)
  • John Kilpatrick (1.3.15): On a new revival of prayer in USA and elsewhere.


Simon Braker: a dream of judgement/revival in USA

Hand Holding Puzzle Piece by PonsulakIn drafting an email about developments in UK, I wanted to insert a link to my latest posts. BUT something made me check that its opening link does work and WOW! I don’t usually bother with Facebook but this opened up Simon’s main page and I saw the first lines of what he’d just posted this morning. Intrigued, I clicked ‘More’ and read:

I’ve held this word for quite some time it came as a dream  –

A dream for the United States of America

I found myself sat in what can only be described as a frantic courtroom
I sat and watched as one witness after another presented their evidence
One came forward and shouted with tears look at this wickedness!
I looked and saw horrific pictures of dead babies and children,
Then another came and shouted look at this greed
Then another look at this pride
Then another look at this corruption
This went on as more and more irrefutable evidence of guilt was given.

It got to the point that the courtroom was in a frenzy of outrage

Yet the high judge just sat and listened until every accusation had been given and all the evidence had been submitted,

Once all this was done he still sat silent,
All the people stood and chanted guilty, guilty, judge them, judge them!

Finally with a loud voice the judge said, “Silence!!”.
Immediately every person became silent and sat down

The judge spoke and said – “I have heard all and seen all, the guilt of these lands of the United States of America is indeed great!

“I have decided judgment is indeed due and right!”
The people cheered, he commanded them to be silent!

“Before I pass my judgment I have one last witness, can the Holy Spirit take the stand please,”

An old woman came forward she was old but not frail in any way her eyes shone as she stood in the dock –

The judge spoke – “Do you have your evidence?”
“I do indeed” and she pointed to the video screen.
There appeared an image of a small child on her knees praying then a teenager then an adult, image after image appeared of more and more Believers of every age, class and race falling to their knees in prayer, then screen went black,

The judge spoke – “Is this the last of your evidence?”
The old woman responded “Yes!”

“Please step down” the judge replied.

All eyes in the room were fixed on him.

“Your evidence is indeed compelling, yet the guilt of this land is indeed great, in fact it grows daily I have therefore chosen judgment”,

He place a black cloth over his head took the hammer in his hand and struck the gavel and said “I find this land worth of………

“A Great revival the likes of which has never been seen before or will be seen again!”

As he said this blood poured forth from his throne and swept every accuser out of the room,

I then saw a map of the United States going up in flames as God began the answer the prayers of his burning ones,

the Lord spoke and said, “The guilt of this land is indeed great but my praying church and my shed blood is greater! So I grant a great revival that will take every street town and city for I will not have the cries of my people unheard, this land will arise and she will indeed shine!

“In what seems to be her darkest hour she shall shine at her brightest!”

RB Notes:

This is especially interesting in view of yesterday’s correspondence with Pat Schatzline. One of my regular contributors emailed after I’d précised his recent teaching at CHP (as here), and so I replied and copied to his ministry, little expecting to get a reply from him. He’s deeply moved by the dream and I responded as follows on revival in USA:

“What I particularly noted was the word about revival the Lord gave you for Pastor John (Kilpatrick), which I’d previously noted and blogged after the New Year (see later half of  https://richards-watch.org/2015/01/06/prophecies-fulfilled-3-contd-revival-to-re-visit-usa/)”

I kept Simon in the loop on his Facebook, to which he responded and I’ve emphasised:

“Bless you for helping to get the word out my friend, much appreciated! And I’m glad it’s blessing. I have to say it was one of the most profound words I’ve ever been given“.

For more see > Revival in the USA – a prophetical perspective from ‘over The Pond’.

[‘Hand Holding Puzzle Piece’ by Ponsulak, courtsey of Freedigitalphotos.net]

Simon Braker: a season of new mantles

Simon_Braker-147x150School of the Prophetic Leicester’s Facebook page dated 23 October has the following by Simon Braker.  My thanks go to Suzanne Payne for notifying me on Friday but which I didn’t read until today. This is such an appropriately encouraging follow-up to the last  post, Shut That Door! (to which a couple of readers have already responded). Please see my footnotes too:

Simon writes:

I felt the Lord say:

My body has entered into a season of new mantles. Many have served faithfully like Joseph in this last decade they have served and refused to be offended, they have took rejection misrepresentation and even personal attack yet they have stayed true, some have suffered great personal loss yet in all the testing they have stayed true to me and have refused to become bitter.

