In posting my previous post to Facebook this by Chris G Bennett was on my home page and I shared onto my timeline. The copy below bears my underlining and coloured text as usual for words from the Lord:


I submit this Word in all humility. It came in a half-hour period of quietness before the Lord.

“Prepare for My Coming” – That’s a humdinger of a thing to hear from the Lord! I’d just sat down after arriving home from a shopping trip. All morning I’d been hearing the Lord repeat what I’d read on social media – “Ask the Lord what He has to say to you today. Then shut up and listen!”

So I did exactly that.

“Prepare for My Coming!” Then silence.

That kinda grabbed my attention. I had previously heard Him say to, “Tell them I’m coming! Again and again. Tell the people I’m coming! They don’t believe Me, or they think it’s years away. So tell them I’m coming!”

Now I heard this, “Prepare for My coming!”

There was an urgency in His tone – a note of importance I’d never heard before. I remembered a conversation with a friend in which my friend said, “It’s difficult to convince folk that we’re nearer than anyone knows to the Rapture!” Now the Lord was saying to prepare for His coming!

Knowing that God doesn’t do coincidences, I enquired of the Lord what He meant by ‘coming’? Are we talking revival, rapture, or second coming

“I am coming in three phases, exactly as you thought! I’m coming in revival. I’m coming in rapture. I’m coming as in return, or second coming”, He said.

He then quickened to me Daniel’s vision of The Ancient of Days and the interpretation in which ‘time, times, and half a time’ are mentioned (Daniel 7:9-27)

“Yes!”, said the Lord, The days which my servant Daniel spoke of are here. Many will go through these days during these times. Yet I have also spoken about ‘final harvest’, about ‘snatching away’, and about My return and events surrounding these times. My people need to be ready. Like the ten virgins, only five were prepared, and so it will be with My church – even some of the Remnant will be caught out. So tell My people to prepare for My coming.”

“First, I will come in the final harvest, which you call revival. Then I will come to claim my people when I snatch them away ‘in the twinkling of an eye’. Finally, I will come, as prophesied in My Word, to establish My righteous Kingdom and millennial reign.”

“The timing is known only by My Father, but it is closer than you think.

So tell my people to PREPARE!




Your thoughts are not My thoughts. Your ways are not My ways. Your plans are not My plans”, says the Lord Almighty, “Prepare for My coming!”

That was the end of our conversation, and now, in obedience, I’ve told you all!

CGB 1 December 2022

RB: the Lord’s version of The Three R’s (ie. not “Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic”)

3 thoughts on “STOP PRESS: Chris G Bennett – “PREPARE FOR MY RETURN!”

  1. Richard do you recall my dreams/visions concerning the book of Daniel from 2015

    I had a vision that has stayed with me for the past 2 days.

    Dan 12:13
    13 “But you, go your way till the end; for you shall rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the days.”
    The vision I saw comes at the end of Daniel’s vision. Daniel was told to go because the vision concerned the end. What I saw is where Daniel’s vision took place but I saw a man with a key ring on his hip and I saw books being handed out to people, I believe  I was one of the people , with a key hole on the front cover of the book. No one could open the book given to them unless the man holding the keys gave them the key to open the book given to them. Daniel was not given the “key” to understand the meaning of what was being shown to him in his vision. In mine there were people, not many, that were given books to be opened and read when the, “key”, was handed to them.

    Since I posted my vision regarding the book of Daniel I have had what I will call a continuation of the first vision. In the first vision I saw a man with keys on his hip. I also saw books given to people with key holes in them that could not be opened without having a key to do so. The keys, I believe, represent revelation given by the key holder to the one holding the book.
    With that said, I saw additional things today where I saw the keys individually this time. And in this vision each of the individual keys had names. I was not shown the names but I knew in the vision that they were indeed names. As I see more I will be posting what is shown to me.

    I had a dream 02/02/2015 where I was given a “key” . This is related to Daniel’s vision and the 70 weeks that he was informed about. It is the last week that I had the dream about. I was lead to read about the last week at 3 am in the morning. In the dream I was given a key, most likely one the keys on the ring that the man who I described in the last 2 posts had on his hip. What I learned is that in order for , ” the man of intrigue”, to be revealed, the United States pretty much would have to abandon Israel. What comes to mind is a scripture that I have heard before regarding former President Obama

    And there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph.
    (Exo 1:8)

    This is something that I would encourage all to take to prayer and to see what the Lord speaks to you concerning it.

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