Heidi Baker: prophecy of a new move of God in UK – with updates

The prophetic words below were delivered at Catch The Fire London on 16 November by the internationally respected co-founder of Iris Ministries, Heidi Baker. My thanks go to Suzanne Payne for bringing it to my attention and for the hard graft of transcription:

The Spirit Calls You To Him

Heidi at CTF WembleyThanking leaders Stuart and Chloe Glassborow for just having quoted the scriptures she was about to preach on, Heidi told those assembled to fix their eyes on Jesus and, asking Him to take everyone deeper, she sensed His Spirit flowing. In her inimitable intimacy with Jesus,  Heidi urged Him not to leave England like it is, nor the UK, nor London as they are.

Heidi went on to share what she was receiving, which brought a tremendous response from everyone:

“I just feel like this revival that God has promised in this nation – it’s another wave of revival He’s promised; I feel like it’s going to come as we go. It’s going to come as we go. It’s going to come as we go, says the Lord. This revival of radical love is going to come as we go. It’s each one of us just taking a hold of the love of God, taking a hold of the heart of God, taking a hold of the mercy of God, fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher, and as we go, one by one by one by one there’s going to be a lighting up in the hearts of men and women in this city, in this nation.

“This move of God is different than you’ve ever seen before, says the Lord. It’s different than you’ve ever seen before, says the Lord, because no one’s going to point to one mighty evangelist. No-one’s going to point to one mighty preacher, no-one’s going to point to one mighty event, but there’s going to be this, this immersion, this immersion of the Father’s love, this immersion of Holy Spirit, this immersion, this infilling of God within the hearts of individuals, and with the hearts of bodies, the body of Christ.

“There’s going to be a movement of unity in the UK that’s going to shake the world, says the Lord. I hear the prophetic word of the Lord. It’s going to flow through the universities and the colleges of the universities. It’s going to flow through denomination and the non-denominations. There’s going to be a move of unity within the Body of Christ.

“You’re going to fill Wembley Stadium. You’re going to fill stadiums, stadiums, with worshippers of the living God. And there’s going to be this holy affection where people come before the Lord. They’re not going to even know who’s speaking in the stadium, they’re not going to even know the name of the preachers, because they’re coming fixing their eyes on Jesus. It’s going to shake the nation, says the Lord.

“There’s going to be a unity even between Scotland and Ireland and the UK, that’s going to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE. There’s going to be a shaking that’s going to bring a unity, says the Lord. There’s going to be something that the people of other faiths are going to see in this nation, as believers come together in radical love.

“There’s going to be; you are going to be a part of the history, a part of the history in this nation, says the Lord. There’s going to be another historical move of GodI see, I see a shaking, a shaking of radical love.

“I see people in the Body of Christ, and you’re going out, and I’ve seen a vision of it, you’re going out, and I know you’re sons and daughters but you’re going out like ants, you’re going out like ants, like ants, like little ants, like little ants and you’re digging digging digging digging digging like little ants – like little ants, you’re digging.

“And there’s something specific happening as you start just lining up in this unity. There’s going to be a unity beyond anything the UK’s ever seen. It’s like there’s something, I feel like you’re going to become like these radical lovers of God that’s going to cross all denominations, all the barriers.”

“I feel like church history is going to be made in this place again, and you’re going to be a part of the history because, instead of burning people at the stake, there’s going to be radical love manifested through the Body of Christ.

“And it’s like there’s something that’s going to be happening in the body of Christ in UK – and I hear the Lord, I hear the Lord so clearly – it’s this radical movement of unity where there’s going to be so much of Holy Spirit’s presence in the individual believers that they’re literally going to cross different streams and they’re going to move together in this HUGE river of radical love that’s going to flow over the banks of the UK, it’s going to flow over the banks – it’s going to be like this hotbed – and out of the UK there’s going to come this MIGHTY move of the Spirit that’s going to touch even unto the continent, says the Lord, and there’s going to be a re-awakening, a re-awakening of love, a re-awakening of unity, a re-awakening of His Spirit – and it’s like the other faith, the other faiths, the other religions, they’re going to take notice when the Christians come together in radical love – a cross-stream, they won’t care what they’re called, they won’t care…

”It’s interesting what I hear: there’s going to be diversity in the unity, there’s going to be diversity in the unity, uniqueness in the unity, where people are going to come together uniquely different and yet flowing together in unity. It’s not like you’re going to come together with a fake unity where all your doctrines are the same, where all your beliefs are the same, but you’re going to come together for the prize, you’re going to come together for the prize!

“He says, “I will give you souls, I will give you souls, I will give you souls, souls, souls, souls”. There’s going to be another Great Awakening coming out of this place!

