An invitation to enter the doorway of divine destiny

Espied this afternoon on Ignite Ireland Ministry’s Facebook .:

Ladies of Gold detail

‘He reveals the deep and secret things: He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells in Him!’ (Amplified Bible: inserted RB)


‘Time to take hold of DANIEL 2:22’…!




Then suddenly the Encounter ended..!


Veronica West, 23rd February 2017


  • Sense this is quite personal in view of my birthday being on 22nd and the word received from Isabel Allum on the ‘gift of Daniel’ (see Why Write/blog?)
  • Illustration detail from ‘Ladies of Gold’ by James Mahoney


A vision over this new nation

In view of its importance, as well as confirming other visions, please see this posting from Yinka Oyekan’s facebook via UK Prophetic Words received today :

A Vision Over the Nation

As I drove into Liverpool to preach at Frontline the Lord gave me this revelation:….

“Have you not understood it is time for harvest and so I have placed Theresa in a position of prominence, her name means harvester and she will, for a time of reaping is at hand. It is my will and good pleasure to bless this land and so, get ready to reap. I am releasing an army of evangelists in the United Kingdom; can’t you see it? I will sweep though this land”.

I saw Liverpool rising from the ashes looking like a bride adorned. And I heard the Lord say, Continue reading

Prophetic word from Oz: Angel of Awakening in the USA

This from Lana Vawser of the Australian Prophetic Council follows a recent one, The Heart Of The USA Is Groaning. Today’s ‘update’ aptly follows my previous post of our Father telling Patsy Southway, “My heart is global” and begins:

LanaVawser‘This morning I had a vision where I saw a HUGE angel, he stood so tall and so wide and I saw him leave the throne room of heaven on the Lord’s command and head towards the earth. I saw this angel come towards the nation of the United States of America. As I watched I saw it land with one of its feet on the West Coast and the other foot on the East Coast.

‘When it landed, between the span of his legs and his wings the entire nation of the United States was covered. Instantly I felt the atmosphere get thick and heavy in the most glorious way, the presence of God was so tangible…’

Read prophetic word in full > Angel Of Awakening In The United States of America.

Lana Vawser: coals of fire are being released for prophets

WOW! This word confirms and thus speaks directly into a dream of 11 days ago whilst attending the Awake conference (and which plugged into the podcast on Time). ALSO, for some reason this word was missing from my email notifications, although the next (Angels of Recovery) was in today’s in-tray! It was found by looking in my WordPress’ Reader folder, which I don’t always check upon blogging as I usually go straight to its admin desktop.


LanaVawserThis morning during worship I saw angels descending from heaven and they were holding burning coals of fire in their hands.

I saw them going throughout the earth and they were releasing these coals of fire, the fire of God upon the hearts of prophets and those operating in the gift of prophecy.

As these coals were being released into the hearts of these ones, the fire felt hot, seven times hotter than what they had experienced before and I noticed as the coals of fire were burning in their hearts, their hearts were EXPLODING. They were exploding with the fire of His love, they were burning for Him in ways they hadn’t before as they wholeheartedly embraced the fire.

It was bringing a DEEP purging, a DEEP purifying, a DEEP refining, a DEEP pruning and a DEEP igniting.

As these coals of fire were burning in the hearts of the prophets and prophetic voices I saw something SO beautiful! I saw IN THE FIRE, the hearts of prophets and prophetic voices that had said YES to Him embracing the fire, a DEEPER level of the ‘knitting together’ of their hearts with the heart of God.

An explosion of revelation of the goodness, kindness and beauty of Jesus, the fire of His perfect love being awakened in their hearts. (Hebrews 12:29) In the midst of the fire that was burning I saw a compass that was on fire in their hearts, and the Lord was bringing an alignment and recalibration of hearts to ALIGN in REVELATION with the TRUE NATURE OF GOD and His love.

As permission was given to the Lord in the embracing of the fire, He was burning away religious spirits, areas of wrong views of Him and His nature that had taken root and were flavouring the prophetic words, messages of His heart in wrong ways. It was being burnt away to release a pure flow, a pure revelation of HIS BURNING LOVE!!!!

As the fire of God was working DEEP in the hearts of the prophets and prophetic voices, I saw their lips and mouths ON FIRE!

The Lord was bringing a greater cleansing of any ‘mixture’ in prophetic words released.

The Lord was releasing a GREATER PURITY in the flow of prophetic messages released even though we only see in part.

There is an accuracy and purity being imparted into the hearts of the prophets and prophetic voices AS they embrace the fire, that is releasing a greater level of clarity, accuracy and a deeper entering into the insight like the sons of Issachar – knowing the times and seasons. (1 Chronicles 12:32)

fire-of-Holy-Spirit-300x194As the prophets and prophetic voices were embracing the fire and being refined in heart to be more like Him, the prophetic flow in their life being sharpened and purged, they were arising burning with love for Him like never before and then SUDDENLY platforms of greater favour and responsibility opened up.

I saw many prophets being raised up into new levels of sight to declare and prophesy over cities, nations and people groups with greater clarity, accuracy and love.

There is GREAT FIRE on the prophets, prophetic voices and prophetic movements right now and it is bringing a shaking. As our YES is given to the Lord we are moving out in greater love, accuracy and burning for Him. He doesn’t want us to resist the fire, He wants us to embrace it. It is FOR OUR GOOD and the good of the Church and the world.
If the fire is not embraced, I saw ‘another time around the mountain’ happening, until the Lord can accomplish the purging, purifying work that He wants to do now, to release us into greater levels of accuracy and prophesying OUT OF HIS HEART OF LOVE AND GOODNESS, as true prophecy REVEALS who He is in His love and goodness and greater doors of favour opened so the burning passion of His love may spread across the entire earth.

The Lord is wanting to bring a restoration, purifying and increase to the prophetic across the earth. As we say YES to the fire we are moving into levels of insight, accuracy and revelation of His heart, His ways and plans like we have not ever dreamed of.

Lana Vawser, 23 February 2016

Read about this Australian’s ministry here.

Footnote (RB): this has a bearing upon an unusual dream I had from which I awoke feeling as though an interior volcano was about to erupt in my spirit. Later, in the second session of that day’s C.I.Europe conference, Jane Hamon spoke about the power of praying in tongues for awakening and releasing the force of the Kingdom. As we did that for at least two minutes I was blessed to feel that unseen fiery volcano bubbling within and getting ready to explode. Hence my picking up on last weekend’s references to holy fire.

 (Clearly, TalkTalk is still getting email issues: mid-Nov to mid-Dec the ISP filtered my email from Christian sites and I await reply their CEO’s reply.) 

Messages from one who stands in The Almighty’s Presence

(Originally published on this blog on 23rd January 2014 and now re-published in view of the increasing expectation lately among Jews of the appearance of their Messiah.)

