John Kilpatrick: Midnight Words for 2017 and Beyond

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Readers will recall the 20 prophetic words Revd John Kilpatrick was given over Christmas 2015 for 2016 and beyond, especially the awesome prediction of nations being “shaken” and kingdoms “jolted”, as happened last year across Europe and the United States! (See Fulfilled Prophecies #7.)

In his Sunday service on Inauguration weekend John remarked about the powerful wake-up call he’d received that necessitated furiously writing down all he was given. Here is the published version that he delivered last Sunday. Those annotated <NB> I will cover in an another post, but you may know the word about Jordan is especially pertinent in view of King Abdullah’s visit this week to the White House, as reported in World Watch Daily.


JohnK 214_logoOne night this week, I went to bed at 9:00pm, which is very unusual for me. I was very tired from traveling and a busy schedule. I was awakened by the Spirit of the Lord speaking with a strong expression, and He said…

“At midnight, a cry was made, ‘Behold the Bridegroom comes, go out to meet him.’ Then they arose, both the wise and the foolish. They awoke from slumber.”

I sat straight up in my bed and looked at my digital clock. It read 12:00 midnight!

It was a very sobering moment for me.  Holy Spirit revealed to me that His people have indeed awakened from slumber! Many things were weighed in the balances, but the people of God rose up, and God heard their cry.


The Lord says,

“Therefore, I have set before My people open doors—not just a door, but  many  doors. I am opening doors of opportunity that have not been opened to you before. Because there has been a great change of heart, I have hastened to answer. Many have awakened, but they have not arisen. My word now is, ‘Arise!’ Do not return to slumber as in times past, because there will be many opportunities that I am opening to this nation, and very effectual doors that I am opening to My Church. These doors will lead to greater resources than you have known. It is important not to be timid, intimidated or fearful. This is not one of the four seasons I have established in the earth, but this is a special season. It is a time of My choosing. As the men of Issachar had understanding of the times to know what to do, so I will give you that very same insight if you will ask of me. I will direct you and show you.”


“Remember Naomi of old. After a painful season of loss, heartbreak and heartache, she heard I was visiting My people and that bread was readily available. She heard this news in a bleak place, a forsaken place, filled with reversal and hopelessness. Upon the report of fresh visitation, she arose and stirred herself. She left the desolate place and came to Judah. My people have been desolated and have suffered. I am going to cause the news of a fresh visitation to spread quickly—God is visiting His people once again!

“The thing that will mark this move of My Spirit to distinguish it from all others is that I am going to move mightily in closed nations and closed societies. The word of spiritual bread among these starving and closed nations will create spiritual refugees, which will immediately create movement of entire nations of hungry and spiritually starving refugees toward the outstations of fresh bread.

“My Spirit will spread like a fire through empires, dynasties, tribes, clans, and among the
heathen as well. I will set My table before them, and they will taste of My goodness and
experience My mercy just as Naomi arose and brought her daughter-in-law, Ruth, to the place of visitation. It was there that Ruth was joined with Boaz, her redeemer.

“I tell you, many will believe this good news to be a rumor, but they will continue to hear the reports until they will come and see for themselves the wonders of the Lord. It will cause a great stir among the nations.

“I am going to open three doors:

  1. I am going to unseat powers and principalities in those regions that have long deprived the people of My presence and of My Spirit. A brief, but widespread harvest will occur. A once closed society of unbelievers will now have the opportunity to hear and to believe upon the Lord Jesus.
  2. There will also be a movement of laborers, those that I have chosen and
    called to work the fields of harvest. This is their time. This is what they have
    awaited, many since childhood. This is their time. They will bring their sickles
    and reaping tools, and they shall come rejoicing, bringing their sheaves with
    them during this harvest. There will be great excitement!
  3. There will also be a great commotion of the leaders of the harvest taking
    their places. They shall direct the harvest and place the laborers where they
    best fit. They are My apostolic leaders overseeing this last day harvest. They
    will know the mind of the Spirit. They will know who is to go where, and who
    is to do what. There will be resources and wealth to fund the harvest of the
    ages. The newcomer and the veteran soul winner will be paid the same wage
    in that day.”

This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. In that day, the knowledge
of the glory of the Lord shall fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.”


In the day of harvest, although brief, it will be said that it has never been so easy to preach, pray or prophesy. There will be no toil in leading the heathen to the wells of living water. The sick will be released. The bound will be easily delivered, and the lost will readily comprehend the way. This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then the end shall come…Even so, Lord Jesus!


Most importantly, there will be a long awaited harvest that will begin in the land of Israel. The light of salvation will shine upon the Jews. As God reveals His love for His people through a chain of miraculous deliverances, the house of Israel will begin to see Jehovah’s salvation in a new light through Jesus’ shed blood. This will surely be the beginning; but full salvation shall come at a later appointed time for the Jewish people alone, and Israel shall experience a rebirth in one day.


Because the Lord is no respecter of persons, a GREAT shaking is coming to the Muslim nations. It will be sudden! It will be an unexpected and unexplained shaking that will redefine many Muslim nations and their leadership structures. The Lord is now in the process of shaking institutions, cultures, dialects, nationalities, governments, political structures and their frameworks, which men have trusted through generations. Many of them will be so shaken they cannot survive the shaking. Holy Spirit will even destabilize power structures, and many of those things that men have relied upon will ultimately fail. Truth will grip men’s hearts like a vice, even the unbelievers’ hearts and the hearts of the heathen. Ears will be opened to hear, even the ears of the unregenerates.



You are in ministry, and you are restless where you are. You have reached a place where you have peaked in your vision and capacity. That is all right because God is opening a door for you by the month of July, and you will walk through that door. This door will stretch you — stretch your mind and stretch your confidence. You will be forced to change your mind about things, which you need to change your mind about. As a matter of fact, you will feel overwhelmed, not really knowing if you can do this. Indeed, it is an open door Holy Spirit has opened, which He could not have offered you until now because your frustration has peaked. You are now in holy desperation, and Holy Spirit will use that to remove you, so He can move you through this open door.


God has promised to open your womb, yet you are desperate and discouraged. With God, all things are possible. God opened Leah’s womb and blessed her, as He will open your womb and bless you. He will also bless your sister who cannot have children. He will remember her and give her the desire of her heart as well.


Blindness has plagued your large biological family, and generational curses have plagued your bloodline; but Holy Spirit is now removing the blindness because of your prayers, and they will see of the goodness of God for the very first time. It will remove the questions of past and present generations. God has heard and answered. Revelation will penetrate them, and they will see and understand. Great freedom and ministry will come upon this family bloodline that was once considered almost beyond hope.

“I now have servants poised that I will use to break the entrenched lies and remove
the scales from their eyes as Ananias did from Saul of Tarsus. This will not be a single
person that will be freed, but an entire family. I, the Lord, already have plans to use
them to set many other captives free. These captives will receive ministry by those
who were once bound as they were bound. This will be the doings of the Lord, and
none will be able to resist or stop it.”


