Facebook block on prayers in UK on 3rd November part of its US political and election malfeasance.

NB: ORIGINAL TITLE ‘.Facebook block on prayers in UK on 3rd Nov points to US election irregularities‘ AMENDED to ‘is part of…malfeasance‘ UPON REPORT RECEIVED WHILST WRITING!

Another piece of The Invisible Jigsaw is put into place

READER: please be sure to have read previous post for continuity of understanding > Q-100: creation-completion of 100-piece jigsaw on US election.  To continue:


My purpose is to review just a few points to give an idea of my interest in the outcome of the presidential election. I’m on record here and in FB discussions that it’s “a testing ground of prophecy”.  I had in mind not only the many prophecies of a second term of office for Donald Trump but also those of the election being referred to SCOTUS. Yet I was soon to learn that the one I had 4 years earlier on exposure of political corruption would soon have another fulfillment.

My coverage arises from not only my watching whether or not prophecies come to pass, but also ‘coincidental’ awareness of a secret investigation into and exposure of deep-state evils. So, let’s check a few of my first blogs on this globally significant event:

In October we’d noticed Facebook’s expanding censorship. On election day Veronika West found it again blocked her posts on, and prayers for, the USA’s President Trump! And once again I too met a FB issue, so I posted PROOF of Facebook censorship and tampering.

BUT NEXT (after having drafted this far and closing down for the day, Wednesday), I dig into a hard-copy of volume 2 of Peter Navarro’s report and learn about evidence for Facebook founder’s personal complicity in election skull-duggery!!  Having seen the report announced on Koenig’s World Watch Daily, it was important to circulate and I realised it makes 40th Election’s Not Over. Thus it’s the jigsaw’s last border piece and connects into the first, thereby making the puzzle’s first corner!  Moreover, it relates to our issue on election day November 3rd.

Peter Navarro writes alarmingly on pages 16-17 of volume 2 (emphases mine):

‘It is also worth noting here that, while this report does not examine any possible interventions by the Chinese Communist Party into our election, Mark Zuckerberg has long sought to enter the Chinese market.

He speaks fluent Chinese, and his company, Facebook, has – despicablyhired Chinese Communist Party members to increase Facebook’s ability to censor Trump supporters and the conservative movement.

Zuckerberg also has expressed sympathies for Chinese Communist Party ideology. In 2014, Zuckerberg met with Chinese internet Czar Lu Wei in Silicon Valley, and was caught on Chinese state-run media promoting Chairman Xi’s book entitled “The Governance of China.”  In fact, Zuckerberg  also distributed this propaganda trash to his colleagues, because he desired for them to understand Communist Party ideology such as “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” In 2016, Zuckerberg also met with China’s propaganda chief, Liu Yunshan, and praised the Communist Party for its “development of the internet.”

Noting what Veronika and I witnessed of Facebook’s direct interference on election day I amended the title of this post to imply their direct complicity!

In view of the massive reaction to the election I broke into my usual long weekend with a 2-part blog: If There’s No Media Lies, Why Block the Freedom to Speak and Write?

Next, in launching the US Election’s Not Over series I quoted William Koenig’s post-election in-depth weekly report from inside the White House, in which he says:

‘I know the experts advising the White House on how electronic manipulation works. I spent an hour with one of the top national experts in August. They know the names of the companies, how it is done and who is behind it. It is complicated. If anybody would expose this, it would be President Trump…’

He then writes on that matter as well as mail-in manipulation of voting, and one of the delegates was attorney Sidney Powell, about whom I’ve since blogged a number of times.

The next corner-piece update 10 reports upon developments between her and Rudi Giuliani in ‘Eye-View ‘ of Friday 13th November. That also tells of her personal contact who has expertise through financial trading responsibilities for spotting poor algorithms and is “working on the forensic details on how the algos were manipulated to give large vote amounts to Biden”.

At the time this was such highly sensitive information and that expert asked William Koenig to remove all reference to his identity and emailed me to do the same, telling me he’s gone “under-the-radar”!

This should give you an idea of my deep interest as a Brit, arising from my blogging on prophecy as well my ‘coincidental’ awareness of secret investigations and exposure of deep-state evils.

NOW we note that Facebook has banned the sitting President from his personal and Instagram accounts until inauguration date. I have to ask, is this not yet another act of treason in view of Zuckerberg’s direct connect with the CCP?

Whatever next?  As Dr Sharon Stone says “Expect the unexpected!”