Angel Gabriel’s introduction of himself is familiar from Christmas scriptures. Yet I propose to connect his messages with the concept of prophesying into Time, especially about the Holy Spirit – and with an intriguing prophecy for Jewish people today.

Angelic Announcements

This post’s title is from Gabriel’s response to an elderly Jewish priest’s disbelief, to which I refer below. Several months later Gabriel was sent to a betrothed teenager, as depicted in 1898 by Henry Ossawa Tanner in Annunciation (click image for gallery).

The maiden’s visitor greeted her,

“Rejoice, highly favoured one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!”

It wasn’t so much the surprise of an invisible spirit becoming visible that troubled her, as what he’d said and how it was said. But this messenger then reassured her,

“Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David. And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end.”

Although not disbelieving what he’d said, the young lady posed a logical question because she was a virgin, “How can this be since I know not any man?” So Gabriel explained,

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God. Now indeed, Elizabeth your relative has also conceived a son in her old age; and this is now the sixth month for her who was called barren. For with God nothing will be impossible.”

At this Mary responded laudably, “Behold the maid-servant of the Lord. Let it be according to your word”.

How different was the young maid’s acceptance of this decree about her own future to that of the very much older priest Zacharias when Gabriel had visited him a few months earlier. Apparently, Mary hadn’t heard about what had happened. Otherwise, there would have been no need for Gabriel to have confided the news of that first miraculous conception.

So what went wrong for her cousin’s husband?

Zacharias had the once-in-a-lifetime privilege of burning incense in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. In view of its performance being in the Holiest of Holies, this duty was done by drawing lots rather than by a rota from many teams of priests.

Whilst Zacharias was officiating, an invisible, supra-natural spirit subtly scintillated at the side of the altar. It proved to be a holy messenger – an archangel, so some believe. He brought news of the future mission of a mightily powerful man of God – the priest’s own son!  But Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth were childless for she was well past child-bearing age!

However, their prayers for a baby were to be answered and the angel prophesied this special one would be filled with God’s Holy Spirit from before his birth!  It isn’t any wonder the priest was in disbelief! When he asked, “How shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife is well advanced in years” , the angel’s response was most emphatic,

“I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, and was sent to speak to you and bring you these glad tidings. But behold, you will be mute and not able to speak until these things take place, because you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their own time.” (emphasis added) 

If you’re unfamiliar with physician Luke’s investigation into those encounters with Gabriel and what happened when the two cousins met, and to Zacharias too, I’d recommend reading his full account here, by courtesy of

Points to Ponder

Those accounts are particularly interesting in connection with speaking into the future, as summarised in Prophesy TO 2014 and Talking to Time seems to work!

Prophesying is speaking forth the mind and counsel of the Lord God, as communicated to an individual. Therefore, it’s a declaration that cannot be known by natural means – a direct revelation from God. [For more see An Introduction to Prophecy.]

Now let’s check Gabriel’s announcements in the light of John Kilpatrick’s message of the first Sunday in 2104, as outlined in my recent posts (ie January 2014):

1.  In that last quotation, Gabriel issued a decree that happened immediately but which had a limited duration. That is, he spoke into Time by prophesying, did he not? Right away the priest became dumb until he was released from the decree’s power when the baby came to be named months later.

My underscoring of “my words…will be fulfilled in their own time” indicates New Testament support for ‘talking into Time’. Gabriel’s words brought from God were not only welcome news but also, and far more importantly, announcements on earth of declarations that had been issued in heaven. They’re excellent examples of oral statements of God’s will and are thus prophetic and creative, in we can understand from the Word of the Lord given to prophet Isaiah (Isa 55:11 – emphasis mine):

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Thus, what God speaks not only through His holy prophets but also through His angelic spirits who minister to His people, as well as through His Son, is sure to happen sooner or later.

2. From the principles of Genesis 1 the power of divine and human speech is creative, . The presence of Holy Spirit is necessary to bring about a divinely created manifestation. A Hebrew understanding of ‘over’, or ‘hovering’, in Genesis 1:2 is that Holy Spirit was next to or immediately adjoining what was about to be acted upon – all that was required to start the process was a spoken word.

Therefore, when Gabriel spoke to Zacharias the combined action of his words and the Holy Spirit fully rejuvenated his wife’s body. She was no longer barren but could carry and bring a child to birth normally. And even in her womb Holy Spirit was present to make baby John respond to the sound of Jesus’ mother’s voice!! (Luke 1:39-41)

The same happened when Gabriel spoke to Mary. The ‘overshadowing’ power of the Most High that he referred to carries the same meaning as that of ‘hovering’ in Genesis. Being of the Holy Spirit, the same creative power that was ‘In the Beginning’ brought about an ‘immaculate’ conception after the angel’s prophetic announcement. That is, it would not happen until a decree, a spoken announcement, had been delivered and received. Once again Gabriel had spoken into Time – into the next nine months!

3. The creative application of Gabriel’s prophetic description of Jesus’ kingship and its relevance to a possible prophecy given to the late rabbi Kaduri warrants consideration in another post. Read about him meanwhile in Who are the Jewish people expecting?

Continued in > The rabbi’s note, the PM’s death and the angel’s word – Part 1 

See also, Why this September (2015) is Special: Update 1 – Judaism

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Angelic reveille over the British Isles cont’d – fresh wind globally

This continues Patsy Southway’s prophetic dream she published on PICK Ministries as Great Britain – Angels of Wake Up! and which is reposted on this blog here. A week later Patsy writes:

Patsy SouthwayFollowing on from my first blog regarding the Angels of Wake Up published on the 22nd August, as I was sensing that there would be a ‘part two’ this is what was released to me during the week while I joined others hungry for more of God.

God reminded me of the Angels of Wake Up and then in an open vision showed me a HUGE clock.

There were so many parts to this clock, from tiny cogs to very, very large wheels.  Near the base of this clock was a large circular piece, a movement, that was swaying clockwise – anti-clockwise, clockwise then anti-clockwise in that rhythm.  I found myself physically moving with the rhythm of this HUGE clock.  Tick tock – tick tock – tick tock. Then I began singing a little prophetic jingle – Tick tock, tick tock, it’s time to STOP, it’s time to stop, anything that’s not in God’s Rhythm!

Anything that’s out of His timing, out of His rhythm, will cause this huge clock to malfunction.  I could then see the disorder that comes when we’re not flowing with Him.


As I continued to admire this beautiful HUGE clock, I felt a fresh wind coming and bringing with it a SETTING IN ORDER of that which is out-of-sync.  I also saw a REPOSITIONING of many people in preparation for something much bigger that’s coming!