You have been frustrated and have felt rejected and left out—you have felt like a misfit, but because of the integrity and goodness of your heart and your unwavering love for truth, Holy Spirit is now opening to you visions, interpretation of dreams and even words of knowledge. Each time, as you release them, it will expand you, and you will become more and more comfortable with this gift; whereas before, you halted and had faltering confidence.

“I am going to open your eyes as Elisha’s servant, Gehazi, had his eyes opened to My
world of glory and power. You will become bolder and bolder and will not retreat again to the intimidation of the past. This will be very easy, so easy that you will not struggle with the transformation. It will be as though you were always this free. If you believe, you will see! Confirm yourself to yourself. Do not speak doubt to yourself any longer. The doubt delays your usefulness among My people.”


Satan has attempted to still your voice. He has tried to destroy your ability to speak. You have been greatly alarmed at the loss of your ability to communicate by both word and song. It seemed as though you would lose vocal communication.

“I have already prepared those, which I will use to restore not only your voice, but also the air flow you need in order to be heard and have the success you have been destined to have. Do not fear things as they are, but rejoice that I have reached you with this sure word of deliverance. Your voice shall be heard again!”


Your temptation is to go down to Egypt. You desperately want to depart, but you must realize that your increase will come by staying where you are. For Isaac, the hundredfold increase was found upon the famine of yesterday. The boughs of the trees will once again be found with blooms, and the corn that wilted and wasted in the fields shall surge to life with bountiful supply.

“Do not think famine, or talk famine. Lift up your eyes so that you may experience the plenty, for the plenty shall indeed replace famine. For right where you are is right where I have placed you, and that is where you will flourish—not in Egypt. BE STILL!”


You suffered the loss of an investment that you have poured into, but the Lord is not
talking here today of a financial investment. He is speaking this word to you. You have invested in someone. That someone has been proud against the Lord and had a negative change of attitude. They have forgotten their roots and have violated your confidence and your dependence upon them.

“Be aware that I am also aware. I see, and I know. You are not to fret or forget that what I have promised I will perform. Your heart shall rejoice again. These matters are in My hands.”


“You have been grieving over someone that I have deliberately removed from your life. You could not see what I could see, nor could you hear what I was hearing. How long will you grieve over Saul? I have a David, and he will do all My counsel. He will do all that I have commanded. All you have known was Saul. When you see David, do not laugh, for he will not be what you expected; but he will be what I have directed. How long will you grieve? I am admonishing you this day to lift your eyes past the present grief and simply believe! This one that I have chosen for you is far different from what you would expect, but he has the heart, the skill and the ability to grow with you. He will protect your interests and hold up your hands in the day of battle. Prepare your mind now to not look for the things you are used to looking for, or you will miss him. My anointing is already on him for this season.”


A tract of land is going to come into your possession. It will be a gift. The possibilities will be limitless, but Holy Spirit says He will give you direction upon possession of it. You were not even expecting it, but this word will make much more sense to you by October.


You are a pastor and an effective minister. You and your wife are grieved and burdened for a son that is showing signs of gender confusion. This son is uniquely talented and extremely gifted, but a seed of deception was sown into him early. This confusion has produced a wrong perception of who he is, as well as his destiny. The Lord would have you know that he will pull through this, and your worry and uncertainty will not continue. There is one coming into his life who will be the source Holy Spirit uses to bring him into alignment with his identity. It will be the exact right time, and the exact one I have sent, to bring truth and healing to him. It will settle him, and thereby, settle you and your wife in the process.

“I have My hand upon him, and you know that I do. I have proved Myself to you many
times. This will take some time, but in time you will see My faithfulness.”


“Just because the marriage failed does not mean that you are a failure. It simply means it failed. My plan for you did not fail when your marriage did. I know your heart, and I know the way you have chosen. It is the way of honor and kindness. You have preserved your dignity as well as your husband’s. Love covers a multitude of sin. Look forward, there is love awaiting you once again. I will remember you in that day, and you will recall this word to you. It will bring peace and hope to you!”


“You would never have chosen to relocate so very far away. You would never have
chosen that country to rebuild your life, but it, indeed, is the door I am opening. You have not even considered this opportunity because it had not presented itself to you. These people will become your people, and you will be a defender. Your gifting will be a wall to which they cling. You will never have this opportunity where you reside now. I will give you a heart for them. You will find much love and acceptance. You will know this opportunity, for it will present itself in the eighth month, the month of August—a time of new beginnings for you.”


You have come into a large sum of money, and it is indeed a blessing from the Lord. However, you are going to be confronted with what seems to be a great opportunity for investment, but it is not an opportunity.

“It is a distraction. You must listen to My Holy Spirit. Hold fast to what you have. Do not be anxious. Do not be impetuous. I will guide you with My eye, and you will have great peace, which you presently do not have.”


I keep hearing from the Lord, “Jordan, the land bordering Israel.”

Jordan shall be visited. It will endure a shaking, but it shall, unexpectedly, become a
sanctuary country. Jordan, you will be remembered by the Lord, and you will be an
important instrument in His hand. Remember, you will become a sanctuary country!


You have been so lonely and even insecure regarding your future. Recently, someone
has entered your space, and it certainly has boosted your hope and self-confidence.
There has been limited contact, and you desire a deeper relationship. This is a word
of caution from Holy Spirit because of His love for you and the prayers of many who love you. This word is a confirming word to you for you have already begun to feel uneasy and question the relationship. If you pursue this relationship, it will be as though you are embracing a snake. The poison from this union will affect you, your well being, as well as destroy the relationship with your family that you love and cherish in your life. It will be an embarrassing mistake. He has covert intentions. Temptation is usually connected to serpents.

“So be aware, I have chosen a compatible companion for you. Wait on the Lord.”


I see a pastor’s chair on a church platform, and underneath his chair, is a series of webs. Someone, or some consolidated effort, seeks to spin things against the man of God. You have a very strong anointing, and for some time, you have been sensing this drag upon your ministry. You will not be surprised when you learn the details, and you will learn them. So be prepared.

“I will bring it to light, and they will be exposed, says the Lord, and you will more than prevail. I am giving you and your wife a new network of friends that I will bring to you, including effective and insightful intercessors to pull the webs apart before they have an opportunity to establish their deceit and confusion again. Do not be moved by what you learn. It is already coming to naught, and you will triumph over it all.”


As I was riding along the highway last Thursday evening, I was engaged in conversation by cellphone with my administrator regarding budget matters. While I was listening to her answer a question, I heard Holy Spirit interrupt and ask, “How do you spell Truman?” I thought for a brief moment, and I said, “T-R-U-M-A-N.”

Then He asked me, “How do you spell Trump?” I said, “T-R-U-M-P.”

I immediately made the connection. He then proceeded to ask me, “Who did President Truman lean on to help the Jews get back into the Holy Land?” I said, “General Eisenhower.” The Lord then said to me, “I have raised up Trump and have given him generals to lean on to help him defend the Jews and keep them in their land. General Eisenhower brought them in, and these contemporary generals will keep them there. What was, will be again.”

