Aliss Cresswell: 2015 ‘The Year of Promise’ – a new map for the New Season

In my humble opinion this is extraordinary for the reasons given in my appended Notes. And there are lots I’d like to underscore!

Thank you again Suzanne Payne for transcribing another prophetic word and preparing introductory material. (It is, therefore, most helpful in view of our present situation.) This word was brought on 7th January and I concur with her opinion,

“This is an excellent word from Aliss Cresswell…It is in line with much of what God (is) saying through others”.

Aliss and husband Rob Creswell head up GloryFires, MorningStar Europe in Chester, UK. There, they are witnessing hundreds of miraculous healings and salvations in their shop, café, in their churches and on the streets. MorningStar Europe is the European arm of MorningStar Ministries representing Rick Joyner and the MorningStar Ministries team in the UK and relating to other ministries all over Europe.

“The Lord’s given me a prophetic Word for 2015, and I’m excited to share it with you.

2015 ‘The Year of Promise’

“The beginning of 2015 marks the end of preparation, the end of wandering in the wilderness and the beginning of a new season of possessing the land of your inheritance. Everything is changing. Have you not been aware of it? The transition from one existence to another. Just like the Israelites, the wilderness was a place where you simply survived to get to the next test. You fought battles in order to get by. Miracles of provision or healing were to get you through. In the wilderness Israel was continually passing through, and the whole point of the wilderness was preparation and training.

“I believe that the Body of Christ has been in the wilderness for a long time. You may have become discouraged as the months of patiently waiting and battling have turned into years. But I want to tell you, the season of waiting is over. Hallelujah! As this year opens up, you have an invitation to enter the promised land, and possess those promises, to occupy the land of your inheritance from the Lord. The wilderness time has come to an end and you are now poised to inherit your promises, just as the Israelites were invited by God to take the promised land. All that the Lord has been doing in your life so far has been in preparation for this day. It is time to take possession of the riches that are in Christ Jesus. All that Jesus accomplished on the cross for you and for me is ours for the taking.

“But a choice lies before you. Life in the promised land will be very different from how you existed in the wilderness. Church will not look the same. What worked up til now is not necessarily going to bear fruit in this next season. Mindsets and wineskins need to change. As the Israelites entered the promised land, God declared that Moses My servant is dead. (You can read that in Joshua ch 1 v 2). The old style of leadership that led us through years in the wilderness is over. Leaders need to stay closely in step with the Holy Spirit at this time, as the old style of leadership is not going to be adequate to advance and occupy the territory the Lord is giving us.

“Don’t worry that previous streams of provision are changing or drying up. The manna that has sustained you is ceasing, and you’ll begin to live off the fruit of the land the Lord is giving you. The Lord will teach you how to cultivate the land in this new season. New streams of revenue and blessing. No more living just to get by. The Lord desires to give you the ability to produce wealth. New creative ideas and businesses, downloads from heaven, new streams of income.

“This is a time for receiving strategy. A time for the Apostolic mandate to be embraced. For being on the offensive not the defensive. It’s a time to advance. Keep gaining ground. Remain humble and reliant on the Lord, and give generously. Be obedient to His voice and worship Him. (You’ll find more in Deuteronomy chapter 8)

“Do not be like the 10 spies who declared the enemy too powerful to overcome when Moses sent them to check out the promised land. (That was in Numbers 13 you can read more about that). They instilled fear in the rest of the people, and because they believed the lie, that whole generation had to die out in the wilderness.

“This is a crucial time you are in. Do not give fear a place in your life but boldly proclaim the Word of the Lord, and you will overcome, for the Lord is with you mighty warrior. It is only you that can now hold you back.

“Yes there are giants in the land, giants will manifest, in fact many are now facing the greatest opposition they’ve ever faced in their lives. However, it is not a time to come into agreement with the enemy, but it’s time to stand your ground. Don’t back down, but step out in faith and move forward as you follow the Holy Spirit’s instructions. The enemy manifests when he’s threatened. But take courage, it is he whose afraid not you.

“This is a time for some big decisions. Make them in line with the Holy Spirit, not in line with your circumstances or your human emotions.

“Do not be afraid. Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross into the land the Lord has promised you. The cloud of witnesses and the host of heaven are cheering you on. It is your time to extend the Kingdom of God in love and power such as you’ve never imagined before.

“Like Jesus, it is time to only do what you see the Father doing in heaven, and speak only what you hear the Lord speaking to you. Your spiritual senses are awakening. Encounters with the angelic realm and supernatural occurrences are increasing, and it is imperative you pay attention to heaven at this time. Just as Joshua ordered the men circling Jericho not to utter a sound until they were told to, so you are to learn to speak and declare at the right time, in accordance with the Lord’s direction, and you will see strongholds of the enemy fall.

“Work alongside angels as you step out in faith and do exploits miracles signs and wonders like never before. You are now standing in unchartered territory. New opportunities, new realms of the Spirit and new adventures open up before you. Like Joshua, you have not been this way before.

“The old has gone, so let it go. It’s time for freedom, for liberty. No more boundaries. You have stepped off the map of the old. It is time to write a new map, the possibilities are endless.

“This is great, this is from Joshua ch 5 v 9. It says (this is the Lord speaking to you) : Today, I have rolled away the shame of your slavery from you, it is a time of freedom. This is radical, and it will take a radical, liberated, fearless and bold generation to occupy this territory, but it is glorious. So wonderful and full of liberty, love, joy and peace. My presence shall go with you says the Lord, and I will give you rest. (That’s from Exodus ch 33 v 14)

“This is a time to bear much fruit, as you abide in Him. The fruit is huge, the harvest is unprecedented. It has begun. Jesus said, all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me, therefore go – you go. He says I am with you always, to the very end of the age (Matthew 28 verses 18 – 20).

“So, this is your time, this is your day. We have just entered into the promised land, so go!”

Personal Notes:

  • This was the 1st of 3 instances on two consecutive days that the Lord gave the word, “Go!”. The three individuals who are involved are unknown to one another. I just happen to be the ‘news-boy’ on the wall. This in addition to His similar urging through Heidi Baker in October (as here) wherein identical “Go!” phrases had also been given to Ginny Cryer (Culture Changers UK) the night before she read Heidi.
  • The reference to Numbers 13 and the Israelites sent to spy out the Promised Land connects into a prophetic word about a 40 years-old promise, as given to me from the front by Dale Mast at September’s mentoring day.
  • The above references to Joshua directly plug into the theme of an imaginary train journey published almost two years ago (see Abiding in God’s Word).

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