Then God showed me a map of His World.  In several places, in different nations, I could see people on trains and buses being brought to a halt!   Masses of people getting off transport and wondering what to do?  Where to go?  At the onset of these happenings there is total chaos.  This reminded me of the current refugee crisis in Europe, but I sensed that these were people ‘in general’ just going about their business on their way to work, etc.

It was as though someone had switched off the power for commuting!!  Trains and buses coming to a halt!!


As I’m seeing this, wondering what’s going to happen…….SUDDENLY Heaven comes down.  There is calm, there is peace, there is order, there is organisation, there is MULTIPLICATION (previous blog) of food, of water, of life!!  Because the LIFE-GIVER has come!

Whatever chaos, whatever strategies and plans the enemy has dreamed up, our God, our Father, is SINGING over us.  He releases LIFE – PURPOSE – DESTINY!

As Father has released these Angels of Wake Up to the United Kingdom, and I believe in other NATIONS also, (in particular, America) placing them in strategic places; awakening the WATCHMEN, awakening the INTERCESSORS and generally AWAKENING His CHURCH, our response must be to join Him.  To intercede for the Governments, the Cities and the Nations, in preparation, for this imminent outpouring that, as yet, this world has never known and we will move into an entirely NEW LEVEL of what it means to be a CHRISTIAN – a CHRIST-follower in these days.

Such GLORIOUS days ahead…

PICK Ministries

Courtesy of PICK Ministries

Angelic reveille over Great Britain & Ireland

Patsy Southway is based in the West Country in the heart of Somerset and has been involved in various levels of ministry and leadership roles across denominations for over 25 years, including co-pastoring an AOG Church. This sister in the Lord was blessed with the following dream earlier this month and published it on PICK Ministries blogspot last Saturday:

Courtesy of PICK Ministries


I had a dream over a week ago that I’ve been processing and I’m sensing to share it this morning.

Close friends know that previous to this dream the Lord has been speaking to me about the ‘BUGLAR’ [sic].  I had pulled into a garage for fuel and a guy walked right in front of my car, causing me to brake quickly and on the back of his overalls was a large label with ‘BUGLAR’ on it.  On the same day I was stuck in traffic and a van pulls in front of me that says, ‘BUGLAR’.

During that same week whilst taking my son to work I saw TWO cows give birth. Although I was in my car the cows were so close to the fence that I could have got out and touched them.

In my previous blogs you’ll read about the DOUBLE that God has speaking to me about for this year.  So I’ve been spending more time with Him this past week to get a handle on all this.

During this time the Lord gave me a dream:

I saw a map of Great Britain and Angels with Bugles have been placed in specific places in Scotland – England – Ireland – Wales.  Behind the BUGLAR Angels were taller Angels holding long, large trumpets.

I could also see that many people had become tired in the process of journey.  Some had given up, others had adapted an attitude of ‘why bother’ and apathy had set in.  But intercession has been made and I sensed that in response to all of that God was showing me how to continue to pray for the unfolding of His plans for this nation.

The Bugle is used in the armed forces to awaken the soldiers at dawn.  God has placed these Angels in strategic places to blow their bugles – to AWAKEN the Church; the people of God to HIS plans and purposes for this nation at this time.

It appeared that these Angels will AWAKEN – sound the alarm, first, then the taller Angels that I could see behind them will blow their trumpets.  I understand that these trumpets are used for the purposes of HERALDING in the NEW – and ANNOUNCEMENTS of ARRIVAL  (In Royal circles and Government) they have also been positioned to announce the ARRIVAL (the NEW births that I had seen earlier).

I could see the tiredness, the apathy that the enemy has released over the nation being turned around.

There has been things done in secret, in, and over our nation that God IS revealing as we are awakened!

I was reminded of this scripture:  Luke 8:17 ‘For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest: neither anything hid that shall not be made known’.

I’m sensing that this is only Part One – I’ll be sharing Part Two as and when He releases it to me.

Please join me in prayer as we continue to see the unfolding of God’s rule, God’s reign, God’s righteousness over the nations.

Continue reading in Part 2 >

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Pat’s remarks on trumpets used for royalty remind me of Nina’s description of when she heard them (from On the majesty of His Majesty, The King of Kings):

“There were 100 of us present, sipping champagne and chatting when – suddenly! – Her Majesty’s trumpeters appeared up in the gallery and heralded her arrival.

“There was more than a hush in the room, the air was electric. You could hardly breathe with expectancy. Suddenly, A GREAT BLAST came from their trumpets in fanfare!!! Then a voice boomed out,

“Ladies and gentlemen – Her Majesty The Queen!”

“Her Majesty was in the room amongst us. You did not hear her coming – she was just ‘there’! It was a WOW moment!!”

Dr Sharon Stone begins Prophetic Words for 2013-2016 for UK & Ireland with a “Clarion Call” for us not to miss the day of our visitation!

On becoming like Jesus Christ

fire-of-Holy-Spirit-300x194This profoundly important message comes from Mike Parsons. It’s reposted in full rather than re-blogged in order to emphasise its associated prophetic word and append a book cover and make some observations on four consecutive days of God-incidences. Regular readers know my opinion of such events. For Mike’s original posted in August, click on his following title:


Mike Parsons with Jeremy Westcott

Transformation: embrace the season

We are entering into a season preparing us for holiness; a season of removing stumbling blocks; a season of preparation to cross the threshold into the glory realm; a season for transformation. Not just a minor adjustment of surface appearance, but fundamental, radical change, affecting body, soul and spirit.

Let’s not resist it, but embrace it. Let’s cooperate in being changed from glory to ever-increasing glory. Entering into the process of refining and purifying is entirely voluntary. That said, we know that sometimes God will engineer circumstances around our lives to give us further opportunities to volunteer. We can fall on the Rock, or the Rock can fall on us.

Like you have never known

Here is part of a prophetic word which God gave me before I first taught this series at Freedom in 2012:

“It is time to pray that the lid comes off and to call forth my angels who are waiting to start gathering and removing stumbling blocks both within and without. Holiness fire is coming, the highway of holiness has been prepared. It is time to walk in the river of fire. You have walked over it and felt its heat but now it is time to be baptised in fire. The heat will turn idols back into the dust they came from: to be under your feet, not in your hearts.

“Call forth the gathering angels. The lids are coming off the sewers, the secret and hidden things of the heart are about to be exposed. All I ask is for the willingness to submit to the fire that will refine, purify and prepare you for true holiness.

“I am about to restore your souls like you have never known, and lead you on paths of righteousness like you have never known.

“I am going to prune the church. I am going to cut off the branches that are producing no fruit. I am going to remove the stumbling blocks to true kingdom government. I am going to close the access doors that the enemy has had. Some have already been removed.