In this next season I’m releasing new mantles of authority and Anointing,

Many who have lived many years with a distant dream and longing shall now step into the manifestation of the promise, I am releasing new mantles of Anointing for this next move of my Spirit, I have a new breed of prophets and apostles who will help build for the new wine of my presence,

This will not be a time of great ministers but of great teams and great churches, the days of the corporate blessing are upon you,

I’m raising up diplomats who will know how to function across streams, nations and networks and I’m birthing in this time a global unity across my body the likes of which has never been seen before, this unity will become the foundation from which the promise of discipling nations shall begin to come to pass.


  1. Read also A Word to the Church of 2016 on gifts from the Cross and next entry of 7 October about plans for apostolic-prophetic gatherings next year – similar to?…
  2. Revd Dr Sharon Stone’s Apostolic Pioneering for Church Planters on December 5th in Wembley.

Simon Braker: UK moves into time of encountering the Lord and harvest…

On 12th August Simon Braker noted the following on the Facebook page of School of the Prophetic Leicester. His reference to numbers 7 and 8 is particularly interesting as I’ve mulled over them for some months.: 

In recent days I’ve found the Lord putting a strong sense of press in my Spirit to be pressing after him and that as a nation we have entered into our time of encountering him and harvest.

I have just got home from chosen camp with our dear friends Rod and Julie Anderson, I was woken up twice by a visitation of the Holy Spirit coming upon me very early on 7th of the 8th, I felt there was a prophetic word in it but it’s not until now that I’ve understood it.

7 is the number of fullness 8 the number of new beginnings.

Matthew 7:8 states – Because everyone who keeps asking will receive, and the person who keeps searching will find, and the person who keeps knocking will have the door opened.

I believe we have stepped into a season where doors have opened the seeking will find and those who have been asking will see answers.

I felt the Lord highlighting.:

Luke 5:4 When he had finished speaking, he told Simon, “Push out into deep water, and lower your nets for a catch.”
Luke 5:5 Simon answered, “Master, we have worked hard all night and caught nothing. But if you say so, I’ll lower the nets.”
Luke 5:6 After the men had done this, they caught so many fish that the nets began to tear.
Luke 5:7 So they signalled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. They came and filled both boats until the boats began to sink.

These men were professional fishermen they knew what they were doing, yet there was no catch, they had been working all night but seen no fruit, but now the season shifts for them, it’s the same net, the same lake the same men and the same boat, yet what had been fruitless now becomes fruitful, unity comes about as a result of the abundant harvest not to get harvest but because of it, the presence of Jesus in the boat shifts their efforts into overdrive as they push out into the deep with him they see harvest with him this highlights the following about this new season we have come into.:

1) a season to push out into the deep waters with Jesus, a time to push out deeper into intimacy with him where we become increasingly sensitive to his voice

2) At the same time as we push in in prayer and worship we must also push out in signs and wonders for the harvest and set to work again in our great commission mandate

3) This next season of harvest will be of such a scale that the church must unite its efforts or the nets will split and the harvest lost

4) Luke 5:10 and so were James and John, Zebedee’s sons and Simon’s partners. Then Jesus told Simon, “Stop being afraid. From now on you will be catching people.”
In this new season the spirit of fear will break off his church and a new courage will up in the going, I felt strongly that it’s only in the going that this courage will come.

Picking up a golden thread in the Lord’s tapestry

www-St-Takla-org--The-Ark-of-the-CovenantIn weighing words that prophesy heavenly waves, tides, tsunami and tornado coming to earth, let’s pick up a golden thread that’s also been brought by many – that of God’s glory!

We continue weighing those words with a couple of scriptures:

Arise, shine; for your light has come and the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the people; but the LORD will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. (Isaiah 60:1-2 NKVJ)

This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory, and His disciples believed in Him. (John 2:11 NKJV)

And how do we ‘weigh’ His glory. According to my New Spirit-filled Life Study Bible’s notes for those verses, the Hebrew provides an excellent clue. On Isaiah 60:1 it reads:

Glory, chabod (Strong’s#3519): Weightiness; that which is substantial or heavy; glory, honor, splendor, power, wealth, authority…etc. The root chabad, “to be heavy, glorious, notable” or “to be renowned”. In the OT, “heaviness” represented honor and substance, whereas “lightness” was equated with vanity, instability, temporariness, emptiness.’

On John 2:11 the ‘Word Wealth’ note reads:

Glory, doxa (Strong’s #1391) Compare “doxology”, “paradox”, “orthodoxy”. Originally an opinion or estimation in which one is held. Then the word came to denote the reputation, good standing and esteem given to a person. The NT doxa becomes splendor, radiance and majesty centered in Jesus. Here (2:1) doxa is the majestic, absolute perfection residing in Christ and evidenced in the miracles He performed.’

