NEWS! Ian Clayton’s FIRST book is out!

It was most instructive hearing Ian Clayton for the first time at one of our earliest days in Well Church International, near Goldalming. I kept pace with his novel teaching throughout and realised he’s correct when he used almost identical words that I’d had only weeks before on ‘God-incidents’!! (That is, they’re just like instruments playing in an orchestra – see The spiritual significance of the Queen’s Jubilee Bells.) Ian attributed Godly coincidences to the Lord’s Spirit of Wisdom (see next post). Be blessed as you read…

Company of Burning Hearts

Ian’s first book is a series of collection transcribed and edited messages on some of his life changing revelations – including The Courtroom, the 7 Spirits, Spirit Gateways, Eden and lots more. It’s already selling like hot cakes!

Ian Clayton bookIan is stretching, inspiring, and part of a new generation that are moving in the Spirit of Daniel to reveal the wisdom that has been stored up for the challenges of our time.

Ian Clayton Book

Here’s the LINK to the KINDLE version for instant download – or there are more hard copies coming soon (the first batch seems to have sold out). 

Cheers Justin A

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