“I am looking for those who are willing to be pruned in the unproductive areas of their lives and in their desires and their priorities…”

Metamorphosed, transfigured

We have seen that happen at Freedom Church (kingdom government has been established here, but in the process, lids have certainly come off some sewers and we have experienced some painful pruning, both corporate and personal). What is true for us locally is true for you, wherever you are reading this. God wants His whole church transformed, metamorphosed, transfigured, changed, conformed into the image of Jesus; not patterned, moulded, conformed to the world.

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect (Rom 12:1-2).

Transformation is a process of change, a renewal, a restoration to original condition; not to what Adam was like before his sin but to what he would have become. How would things be today if Man had not fallen, but had spent the intervening centuries pursuing God’s plan for him and for creation? How would we be?

Our goal in transformation is to become wholly like Jesus; to live like Him; to do as He did, and greater things (John 14:12); to be conformed to His image.

For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29).

One degree to another

In our day, the prophetic books (portals) have been opened and we are receiving deeper levels of revelation and understanding. But these also call for deeper levels of transformation. It is like going from pre-school mathematics (recognise a number), through primary school (counting, simple sums, addition, multiplication), to secondary school (algebra, equations, calculus), undergraduate, postgraduate and so on. I suspect many of us are not much beyond pre-school as yet.

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18).

There are progressive levels of transformation to maturity, progressive levels of responsibility and authority. God wants to take us from servant to bondservant to steward to friend; lord to king to son.

By the mercies of God

Freedom from sin (Rom 6:16-18); the gift of eternal life (Rom 6:23); peace with God (Rom 5:1); the grace of God (Rom 5:2); salvation from wrath (Rom 5:9); the gift of repentance (Rom 2:4-5); the love of Christ (2 Cor 5:14-15): the mercies of God are new every morning, and they motivate us to present ourselves as living sacrifices, ready for transformation.

It is indeed a process, and it may take some time. But we can begin today (and every day) by offering ourselves as a living sacrifice. We can invite Him to do what He needs to do in us.

He will challenge our conscience, imagination, reason, mind, emotions, will, and choice; our motives, desires, attitudes, mind-sets, belief systems, familiar spirits, patterns of sin, trading systems, idols, stumbling blocks, entanglements; hurts, pains, rejections, fears, inadequacies, inferiorities, disappointments and more besides. He will deal with our sin, transgression and iniquity. He will restore our supernatural abilities.

Are we up for that?
If so, let’s pray:

God I thank you for your presence in my life.
I open the gate of first love and invite you into my spirit
I invite you to activate my spiritual senses and flow through me
Jesus I surrender control of my life to your lordship.
You are Lord of my life.

I choose to be a bond servant.
Train me as a good steward
So that I can be your friend.

Renew my mind
Heal my emotions
Restore my conscience
Cleanse my imagination
Direct my will.

Train my senses to hear your voice
To know your heart
See your vision
And be directed by your peace.

Cleanse my bloodline and seed-line
Transform my DNA.

Father I choose to follow my eternal destiny
Into lordship, kingship and sonship.
I choose, as an ambassador of heaven,
To administer the rule of the kingdom of God
On earth as it is in heaven.

Display me as a son of light on the earth.
Manifest your kingdom rule through me to the world around me.

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The year of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, 2012, saw an abundance of prophecies about a new era for the Church (click for a selection).  For me it brought a conviction of seeing things falling into place, especially after an awesome gathering in August at Birmingham, as described in An invisible jigsaw falls into place. It greatly reminded me of having prepared annually for the new school year but going up to a higher class, and Spirit-filled believers have an exceptional schooling (see Back to School-College-Uni).

So I’m most encouraged that Mike refers to 2012, and spells out what was on my mind about increasing in Godly wisdom like when we went through various schools – but I omitted my intention of saying most churchgoers are in, or unwilling to progress beyond, nursery school!

More remarkable are references to ‘stumbling blocks’ and the ‘mercies of God’, because they featured prominently last week, as follows:

  • Tues 18th: the closing verses to the draft of my last post on Jerusalem (re. faith of traditional church leaders) got augmented. I added what had cropped up in that morning’s quiet time but used the literal wording rather than the standard NKJV text, “It is impossible that no offenses should come…”; ie. I wrote ‘stumbling blocks’, not ‘offenses’.
  • My study bible notes to Luke 17:1 state ‘offenses’ means ‘stumbling blocks’, and is literally the trigger of a trap or snare. In the verse it designates something that causes one to sin, and Jesus issues a strong warning against apostasy.
  • Within minutes of publishing that post an Elder called about having an insight into our unexpected month-long recurrence of a major health issue and said he’d seen a ‘stumbling block’! When my wife waited upon the Lord nothing came, she went to watch a TV programme but it suddenly changed to show a long-forgotten but traumatic episode of when she was 9 years old playing out on the TV Screen!!
  • Wed 19th: our Elder ministered as directed into that ‘video’ stumbling block’.
  • Thur 20th: Nina awoke to find there were no signs of this daily manifestation! Praise and thank the Lord greatly.
  • Thur 20th: that morning’s prophetic Lion Bites was exactly on target, as implied in my covering comment to New mercies every morning!  Mike refers above to “the mercies of God are new every morning’!
  • Fri 21st: not normally on-line, but went to adjust that draft only to see email note of Mike’s post being re-blogged on Ecclesia of Burning Ones – thank you so much for bringing this excellent post to my attention.

I can only conclude: NOW’s the time to action Mike’s post!

Angels GatherNote: Paul Keith Davis writes in-depth on ‘angels that gather’ in this book published in 2007. For details click on the book’s cover >>>


Vision of a lion – the four faces of God

Lion of Judah roars

To continue Paws 4 Thought on Ffald-y-Brenin about the frightening vision of a lion and as promised at the close of ‘Nuggets’.:

To recap briefly, let me set the scene…


In his blogspot of 2011 David Pike writes about the 1,500 year Christian history of the mountain upon a shoulder of which Ffald-y-Brenin nestles.:

Carn Ingli credit DE Pike“I find it very interesting that the place God chose as the location for the centre is on the side of Carn Ingli – the Hill of the Angels. It was so named because it was where 6th century Celtic saint Brynach who came from Ireland and settled in this area used regularly to ascend the mountain and spend time there communing with God. The people of the local community he served were clearly aware that his times of fellowship with God were special and supernatural times, and so the place got its name.”

Roy and Daphne [the centre’s managers] are aware of this connection, and draw inspiration from the way the Celtic saints served their communities out of a deep and personal communion with God in which a regular rhythm of prayer is a key feature.

Chapel credit Ffald-y-Brenin

“In the meanwhile, the level of Holy Spirit activity at Ffald-y-Brenin has increased in the last months, especially after a pastor from Africa visited the centre to come and pray for God’s blessing on his nation. After some time alone in the chapel, he came to see Roy, looking somewhat startled and wide-eyed. He wanted to know for how long there had been a lion in the chapel. 

