22nd February: day after Billy Graham’s passing Dutch Sheets confirms New Era for the Church

Further to the prophetic words here and here on the significance of Billy Graham’s graduation to heaven, I posted an anointed ‘Now’ Word for the Body of Christ brought the very next day (three weeks ago today) by Dr Russ Moyer.:

“This morning we’ve stepped through the threshold of yet another doorway. And know it’s going to continue to happen and it’s going to continue to accelerate, and we are going from one glory to the next.

“Know that this is the season when open doors will be before us and we’ll step into the new moment. Notice the acceleration of time. Know that everything is going to begin to accelerate, and things that took a long time will happen in an instant, and we will go from season to season and moment to moment….

“And know that at this moment, in this day, in this season, says the Lord, even as the seed has gone into the ground, know that a great and mighty harvest is ordained, right now in this hour and moment; as the seed of my servant goes into the ground, Billy Graham, know that I am releasing mantles in the earth today for evangelism. Know that I am releasing mantles now for the end-time harvest, says the Lord…” (continue here)

Russ recorded the video around midday in Ontario. Then, at that evening’s gathering of prophetic intercessors in The Turnaround in Washington D.C., a detailed confirmation was brought of the start of a New Era for the Ekklesia.

Also, as hinted at the close of the previous post on Rev 22 (my birth-date), take note in the following videos of several references to the importance of number ’22’. (Not forgetting 2018 has the Lord’s promise, “I will impart to My Prophets the ability to see clearly ‘My Numbers’, such as dates, times…”)

After worship and Lou Engle’s declaration for worldwide harvest, Chuck Pierce teaches on what this Hebrew year 5778 and calendar year 2018 will bring, confirming changes I’d sensed over the New Year.

From 54:20 mark (1st Video) Chuck refers to talks about the special nature of this meeting and of the year to ‘Go Through! Go Through the Gates’ (Isa 62),  to prepare the way for a move of God in the USA and not stumble over the ‘stones’ of the past again. The meeting is all about going to places never visited and ‘Go Beyond!’ to where God is moving: on seeing, as watchmen, what’s coming from heaven as well as appreciating what God has done in recent historical moves. His saying this reminded me of a certain prophetic website losing (imho) its standing and prophetic integrity by judging and rejecting modern moves of the Holy Spirit – I was then surprised to hear Chuck affirm my thoughts!!

Half-an-hour later Chuck introduces intercessor Dutch Sheets – I highly recommend watching this video (low volume for first five minutes).:

Some of Dutch’s points:
  • “This isn’t just a new season – it’s a new era we’re moving into…I just say this:
  • “There’s never been anything on planet earth like what’s about to happen. Not just because we’re the best but because of what Jesus is building, and He said “I’ll build My Ekklesia”…He’s going to take this thing to another level!
  • “We’re going to see more people saved in the next 20 years than we’ve seen in the last 2,000! to be more specific:
  • “Asia and the Middle-East are about to be hit with the greatest spiritual tidal wave of God that’s ever hit planet earth!”
  • Rule and decree as the Ekklesia and shift nations (per recent posts here & here).
  • How the meetings started after The Appeal To Heaven – dream of sailing ship and a wind came starting a movement, the sails of which bore ATH flag.
  • Chuck prophesied in May 2017 ten months’ great turmoil in new Administration’s first year because of intense hatred from the forces that don’t understand/believe in the same spiritual destiny for USA. Then will come a 3-year turnaround.
  • (1:44:20) Cindy Jacob, knowing Chuck’s prophecy and Dutch’s dream, gets word from God to tell him ATH is to be relaunched when the 10 months are up on 2/22, February 22nd, in Washington D.C, for a fresh worldwide prayer movement.
  • Need to get very big place for meeting…Trump Hotel found and assisted with all arrangements and finances, “We know what you do and about the flag and want you to do the meeting here as you’re a really good fit!”
  • (1:48:00) ’22’ relates not only to its being George Washington’s birthday (February 1732) but also the personal reference motivating Dutch’s mission:
  • “I will place on his shoulder (government) the key (authority) to the House of David and what he opens no-one can shut and what he shuts no-one can open.” (Isaiah 22:22 NIV)
  • It’s prophetic verse about what Jesus inaugurated in Matthew 16:19 in giving the keys of the Kingdom to the Ekklesia – “You’re going to be the extension on earth of the Kingdom Government of God…’!  It’s a moving into that phase of the prayer movement where we not only petition, we not only operate in our priestly role of requesting and interceding – all that goes upward – but also into kingly stuff, that comes this way (downwards) – we’re going to move into the highest level of revelation we’ve ever moved in because we ARE seated with Him in heavenly places! We do share His authority and His sceptre is extended through us to rule for Him on planet earth!”
  • Watch the video for much more on the NEW ERA – eg. vision of angels with tuning forks bringing new sound of heaven!