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Facebook censors report on violent infiltrators at US Capitol

Click image for link to website

Now in trying to get a better image to capture I wanted to check the WT’s Facebook – and just look what I found…

FB’s Zuckerberg fed $400,000,000 into 2020 elections and censored patriots! — The Marshall Report

Fact checker/censor specialists of Appen a third party contracter comes forward and blows the whistle on Facebook and Twitter election interference! Election fraud in 2020 is off the charts so much it would be unbelievable in a Hollywood Movie Production! It is off kilter, loaded with unbelievable facts and fired in our faces! Fake news, […]


Newsmix 3: Facebook’s Fact-checker stupidly slanders ‘stolen election’ article

Time for a long laugh at Facebook’s expense…

Regular readers are aware of my objections to Facebook’s unwarranted censorship, especially during and after the recent US election and reports of fraudulent voting. Let me show you photo-proof of it moving towards slanderous stupidity. The suppression of free, non-offensive and non-inflammatory factual data and opinion is contrary to the principles of democracy. It is a curse upon society and should be soundly condemned.

Therefore, I’m going to draw attention to Facebook’s moronic practice. Its algorithms suppress this excellent paper by Soeren Kern, a Senior Fellow of New York-based Gatestone Institute on two different grounds.

First, here’s the 16-page erudite article and I’d encourage your reading it at the earliest opportunity (tap/click image):

Now, here’s its censored link on the page of a widely-based, informative compiler of British and international political news:

I intend quoting from this source soon in connection with the fulfillment of prophecy, but in the meantime decided to share it on my blog’s Facebook. Now look what happens:

Has Facebook moved into slandering those its machinery disagrees with?  Not quite, but this shows the rank stupidity of its operations – and of its management!  I wasn’t  able to ‘uncover photo’, because of Fb’s rubbishy software, but here’s the photo in question…


Monday morning newsmix – media mayhem!

Good morning to all my readers, may you have a blessed day; but WOT-a-weekend-and-morning!

A number of items are on the boil but, rather than put them all in this post, this time I’m publishing everything separately because of their content. Also, valuable time is being eaten up by operational complications within the rubbishy Facebook software. (When I try opening the blog’s Fb either on via PC or App it malfunctions disabling access to my personal profile, which is my principle usage. About a year ago Fb stopped downloads direct from WordPress and its App is unable to handle two logins – as well as being so unnecessary complicated)

So, I’m alerting you now to notifications you’ll be receiving shortly (all being well) and as they appear I’ll insert direct links in each item for alternative quick access rather than via email.

  1. UK health-passport confirms conspiracy theories
  2. NHS’ contrary instructions for pre-surgery isolation
  3. Facebook’s fact-checker stupidly slanders ‘stolen election’ article
  4. US Election update 21 Nov: Georgia lawsuit ‘shocking’
  5. US Election update 21 Nov: “Biblical” lawsuit coming

NB: UPDATE Newsmix 1 > Supreme Court Judge Slams UK Government

Clarification:  Thank you to Chris Moyler for pointing out that attorney Sidney Powell is not part of the official Trump legal team (see link):

 “…My intent has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may–whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.

The evidence I’m compiling is overwhelming that this software tool was used to shift millions of votes from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Biden and other Democrat candidates.  We are proceeding to prepare our lawsuit and plan to file it this week.  It will be epic...”

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US Election’s NOT over: 11 – Facebook blocks info on fraud

NB: This is a long-read!
Whilst preparing yesterday’s blogs on the US Elections prophecies received by Abel Praise followed by screen-shots for Updates 9 and 10, I was corresponding with my dear friend Chris Moyler on background information. BUT then I got BLOCKED once again by social media’s thought policing, as shown below [other examples here].

Mario Murillo’s article featured in my Update 10 but click may be read here. After my making a comment with link to source information, these screens appeared as I hit the relevant buttons:

NOW here’s the Natural News piece published on Friday 13th I’m referring to which FB deliberately suppressed (because it targets them):

It’s absolutely no wonder that my remark got blocked because of Mike Adam’s in-depth, utterly damning report. It opens (with additional emphases mine),

Continue reading

Prophetic declaration over social media and Spirit of Unbelief — Wanda Alger

What a ‘coincidence’ after having read today of the internet’s founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee rebuilding the internet for users’ benefit rather than that of tech giants!   

Two years ago the Lord gave me a prophetic word about Facebook. He said “…the Tower of Babble must come down!” In my journal, dated January of 2018, I wrote: ““FACEBOOK will become increasingly hostile to conservative voices, but the Lord is going to use this pressure to compel leaders to de-centralize their communication to…


US Election’s NOT over: 3 – Facebook ‘corrects’ Team Trump!

Notice how Facebook has the audacity to insert post-election adverts for Biden onto ALL Team Trump’s postings!! To any reasonable-minded person, added to its recent censoring on behalf of the Biden family, constitutes blatant proof of political bias!

