The stump of Trump will sprout again! – Veronika West (GPS #85.6)

Continuing from the previous post referring to Chuck Pierce saying last Friday,

“There’s another passage in Isaiah 6 where it talks about how the stump would come alive. One of the Hebrew meanings of this year, is the stump begins to come alive again…”

The next day Veronika West posted this on her Facebook, as in His Kingdom Prophecy:


Friends, I must re-post this Prophetic Word, because I believe the fulfillment of this powerful and poignant Word is now beginning to come to the fore.

So, an Intercessory friend sent me Dutch Sheets’ latest Word of “Give Him 15” and Prophet Chuck Pierce’s is sharing with Dutch and Tim concerning the Season of War, and half way through what Chuck is sharing, he begins to speak about, ”It’s Time for the Stump to Grow Again.” (As in this blog’s previous post)

As I listened intently, The Anointing of The LORD began to burn in me like Fire, as Chuck spoke about the Stump growing again and the Coming Harvest.

So, in light of this latest Word from Dutch, Tim and Chuck, I want to re-post this powerful encounter to build Faith and Expectation of what we are warring and contending for, in this hour.

Some of you may remember this powerful dream when I first shared it here on HKP, The Planting of The LORD.

At the end, I have shared the Dream a little differently, as I have given a type of sequence of the Dream as it unfolded before me.

The Stump of Trump Shall Sprout Again

America! America! I see you standing as a mighty Oak Tree in the midst of the trees of the great forest of Nations. Ha! You are the tallest and strongest among the trees of The Nations.

But suddenly I hear the piercing sound of deep cracking in the midst of a loud sound of the hacking of axes, and I hear The Spirit say, ”Beloved, listen! Do you hear it?”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I hear another sound, a deep rumbling coming from deep beneath the ground. I look, and my eyes are drawn to the roots of the giant mighty Oak Tree.

Then suddenly, I hear another sound, like a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of The Forest of Nations, and I hear the sound of footsteps, and then I see, behold, it’s the mighty Lion of Judah walking among the trees of the great forest of Nations.

I see His Eyes upon the hordes of hell, with axes in their hands. His Eyes fixed upon the great and mighty Oak Tree.

His Eyes, now upon the roots of the mighty Oak, His piercing Eyes looking upon the foundations of the Nation, the power of His Covenant Promises, with The Nation of America has drawn Him in!

Then suddenly, I feel the ground beneath my feet beginning to shake and tremble, and I see the branches of the great Oak Tree beginning to sway violently, and I see the hordes of hell are unrelenting in their pursuit to tear down, uproot, and utterly destroy the “Planting of The LORD.”

But then suddenly, I hear the sound of loud Thunder, and The Heavens and all the Trees in the great Forest of Nations begin to shake, and the ground begins to quake.

Then I hear these Words, ”For I laugh in The Heavens at the folly of my foe, that think they can uproot what I have planted, or tear down what I have built!

Watch! For in the midst of the great shaking in The Forest of The Nations there is a sound now rising from deep within the ground, it’s the sound of My Resurrection Power and Glory that shall suddenly bring forth new and greater Life and Liberty, for out of the deep darkness, a piercing Light shall suddenly break forth to expose the works of darkness.

For the veil and the scales shall be removed and peeled back from the blind eyes of the people, and surely, they will declare with a loud voice, “A great awakening is now come upon a Nation that has been slumbering and stumbling in the dark!”

Watch! For I say to you, The Stump of Trump will sprout again, but you say, “How can an Oak Tree that is cut down, ever grow back?”

But I say, the roots! The roots! Look to the roots, for now the breath of My Resurrection Power shall blow forth upon the roots of The Stump of Trump.

I say again, My Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace shall triumph over the works of wickedness in high places, for that which looked dead, shall surely live again!

Watch! As new and greater life shall suddenly and swiftly spring forth from that which was cut down and destroyed by the hands of the devourer.

Listen! For the sound of The Roar of The Lion of Judah now goes forth upon this Land, to shake, shake, shake the very foundations of The Nations.

