Google rates my blog ‘suspicious, untrusted site’ – crashes twice when reading John Barber’s post via F_buk!

[Published 13.12.22] I get email notifications of comments on this blog (but not of my new posts, which is probably my TalkTalk ISP censorship as using Chinese routers it filters out weekly updates from Christian Concern, headed up by legal eagle Andrea Williams.)  SO a week or so ago I spotted a notification that I chose to use its link to read comment instead of the usual means of my WordPress admin desktop.

Just look at what popped up > A BADGE OF HONOUR! Continue reading

A baseline understanding mostly missing behind the Twitter discussion – Govt influence over Social Media and the Surveillance State

FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO DIVE DEEP>>> ‘Sundance’ writes:

I am ONE Hour into listening to the Three-Hour broadcast that Elon Musk joined tonight {YouTube Here}, and the amount of cognitive dissonance and circular discussion is off the proverbial charts.

Elon Musk joins the “Twitter Stages” conversation at 01:03:00 of the VIDEO HERE.  Musk noted that in addition to Matt Taibbi he has given the Twitter files to Bari Weiss. However, the debate over what DC bureaucrats did -and are doing- from within the Biden administration, to censor speech, take down social media content and stop information adverse to their political interests, is a futile conversation without the full understanding of the current U.S. surveillance state.

Some of the stage participants on the call with Mr. Musk have self-identified as targeted by the intelligence community, some are under active and ongoing investigation, yet they do not seem to have an understanding of what this U.S. social media surveillance system is.

We cannot fight our way through the issues until we first realize what lies at the root of the problem.

Source: A Baseline Understanding Mostly Missing Behind the Twitter Discussion – Govt Influence Over Social Media Influence and the Surveillance State

Obama Deep State & NWO operatives wickedly forcing Americans what to think — Clever Journeys

New revelations have come about from the perfect storm of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, various lawsuits and independent investigations about the coordinated censorship activities between the New World Order (NWO), US government and Big Social Media. Before the corrupted 2020 election, tech companies including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon […]

Obama Deep State & NWO Operatives Wickedly Forcing Americans What to Think — Clever Journeys

Brainless bots quote Reuters to censure Farcebuk re PM Sunak

I have much better material I’d prepped for this blogging day BUT had to wake in the early hours over related issue to pray for our new Prime Minister AND upon opening up my farcebuk after breakfast saw the top notification led to confirmation of the scriptures I’d used – but more of that soon. First however let’s laugh at Fbk’s reaction to this entry of Tuesday 25th October after THE highly apposite verse for that day:

The next day I find a notification issued about 6am about this: Continue reading

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 6: Zuckerberg AGAIN, Meta

These screenshots say it all…….

NOTE > ‘Meta’ in Greek means ‘beyond’ BUT in Hebrew it means ‘death’!

Previous update covers his flopping Forbes’ financial ranking (click image title) to read:

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 5: – Zuckerberg

Once again another good timing as I finish ‘on-cue’ with my birthday > > 17:22

PS – FYI scroll through previous posts on ‘Giants’ and their falls and Veronika West’s prophetic word 29 Sept 2018 > America: The Giants Will Fall in the Land

As it slowly falls, Farcebuk continues to act foolishly by blocking my posting

What a stupid social medium. Just look at what’s been going on with Veronika West’s Fbk and an entry I make referring to one of my postings about her!!  Z-bot in action…
First, Veronika’s announcement as on my phone’s screenshot:

Now my comment originally posted on American prophetic reformer Amanda Shiflett’s item against Halloween.  I’d noticed that copy-pasting into my timeline had produced an anomaly, and so I mentioned it on my timeline:

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 5: – Zuckerberg

Re: His Kingdom Prophecy 29 Sept 2018  America: The Giants Will Fall in the Land

So NOTE WELL, this exceptional contrast:

“No one in America has lost as much money over the past year as Zuckerberg,” (Forbes)

The catalyst for Trump’s return was his creation of the Trump Media and Technology Group.


‘A familiar name returned to the ranks of the “Forbes 400,” this year, but the pinnacle of the list saw one long-running name take a dive. 

The list was topped by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose estimated net worth of $251 billion made him not only the richest American, according to Forbes, but the top name on its list of global billionaires.

Former President Donald Trump was ranked as America’s 343rd richest person, according to Forbes.