“I see a great awakening touching the universities. There’s going to be a fire of God’s glory love on the universities. There’s going to be move between denominations that will blow your mind, says the Lord.

This is from God’s heart and it’s, it’s a passion on Daddy’s heart that…it’s hard to understand but there’s been this longing on the heart of Daddy God, this longing on the heart of the Father for this move that He longs for, that He’s destined this place for, that He’s destined UK for – He’s destined it in His Spirit – and I see it…Oh yes Lord.”

Amen! Bring it on Lord! 

baker-150x150Receive the full impact of this prophetic word to Heidi by listening to the podcast. Click on the link to CTF in this photo and select ‘The Spirit Calls You To Him’ – this word starts at 6:05.

Iris Ministries is based in Mozambique. Click to read how the Bakers began their work, their core values and their outstanding mission across east Africa.


  1. Email received 22nd December 2014:
    “Thank you for the word I was sent from your watch from Heidi – via ‘HS’ – it was very exciting to read as I had just heard the Lord say to me “you keep going and I will keep coming” – so we were amazed to read the first para of her word. Also, to read about the unity that she prophesies about as this is all part of our vision for Culture Changers.
    “I am therefore including it in our January update along with the word for 2015 from Sharon Stone. So very encouraging – thank you.
    “This morning I felt the Lord prompting me to write to you and thank you and tell you the above.”
    Ginny Cryer
    [Upon retiring as leaders of Winchester Vineyard Church, Hants, Ginny and Hugh started Culture Changers UK.]
  2. Note dated 13th January 2015:
    Two people unknown to one another spoke or wrote to me upon “Go!” from Isaiah 6:8-9 on the same evening – Thursday 8th January. AND the previous day Aliss Cresswell closed a prophetic word for 2015, “We have just entered into the promised land, so go!” THEN on 8th Jan and over that weekend the number of views of this post went ballistic at over 2,200 – Is the Lord getting our attention? In view of this word’s emphasis upon a new move of unity see CBTI – Churches for Britain & Ireland – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2015, 18th-25th January.
  3. Richard’s Watch 21 April 2015:
    How the above word fits a prophetic insight received by my namesake Richard Barker – God-incidents’ validate cycles and point to near future – 2
  4. Richard’s Watch 11 June 2015:
    Heidi Baker, Cindy Jacobs: prophetic messages verified and applied.
  5. Conversation in early August 2015:
    A neighbour’s daughter home from University at Brighton is very excited over Christian activity there and pleased that it involves fellow students from across many church denominations.
  6. Richard’s Watch 23 May 2016 – Can These Bones Live? Clifford Hill on the Pentecost celebration in Winchester Cathedral in this post

Personal Note:

Several years ago I discussed with Heidi’s husband Rolland an open vision before me of Holy Spirit fire sweeping up Africa from Mozambique into the Middle East. This had blessed me when I first saw Heidi teaching at Toronto and he said it’s similar to what their local director Supressa Sithole had seen for the ministry. (Details may be read under ‘2012 Note’ in A Third Great Awakening?)

20 thoughts on “Heidi Baker: prophecy of a new move of God in UK – with updates

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  2. As the prayer meeting I had attended on the evening of Sunday 25th March 2012 I sensed that God was giving me a word to share. However, the meeting was over and folk were already leaving so I did nothing about it. During the night God woke me at 3am and was speaking the same words. I got up and wrote down all He gave to me. Here it is:-

    I am setting into place an army of people in this town, and throughout this nation.
    I am building together a united army of peoples from many nations and many churches. This army will stand together as one in Me.

    Very soon I will rise up to take this nation by storm, as I cause My army to march out as one body, speaking with one voice, and sending forth arrows of fire and destruction into the very heart of satan’s territory. And I am already preparing the hearts of all who will receive Me when My people, led by My Spirit, speak forth My Word to this lost Nation.

    Be ready, be alert, keep vigilant in prayer and obedience, and follow everything I command you to do. I Myself will strengthen and equip you for this battle. Your greatest weapon will be LOVE. My pure, strong, everlasting Love, as revealed in its greatest POWER upon the CROSS. This is the arrow that will destroy the work of the evil one.

    Beware, for there is no room for envy, pride or division in the army I am equipping. Never forget that I am God, and I can use even your rebellion to fulfil my purposes, just as I used the rebellion of Judas to betray My Son, in order to fulfil My purposes for this lost world.

    Instead, honour the gifts I have placed in others, be peace makers and encouragers among My people, and let go of all hurts and negativity which would hinder My work. Pray together, pull together, encourage those who are weak in the faith, and keep your eyes and ears open for my promptings. I will put new opportunities in your way. Be courageous, be strong, never forget that you do not go alone. I will be with you, guiding, leading and surrounding you.

    “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” John 15:16

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