He then asked me, “How do you spell Truth?” I spelled it, “T-R-U-T-H.”

The Lord said that He is changing the appetites of people. Instead of rejoicing in rumors and lies, the people will now become excited to hear truth again. They will love the truth and reject the lies, as well as the liars. This will not be true of everyone in every place; but a shift has already happened, and it happened last week.

“Truth had fallen in the streets, but I am lifting it up again; and it shall cause great rejoicing. I, the Lord, have done this by My own power, by My right arm of might and by My justice.”

[Received by John A. Kilpatrick, January 2017 – click to download PDF.]

Prophetic word on the great urgency of these End-times

Clock from 4SignpostsAnother ‘timely’ word like ‘The White Horse’ brought by Chris Bennett via UK Prophetic Words and “giving God all the glory”, and which sparks my spirit (emphases added):

There is So Little Time Left Before the Marriage of the Bride and the Lamb

I saw a large clock ticking loudly. Unlike many large clocks, there were three hands indicating hours, minutes, and seconds. The hour hand stood straight up. The minute hand stood almost as straight. The second hand moved everything into that final minute before midnight. “The clock has passed the hours. It has passed the minutes. It is down to the last few seconds.” said the Lord. “So little time left before the marriage of the Bride and Groom. So many guests still to accept their invitations”.



2 Timothy 4:1-5

“I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom: Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”

Chris Bennett 2 Jan’17


On visions, maps, timing and God’s jigsaw of harvest of souls in New Britain

Hands Holding World by TwobeePrediction, prophetic words and visions are pieces of God’s invisible jigsaw puzzle. The spirit of wisdom taught Solomon ‘It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings’ (Prov 25:2).

Moreover, as mature sons and daughters of The King, His Holy Spirit may enable us to discern pieces and aspects of the immense invisible jigsaw He’s laying down – and it seems to be of the harvest foretold in scripture.

We need to consider some recent, related events first:

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Study finds 10 million Muslims have become followers of Christ since 1960.

Praise the Lord for what He’s doing. (This study shows numbers saved has tripled since I heard about ‘the fall of Islam’ in 1992.)

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


(Washington, D.C.) — An unprecedented spiritual revolution is underway in the Islamic world.

From 1960 to 2010, the number of Muslims who have converted away from Islam and become true followers of Jesus Christ has skyrocketed, from fewer than 200,000 to some 10 million people. Amidst persecution and even genocide, the Church in the Middle East is growing in ways never seen in fourteen centuries of Islam. And there is now scholarly documentation backing up these numbers.

Yesterday, I had the honor of addressing the pastors at the “Watchmen on the Wall” conference organized by the Family Research Council. Tony Perkins, president of FRC, asked me to brief the gathering on the latest on the persecuted Church in the Middle East and it was my joy to do so — especially to share this exciting news.

Here are notes I used for my presentation. You’ll find details regarding the soaring number of Muslim conversions under point…

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Monday newsmix: UK re-awakening and more Muslims looking to Jesus

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunAfter a short break on the coast followed by a weekend course on living in Holy Spirit’s anointing, I trawled through my in-tray and was very pleased with the following good news. Both items are related to visionary and prophetical words, the first comes from our county town, and the second from the wider Middle-East.

Can These Bones Live?

Dr Clifford Hill reacts as follows to what happened during the Pentecost celebrations:

“If anyone thought that Christianity was dying in the traditional churches of Britain, what happened in Winchester Cathedral last week would have shattered their illusions!”

He reports the ancient, hallowed building and grounds were packed out at that evening’s celebration. This was the culmination of nine days of prayer events for the evangelisation of Britain, as invited by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. The Pentecost weekend itself culminated in six ‘Beacon events’ with video links to Canterbury Cathedral where the Archbishop, Justin Welby, gave a message based upon the Lord’s prayer, which he said was “reassuring enough to be on the lips of the dying and yet dangerous enough to be banned in cinemas!”

Read Clifford’s full report here, which closes with his asking,

“Was this a sign that something special is beginning to happen in the old denominational churches? Will the spiritual life of the nation be transformed by a new generation embracing the gospel in their own culture as the Holy Spirit breathes new life into the unchanging message of salvation and “Jesus is Lord!” is once again heard on the lips of children and young people?”

In my humble opinion, “Yes it is a sign” and my initial thought was of the prophetic promise heard at Ffald-y-Brenin retreat centre, as blogged two years ago in Resurrection Coming to the Anglican Church.:

‘The usual morning liturgical prayer time got overshadowed by the Lord, who reminded them of the raising of Lazarus. They were told He’s going to call the Anglican Church out of its grave and bring it back to life!’

Of all the words published in this blog this may be exceptional because it was the first to be severely criticised, as related in this post about our later visit to Ffald-y-Brenin.  Also, this latest event reflects what others have observed of an increasing number returning to the Anglican fold and other churches – yet without denominational divisions as in bygone eras. And, of course, readers of this blog are aware of many prophetic words about a new era in the Church and move of God in the UK; eg, brought by Heidi Baker (with updates).

Intense Persecution Brings Harvest of Muslims

The exciting news continues of many Muslims seriously doubting their faith and looking and turning to Jesus in reaction to it being returned to its original barbaric practices. As blogged about Iran and a significant warning in Mecca (here and here respectively), as well as other posts, this is personally encouraging in view of a vision I had in 1992 on the fall of Islam (see this email).

Another morning email Is There Any Good News From the Mid-East? alerted me to Joel Rosenberg’s latest post, in which his friend Tom Doyle answers,

“Yes, despite intense prosecution we’re also seeing a great harvest of Muslims turning to Christ.”

After providing several wonderful examples, especially of those martyred on a beach in Libya to the shock of the world, Tom asks why is it that Muslims are now coming to faith in Christ in significant numbers? His answer:

One of the reasons is that Islamic terrorists are killing violently for their faith, while followers of Jesus are dying peacefully for their faith. Muslims are watching the violence and it has soured them towards their religion. It has also opened them up to the possibility that there may be something to this Jesus after all. They see hate in Radical Islam and love among the Jesus followers, even as they are taken to be executed. What a contrast.

“Yes, Christians are being persecuted openly in the Middle East. But they are standing strong, and this has served to spread the gospel even more rapidly. In a world of bad news, that is very good news.”

Indeed it is. And as noted in Good News: Christian Revival in N Africa, the Cartheginian early Church author Tertullian observed the same and formulated the famous dictum:

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

[Credit: Hand Pressing News Icon by Watcharakun, courtesy of]

Salvation comes to Hindu and Muslim

As well as circulating email news to church leaders of ‘An Awakening Season’, as in the previous post, Michael Marcel also separately reported how salvation came to two people of other faiths.:

Testimony (email 29th April)
A Hindu woman was walking in Leicester last week. She had struggled with depression for a long time and she saw in a vision a man dressed in white walk up to her and say, “Go to the house on your street with number 2 on it and a woman there will tell you how to restore your heavy heart”.
She went straight home, walked down her street to house number 2 and a Christian lady who has been saved out of the Hindu faith answered the door bell. She told this woman the vision of the man in white, and the lady promptly shared the gospel and prayed for her. She was saved and healed and came to church the following day! She is now sharing her new-found faith with her family; all of them have seen that she is no longer depressed and want to know what happened.
God is definitely on the move in this nation!
Another Testimony (email 1st May)
A Muslim man in Leicester had a dream; in the dream he saw a man dressed in white standing next to a cross, the man in white told him to go to the clock tower tomorrow at 12pm and a man who (will be) standing there will tell you what you must do.

