This is the Hour of the Great Unveiling, deception ripped off – Donna Rigney

In view of over 180 postings on exposure of political corruption in the past 5 years I’m  pleased that dear Chris Moyler published these main points on his Telegram account from an interview on Elijah Streams between Steve Schultz and Donna Rigney about a word she received on 24th February, but first begins with what she heard that morning:

“I have my daily time with the Lord every morning and and this is one of those visitations. He said to me, “The eyes of this world are being opened. No longer will they be deceived into thinking evil is good and good is evil. The veil of deception is being ripped off. Much prayer, much worship is ascending to My throne and I will act quickly on behalf of My returning repentant children. For a long season I was not sought after and I was not acknowledged.”

This is God, God’s saying this and it’s true you know. When everything’s going fine we just go about our lives. We might go to Sunday service or whatever, but really to seek after God to really acknowledge Him and and really the world –  I mean we even pulled prayer out of schools, (at) sporting events can’t pray you know. So God’s saying for a long time I wasn’t sought after and i wasn’t acknowledged, but because evil is running rampant and overtaking your world My lost children are returning. This is the harvest He’s getting us ready because it’s going to be a lot of people coming in because they’re desperate they know God’s our own their only hope.

He said all those they leaned on have fought failed them. People leaned on sporting figures, they leaned on politicians, they leaned on church leaders. He says everything they leaned on has failed them and even proven themselves to be part of the very evil that is seeking to destroy them in theirs. Llike buckets of iced cold water a great shock has opened My children’s sleeping eyes and dull minds as the prodigal son turned away from his rebellion and sin-filled life and rein back to his father’s waiting arms. Many of My children are doing the same in this hour of the great unveiling.

And this is part of what we’re seeing at the church here in Bennell is that a lot of the people that are coming in are prodigals that are returning now.”


Chris writes > Donna is a gifted and godly woman….

22:00. The prodigals are running back!!
23:20 The importance of opening portals, for the entry of the LORD’S deliverance- so people can easily his Throne Room!! (Dan 10:12)
29.10 Donna describes a vision opening to her, during a time of collective worship. A portal opened over New Orleans.
Heaven and earth joined together as golden ladders enabled the people to enter the LORD’s throne room in heaven. She then sees the Kim Clement mantle dropping on Charlie Jordan!
Then she sees the angels opening the portal wider, until it covers all of Louisiana!!
31:30. The worship enters another realm, and the GLORY falls on the people. It was so strong that the leaders could no longer minister. The LORD himself took over!
33:10. As people left the church, a special cloud formation was hovering over the building!
But 3 days later, a bad tornado came!
“This is the enemy trying to take back the ground that he lost last weekend!”
“Continue to worship! This is my clean up operation, and my host now has easy access to complete what they have begun!!”
35:20. “I am releasing a Ground Game in this hour.”
36:30. Steve, “This is first time that I have heard of such a thing happening over a city.”
37:10. There is a battle going on right now, fir the establishment of portals in the earth.
Divine portals, that the heavenly hosts use.
And demonic portals, that the demons use.
Angels and demons DON’T use each other’s portals!!
39:40. The enemy has NO ACCESS in these portals!
40:00 A portal over Donna’s house. A pillar of fire!
The presence of God was so thick that nobody moved for a long time!
“The pillar of fire wasn’t stationary- it moved.”
And when Donna moved the worship to a church building, the portal moved with her and her group!!
42:30. After midnight, the group went outside the church, and they saw the enormous portal in the sky! WOW!!
And, led by the LORD, Donna now opens portals in other places!
45:00. This outpouring of glory will be accompanied by a great exposing of evil.
It will produce a change in the earth which is so great, it will a change to the world which is as significant as a caterpillar changing into a butterfly!!
MULTIPLE PORTALS, thousands of them, will be created across the US.
48:00. Both Kat Kerr and Johnny Enlow speak of the VASTNESS of the change that has now begun to come to the earth.
Donna saw the FIRE OF GOD covering the entire US, and from there, spreading out across the whole world.
The LORD said:
49:20. We are seeing SO MANY answers to prayer, we know that this outpouring of glory has ALREADY BEGUN!
51:00. The LORD said to Donna:
“Just as it took a divine encounter to knock Saul off his horse, blind him, and turn him from wickedness, so will many evil people require equally powerful encounters, before they too will turn.
PRAY that these people have DIVINE ENCOUNTERS”
(So it is very clear that some presently evil people will indeed be turned from their evil ways- a sobering thought! C)
55:00. In her book ‘Divine Encounters’ Donna recounts her many visits to hell, and she experienced God’s broken heart for the people there.
“I died for them. They didn’t need to go there!”
57:00. And she tells us how she learned to take a stand in prayer, for people who are trapped in their wickedness.
58:15. World War 3 is NOT coming!
The enemy is promoting the fear of war, as a smokescreen, in order to hide the terrible deeds that he has done.
“The very fear that they have sown, they themselves will reap.
What is coming is MY GLORY, not WW3!!”
1:00:30. The Church will be one of the key places that is cleansed.
What is happening now is that the enemy is trying to rob the LORD of his kingly throne over the earth.
Mankind’s worship of Satan has allowed him to USURP God’s throne.
The theft of the US Election is a manifestation in the natural of what has been going on in the spirit realm for many years.
This is the time when rightful thrones will be restored in the natural.
God is taking back rulership over the earth, because he has enough of his people who worship and love him to do so.

1:02:35 A GREAT REVERSAL is now taking place! Not only will I take MY seat back, but those whom I choose to rule will get their seats back!

I will make the enemy, and those he used, pay back what they stole, during their illicit reign of evil.

Great RESTORATUON and RECOMPENSE are coming, that will bring about a wonderful season of celebration!

The LIGHT will chase the FEAR away from the hearts of my children.

That is what happens when I pour out my Spirit on all flesh.” (Joel 2)

Donna: “Don’t Abandon Hope! More Wonderful Than ‘Wonderful’ Are the Days Ahead!”

You can also find Donna on Elijah List, which publishes her words in writing.

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