Beststockpictures images20USU0KH

“A lion had appeared while he was praying, and had stood on the natural rock that is the centre-piece of the chapel, actually part of the mountain on the side of which the centre is built. It had faced in each of the four directions of the points of the compass, and roared in each direction. The man was shaken to his roots! Since then [2011] there has apparently been an intensification and a deepening of the effect of the power of God in Ffald-y-Brenin.”


Reading that whilst blogging upon return home, I noted his closing reference and used it as my closure to my account of the Christian retreat centre:

“There’s a lion’s roar going out of Pembrokeshire right now. I feel it will be heard to the ends of the earth, in all four directions in the coming days.”

In doing so, I noted his reference to ‘all four directions’ also relates to the worship at last month’s ‘Days of Wonder’ gathering in Cardiff.

There, the worship band declared the holy name of the LORD in its original Hebrew and done as practised by the priest in the holy of holies in the Temple. Each consonant of His Name, as revealed to Moses (in King James’ English, “Yehovah” – Exodus 6:3), was declared in turn whilst facing each of the cardinal points of north, east, south and west.

The Four Faces of God

Four Faces bookGod is One, yet Three in One, and reveals Himself in four main aspects, as John Bickersteth & Timothy Pain write in The Four Faces of God (Kingsway Publications, 1992).

The authors explain why God is represented by four creatures, four colours, four offices and four offerings in the Old Testament; why we celebrate Christmas one way when the Bible presents it in four; why there are four different Gospels, each with their traditional emblem.

They explain that, in the Gospels, “Matthew wants his readers to obey the king; Mark hopes his readers will allow His servant to serve them; Luke asks his readers to follow the perfect man; John writes about life, light, love, truth and glory so that his readers will love and believe in God’s glorious, light-bearing, life-bringing Son.”

4Faces p71The grounds for these scriptural concepts were enthusiastically taught by one of the elders at Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist), where I found the Lord had put me after He saved me. When an anti-Christian I’d vowed, “I wouldn’t touch Baptists with a barge pole, ‘cos they’re such Biblical bigots”. But I didn’t know God has a huge sense of humour and, as related in my story, was stunned to find myself at a Billy Graham event in 1989.

A few weeks later I rejected the Gospel but nearly died that night. After being personally rescued by Jesus himself, I decided to attend the church but couldn’t find out what sort they were.  Unbeknown to me they were going through a crisis of whether or not to allow the charismatic gifts. Some went returned to the parent church but the ministers at TFC taught the Bible solidly and learned about and equipped members in using Holy Spirit’s giftings.  So, it was as Smith Wigglesworth had foreseen – the proper balance of Word and Spirit in church. I was in the right place at the right time  Thank you Lord.

I’m not going into the book in any depth, just providing an overview to reinforce my main point. After considering the Gospel writers different emphases upon Jesus’ mission, the authors look at the four-fold Jesus, the four-fold Gospel, four-fold discipleship, four-fold prayer.

4Faces p97Old Testament ‘fore-shadowings’ are considered in-depth, first by means of the names God gave to describe His person, the main ones being:

Yahweh Sabaoth – ‘LORD of Hosts’

El Elyon – ‘God the Most High’

El Shaddai – ‘The Almighty’

El Qodosh – ‘The Holy One of Israel’.

After elaborating upon his mentor’s work, Pain considers Israel’s four-fold Messiah – “your God, your king, My Servant and the man”. Then, as in Isaiah – “Wonderful Counsellor”, “Mighty God”, “Eternal Father” and “Prince of Peace”.

They then consider Ezekiel’s vision of the four living creatures ‘of human form but the sight of them was like the glory of God’! These were later recorded in the revelation that came to Apostle John, but for 2nd and 3rd century theologians, Ezekiel’s vision is ‘the clinching and most important four-fold fore-shadowing of the four Gospels‘.

Those authors, however, don’t refer to what Ian Clayton elaborates upon the faces of God, eg. as in Genesis 17:1

And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I [am] the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect. (KJV)

The original Hebrew of Gen 17:1 reads as follows (emphases added):

And he-is-becoming Abram son-of ninety and nine years and he is appearing Yahweh to Abram and he-is-saying to him, I El Who-Suffices walk-you! to faces-of me and become-you! flawless

Apparently when the high priest declared the name of Yahweh as the ‘Tetragrammaton’ or four Hebrew consonants – ‘Yod’, ‘Heh’, ‘Vav’, ‘Heh’ – they not only turned towards all four cardinal points and sang out each consonant, but also imagined one of those faces of God in turn being before them.

You cannot imagine the effect of this sound during our worship. No wonder we went heaven bound ‘into orbit’ at that gathering in Cardiff…!!!

According to Ezekiel’s vision, the four living creatures each have faces of a man, lion, eagle and bull. It’s thought they’re like that because, being constantly before Him, they reflect all the Lord’s facial characteristics.

Hence, my amazement at learning about the African pastors’ vision at Ffald-y-Brenin of a lion roaring to each cardinal point.

Discerning the times full image

Later, I will write how the Almighty’s personally descriptive name directly reveals Jesus’ fore-ordained sacrifice on the cross.

A closing thought: the cross of Calvary is also four-directional. like compass points!


See Vision of Glory Firestorm and Four Faces of God, and Why I’m Writing for information on the personal revelance of the eagle.

In notes accompanying his painting Four Living Creatures, renowned prophetic artist James Nesbit states,

We have had the privilege of being in countless worship gatherings where we have joined with the voices of the four living creatures and twenty-four elders for hours on end…

(To read more click image to enlarge, and here to access James Nesbit gallery)

Four living Creatures description

Top/closing images credit: Discerning the Times – the Return of the King is Near –  ‘African Lion Roaring’ credit: Best stock pictures – ‘Preparing for the Roar’ credit: At The Father’s Feet

‘Days of Wonder’ gathering in Wales

With the phrasein the regeneration” of Matthew 19:28 emblazoned in mind and setting a seal of expectancy for our short holiday, I was also alert to another claim.

At the back of my mind about the gathering in Cardiff was a reference I’d read to its being of ‘strategic importance’.

I must be frankly honest, however, for on checking all through the ‘flyer’ I cannot find what I saw and read – but in my opinion, it was indeed an important meeting for changes going on in the wider church

To continue from the 2nd part of this regenerating week in South Wales, on leaving Ffald-y-Brenin via Fishguard we headed south and eastward for Cardiff and thence to Cwmbran for the evening’s scheduled ‘Outpouring’ service at Victory Church.

That was our intention but we got halted when a large, sliding mirror met my big toe!