The next day he went to town and found a street preacher at the clock tower, he told the preacher his dream and was then saved as a result. The same night this Muslim man had a dream that his sister in the Middle-East had a similar dream, except she was told to call her brother in the evening, On phoning her brother told her what had happened and shared the gospel and she was saved!

Thank and praise you Lord for what you are doing in bringing not-yet-believers into the Kingdom.

Reports of ‘Awakenings’ in USA – UK next please Lord (#1,000)

Appropriately for this blog’s 1,000th post there’s news of developments in the New Era for the Church:

At Sunday’s morning’s service in CHP in Alabama pastor John Kilpatrick said he’s being contacted about a revival involving many young people in eastern Kentucky, as well as one happening in West Virginia (see video at 1:19:40). He reminded the congregation of what he heard when visiting the Appalachian area of the early 19th Century Cane Ridge Revival.

Those remarks are particularly interesting in view of news received the previous day from Michael Marcel. He updates subscribers to his website with a couple of email, one of which was also circulated to nearly two hundred leaders and which reads as follows:

Dear Pastor, Prophet or Leader
Most of you know that Revival/Awakening has been on my heart for several years now and I am sure you have heard many prophecies over the last two years that Revival is coming – well, that season is upon us!
An awakening has been apparent in many parts of the world for a year or more – the underground church and government churches in China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mozambique, Uganda to name a few. I believe it is clear that the Billion soul revival, as prophesied by Bob Jones, is with us. It has been noticeable though that there has been little happening in the west – America and Europe.
This has now changed. This week I came back from the Fire & Glory outpouring in San Diego. It has been going for 89 nights (6 nights a week) and each meeting can be viewed here:
This is is for the equipping of the harvesters and was prophesied by James Goll in January.
A sister outpouring has been going on for 40 days (4 nights a week) in Seattle and can be seen here:
Since March there has been a full-scale awakening in West Virginia with hundreds of students coming to the Lord, as reported by Christian Today in this post.
Today,  I have discovered that something else is beginning in Edmonton, Canada, through Todd Bentley. He has just announced he is extending his conference by a week.
So, now it is our turn and the turn of Europe. I personally have not heard of anything breaking out here in the UK (apart from Coleraine last year), but perhaps you know different; if so please let me know. It is not a guarantee that the awakening will hit us; it is up to us – we have to take a risk and step into what God is doing. There is a significant personal cost in putting on meetings every night or several times a week, but I believe that this will happen here soon. This is a time when we need to work out where God wants us in the Revival; there is no more time, it is at our door, so I urge you to switch into revival mode.
I do not know about you, but I am NOT going to let this awakening pass us by. If there were the demand I would open my house up to worship and prayer every night.
I know each one of you are doing wonderful things, but I am writing to you to urge you, if you are not already doing it, to prepare for revival!
When you see something breaking out please let me know as I want to record it on my website UK Awakening, which I have set up for this purpose.

For more and reaction from Holy Spirit, read Reports of ‘Awakenings’ cont’d.

Pray_For_RevivalMichael Marcel is the author of Prepare For Revival, the publicity for which reads:

‘It is time for Revival. Many are expecting one to break out across our nation, but do you really know what a revival is? In this important and timely book, Michael Marcel answers this question and records many exciting accounts of revivals that we have experienced in the United Kingdom since the Reformation. He looks at the reason why the last revival/awakening in the United Kingdom was in 1949, and the last in England was 1921.  “Prepare for Revival” recommends what strategies we must do to make revival a reality and what we need to do to prepare ourselves for the revival that is coming.’

Michael’s other books are God’s Heart For A Dying Land and It Is Time – to step out into your calling.

World-changing socio-economic and spiritual trends in 2016

A fortnight ago today (21 January) Rick Joyner, founder of Morning Star Ministries, wrote,

“The premise of my last Prophetic Bulletin on the five trends that would change the natural world in 2016 began unfolding faster and with more impact than I expected. I wrote that it would happen in the first quarter of this year, but I honestly did not expect it to begin on the first day as it did. My prayer now is that what I’ve been shown that will unfold in the Spirit will likewise come faster and with greater impact. What is coming in the Spirit is the antidote to the troubles of the world. It is far more exciting than anything the world has seen…” (emphasis added)

In referring to ‘natural world’ Rick means geopolitical and socio-economic realms. I’ll briefly outline that Bulletin’s content before considering its follow-up, which leads into something of fundamental historical importance that’s been brewing. Rick doesn’t refer to this special seismic shift. Nevertheless, it’s implicit in the conclusion of his subsequent Bulletin.

Published on 14 December his Prophetic Bulletin #96, Five Trends that Will Change the World in 2016, opens as follows:

“A geopolitical shift has taken place at the end of 2015 that could change the world more than we have seen since the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Core beliefs and values are being challenged across the globe. With such a major change of direction happening, where are we headed? The following are the five major events that will likely define our immediate future and impact world affairs for the foreseeable future….”

Rick presents these five in chronological order of occurrence, which isn’t necessarily the sequence of importance or impact, namely: China’s stock market crashes – falling energy prices – Russian military intervention in Middle-East – terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino – the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Having closely watched political events in the States with increasing concern throughout Obama’s terms, and thus being one of 300 founding leaders of The Oak Initiative, Rick’s brief analysis is well-worth noting.

Therefore, in looking at each of those five events of major impact upon the world and their potential consequences Rick starts, “First we will briefly discuss the most basic change factor in world affairs—initiative. In military operations and world affairs, having the initiative is necessary for success…”.  He goes on to examine factors in each case and draw ‘the bottom line’. I note his gentle indictment of Obama regarding terrorism:

“…most people are smart enough to understand the politicians try to come up with politically correct and expedient solutions instead of a real strategy. Even so, the Paris and San Bernardino attacks did a lot to wake up the people. This awakening is helping to throw off the delusions of unrealistic idealism and political correctness. This is crucial for sustainable war that will defeat ISIS and other groups whose primary strategy is terrorism. Although French and British leadership are waking up some, it is an awakening among the people that is creating a sharp turn to the right in Europe. Putin has chastised Europe for its attempt at multiculturalism…”

Read Rick’s brief evaluation in full here and note, as does he, that other factors are also affecting current events and trends; but the far more positive ones are spiritual trends. To continue from my above opening quotation.:

“We all “see in part,” but these are the five most important trends I saw unfolding that we will begin to see emerging this year:

  • A new reformation of the church will begin to take definition.
  • Councils of leaders will begin to form with true apostolic authority. 
  • A kingdom economy will begin to form.
  • A new generation of prophets and teachers will begin to emerge with unprecedented authority and influence 
  • So many Christians will rise up in Europe and North America with zeal and focus that it will be recognized as another Great Awakening, while the moves of God in the rest of the world will gain new traction.”