First, a clean copy on Spirit Body Soul

If there’s no media lies, why block freedom to speak and write? Part 2 (F/P #10.21)

Cont’d from Part 1: This very highly selective sample indicates there’s a lot of discussion about US vote-rigging, but we look forward to emergence of supportive evidence of deep-state corruption. So please weigh and watch for purpose of testing…

DHS is US’ Dept of Homeland Security

If there’s no media lies, why block freedom to speak and write? Part 1 (F/P #10.20)

You may recall my report of personally encountering Facebook censorship after blogging a week or so earlier of its blocking reports of Joe Biden’s questionable financial dealings, some of which involve China?

Well, the proverbial stuff continues to hit the fan and, although engaged elsewhere (ie NOT locked down!!) I’ve managed to collect snippets from Fb friends and am breaking into our long weekend so that readers can be aware of a little of what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’.

These items are presented in roughly chronological order but, in view of time constraints, I can’t provide links; BUT LAST SHALL BE FIRST and in my humble opinion THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF US ELECTIONS’ UPHEAVAL – ie. this explains the whole farago:

NOW for the roughly chronological sequence, NB: I broke Fb’s community standards and thus got blocked in posting a link to the following Natural News item on Chris Moyler’s Fb:

Continue reading in Part 2 >

PROOF of Facebook censorship and tampering! Please share…


After publishing the previous post at 10:15 I hit Share button to pop it onto my Facebook profile. Its picture promptly appeared (as below, I inserted a comment from the blog).:

Upon revisiting FB around coffee-time I was surprised to find it had been changed to:



What’s more, a Fb friend had already but inadvertently given me a forewarning when replying to a comment I’d made on his latest posting. Chris Moyler says,

“FB dumped my detailed reply here, as I tried to include a picture. You change screens for a moment, and everything is flushed away! Deeply fed up!!!”

LOL – they’ve now deleted a comment I’d put to the original FB entry; so now state:

[Click here for previous posts on this issue]

More~on: social-media censorship

Further to coverage of Facebook and Twitter censorship I revisited Covid ‘pandemic’ the scientific and legal facts expose crime against humanity and found this!

To read Dr Fuellmich’s full announcement click here.

Sean Feucht of Missoula, Montana, describes himself as “Husband, father, missionary, musician, speaker, author and founder of a grassroots global worship, prayer and missions organization; Burn 24/7….His lifelong quest and dream is to witness a generation of burning hearts arise across the nations of the world with renewed faith, vision and sacrificial pursuit after the Presence of God.”…

More~on: social media’s global censorship of free debate

The previous post relating to the prophecy on falling giants in USA and Facebook getting its come-uppance for suppressing the New York Post’s article on the Biden family corruption, raised confirmatory contributions from readers in New Zealand..!

First, as mentioned at close of that blog, is this from Alex Alexander highlighting Fb’s global control of free expression (emphasis mine):

“That is a very important word to me as elections on now in NZ. Facebook banned an entire political party called Advance NZ. Two days ago. They have had to take out full page advertisements in newspapers. (Emphasis RB).”

His compatriot Phil View responds at the foot of the urgent word Neil Mackereth brings …Next 40 days are critical:

“Alex, I feel that Christian Conservatism took an absolute battering in the election. We trust in God…Just another thought, but I have never in my lifetime seen an election where the media covered for Government as has just happened. A university politics lecturer raised concerns with me a couple of weeks ago about the mass manipulation of New Zealanders by Jacinda Ardern. He was proven right last night. A client told me last week he was so concerned about what is going on he is shifting his investments out of New Zealand. It will be interesting to see where we are at in 40 days.”

Moreover, I never forget hearing the late great End-times teacher of Australia, Barry Smith, frequently speaking of New Zealand as being the “globalist’s guinea pig” – as it’s  hidden away outside the wider world’s close attention! Continue reading

America falling giants prophecy – Facebook’s come-uppance?

Friday’s centre-pages op-ed of the Daily Telegraph and its World News section did not fail to grab my attention in view of my Newsflash: update on ‘whistleblowers’, as in one of Veronika West’s prophecy in its preceding post and in “giants will fall” – especially as an appropriate follow-on to my recent posts here and here on Facebook’s censorship (blocking my blog of John Barber’s Book of Daniel – his ‘badge of honour –  Jonathan Ely’s post on Chinese whistle-blower virologist as well as Veronika West’s prayers for Trump). 

‘HAVE you read the latest about Joe Biden, his son Hunter and the whiff of scandal? No, you probably haven’t, because the story has been whipped off social media faster than you can say “Left-wing conspiracy”.

‘No wonder there’s outrage. It took 16 years after founding Facebook for Mark Zuckerberg to decide that posts denying the Holocaust should be banned. But a Biden-bashing scoop gets zapped in seconds. Of course many are fulminating about the latest flagrant example of new media’s anti-conservative bias…’

Nick Allen, the DT’s Washington correspondent, opens his report (emphases mine),

‘Facebook’s Sir Nick Clegg was involved in the controversial decision to reduce the social media distribution of a New York Post story which was based on the alleged emails of Joe Biden‘s son. [RB: when leader of the Liberal Democrat party Clegg was co-Prime Minister with David Cameron.] 