The latter concept is the one that probably springs into mind whenever we read or hear of ‘glory’. Yet when the Lord’s holy presence comes into a meeting, a sudden sensation of a weighty atmosphere can be tangibly felt. Very often, those gathered can no longer remain standing but sway or bend, even fall to the floor and remain there for a long time – some refer to it as “being ‘slain’ in the Spirit”.


In finding yesterday (Wed), then arranging in a seemingly right sequence, three prophetic words for the UK > four waves > tsunami and tornado > the nation will turn, a few things popped into mind as I wrote.

One of them related to having seen in a night vision the brilliance and awesome powerful effect of God’s glory upon heaven opening, rather than referring to the very few occasions it’s fallen on me in meetings.

Simon Braker speaks of a third wave that “swept across the nation and washed the nation clean to the point that it shone!”

Graham Brown reports, “I saw a window opening in heaven and it was gradually going back further and further and further. And then I could hear voices from glory, with the glory of God shining down, upon the tornado and the tsunami.”

Amanda WellsThe third person, Amanda Wells from Queensland, refers to England “coming into a time of amazing wonders, or supernatural phenomena, and miracles. This is going to manifest in an amazing release of glory breaking out all around you, everywhere you go.”

I’d searched for some information on each person and the words attributed to them. At the last of the three, I went to her website and learned about Amanda’s experience in the Glory during her recent visit to Europe. Her account on 12th March reads as follows (emphases mine):


‘I have just returned from a ministry trip to the UK and Germany and while I was there had an amazing encounter with God that has totally changed my life. The words ‘You’ve Declared It; and I’ve Established It,’ resounded in my spirit for the 3 weeks I was there!

‘This generation is at a pivotal time. Things are shifting. The heavens are leaning in and angels are watching and showing up…. God is moving and shifting things in ways we’ve never anticipated or expected. Are we ready?


‘Hope for tomorrow and strength for today is found in Jesus. It is entirely, completely and always found in Him. His love is unending and faithful. His grace and mercy always true. Through the years He’s always been there and He will always be. The single greatest tragedy in the people of this generation is a lack of encounter with Him. [Nathan Morris often stresses this point. RB] We are continually trying to push forward, without stopping to connect with heaven so as to download what we see and hear onto the earth. For the past four years when I pray before I preach, I have sensed to say the same thing, ‘ Your kingdom come today, let Heaven be on earth today and signs and wonders follow the Word’.

‘After declaring this in the first meeting in the UK, just 4 hours after a long 28-hour flight, I heard the Lord say, “You’ve declared it, and I have now established it”. Suddenly God broke out in amazing healings, but also ‘wonders’, that had everyone astounded. Pastors struck dumb, young teens struck dumb, some frozen in the one position for hours, older people in their late 70’s – 80’s seeing and hearing the angelic realm, to name a few occurrences that happened.


‘God gave me a word that has laid heavily on me for the few weeks, for the United Kingdom and for Australia. It came out of Isaiah 8 v 18 (a) ‘Behold, I and the children, whom the Lord hath given me, are for signs and for wonders… This is the time of wonders, outstanding signs and wonders. England is coming into a time of amazing wonders, supernatural phenomena in an unprecedented outpouring, where the River is being poured out like we have never seen before.

‘During this trip God gave me a message that I have never preached or looked at before, about the Glory. I saw a picture of myself in darkness yet ascending up a mountain and as I was on top I saw God’s glory in a cloud descending upon me. The Lord then showed me how the Glory, isn’t for us to just enjoy but it is His invitation to marriage, and the bedchamber. The cloud or as the Hebrews call it ‘a huppah’ is where the bridegroom sends out an incredible invitation, He calls, ‘will you marry Me.’ Is it any wonder the Israelites were in mortal fear as they heard not just One voice but a voice that thundered from the Heavens, ‘will you marry Me?’

‘The Hebrew for thunder and lightenings is ‘glorified voices of fire’. Can you imagine back in that day, hearing God cry ‘”Will you marry Me?”. Only one responded, Moses! (You can purchase the MP3 ‘the cloud of Glory, please contact me) ‘Christ in us, the Hope of Glory’.

‘Our link to heaven and our intimacy with the King is the hope for the world. How we connect with Jesus, and how through that connection we live THROUGH Him and not just for Him will result in revival. Great is His faithfulness. We can’t perform on Sunday our way forward; we can’t make the things of heaven happen here on earth, apart from Him. We declare it and He establishes it, but as He establishes, we have to believe and receive His signs and wonders! The signs and the wonders are released, when we lean in.