Continue reading Bulletin #97 here > Five Spiritual Trends That Will Change the World in 2016.

In particular I like this promise:

“…The Lord really has saved His best wine for last. The quality of what He will serve His people will eclipse anything ever experienced before.

“Knowledge has greatly increased in the natural. What is about to be released in the Spirit will mirror this. For those who love knowledge, truth, wisdom, and understanding, there has never been a better time to be alive. This increasing love for the Scriptures will be contagious, helping to feed and strengthen every move of God now unfolding.”

…as well as Rick’s closing remark:

“We are entering the first stages of the great harvest that is the end of this age. This will be the greatest in-gathering there has ever been. It will change the spiritual and moral fabric of nations, profoundly changing the church throughout the earth. The church is then going to help change the earth and prepare the way for the coming King.”  

His reference to spiritual and moral fabric reminds me of the open vision that appeared in front of me of Britain and hearing/seeing the Lord’s plan, “The fabric of society is so rotten – (like old, wet sacking) – it will tear apart”.

I then watched as the centre of England was ripped apart and forced open by a huge rock. That is, the rock that is Christ Jesus will arise throughout the land, becoming the bedrock of our nation once again – Praise the Lord. (See Comments Upon the Collapse of Society)

AND, in connection with Rick’s remark another truly historic and exceptional trend has started, which I reported upon last year. The next post will update you…

If you have time and inclination you may like some ‘prep’, especially the last item:

Revd John Kilpatrick: prophecy of internet harvest of souls

Watcharakuns globeThis is the 15th of ’20 Prophetic Words and Words of Knowledge for 2016 and Beyond’, as given to pastor John Kilpatrick by the Lord and delivered 8th January, as in the previous post.

John pauses during his lengthy delivery to preface this particular prophecy,

“Early in the morning on January 1st 2016, just about a week ago – (looking up from the notes to stress) I could never have thought about this – I’d could never have dreamed this up – I know this has to be from the Lord – listen to it..”

Here’s what the Lord gave him:

“Jesus said to Simon Peter and his brothers, “I will make you fishers of men”. Jesus later gave Peter a word to go fishing and informed him that the first fish caught would contain a coin in its mouth that would be used to pay their tribute (taxes). It was supernatural provision that resulted from privileged information.

“Last Friday morning, as I was sound asleep, I heard Holy Spirit speaking directly to me. He said,

“There are usually two ways that fish are caught—with a net and on a line.”

“I was so startled that I awoke immediately and looked at my clock. It was 5:55. Now awake, I heard the Lord continue. He said that there is coming a great international harvest of souls through “the net” (Internet) and “online”. He said that the Internet will light up as Holy Spirit accelerates His mighty wonders. He also said that “the net” and “lines” will bring tremendous and miraculous provision to God’s people because time is of the essence, and the waters are abundant for harvest. A new and very powerful wind of anointing will blow through the Internet. In real time, signs and wonders will be witnessed without edit. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament will show forth His handiwork!”

Footnote: The number five is the number of grace. The Holy Spirit is revealing to us that we are in a triple grace season. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. I want everyone in this house, and especially those on “the net” and “online,” to give Him glory. Glorious days are indeed just ahead. Come on! Let’s give Him great and high praise! 2016 – “The Year of the Wind!”

NB: see Update 1 for explanation of “without edit” and Update 2 about an existing internet program of evangelism and discipleship.

RB’s notes:

  • Also, 5s could be likened to giving a ‘high five’ where two hands join together to appear as one lot of 5. That is, one conjoined 5 is made by two separate 5s belonging to different people.  So at that time of 5:55 am maybe the Lord’s doing His own ‘holy high five’ with John? Just a thought…
  • Is the transmission, or the flow, of Holy Spirit’s power possible over the internet? We can personally attest this happens: we’ve seen or heard things that carry a strong, holy anointing on various occasions and been powerfully affected. Eg. on 3rd January Nina had to take an urgent phone call and left the lounge where CHP’s service was being live streamed to our TV. Upon returning she didn’t know what the assistant pastor John Michael K was saying as he addressed the online audience direct – BUT Nina got blasted.  JM was blessing us all to receive Holy Spirit’s gifts!! So the power either came through the internet via satellite or else spiritually direct from heaven (See also Holy lightning beyond ‘The Pond’ strikes in the UK.)

[Hand Touching Digital Globe by Watcharakun. courtesy]

Confirmation of prophetic word: holy winds of change

After Howling Fresh Wind by Patsy Southway was auto-published on this blog today, I  tinkered around with news relating to climate change. Unbeknown to me Angela Jelf was beavering away with a comment on that post and which warrants publication as some may have missed it. Angela writes as follows, and I’ve taken the liberty to show the Lord’s word as a quotation:

Hi Richard,
After reading this, I just felt prompted to share a word that God gave to me on June 15th last year (strangely enough, when I went to find my old journal which I’d written this word down in, lo and behold, it was folded open on exactly the right page!)

“For some time the church in the UK has been battling against a head wind. We’ve had the wind against us. Despite our best efforts, particularly in the area of evangelism, progress has been slow. It’s as though we’ve had the wind and rain in our face, and been buffeted by the elements. There’s been a sense of three steps forward and two steps back. But there is a fresh wind blowing! A wind of change is on the way! It’s the wind of the Holy Spirit and its coming to our aid! It’s a tail wind which will propel us forward! Acceleration is suddenly coming. The Lord has heard our cry, He has seen our growing hunger for breakthrough. Suddenly those things that were difficult will suddenly be done with ease, because it’s not about your effort. Hope is carried on this wind. When you feel this wind you must hoist up your sails! Hoist up your sails and get ready for acceleration! Some of you have longed for things, for salvation for family members, for breakthrough in healings and miracles – let fresh hope arise today for it will surely come about.

“This wind comes upon my church to propel you out! You will go out into the community, to the highways and byways. You will no longer stay hidden behind four walls. This wind will send you OUT and propel you to new horizons.

“This wind also blows through the harvest – it is blowing on the lost and broken, the sinner with the hardest heart – this wind is stirring the harvest. It’s blowing now! I see dandelion clocks, the little seeds caught on the wind. The seed of the gospel will be caught on this wind and will travel far and wide! It will propel the lost and the prodigal into my house. They will not be able to resist this wind as it carries such power. For it’s the wind of my Spirit!”

Praise God – I truly believe the time is now!”

In response to my reply Angela added, “Thanks Richard – I haven’t blogged about it. Just shared it at our church…The wonderful thing is, we are beginning to see a shift. Prodigals are beginning to return, and last week five people responded to the gospel on a course at our church!”

Praise the Lord – more, much more Lord!