There was time to book into our hotel in Cardiff and have a bite to eat before heading for Cwmbran. However, on unpacking and hanging my clothes in the wardrobe its mirrored sliding doors jammed and somehow one door dropped on my left foot – OUCH! A first aider and manager were soon with us and ice pack padded my blue toe-nail. And in the heat we found the air conditioning unit didn’t work. The upshot was a move to a larger room and free drinks with our meal. The outing to Cwmbran had gone out of the window.

But there was a track record for such setbacks being an indicator of a terrific time coming up next – and remember the promise in Prophecy of a roller-coaster ride – get ready…?

Back in 2005 we attended a week-long school on the supernatural in scripture. It took longer to arrive in that Midlands town than planned but, with only 5 mins to the school’s start, I found a nearby car-park and arrived at the venue in time. At lunch-time we went to book in at our hotel and grab a bite of lunch.

“Your room’s been cancelled Mr Barker!” the hotel’s receptionist told me.

“What? How? When?”

“Our note says you phoned at 10:25 this morning to cancel…” was her reply.

“Ridiculous! That was about the time we parked in town for the event we’re attending !”

It was a most instructive week. Although trained thoroughly in healing and deliverance at Ellel Ministries we’d not had such in-depth instruction for 12 hours/day in these aspects of the Bible. I asked tutor Todd Bentley, “Where were you 40 years ago?”. Had all this knowledge and instruction been available when I was a teenager, I wouldn’t have sought it from Eastern religions and the New Age (see Searching for truth leads me into captivity).

I recall looking at the large local parish church’s cemetery opposite the school’s venue of an old converted cinema. The thought struck me that church was as dead as those in its massive graveyard! (Hence my remark in the previous post.)

So now, with throbbing big toe and its purple-blue nail I was hoping for an exceptional time. And we had just that!  Thank you Lord God.

Days of Wonder

How can words describe what was heard and experienced? I’ll try with a few snippets after this shot of us between the ladies’ raised arms…

DoW Cardiff by Lindi Masters

Three worship sessions daily were literally ‘out of this world’. On one occasion it seemed as though not only the entire 300-odd assembly but also the room were suspended high in orbit (maybe between earth and moon?).  The ceiling with its thick beams became a vast window/skylight through which dark space and stars could be seen. And the sound of our worship at times was like what I’d heard in Newport at the foot of the ‘Hill of Angels’.

[I recalled the sound of angels joining with spontaneous worship at the Revival Alliance in 2012.  It got captured on cd and the contractor sound engineer testified that there were instruments registering which they’d not connected. And the way spotlights were spinning in time to the music was wonderful. An ‘invisible jigsaw’ falls into place refers.]

The convener Justin Abraham’s sessions were very good, especially his emphatically stressing that a deep, burning desire to know Father God is essential for entering heavenly realms. And it’s key to everything taught at his gathering.

I was interested in seeing how the two main teachers Paul Keith Davis and Ian Clayton would deliver their different subject material. Each has a sound understanding of our living Lord and his word, yet have their own distinct experiences and style of speaking

DoW Speakers by Lindi Masters

We’ve known of Paul Keith since we heard him in Bath several years ago, and have attended some of his UK conferences as well as following his regular newsletters.

In those early days he once went by, heading towards someone else, but glanced at us. In doing so, he spoke an awesome personal word about Jesus’ return that remains etched in me.

The timing of that word’s fulfillment may present a personal problem, so I presumed. However, it so happened that Ian Clayton would teach upon longevity!

It’s 2 years since we first went to Well Church International and Ian was due to teach. He brought novel insights into scripture and on getting close to the Lord. I was pleased to hear him speak about coincidences, but very surprised when he used the same description of it that had popped into my mind a few weeks earlier! (See closing Note to this post.)

So that ‘link’ enabled me to accept his explanation of ‘God-incidence’ and to appreciate his other material. Also, I able to follow and understand everything he was teaching on these novel, perhaps radical, and often scientific but biblical concepts.

Paul Keith opened the gathering with,

“I believe that we’re on the verge of something significant… the spirit realm is saturated, its bursting, we’re at a tipping point. You never know when..the next session might be the one,  the next prayer, the next prophetic word…We’ve got to keep doing what we know how to do and it will happen…”

“From Day of Atonement 2014 to Day of Atonement 2015 we are to have things and structures such as ‘apostolic’ hubs and communities in place for a spiritual jubilee…the next major juncture and anointing to build structure for the Millenium to forge the future from the unseen realm…

“It’s time for every born-again Christian to be able to SEE the kingdom of God…”

As an example he mentioned how Jesus appeared to Maria Woodward Etter and then saw a Bible appear on her wall with the glory of God shining from it. Thus, she understood its entire content supernaturally, but Paul Keith was quick to say that doesn’t mean she didn’t need to study scripture. He continued,

“I’m just telling you that in a place in God we can connect with heaven, all the dots get connected. I’ve had some of the revelations where suddenly you see it and think ‘How did you miss that!’

“There’s great truths, there’s great mysteries in the Bible that are going to be revealed to this last days’ generation that have been there all along but we just haven’t seen them yet.

“The blind is about to be removed and we’ll see things we haven’t seen because God’s reserved them for this hour. There’s truth reserved for this hour to present the Bride of Christ without spot or wrinkle

“They’re truths about the spirit realm, truths about the word, truths about who we are in Christ  and Who Christ is in us and all of that…”

And that was just to start…!

….for more, read Nuggets… and follow-up, Getting closer to God > > >

[Photos courtesy of Lindi Masters, Well International Church.]

Paws 4 thought: Ffald-y-Brenin and a prophetic promise


Paws4thort 4Let’s linger in south-west Wales before continuing on our journey to tell about the Days of Wonder gathering in Cardiff. Would you spend some moments to muse with me over a few things?

Offered a refreshing cup of tea upon arrival at the Newport Links hotel, Nina took it to seats looking down to the beach. There, she met a fellow guest who, it so happened, had returned for dinner from Ffald-y-Brenin. Clearly a ‘divine appointment’, and Jane and Nina chatted away as only those who’ve got an exceptionally special person in common can do.

The clean atmosphere of the Newport area plus its fascinating house of prayer at Fflad-y-Brenin made a deep impact which still affects us two weeks later, even though we were visiting friends and not participating in its daily prayer rhythm. Although my 2013 post on Revival in Wales and the Outpouring in Cwmbran briefly referred to this place, I hadn’t done any background reading whatsoever prior to our trip.

Years ago I wrote a paper for Reading churches on its Abbey’s history and the town’s Viking period and battles in 870s AD with the future king Alfred the Great. So, I was also aware of  the history of the ancient British Celtic Church, especially in its Northumbrian king Oswald’s treaties in 630s AD at Dorchester-on-Thames with heathen Mercian king Cynegils and the Roman Catholic missionary Birinus.  Earlier studies had taken me into the history of the early British church. (For example, 6th century historian Gildas posits the Gospel’s arrival in the later years of Tiberius Caesar’s reign, circa 40 AD. In AD 177 Eleutherius of Rome wrote to king Lucius in answering how to conduct himself as a Christian in the kingdom of Britain.)  However, all that past information was deeply submerged in the recesses of my mind.