‘The decision, which has caused uproar with less than three weeks to the US election, was lambasted as politically motivated censorship by senior  Republicans, who accused Facebook of “acting as Joe Biden’s PR team”.

‘Facebook’s move was announced on Wednesday by its policy communications director, Andy Stone.

‘It is understood that the vast majority of decisions on content moderation at Facebook are made automatically by artificial intelligence or comparatively low-paid contract workers. However, a small number of cases, which are considered culturally, socially, or politically sensitive, are escalated through a chain of executives. They go through the vice-president of content policy, and the vice-president of global public policy, and then to Sir Nick, vice-president of global affairs and communications.

‘A tiny number of the most difficult cases then reach Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook chief executive, and Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer. Decisions about Donald Trump‘s posts, including the president’s claims that the coronavirus was less deadly than the flu, are taken at the highest level of the company, including by Sir Nick, Mr Zuckerberg and Ms Sandberg.

‘It is not known who would have taken the ultimate decision in either of the recent cases.

‘The Telegraph understands that even decisions about posts by Mr Trump no longer always require Mr Zuckerberg’s sign-off, because the company has now had enough experience at moderating the president. A spokesman for Facebook declined to say what part Sir Nick played in the decision.

‘The row over Facebook’s role came after the New York Post published details from Hunter Biden’s purported emails, including his business dealings in Ukraine and China, along with personal photographs that included one showing Hunter asleep with a crack pipe…

Nick Allen concludes,

‘The president (Trump) suggested repealing section 230, a law that protects social media companies from being sued over content posted on their platforms.

‘Announcing the action on the New York Post article, Mr Stone said: “This story is eligible to be fact-checked by Facebook’s third-party fact checking partners. In the meantime, we are reducing its distribution on our platform.”

‘Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter, said his company’s handling of the situation had been “unacceptable”.

‘He said: “Our communication around our actions on the New York Post article was not great.”

‘Josh Hawley, a Republican senator, said he wanted Facebook and Twitter to answer questions in Congress over the controversy.

‘He said: “It’s basically Big Tech versus democracy. These tech companies want to control what we read. They want to control journalists in this country. They want to control the news and we just can’t let them.”

In this connection Alex Alexander highlights Fb’s global control of free expression:

“‘Emmanuel is with us’ That is a very important word to me as elections on now in NZ.
Facebook banned an entire political party called Advance NZ. Two days ago.
They have had to take out full page advertisements in newspapers. (Emphasis RB)
Praise the I AM.”



‘A Tennessee Catholic bishop asked Joe Biden on Sunday how he will account to God for his support of killing innocent unborn babies in abortions. Bishop Rick Stika of Knoxville, Tennessee has not been shy about criticizing the Democrat presidential candidate. Biden claims to be a devout Catholic, but he supports abortions without restriction and wants to force taxpayers to pay for them. He and his vice presidential running mate, Kamala Harris, are being described as the most pro-abortion presidential ticket in history.

‘On Sunday, Stika posed an open question to Biden on Twitter.

“At your judgment before God, how will you explain changing your position about abortion and how will you explain promoting no limits and allowing all protections removed protecting the most innocent?” the bishop asked. “Will you tell God you supported the ultimate child abuse because of the American Constitution?”  click to continue reading


Blocked by Facebook — JRB Publications

John Barber adds his further experience and thoughts to my coverage of this issue in Facebook blocks’ Bible, Chinese whistleblower and prophecy, prayers for Trump:

“I was hoping I have arrived! I want to collect my Badge of Honour but…”

Read John’s account of being Blocked by Facebook — JRB Publications

Facebook blocks Bible, Chinese whistle-blower and prophecy, prayer for Trump!

[PS. See John Barber’s accompanying reply to first part of this blog.]

This has been in draft since mid-July but now’s time to expose Facebook’s suppression of not only scripture and Christian activity but also the valid exposure and denunciation of authorities’ deceit from a leading Chinese virologist known to my readers.


As with all items on this blog, after publishing the previous post’s link to John Barber’s article on the Book of Daniel I copy-pasted its url into my personal Facebook only to be met with this grossly unwelcome and unwarranted censorship:

‘You can’t share this link – jrbpublications.files.wordpress.com – Your content couldn’t be shared because the link goes against our Community Standards…”

So I lodged a complaint asking “whyever should scholarly review of the life and book of the Old Testament prophet Daniel be against Facebook’s ‘community standard’? – It’s crazy, or maybe you’re doing what he foretold!”



Click image for link to many alternative news items on Covid-19


Click to see Veronika’s Facebook entry Saturday 3rd October

I’m sure there’s more examples of social media controlling our thoughts and opinions…