The Lord seems to be turning our attention back to this prophetic promise – even halting us in our tracks, turning us around so we don’t miss what He wants us to realise!!  That is, He gave a similar word not only to Patsy last May but also to others during the first half of this year about waves and winds, as well as a few years ago in  what I’d term a ‘tame tornado’.

See Library and Weighing waves, tsunami & tornado and a turning the tide, to which Tony Puccio reminded me of dreams about a Cleansing wind and Winds of change in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Also, I’m nudged to add and to check the date – it is worth re-reading the important Prophetic word on Hurricane Sandy brought by Revd Dr Sharon Stone THREE YEARS AGO TODAY!

Therefore, I need to urge you and me to ‘NB’ – nota bene; pay especial attention!

PS: note Maray’s thoughts below…

Aliss Cresswell: 2015 ‘The Year of Promise’ – a new map for the New Season

In my humble opinion this is extraordinary for the reasons given in my appended Notes. And there are lots I’d like to underscore!

Thank you again Suzanne Payne for transcribing another prophetic word and preparing introductory material. (It is, therefore, most helpful in view of our present situation.) This word was brought on 7th January and I concur with her opinion,

“This is an excellent word from Aliss Cresswell…It is in line with much of what God (is) saying through others”.

Aliss and husband Rob Creswell head up GloryFires, MorningStar Europe in Chester, UK. There, they are witnessing hundreds of miraculous healings and salvations in their shop, café, in their churches and on the streets. MorningStar Europe is the European arm of MorningStar Ministries representing Rick Joyner and the MorningStar Ministries team in the UK and relating to other ministries all over Europe.

“The Lord’s given me a prophetic Word for 2015, and I’m excited to share it with you.

2015 ‘The Year of Promise’

“The beginning of 2015 marks the end of preparation, the end of wandering in the wilderness and the beginning of a new season of possessing the land of your inheritance. Everything is changing. Have you not been aware of it? The transition from one existence to another. Just like the Israelites, the wilderness was a place where you simply survived to get to the next test. You fought battles in order to get by. Miracles of provision or healing were to get you through. In the wilderness Israel was continually passing through, and the whole point of the wilderness was preparation and training.

“I believe that the Body of Christ has been in the wilderness for a long time. You may have become discouraged as the months of patiently waiting and battling have turned into years. But I want to tell you, the season of waiting is over. Hallelujah! As this year opens up, you have an invitation to enter the promised land, and possess those promises, to occupy the land of your inheritance from the Lord. The wilderness time has come to an end and you are now poised to inherit your promises, just as the Israelites were invited by God to take the promised land. All that the Lord has been doing in your life so far has been in preparation for this day. It is time to take possession of the riches that are in Christ Jesus. All that Jesus accomplished on the cross for you and for me is ours for the taking.

“But a choice lies before you. Life in the promised land will be very different from how you existed in the wilderness. Church will not look the same. What worked up til now is not necessarily going to bear fruit in this next season. Mindsets and wineskins need to change. As the Israelites entered the promised land, God declared that Moses My servant is dead. (You can read that in Joshua ch 1 v 2). The old style of leadership that led us through years in the wilderness is over. Leaders need to stay closely in step with the Holy Spirit at this time, as the old style of leadership is not going to be adequate to advance and occupy the territory the Lord is giving us.

“Don’t worry that previous streams of provision are changing or drying up. The manna that has sustained you is ceasing, and you’ll begin to live off the fruit of the land the Lord is giving you. The Lord will teach you how to cultivate the land in this new season. New streams of revenue and blessing. No more living just to get by. The Lord desires to give you the ability to produce wealth. New creative ideas and businesses, downloads from heaven, new streams of income.

“This is a time for receiving strategy. A time for the Apostolic mandate to be embraced. For being on the offensive not the defensive. It’s a time to advance. Keep gaining ground. Remain humble and reliant on the Lord, and give generously. Be obedient to His voice and worship Him. (You’ll find more in Deuteronomy chapter 8)

“Do not be like the 10 spies who declared the enemy too powerful to overcome when Moses sent them to check out the promised land. (That was in Numbers 13 you can read more about that). They instilled fear in the rest of the people, and because they believed the lie, that whole generation had to die out in the wilderness.

“This is a crucial time you are in. Do not give fear a place in your life but boldly proclaim the Word of the Lord, and you will overcome, for the Lord is with you mighty warrior. It is only you that can now hold you back.

“Yes there are giants in the land, giants will manifest, in fact many are now facing the greatest opposition they’ve ever faced in their lives. However, it is not a time to come into agreement with the enemy, but it’s time to stand your ground. Don’t back down, but step out in faith and move forward as you follow the Holy Spirit’s instructions. The enemy manifests when he’s threatened. But take courage, it is he whose afraid not you.

“This is a time for some big decisions. Make them in line with the Holy Spirit, not in line with your circumstances or your human emotions.

“Do not be afraid. Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross into the land the Lord has promised you. The cloud of witnesses and the host of heaven are cheering you on. It is your time to extend the Kingdom of God in love and power such as you’ve never imagined before.

“Like Jesus, it is time to only do what you see the Father doing in heaven, and speak only what you hear the Lord speaking to you. Your spiritual senses are awakening. Encounters with the angelic realm and supernatural occurrences are increasing, and it is imperative you pay attention to heaven at this time. Just as Joshua ordered the men circling Jericho not to utter a sound until they were told to, so you are to learn to speak and declare at the right time, in accordance with the Lord’s direction, and you will see strongholds of the enemy fall.

“Work alongside angels as you step out in faith and do exploits miracles signs and wonders like never before. You are now standing in unchartered territory. New opportunities, new realms of the Spirit and new adventures open up before you. Like Joshua, you have not been this way before.

“The old has gone, so let it go. It’s time for freedom, for liberty. No more boundaries. You have stepped off the map of the old. It is time to write a new map, the possibilities are endless.

“This is great, this is from Joshua ch 5 v 9. It says (this is the Lord speaking to you) : Today, I have rolled away the shame of your slavery from you, it is a time of freedom. This is radical, and it will take a radical, liberated, fearless and bold generation to occupy this territory, but it is glorious. So wonderful and full of liberty, love, joy and peace. My presence shall go with you says the Lord, and I will give you rest. (That’s from Exodus ch 33 v 14)

“This is a time to bear much fruit, as you abide in Him. The fruit is huge, the harvest is unprecedented. It has begun. Jesus said, all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me, therefore go – you go. He says I am with you always, to the very end of the age (Matthew 28 verses 18 – 20).

“So, this is your time, this is your day. We have just entered into the promised land, so go!”

Personal Notes:

  • This was the 1st of 3 instances on two consecutive days that the Lord gave the word, “Go!”. The three individuals who are involved are unknown to one another. I just happen to be the ‘news-boy’ on the wall. This in addition to His similar urging through Heidi Baker in October (as here) wherein identical “Go!” phrases had also been given to Ginny Cryer (Culture Changers UK) the night before she read Heidi.
  • The reference to Numbers 13 and the Israelites sent to spy out the Promised Land connects into a prophetic word about a 40 years-old promise, as given to me from the front by Dale Mast at September’s mentoring day.
  • The above references to Joshua directly plug into the theme of an imaginary train journey published almost two years ago (see Abiding in God’s Word).