Trump, who had fallen off the 2021 list, has an estimated net worth of $3.2 billion, forbes reported to Forbes. The catalyst for Trump’s return was his creation of the Trump Media and Technology Group, the company behind the social media platform Truth Social. Forbes estimated that Trump’s investment in that venture is worth $730 million…

But as the tech sector giveth, the tech sector taketh away. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of the list of America’s 10 richest people for the first time since 2015, according to Forbes.

“No one in America has lost as much money over the past year as Zuckerberg,” Forbes wrote.

Forbes estimated that the 57-percent drop in the value of Meta’s stock was a key factor in Zuckerberg losing $76.8 billion over the past year.

FYI: scroll through Richard’s Watch’s previous posts on ‘Giants’ and their falls.

The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls — JRB Publications, John Barber

This is going to be an odd post, combining the part of me to do with preaching the Gospel and that as a Watchman on the Wall, although the two are irrevocably linked, for the more I watch, the more I see (and don’t see), […continued at…] 

The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls — JRB Publications



Note that the next posting can be shared without any issue! SO, FBk CENSORSHIP!

PS to Review of prophecies on month of Awe-Gust

I didn’t want to cram these screenshots of recent news into the previous post along with separate messages from Donald Trump in case that post’s combined shot wasn’t legible:

PPS item:

Mark Zuckerberg Hit with Formal Demand to Turn Over Docs Showing FBI Interference in 2020 Election

Continue reading

Farcebuk censors my link to leading British newspaper – and locks me out again! (PPU #14)

An amusing Prophecy Progress Update (PPU) when the following notification appeared last Thursday at the close of my pre-Bank Holiday weekend blogging day – notice date! I’d posted Daily Telegraph item onto JGM purely for information purposes, and I never saw it appear there. AND of course last week came news of FBI-Zuckerberg collusion in interfering with 2020 US election:

AND it’s system got alarmed that I’d at last been able to logon that morning and left my account open all day and shared items from this blog – and so I got locked out again!

You may recall my previous ‘badge of honour’ of being blocked because of Fbk’s new security system for ‘high value’ accounts such as mine – and the ‘coincidental’ timing of opposition.  (After following instructions it didn’t send me codes to my phone or gmail.)

Today however, being back online to ‘catch-up’ I once again tried its security sequence  and found it’s vastly improved and enabled me to check activity on my account and to set more secure password. SO AM BACK THERE!  I’ve responded to their warning by disagreeing with that decision, but wasn’t asked for my reasons.

Zuckerberg reveals FBI told Facebook to be wary of “Russian Disinformation” — Jonathan Turley

Recently, I wrote about the disclosure of an alleged back-channel between the CDC and Twitter on censoring critics of the agency and its recommendations. Now, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed how the FBI warned Facebook about “Russian propaganda” before the Hunter Biden laptop story dropped in 2020. This follows reports that the FBI told agents…

Zuckerberg Reveals the FBI Told His Company to be Wary of “Russian Disinformation” — JONATHAN TURLEY


THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY MUST READ ABOUT FARCEBUK’s CENSORSHIP OF FREE-SPEECH. Remember they employed fact-checkers from China Communist Party and Zuck’s top-level political connections listed by Peter Navarro!

‘On target’ always comes with confirmation of ‘spiritual hits’ !!

BLOCKED from Farcebuk – I must be BANG ‘on-target’ – BOOM!

We now have an update on the problem getting into Farcebuk – I can get in BUT only after a fashion because of system changes and Facebook Protect issues for ‘high value’ accounts (ie. monitoring).

This morning I found I could at last get access via this PC, but not after it ‘slept’ over lunchtime! It now wants me to log in via a new account I’d tried setting up to attempt getting into my account. As I’d not been getting any two-step verification codes via text messages, for the new I wanted them via my unused gmail – and nothing’s arrived!!

YET soon after 9am I found a code arrived by text and I could return to that media, but it had changed a lot. Thus, my morning plans got taken up with being back on Farcebuk after 11 days since 11th August (NB: 11 yet again – see this latest post),

So there was a lot of catching up to do with not only comments thereon but also sharing blogs posted over that period, PLUS several welcome-back responses.

Moreover, there is comment about a prophecy given to Veronika West about Donald Trump – in opinionated British fashion muddied by mainstream media brainwashing! WHEN WILL THEY WAKE UP!