I came to South Wales in blissful ignorance to enjoy a refreshing short holiday.

So, what I blogged earlier in the 2nd part of my ‘regenerating week in Wales’ was a very basic personal impression. However, as I completed it I realised some details would help readers who are interested in the retreat. So I copied in extracts from the Trust’s website. Also, just after publishing it I got a nudge to search on Google and immediately noticed a blog I’d quoted previously on Wales in the historically erudite Diebach-welldigger.

Therefore, I scanned David Edward Pike’s personal account of The Grace Outpouring and quoted his closing remarks on a roaring lion – without having read it in full.

Imagine my surprise upon doing so at leisure later. Here are details not only about the origins of Ffald-y-Brenin but also on 6th century Celtic saint Brynach’s time spent on the mountain its built upon. Which is why that place is named ‘The Hill of Angels’.

Carn Ingli in distance

Over the mountain road from Ffald-y-Brenin to Fishguard we stopped for lunch up on the col and walked up to the tor shown above, from which the top of Carn Ingli may be seen in the distance. It was a good place from which to speak out blessings to family and everyone in the area.

Speaking a Blessing

Diebach’s account of the retreat centre refers to a couple of supernatural events I wish to draw your attention to. One is on the solitary cross and its origin.

The other event is the lion that appeared to a pastor from Africa in the beehive chapel and the reference to the four points of the compass. I wish to refer to the significance of that when blogging about the Days of Wonder gathering in Cardiff. Peculiar as it may seem to those who have no grid for the supernatural, I can attest that a huge lion was seen to walk through our local church. Only when a visitor reported having seen it did I know I wasn’t imagining it!

Also for those who wish to know more, I recommend a fellow reader’s travelogue on his St David’s to Leominster Prayer Walk. This is apposite to Pembrokeshire as well as in connection with my remarks in A spiritual slant to the Olympic torch’s route, viz:

I was intrigued to learn from a fellow reader of an encouraging encounter with some Welsh Christians during his hike from Newport, Wales to the Lizard in Cornwall . This group had been in contact with people involved in new age etc and had been told “such groups were aware something was going on in the spiritual realm”!!

Mark’s call to the prayer walk was directly connected to the London 2012 Olympics, which are related to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee about which I wrote several posts on the prophetic significance of the Jubilee Bells.

Yet of particular interest is his reference to his key prayer theme on the walk as being confirmed by the restoration of St David’s shrine in the very year of his walk, AND this is identical to the ‘unexpected hint’ from Matt 19:28 referred to in part 1 of our journey. Also, Mark writes that the statue of David has a dove by his shoulder and his holding a Bible, which signifies the combined foundation of the Word and the Holy Spirit, which is also the message of Smith Wigglesworth’s prophetic vision.

About a prophetic promise

Of all the hundreds of prophetic words I’ve blogged about, only one has resulted in a hostile response and slanderous slur upon my character. It relates to the report from Roger of what happened during one of the prayer times at Ffald-y-Brenin when it was considered that Jesus is “calling the Anglican church out of Lazarus’ cave”.

I had intellectual reservations yet it seemed right in my spirit, and it’s timing fell in with a related vision that had come to an Anglican Ordinand on retreat with several others. So I reported it, but a visitor to this blog challenged it.  Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I respect everyone’s opinion and gave it serious consideration.

Yet my explanation was rejected and the report scorned by that bibliolater; ie. someone who thinks their interpretation and application of scripture is sacrosanct. His reference to what Jesus said at Matthew 24 and assumption it means me, indicates his grasp of scripture is not as sound as it could be. That is, he uses eisegesis not exegesis. That is, there’s an incorrect inference because the plain meaning isn’t taken into context either then or as applied to now.  [Thank you The Bishop Dr. for the excellent explanation, What’s with those “Gesis” brothers?]

This critic doesn’t follow Jesus’ instruction about not judging and condemning another. In my opinion it’s wiser to let the Accuser of the brethren do its own dirty work – and if what I reported is actually a work of the Holy Spirit, that soul has possibly committed an unforgiveable sin.

Therefore, I can only conclude satan is very unhappy with this claim about the Anglican Church. Consequently, that prophetic promise on ‘Lazarus cave’ may well be from the Holy Spirit. Having now been to Ffald-y-Brenin and sensed the brooding presence of the Holy Spirit there, I am even more confident of the validity of what Roger shared on revival within England’s established church.

What’s more – this isn’t the first instance of our adversary’s use of heresy hunters over revival in Wales, as noted in this post about Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word on Wales.

A validation?

What may we expect for evidence that the Anglicans are ‘reviving’ or coming out of a tomb, like Lazarus when Jesus called him forth?

Perhaps one noticeable change would be the reversal of centuries of anti-Semitism practised for centuries by the traditional, established churches – and as promulgated by ‘replacement theology’ (the false idea that God no longer has any covenant with the Jews because the new one instituted by Jesus Christ has superseded it).

So let’s take serious note of remarks by leading blogger, His Grace Cranmer. In Welby: “Israel has the same legitimate rights to peace and security as any other state, he writes,

When did you last hear an Anglican bishop, let alone the Archbishop of Canterbury, support Israel’s historic and legal rights? When did you least hear a bishop of the Church of England advocate militarised self-defence as the only rational path to peace when confronted by murderous Jew-haters who conceal their bombs below hospitals, their rockets in clinics, and their guns and grenades in schools and mosques?

In drawing Anglicans toward a better understanding of His work with the Jews – exactly as Jesus’ friend Lazarus would have well known – then perhaps the Lord really is reviving this part of His body, as not only surmised upon Archbishop Welby’s enthronement (New era for the Church refers) but also as heard recently during the regular prayers at this renowned retreat in South Wales.

Now, come for an awesome time in Cardiff >>

Bobby Conner: A holy, unstoppable firestorm coming to the UK

bobbyconnerSix years ago today the internationally recognised prophet Bobby Conner brought the following prophetic words for the United Kingdom. We had heard him previously in Bath and were impressed his outstanding teaching is so well-grounded in the Bible.

Therefore, watching him live via God TV, his words deeply impacted my spirit and so I transcribed them later from God TV’s archive. After launching this blog I copied the notes into the Library on the Prophecies & Visions hub, and find they get regularly consulted.