What have Paul Keith’s video and Mary Magdalene got in common?

Flying puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy

To God alone be the glory for this true story…

Join me as I meander along my musings and, as we wend our way, watch out for.:

  • a modern movie and its location
  • a medieval English abbey
  • a lost Renaissance painting
  • a legendary epic voyage
  • the earliest Christian letter
  • a new appreciation of prayer.

Except for the first, the rest took me by surprise the weekend before last. As pieces of an ‘invisible jigsaw’ they’d fallen into view like fresh snow.

Our long weekends off weekday busy-ness start on Fridays, and Friday before last we enjoyed strolling around Chichester city centre in warm sunshine. Even-tide, we relaxed by catching up on an iPlayer movie recommended by our eldest daughter…

‘The Way’

theway_gallery_L_04This movie written and directed by Emilio Estevez is most engrossing. It stars Martin Sheen as an irascible American doctor, Tom, who goes to southern France to deal with the loss of his son (Emilio Estevez) after his accidental death after setting off on  “The Way of St. James” (see map). Rather than returning to the States, Tom decides to honour his son’s ambition and complete the journey on his behalf. But he doesn’t expect the profound impact this trip has on him. The Way tells the story of his near-500 miles hike to Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain.

The route is one of many to one of the oldest of pilgrimages sites in Europe. I recalled learning about its connection with Reading Abbey upon researching the abbey’s history Founded in 1121 by king Henry I, this English abbey was also one starting place for the Camino de Santiago, and is reputed to have the remains of St James’ hand as a relic. (My researches began in my office overlooking the ruins of the abbey’s mill, and are as copied here.)

So this movie had a personal, albeit indirect, relevance – but more was to come on the ‘morrow…

Lost painting found

The next morning I found buried inside Saturday’s paper some interesting facts about a ‘centuries-old art history mystery’ –

Caravaggio’s original ‘Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy’ has been discovered in a private European collection, the world’s leading expert on the Renaissance master has claimed.


The Telegraph: photo credit La Repubblica

Although the 1606 painting has been copied several times, historian Mina Gregori says the original has finally been found. The Telegraph’s Andrea Vogt says this expert won’t  reveal which country it is in but can confirm that when she first saw the 100 by 90cm oil on canvas in the owners’ home, she had no doubt. Andrea reports, Gregori called the find a “marvellous addition” to the art world. The 80-year-old scholar and authenticator said seeing the original with her own eyes was a career highlight: “I think after all these years, I deserved it”.

This article rang a bell deep in long-forgotten memories of my pre-Christian interests  because:

The painting refers to the legend in which Mary, living as a hermit in a cave in southern France near Aix-en-Provence after Christ’s death, was overcome seven times a day by “the delightful harmonies of the celestial choirs”.

That reference, especially about an ecstatic trance, would connect with remarks I was yet to hear on the third day, and thus start seeing a part of this ‘invisible puzzle’. But we should first consider the importance of this biblical person.

Mary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus alive after his burial in the garden tomb and so many, including Pope Benedict, regard her as an “Apostle to the Apostles”. She was the sister of Martha and Lazarus, whom Jesus brought back from the dead and was to later become Bishop of Cyprus. This family are reputed to have been of royal blood and owned estates in and around Jerusalem as well as at Magdala near the Sea of Galilee, where the younger sister Mary lived and is said to have fallen into a sinful life. Jesus is thought to have frequented one or other of their premises whilst travelling with dozens of disciples.

This blessed woman became deeply devoted to Jesus after deliverance – no wonder she later sat wrapt in His teaching instead of helping her sister. On that need Jesus remarked, Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:38-42 emphasis added).

Hence, Mary Magdalene is patron of contemplatives and Caravaggio’s painting reflects an outcome of her desire and her Master’s promise.

(Thank you to ‘Joe Catholic’ for also pointing out Mary is a model for penitent sinners. Also see this informative rebuttal of modern Catholic biblical scholarship.)

Next, I dived into my library and dug out a book bought in 1971 during my investigations into early Church history.:

The Coming of the Saints

Coming o'Saints

This book by John Taylor, first published in 1906, is   replete with source references and combines history and legend to portray the earliest Christian missions into western Europe (Spain, France and Britain).  It helped me  as a non-believer to learn about the early church’s transmission of Jesus’ original teachings. In my story, I explained my desire to find out why churches were not doing what Jesus had done, as He promised in John 14:12, as well as how much of  His teaching had been lost.

The editor of the 1967 reprint answers complaints about mixing written records and local legend, to say this book shows they substantiate one another and dovetail together. “Of particular interest are the references culled from churches founded by the saints who were companions of our Lord during His ministry”, maintains Gladys Taylor. She writes her namesake gathered evidence from a pilgrimage made to the French churches, and other countries, and thus produced impressive proof of their antiquity.

Coming o'Saints photos

From top: grotto cave of St Mary Magdalene; church of Les Saintes Maries; crypt of St Martha at Tarascon (J Taylor 1901)

One chapter summarises the Life of St Mary Magdalene complied by Rabanus Maurus (776-856 AD) – a manuscript copy of which is lodged in Magdalen College Library, Oxford. In his closing years he was Archbishop of Mayence (Mainz, Germany).

First however, I needed to re-remind myself of the book’s main thesis. Its first chapters examine the known historical  events, and those behind the scenes, at the close of and after Jesus’ life. Taylor thus adds detail to scripture’s narrative and he posits a list of disciples additional to the apostles, deacons and the family of Jesus. In addition to considering the ‘home-base’ of Capernaum, he lists names of followers from the house on Mont Zion and the city of Jerusalem, and towns of Bethany, Emmaus and Jericho.

Then Taylor covers some early missionary journeys not covered in Acts of the Apostles, noting Dr Luke’s historic account doesn’t refer to the evangelical mission in Sardinia and Spain of John’s brother James. The only reference to James after that of Pentecost is his death at the hands of Herod in Jerusalem in 44 AD (Acts 12:2). His remains are said to have ended up centuries later back in Santiago de Compostela. Hence, pilgrimages  to his shrine, as mentioned above.

Persecution following Apostle James’ martyrdom led to the dispersal of many disciples from Jerusalem. (This was about 10 years after that led by Saul of Tarsus.) Tradition of Provence, southern France, has a number of them being bundled into a boat without oars or sails somewhere near Mt Carmel and set adrift. They’re reputed to have been  Lazarus, Joseph of Aramathea, Maximin (leader of disciples after the apostles and a friend committed to the care of the Magdalen) as well as Martha and Mary, Mary wife of Cleopas and a third Mary (Salome) and others.