It’s disappointing when those who follow Jesus haven’t yet moved into the obedience required of true discipleship. Our dear sister and anointed prophet, together with an American sister living here with a strongly prophetically gifted husband, also replied to that person.

Also, I mentioned that our well-attended men’s breakfast (held over 30 years) always has a solid bible discussion, yet most haven’t realised how scripture is playing out in End-time events – as well as not appreciating the gift of prophecy – or the demonic, or deliverance!

Furthermore, the timing was again confirmed within seconds of my writing because my wife phoned about a modern version of the prelude to the Gadarene maniac’s arrest! WOW…WAGI > Wot-a-God-incidence!!

It also confirms my much-delayed intention for today of the following personal message with reposting a couple of pre-election 2020 blogs.

First however, they need a brief intro:


Politics turns almost all Christians in Britain off because of its nature and public distrust of politicians. Unlike American churches we keep a neutral, almost silent stance on politics, as well as our disdain for the exuberant hype of their typical services.


Most regrettably, too many Christians here accept mainstream media’s deep bias, which leads to total ignorance of the truth about Trump, as displayed in the FB individual’s personal politics.

However, choosing ignorance affects our grasp of how the Lord and His servants work behind the scenes. Much as I respect all church leaders, very few appreciate the prophetic. One prayer leader holds a staunch opinion that Obama and Biden are Bible-believing Christians, and views informed opinion as being deranged!

SO, next we’ll visit the steps I took in October 2020 to educate my church leader.

BLOCKED from Farcebuk, I must be BANG ‘on target’ – BOOM! – LOL Treble B’s!

Sitting in our conservatory, Google Chromebook on my knee I’ve started this new post with its title alone and saved then went to Telegram to copy-paste an earlier chat with a friend on Telegram only to find Telegram is FROZEN – or its bots frightened of what I’m blogging. Oh well, try again…interesting sequence of how that happened, as at end of the following comments:

[Forwarded from Chris Moyler]

Are you in FB JAIL again? Nothing from you on your FB page since 10 Aug?

God bless you OVER THE TARGET !!! Chris x

[Forwarded from Richard Barker]
“YEP dear Chris!   But NOT so much in rather than LOCKED OUT of ‘ JAIL’!

I must be BANG on target and truth-bombs dropped! In fact I’ve replied to your dm that arrived on my phone just b4 breakfast and I was able to tap out a reply and sent about 7:15am – did you get it? It was unusual because I could open it whereas from others it’s impossible. So presumably you didn’t receive as you’ve since asked here.

I GOT LOCKED OUT last Thurs when it tells me to turn on Farcebuk ‘Protect’ to unlock my a/c. (In a possible scam email received weeks ago they claimed I’m a ‘high value account’ requiring security!)  Screen promises to take me through process for applying 2-step login verification (eg like with our bank) .

So it’s ‘b(ig)ot‘ takes me to choosing option of sms to phone and I insert my phone number to get a confirmation code – BUT NONE HAS EVER ARRIVED – moreover, the moronic bot then says if there’s still a problem then I need to insert my number in my fkbk settings – BUT that’s inaccessible!

Also, since it started I keep getting note when trying Fkbk via my phone saying they’ve got problems setting up F in (UK)!!!   So (HUGE) IF I get time I may try setting up new fkbk in my full name.”

SO, in between sorting out ongoing issues with workmen laying Swish fast fibre in our street, causing a sink-hole collapse at the junction of another cul-de-sac plus using that pavement corner to dump piping carelessly and, thereby with two close sets of barriers, having prevented the weekly rubbish-collection, I did carve out 15 mins to try opening a new Farcebuk account using gmail address.

The moron-machine stated I couldn’t use my mobile number as it belongs to another registered user (me or ?) AND resulted in similar INABILITY to send confirmation code to my Gmail.

Therefore, this dual-check clearly indicates Farcebuk is an utterly shambolic system, or that it has blocked me totally for being a free-thinking blogger dangerous to their idiocy!

It was after having attempted to open a new account that Telegram completely hung and I was unable to get back into the open pages.

It’s good to get an email from a reader saying many are moving off Fbk onto Telegram, where they subscribe.