‘When we press in. When we lay aside our best plans and rise up in all that He is through us. He’s always been here, and He is leaning toward us today. I made a fresh commitment in the UK to lean in more, to encounter more, to ‘wait on the Lord’ longer, and to live in the presence of heaven. In all I do: in life, ministry and business, I want to live in heaven and see it manifest on earth. I want to partner with heaven.

‘I want to live in a prophetic realm where angels dance and sing and all the answers I could ever need and they are poured out like a waterfall, ever flowing, from His River, always available.

‘Champions, who are brave enough to stand and live in freedom, need to live in prayer, presence and worship leading to a constant encounter!

‘The world needs a revival. They need refreshing. They’re struggling, groping and seeking for something to change…for something to shift. We are their shifting point, we are the alignment they need, and we are the conduits that heaven uses to download into the earth.


This is a pivotal time and all of heaven stands waiting. Will you join me? Will you lean into an encounter with Him and be the manifestation that all creation is crying out for?’

Amanda Wells

Thank you Lord – and Amanda, as well as Kingdom Vision for posting her on their site. Oh Lord, let this be time for your Glory, as seen on Norman James’ face 20 years ago when he was blessed with the same vision of Britain his prayer-partner Wigglesworth had (as here). Amen, and again amen.

To conclude, we have very encouraging words from the Lord to our prophetically gifted brethren and which we’re obliged to weigh carefully. Also, I think we’ve come across yet more pieces to the ‘Invisible Jigsaw’!

Note: Mentoring Day part 2 outlines principles of prophetic decrees and declarations.

[Featured image credit: St Takla Haymanout Coptic Orthodox church, Alexandria]

Weighing waves, tsunami & tornado and a turning of the tide

tsunami_edIn mulling over and catching up on more prophetic words for the UK I’d invite you to weigh them with me.

The first, brought by a leader of City Gates Church Leicester (details here), appears related in part to ‘a tsunami of evil’ as reported by Vicki in her comment upon my vision of a wall of water (here). The earlier word brings a warning and reminds me Dr Sharon Stone said that Rev Bill Hamon had told her of the likelihood a very strong demonic kickback in mid-2015:

Four Waves Heading Towards The UK – Simon Braker, 28 Feb 2015

As I was waiting on God this morning the Lord gave me a vision. I saw waves heading towards the UK at speed their impact was imminent.

The first was a wave of prayer. The second a wave or miracles and healing. The third was a wave of reformation – this wave swept across the nation and washed the nation clean to the point that it shone!

However I saw a fourth contrary wave, it was coming to try to cut off what the Lord was planning, it was black and red and full of anger and violence.

I heard the Lord say,

“The enemy is trying to raise up a spirit of hatred and violence to cut off the coming move of my Spirit, he is flooding the world with shocking images to try to generate rage and anger not only in the world but also in the church.”

I heard Him say,

“Brace yourself and guard your heart for the enemy is about to reveal such wickedness it will shake you to your core, pray protection over the heart of my people for I cannot move in the midst of bitterness and unforgiveness.

“Guard your heart from all hatred and anger for this is the contrary wave the enemy would seek to unleash in the earth at this time.”

[Source: Tracey Dockree at Kingdom Vision.]

The Tsunami and the Tornado – Graham Brown, August 2012

Thank you to Suzanne Payne for this, which reminds me of when I saw the heavens opening to let the Glory of God shine down upon and totally collapse a raging tornado of evil. Nevertheless, there’s no reason why the winds of the Holy Spirit cannot work like a tornado for the Lord’s purposes. Also it’s interesting to read Graham’s reference to glory:

I was reading the Bible at home & was going to go through the book of Zechariah. And as I opened it up, so it was like a huge panoramic cinema screen in my front room. I couldn’t believe it. And right in the middle of the picture there was a huge F5 tornado going like anything. And I could hear it roaring.

And then I could see a tsunami. And then the Lord showed me a picture of the whole of the UK, and the tornado went on its side, so you had the tsunami and the tornado just off Lands End ready to come over. And I said why Lord? and the Lord said they both represent My Spirit. The wind and the water both representing My Spirit, and the power of My Spirit.

So then He started to take me through some scriptures. Zech 4:6 “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might not by power but by My Spirit says the Lord. He wants to do a tremendous work of God in the UK but it’s going to be by His Spirit. So He told me then to go to Zech 8. V 18-19 Then the word of the Lord of hosts came to me, saying, “Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘the fast of the fourth month, the fast of the fifth, the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth, shall be joy and gladness and cheerful feasts for the house of Judah’. You know really praising God and seeking after God.