However, I was interested in checking John Taylor’s reference to the correct James at Jerusalem. Was it John’s brother, or Jesus’ brother James who later led the Jerusalem church and wrote a brief epistle. It is James’ historic ruling at the first Church council  that enabled non-Jews to associate with the Church without having to comply with the Mosaic laws their Jewish brethren had before coming to Christ.

So to clarify, I wasn’t so interested in Mary Magdalene as wanting to check out what Paul wrote to the Galatian churches about his post-conversion history. I recalled mention of  church leaders he met when in Jerusalem, as well as Luke’s account of those meetings (Acts 15)

Written circa 50 AD Paul’s letter is the first and therefore the oldest, canonical Christian document and earlier than the Gospels. Therein Paul tells what he did, where he went and how he learned the Gospel of Jesus by direct, personal revelation; that is, not from any original disciple or apostle:

13 For you have heard of my former conduct in Judaism, how I persecuted the church of God beyond measure and tried to destroy it….15 But when it pleased God…16 to reveal His Son in me, that I might preach Him among the Gentiles, I did not immediately confer with flesh and blood,17 nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me; but I went to Arabia, and returned again to Damascus. 18 Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter, and remained with him fifteen days. 19 But I saw none of the other apostles except James, the Lord’s brother. 20 (Now concerning the things which I write to you, indeed, before God, I do not lie.)  21 Afterward I went into the regions of Syria and Cilicia. 22 And I was unknown by face to the churches of Judea which were in Christ. 23 But they were hearing only, “He who formerly persecuted us now preaches the faith which he once tried to destroy.” 24 And they glorified God in me.

Then after fourteen years I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and also took Titus with me. And I went up by revelation, and communicated to them that gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but privately to those who were of reputation, lest by any means I might run, or had run, in vain. (Emphases added)

Video on Sunday

The next day, Sunday, we wanted some extra teaching and – independently – chose to watch the Paul Keith Davis and James Levesque video discussion I’d blogged about.

In arguing for the supra-natural abilities and dimension required to bring in the harvest that meets the heart of God, “as it is defined in scripture”, Paul Keith maintains this is for those who walk with God in realms of glory and demonstrate the supra-natural. He defines and explains this relating it to Jesus’ own ability (from 27:00 on video).

Then he tells of his mis-perception of Jesus’ prayer life (at 30:35) and surmising what it had been like after a long day ministering and teaching and travelling on foot – and then go pray and spend hours in prayer…thinking,

“…what a disciplined life!” says Paul Keith.

“No, you totally misunderstood My prayer life!” the Lord said.

“He said, My prayer life was My reward!”

“The Lord’s been showing me how, at the end of the day, after He did everything He was supposed to do, He went out into the wilderness and He was released into the Presence of the Father!

“Just think about that for a minute…after a hard day could you go pray 5 hours…?  No?  Think of it as this:

“James, go spend 5 hours standing before the throne of God, go spend 5 hours in the Presence of your Father – let Him download on you, let Him refresh you, restore you.

“That’s why Jesus could pray all night! He lived under an open heaven and when He went to pray – as soon as He quieted His flesh – He was standing in the Presence of His Father, standing before the throne of God, getting refreshed and learning what the Father wanted to reveal.”

An exceptionally instructional and fascinating teaching. At 41:30 he  considers this was how apostle Paul spent lengthy periods with the Lord before he ever met any disciples and apostles and moved into any ministry.

Consequently, having considered that the day before I was ready for what he said!


This insight on Jesus’ prayer life is the common denominator between the discussion on video and Mary Magdalene, who spent lengthy periods immersed in God, as had Jesus.

Paul Keith’s insight doesn’t detract from but enhances the model prayer Jesus gave his disciples, as recorded in Matthew 6:5-15.  And it magnifies Jesus’ personal prayer to our Father in John 17.  It’s no wonder this Mary went so deep yet so high in contemplative  ecstasy – will we?

(Remember to, “First seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness…” – Matt 6:33). 

Furthermore, from apostle Paul’s explanation this kind of intimacy was the norm in the earliest years of “The Way”, as the fellowship was known before the term “Christian” was coined at Antioch. (See Acts chapters 18-24, especially vv 24:18 and 22.)

Also, Paul Keith later refers to the event on the road to Emmaus, about which and without any prior intention I’d inserted a remark just before publishing the latest blog  before that weekend!

Therefore, that weekend is yet another example of ‘God-incidence’ (footnote refers).

By the way!

A couple of days later upon opening up my Bible to find where I’d got to, I found at the second turn the beginning of Luke chapter 8 staring up at me. There from the left-hand column just beside the volume’s spine I just couldn’t miss these words:

Now it came to pass, afterward, that He went through every city and village, preaching and bringing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God. And the twelve were with Him, and certain women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities — Mary called Magdalene, out of whom had come seven demons, and Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others who provided for Him from their substance.

Later, upon reviewing and adjusting the draft of this piece, I decided to refer to the first name for the group of believers as followers of the way of Jesus Christ; the way of life He taught and demonstrated as “The Way, The Truth and The Life”.

Then when I’d done and re-read the draft I realised I’d gone FULL circle – starting with the movie ‘The Way’ I’d ended up by including scriptures on ‘The Way of Jesus’ !!

Furthermore, an email arrived about that time which opens as follows.:

Truth, we find, is stranger than fiction. Some things that happen to us when in relationship with Christ no writer could make up. And I am amazed continually at what our God does in my life and in this world…(continue here)

Could the Lord be getting our attention to pray the way He does?

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Image: Flying puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy of

Jesus & Mary fable:

My pre-Christian activities made me well aware of stories around Le Tresor Maudit, the cursed treasure of the Knights Templars, said to have been hidden for centuries but discovered by a parish priest. He spent a fortune on re-decorating a church in Rennes-le-Chateau and building a tower, both of which were dedicated to St Mary Magdalene.
Readers may know of it through The Da Vinci Code novel, which was based in part on serious research published in 1980s as The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail.  This book’s authors referred to fables about Jesus and Mary’s relationship, which were then used as a deliberate advertising ploy for marketing purposes.
Consequently, that book became a bestseller. The businessman who gave me The Invisible Hand (see About) sold mail-order books and he told me his own copywriter had worked with HBHG authors and so he knew about its publisher’s sales slant.
Years later I learned of another reference work by an expert on royal genealogy and who claimed the fables were correct. But his analysis of scripture was unreliable, as I demonstrated in his misquoting The Secret Gospel of Mark. Therefore, how could his claims hold water. (Details on this blog at The Magdalene Legacy – a critique.)


I refer to coincidences that are more than serendipity (happy, fortuitous chance events) as ‘God-incidences’, for they seem to have been arranged with a clear purpose in mind. We may not always know the reason but there’s a distinct thread connecting two or more events that are closely related in time: an “aha” moment

Frequently I’m amazed by those which involve scripture and occur one day after another and sometimes even 3 or 4  consecutive days, and always from different sources. I liken God-incidence to completing a jigsaw puzzle and it seems the Lord is stressing the importance or relevance of something. So they get my full attention, as happened in the above account. (See main menu for fuller exposition.)