SO if you have yet to visit my channels for more coverage of prophecy-related news for red-pilled folk and which causes concern to the controllers, and for news specifically on progress of fulfillment of prophecies, here are the links (there may be a little overlap):

For info: Fakebuk tries censoring the ‘God-incidence’ reported by Veronika West

I got a Fbk alert to having published a supposedly partly false report within my re-post of Veronika’s recent item, as shown at the foot of this screenshot:

Being an open-minded born-again Christian I took at look via the link provided; here’s a snippet:

They attempt to provide an impartial report but which is clearly contemptuous of both  investigators for the simple fact they’re at the opposite end of the political spectrum and able to think for themselves. I don’t necessarily agree their conclusions because of the  difficulty in proving their claim as the deposited voting documents cannot be examined.

Also, why whinge about the hype – after all, that’s the typical American way of tending to be over-the-top, as compared with our relatively calmer British way.

There may well be holes in the D’Souza and Englebrecht’s claims but for a better, more balanced view read Is ‘2000 Mules’ An Absolute Game Changer?  by Nick Moseder on Substack.

PS 6 May

PPS 7 May – Dan Bongino’s reaction after watching the movie:

2020 US Election fraud, new documentary: 2,000 Mules – The Stream

Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, longtime conservative commentator on issues in culture and current events and New York Times best-selling author, writes at The Stream’s See Dinesh D’Souza’s New Documentary: 2,000 Mules:

May 2 marks the theatrical debut of Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, 2,000 Mules, about organized vote fraud in Wisconsin and other battleground states involving vote harvesting and those unsupervised dropboxes, which were so obviously a horrendous idea.

Tracking the ‘Mules’

The film uses surveillance video and cellphone geotracking to follow the movements of a network of “mules” who tirelessly collect ballots from non-government entities and stuff them, a few here and a few there, into drop-boxes in the dead of night. Here’s just a taste of what they found, as revealed in the official trailer:

Recall that many of those dropboxes were funded through grants from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), which had received hundreds of millions in donations from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. These “Zuckbucks” reportedly came with strings attached, as they were used not just to pay for dropboxes, but also to make sure those boxes were placed in particular locations.

D’Souza’s film was put together with monumental research from the organization True the Vote.

Click here to read more about this HUGE exposé.

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 1: the Biden family

Last Friday I was reminded of a word Veronika West had brought on falling giants in USA, when I was prompted to post this on this blog’s Telegram:

Here’s the prophetic word Veronika brought 42 (7×6) months ago in September 2018 (click image to read) and which I’ve been monitoring, as linked herein:

Readers across the ‘Pond’ are aware of the following extremely sensitive issue but for others these items may help, starting with a reminder of Daily Mail’s investigations:

Continue reading

Prophesied news of Media collapse: 2 of 3 con’td – Facebook crash

NB: Previous postings relating to ‘Falling Giants’ brought by Veronika West, Oct 2020:

Prophecies coming to pass in America 2 (F/P #25.4) – Storm is brewing, giants will fall

3rd Feb Continue reading

Prophesied news of Media collapse: 2 of 3 – Facebook financial crash

NB: Zuckerberg bragged about re-branding Fakebuk to ‘Meta’ as in Greek for ‘beyond’, and thereby alluding to artificial intelligence and trans-human enhanced faculties. BUT, in Hebrew, meta = death!

NOTE ALSO many previous postings relating to prophetic word brought by Veronika West in October 2020 on ‘Falling Giants’:

Prophecies coming to pass in America 2 (F/P #25.4) – Storm is brewing, giants will fall

PS (3rdFeb) Continue reading

“Over the target, am encountering enemy flak!”

Thursday again, another day devoted to ‘unblogging’ my brain as I spend the daytime at the desk. What’s in the pipeline gets jotted on a small piece of paper as an action list.of over dozen items. Today, however, it’s been mentally composed pre-dawn whilst awake and it feels very much like I’m a pilot being sent on a night raid during World War II 

The mission and target is clear and planned in advance for dropping metaphorically explosive spiritual insights into events that have transpired.  That is, prophecies which are now proving true, or are in process of fulfillment – even with media using the same language!

As you’d expect, those ‘raids’ happened recently when I meet opposition – friends say, “You’re over the target!”  And then comes reinforcements in the form of more insights or GPS (Global Prophecy Signals) confirmation or, as of late, material contribution. Continue reading