Yes! The roar of My Resurrection Power shall now deeply penetrate the root system of The Oak Tree, to Revive, to Restore and to Reform!

Watch! For that which was cut down to the ground shall surely bud again and become greater and mightier than before!”

The Stump Dream in sequence

  1. People running towards the fallen Oak Tree wailing, crying, praying the tree would be revived.
  2. A death has taken place, fear that the destiny of a nation has been stolen.
  3. People began to cut large chunks of the fallen Tree.
    Many began to carve images of President Trump: a warning of idol worship.
  4. I first hear the footsteps of The Lion of Judah in The Forest of Nations.
    The Lion of Judah jumps up upon The Stump and lets out a mighty Roar, and a Rainbow comes forth from His Mouth.
    He roars into the roots of the fallen Oak Tree.
    I see a Rainbow River come forth from His Mouth.
  5. The Rainbow Roar, which is the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits going forth into the roots/ foundations to awaken a Nation that is asleep, to its true Kingdom Identity and Destiny.
    God remembers His Covenant Promises with The Nation of America.
  6. The mighty Rainbow Roar (manifest Power of The Seven Spirits) deeply penetrates the root system.
    Twice He roars over the roots.
  7. Then The Lion of Judah lifts His Head, and roars for a third time.
    I see The Third Heavens open, where I see a Rainbow Whirlwind come out of The Heavens (Whirlwind of Elijah), the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits of God in The Whirlwind.
    I hear these Words, ”The Whirlwind of Elijah — The Sword and The Sickle, its Judgement and Harvest time within The Nations!”
  8. I see Heaven and earth being shaken and awakened.
    A divine convergence begins to take place — a synergy of the ages.
  9. Then a piercing cry of the Great Eagle.
    At the sound at The Roar of The Lion of Judah, the Great Eagle will soar!
  10. The Great Eagle is soaring now, circling over the massive Oak Stump.
  11. The Eagle comes down towards to Tree Stump.
    I see a mighty Rainbow Whirlwind (The Whirlwind of Elijah) beginning to form over The Stump.
  12. The Great Eagle is soaring within the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits of God over The Nation.
  13. Just before I see the feet of the Great Eagle touch The Tree Stump, The Lion of Judah leaves The Stump and moves forth again into The Forest of Nations.
  14. The Great Eagle’s feet lands upon The Tree Stump, and the Eagle sits upon The Stump.
  15. Suddenly I see green shoots bursting forth from the dead Tree Stump.
  16. I hear these Words”My Resurrection Power goes forth to Redeem Time, to reverse the curse of death and destruction.
    My Resurrection Power goes forth to raise a Nation from the grave”
  17. I see and feel the power coming forth from The Whirlwind of Elijah, over The Nation.
  18. God’s Resurrection Rower is now being released into The Tree Stump.
  19. The Destiny of The Nation is being realigned and redeemed. The curse bring reversed!
  20. The Great Eagle is suddenly seen flying once again, into the eye of The Whirlwind.
  21. A sudden stillness comes over The Forest of Nations.
  22. Suddenly, I looked and looked again, and a fully grown Oak Tree comes forth from in the midst of The Whirlwind of Elijah.
  23. A new and mighty Oak Tree was totally transformed.
  24. I hear these Words, ”Watch — for The Stump shall sprout again, and that which was dead, shall be raised up to new and greater life!”

10 thoughts on “The stump of Trump will sprout again! – Veronika West (GPS #85.6)

  1. Richard: Here is a comment from Belinda Thorne put on my post “The Lion and the Jackals” that I thought you would like to see; it is really incredible:

    “Hi Tim, thank you for the compliment of using my painting!

    “Genesis 49:9-10 … I read your post and then I went and visited a man who is shut-in with illness … and he also gave me the same scripture… Lord what are you telling me? Bless you Tim for speaking the Word of the Lord.”

    Belinda is from Australia. It looks like an Aussie, an Englishman and an American are on the same Holy Ghost wavelength confirming this word from Veronika West and Genesis 49:9-10. The ways of God are beautiful and unfathomable. It is a blessing when the Lord reveals bits and pieces of His plan to his sons and daughters.

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