Please note:

  1. that, as with all prophecies, it needs to be weighed and tested against scripture, as well as being considered in the event of fulfilment in, for example, the current Welsh Outpouring. Also, controversial as it was, the Outpouring in Lakeland, Florida, is generally recognised as having been of God, albeit with a big mix of man. (This linked post offers an informed review of that earlier Outpouring.)
  2. Updates regarding the subsequent Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival and Welsh Outpouring.

Day 42 – 13 May 2008

The meeting’s emphasis upon healing and testimonies changed when Todd Bentley announced:

“Yesterday I had a phone call from a senior prophet of this nation…and he said, “Todd, Bob Jones and I are ready to come down to Florida. Can you please call us as to when you want us to come? In fact, sooner rather than later because we want to come tomorrow night.

“I knew in my spirit there’s something going on here!…There’s something about the two senior prophets in America – proven and versed in the Word – coming together. I knew that something would change in the revival, for I’ve known Bob through the years and we have such a connection that just his blessing tonight would release something in the Spirit.
“I believe they’re here tonight as two witnesses…Something in the spiritual atmosphere is about to change and you need to…hear what the Holy Spirit is saying and we’ll just let Him move…I’m going to bring Bob up but before that I know Bobby has some words for you…”


Bobby Conner

“This is the day of His power…This isn’t a time to be waffling, not a time to be waiting – this is a time to move into the very fire of God.

God is up to something! The voice of the Lord spoke to me last night and here’s what He said,

Tell the people to keep their focus on Jesus, moving ever closer to Him and I will see that this move is a quintessential move of God.”

Bobby continues:

“This move is a ‘quintessential move of God’… and quintessential means the most perfect embodiment of something…He’s going to bring this move to a point of maturity we’ve not seen before; and He called it ‘quintessential’…[one meaning is] removing impurities to bring to a place of maturity and perfection – that’s what God wants to do!

“Also, the Lord said to me that this very night we can eat the hidden manna…Revelation 2:17, “To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna”. We’re in a time right now when God will reveal sacred secrets and mystic mysteries. This is a time we can access the very heart of God and find out what God has planned for these days. And Todd is absolutely, totally 100% right. God is turning a page – going up another level, another level, not only in Lakeland but also all across the earth! – Another level !!

“Remember, just like Moses cried out in Exodus 33:18 “O Lord, show me your glory”. That’s what we’re after…we’re after the glory of God.

“Revelation 2:17…I want to be an overcomer. Don’t you? So there’s a time right now, according to Matthew 13:16 that you and I can see things and hear things and observe things and receive things that prior generations could not…we are a privileged people but with that privilege comes great responsibility. So, I want us to really seek the Lord with everything that’s within us: Jeremiah 29.13…you will find Him – God – when you seek for Him with all your heart.

“I’m telling you, there’s going to be a holy, unstoppable fire – a firestorm is going to come to the UK – I’m talking to you now Trevor (Baker): God says He’s going to send a firestorm to the UK. It won’t be stopped. It won’t be stopped. It’s going to rage, rage, rage!! God’s going to be bringing a firestorm! This is a night we need to be praying for the UK because God said,

“I’m going to start a firestorm!”

Bobby excitedly exhorted everyone,

“I’m tired of smoke. I want to see a fire – don’t you? And the Lord’s going to do it…Malachi 3:1 – the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to His temple. He’ll come like a refiner’s fire, a fuller’s soap. He’s going to come…

“I’m so excited…but I’m so tired of people not being excited about this. There’s an awesome, an awesome anointing here…God says, “I will pour water on those who are thirsty, floods upon dry ground”… and when we position ourselves God will pour out His Spirit…

“I hope none of us think, “I’ve seen that, been there, done that”. It’s wrong…to be blasé for this is a new, wonderful thing that God is doing – Isaiah 48:6 “See, I am doing a new thing.”. **

Bobby then blesses and calls for the fire on everyone. Todd invites Trevor Baker from Dudley, UK, onto stage and he says that Bobby had already known outpouring would break out in England (eg. the Come Up Here conference, Bath 2007 – RB’s note) He tells him it’s started and is in Ireland too. Bobby replies,

“This meeting will be one of the most explosive for it’s going to go everywhere! This move will be distilled – all impurities taken out. It will be distilled, not diluted – the further it goes the stronger it will get! It should be the other way round – but no! The further it goes the stronger it will get!”

After Trevor Baker gives an update Bobby and Bob lay hands on him and wham! – click to see video clip:


** Bobby quotes Isa 43:19 but his referral to Isa 48:6 is most apposite, which reads:

You have heard these things; look at them all. Will you not admit them? From now on I will tell you of new things, of hidden things unknown to you.

Day 53 – 24 May 2008

John & Carol Arnott present again and John told of two angels seen by the United Methodist scholar Scott McDermott who asked them, “What are you doing?”. He was told they’re going to those places that had revival, or were touched by revival, in 1990’s to bring it again – if it’s what they want! [NB. This is two years before the Holy Spirit’s brought God’s presence again to Pensacola-Mobile area.]

John spoke of 2Kings3:14-20 as being prophetic for this outpouring. Then, water for three kings’ troops had run out and the Lord told Elisha to have them dig trenches. Nowadays, this may be applied to the lack of any sign in the natural that revival is coming but, if you dig, then suddenly with no wind or rain in sight – water will come into all the network of ditches. That is, all areas that had contained the previous revivals would be re-activated and flowing with the river of God. [Note: this scripture had motivated the Ditchdigger Network of Churches in Reading, which had been involved with revival in South American nations in 1990s.]

Under a noticeably very strong, powerful anointing (heavier than I’ve previously seen on her) Carol referred to 2 Kings2:19-22 and asked the Lord to pour salt into these revival waters, to ensure that they’re cleansed of all past impurities and poison.

UPDATE May 2014 – this last point is worth noting in view of subsequent personal events in Todd’s life AND because a fresh move of healing came in July 2010 on the anniversary of the start of the Brownsville Revival. This became known as The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival hosted by Rev John Kilpatrick in association with British healing evangelist Nathan Morris. [See The Bay website and tag on this blog, as well as tags for both men.]

Day 57 – 28 May 2008

Todd: “Something to happen tonight, for the first time, is a great birthing within the Church – the Lord is about to commission places, regions as ‘hubs of miracles’. God’s plan was for visitation at Jerusalem and is now to visit whole cities and regions with revival…Who’s here from Wales?”
Several people came on-stage and, whilst imparting the Holy Spirit, Todd declared, “The Great Welsh Revival” many times over one man. Others were from S Wales, one was told, “Take it all over the UK”, another man was from Wrexham.
“I believe the Lord is commissioning new healing wells of anointing in places all over the

UPDATE May 2014 – see this blog’s report 2013 Revival in Wales and links therein for la fuller documentary coverage of what’s happening as well as this blog’s Welsh Outpouring, tag . 

SEE ALSO: Revival in the UK – encouragement from Alabama