WOW GPS #85 continues: ‘Bridge o’r Pond’ 3rd day confirmation of harvest and of ‘stump of Trump’

NB: Highly recommended video and transcript for which I’d urge my readers to study…

WOW, how little did I suspect my closing Confirmation Within Minutes on What I’ve Just Blogged – WOW! with another picture, as above, but this time with more falling pieces,  was itself prophetic!  Two posts previously I’d blogged on hearing the Lord 2 x 7 years ago concerning the Matthew parable 13 of End-times harvest of wheat and tares – but it turned out to be an unplanned short series!

NOTE my emphasis by two posts upon Timing and upon Reaping and Jesus will call for the angelic culling of evil.

After closing down on Thursday for the weekend, days later I read that Friday morning’s Give Him 15 prophetic intercession in the USA led by Dutch Sheets introduced two strongly gifted prophets: his brother Tim and Chuck Pierce  – AND BOTH spoke about harvesting angels, thereby acting as two witnesses per Deut 19:15 !!!!.

As usual Dutch has published a transcript Give Him 15 – October 7 2022, from which here’s a few pertinent extracts from when Chuck begins speaking (emphases mine):

“Well first of all, it’s an honor being with you two and, Dutch, I want to say that yesterday Destiny Image promoted our book, The Prophetic Destiny of a Nation. All of you who do not have that book, I want to encourage you to get it because it’s just as important today as it was when we [Dutch and Chuck] wrote it.

“Now, one thing I want to do, especially since Tim is here with us, is go back to something that occurred in December 2017. That was the month God visited me (I’ve tried to make a couple of slides to show you). I woke up and standing in the place where I seek the Lord was this incredible angelic being. I asked him who he was and he said that he was the angel of war for the harvest. He then showed me the world and timed the harvest ahead. Certain nations and certain states in America would all of a sudden have these incredible harvest sheaths of wheat rise up. Therefore, I could see where harvest was going to take place. Yet it was a war angel for harvest

…Then He showed me that in April, things would start changing rapidly. Each one of these angels would be sent to a state and that state would come under a divine choice for the future. If that state didn’t choose, it would be harvest – one way or the otherbecause you’re harvested based upon what you’ve sown…

…I want to say to all of us: beginning in April (2023), there will start to be great changes in harvesting America. That means, God will begin to make it very clear concerning what is happening in each state regarding how we have sown…”

Tim Sheets then goes into detail about having encountered 51 governing angels for the USA and Chuck responds

“I just want to say a couple of things. First of all, I’ve got that ‘Holy Spirit shake thing’ going on in me. What we’re doing right here is so important for all to hear because it’s something that is confirmed by the mouth of two witnesses. Tim saw the angels being sent. I saw them positioned around America, and they’re carrying the decrees of the saints. They’re coming to war over the harvest of America. If you’re listening from another nation, you will begin to see the same thing I saw in December 2017 where I saw that the nations would actually start shifting into their harvest realm. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen…”

I want to end by saying, ‘Tim, I’ve been reading in Isaiah right now, and I think of Isaiah’s visitation with the seraphim. It said, ‘In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord’ because the seraphim caught him up and showed him a dimension of what would happen. There’s another passage in Isaiah 6 where it talks about how the stump would come alive. One of the Hebrew meanings of this year, is the stump begins to come alive again. [RB: see Hebrew Isaiah 6 Interlinear]

So what these angels are going to do is find the stump in each place [state] so they can start attempting to bring life from it. If life will not come forth, then I think everybody in that state will recognize there’s something greatly wrong in their state. Dutch I want to encourage you and say that Jerusalem, our America, is being surrounded now, and we are in a time of great change. It’s just like what Isaiah said and you can interpret this yourself. ‘In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord.’ So get ready – there’s going to be visible reckoning that we will fully recognize, and there will not be confusion over it….”

The phrase in red relates to what Veronika West brought from the Lord in August 2021, but first I quote Dutch with reference to an ‘endgame’ relating to a dream about baseball – the World Seers Series:

“…it’s all similar in the sense that God is saying we’re moving into a season now where He’s releasing these high-level angelic beings – probably led by Michael – to war on our behalf and enter the game – to call the game, to release justice and help turn the nation. That was the end-goal and result of the series….”  (click for full transcript)


One of Veronika West’s intercessor friends told her about ‘Give Him 15’. So in my next post we will read her response about that phrase. Meanwhile, however, you may wish to listen first to her recounting on the link below to Paul Oebel how this word came to her.

After sharing how she was gifted in prophecy from childhood, from 24 minutes Veronika and Paul then discuss the principles of operating in prophecy, and from 43 mins she recounts the Lord telling her on 19th July 2021:

“Watch, for the stump of Trump will sprout again!”

Click image to play video (overwrites current screen)

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