Zech 8:20-22 “Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘Peoples shall yet come, inhabitants of many cities; The inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, “let us continue to go and pray before the Lord, and seek the Lord of hosts. I myself will go also.” Yes, many peoples and strong nations shall come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem, And to pray before the Lord.’

And so then the Lord was just showing me this picture of one Christian going to join another Christian. Groups of Christians going from one city to another city and linking together in real koinonia, real fellowship, real togetherness, crying out to God, praising God.

And as that was happening, so the tornado started, first in Cornwall and all round that end and then right the way up through. As it was going up through, so the Lord really put the scripture on my heart, Zech 12:10, I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication.

He then took me back to Zech 4:6 “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might not by power but by My Spirit says the Lord. Then he had me look down a bit further, v 7-9 ‘Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of “Grace, grace to it!”’”

And it was ‘grace to it, grace to it.’ And then all of a sudden, in the picture I just heard Christians linking together, crying out, praising, but they were crying grace to it, grace to it, grace to it, to this tsunami, and this tornado, as it was going up, and then I heard voices from heaven saying ‘rolling prayer, rolling prayer, rolling prayer’. And then as they were saying that I saw a window opening in heaven and it was gradually going back further and further and further.

And then I could hear voices from glory, with the glory of God shining down, upon the tornado and the tsunami. And I could hear ‘rolling prayer, grace to it’ over and over. And as the tsunami and the tornado were going over people, so they were being cleansed. They weren’t being harmed. All the darkness was being pushed back with the glory of God gradually coming through this open portal in the glory.

And that tsunami and that tornado went right the way up the country. And then it got up to Scotland. And I could just hear all this roaring going on, and Christians crying out. And then it started to come down again, but as the water was coming back down, so the water was going either side of the UK as well as on the UK.

[Source: Lizzie Pridmore at Kingdom Vision.]

Word for England: the Nation Will Turn – Amanda Wells, 24 March 2015

This word brought by an Australian coach may relate to the ‘arrow-prayer’ request, Lord, turn the tide in the UK – AND to what happened in the general election (as here):

This is the time of wonders, outstanding signs and wonders. England you are coming into a time of amazing wonders, or supernatural phenomena, and miracles.

This is going to manifest in an amazing release of glory breaking out all around you, everywhere you go. England this is a year where God is measuring you, amending, changing, renovating, and turning you. God is releasing a new Grace and favour to you, so as to turn around the persuading doubt that has come like a cloud over the nation, God is going to turn impossible situations around, and it will seem even in a day the Nation will turn.

Isaiah 8 v 18 ‘Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, which dwells in mount Zion.’

[Source: Tracey Dockree at Kingdom Vision.]

Note: See this blog’s Introduction to Prophecy about how to handle prophetic words.

Wave of revival heading for UK

At the School of the Prophetic held in Leicester on 25th January Simon Braker brought the following:

In a dream last night I saw a giant green wave approaching the entire borders of the UK. As it hit the beaches it swept through the whole of the UK touching every town village and city. Not one street was left untouched.

In its wake thousands of fires began to light up all over the UK, in houses, church buildings, office buildings everywhere!

aurora-uk_2192580k_Image credit Telegraph

I asked the Lord, “What is this Lord?”  He answered and said,

“A great prayer awakening is about to hit the UK, this new passion and burden for my presence in prayer will be the John the Baptist of this day, every place where this fresh voice of prayer is heard my presence shall flood into.

“This next move of my Spirit will show no regard for denominational lines and steams or styles of ministry. The only defining factor is hunger,

“In this season those who truly thirst shall be filled, some places that appear to be alive shall be shown to be dead and other places that appear to be dead shall break out into vibrant life,

“This is a season that many of my hidden ones shall be revealed, I have had many hidden who are called for such a time as this.”

Thank you Suzanne Payne for this transcript, the content of which reminds me of Rev. Norman James’ reaction upon receiving a similar ineffable vision to that of his prayer-partner Smith Wigglesworth of a holy visitation to Britain. (For details click here.) Also, the lighting of fires is similar to Jean Darnall’s vision in 1967.

Also, as Tony Puccio reminds me below, there’s a vision he received for England last May and which was re-blogged here and further commented upon here. I particularly  note the above reference to ‘hidden ones’, which may relate to the theme of dreams he has been having recently on the prophet Daniel’s ‘time of the end’ visions, as here.

See also, On a new revival of prayer in US and elsewhere posted 3rd March.

[Image credit : aurora-uk, published in Telegraph]