Jarrod Cooper: many prophets are prophesying a new era!

Some of my first readers may recall my reports of a miraculous healing of a wheelchair-bound young lady at a conference with evangelist Nathan Morris at Revive Church in Hull, plus its leader Jarrod Cooper’s follow-up report on healings. A vision he had in that year of 2012, as well as in 1996, are included in this blog’s Library. With a kind appreciation for this blog, Jarrod now writes:


Daniel 2: 21 states that God “changes times and seasons” while Acts 17:26 says God “determines pre-appointed times”. Amos 3:7 says “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets”.

As I’ve poured over prophetic words from around the world in recent times I have indeed found a recurring theme that a new era, a new age, a new Church chapter is emerging.

* In November 2008 Chuck Pierce spoke of a vision: ‘I saw a new move of God coming in England…The Spirit of the Lord says to the people of England: “This is your season for your light to come forth at night. You will shine in the midst of the night”; and in 2012 he prophesied again, “I’ve been here many, many times and you can sense something beginning to change. You’re entering a new day, a new era – a new Kingdom era.”

In November 2012 Dr Sharon Stone prophesied in the wake of hurricane Sandy, “the Lord kept saying that this hurricane and these winds are ‘a punctuation’ – not just in the US but a punctuation in the world…These are re-arranging winds and they’re changing the course of nations.… Hidden winds of change have been developing on the inside of My people and they are now blowing change into the world.”

In January 2013, as we neared the 2017 celebration of 500 years of Reformation, the prophesies intensified. Cindy Jacobs stating, “…we are entering a new era. Things cannot be done in the same way they have in the past season. The new era – a ‘But now’ season…” Again Dr. Sharon Stone, proven prophetic figure based in Windsor, Great Britain stated “We are in a season unlike anything I’ve ever lived in before, one where His glory is more readily available to us than at any time I’ve ever seen. And we’re seeing more of His glory being poured out, we’re hearing of more encounters with the Presence of the Lord.”

In the United States Rev John Kilpatrick, most renowned for a move of revival in the 1990’s stated, “the Lord said, “Tell My people I have brought about a season change”, while Stephen Herzig, from Christ Of The Nations in September 2013 prophesied. “This is a time of ‘new beginnings. What ‘was’ is no more. What ‘will be’ needs new foundations”, signalling that a preparation time for a new era was underway.

Speaking over the little revivalist nation of Wales (my home country!) Chuck Pierce prophesied in September 2013, “I say to you I am bringing a new quickening of power across Wales. Get ready, for a quickening power that will cause the birth of heaven to come down into the atmosphere of this nation, is now being released…I say three generations will now arise in this land and see Me move in a new way. I say to you, I want to begin new and fresh…An angelic host have been waiting, and many have come, but now they stand positioned in the land, ready to say who will go with Me into this season ahead.”

The message of a new season seems to have been washing like waves on our shores, well known prophetic figure Clifford Hill more tentatively mentioning “The Lord has been speaking to me for some time about a ‘new season’ and a ‘new message’. I’ve been growing in excitement but I’ve not dared to say anything to anyone in case it’s just been my imagination…”

In 2014 Charles Shamp said under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, “There’s coming to this country signs and wonders that this country’s never seen before. We’re birthing something that has never been in this country…This nation has seen mighty moves of revival but the LATTER movement of the glory of God THAT IS COMING NOW over this nation is going to trump everything you’ve ever seen in the UK. It’s NOT going to look like the old thing – it’s SOMETHING COMPLETELY BRAND NEW and what it’s going to do is literally even to shake ground in this country…”.

Again in 2014 Heidi Baker spoke of a great change emerging out of the United Kingdom, “There’s going to be a movement of unity in the UK that’s going to shake the world,” says the Lord. I hear the prophetic word of the Lord – “it’s another wave of revival He’s promised – This move of God is different than you’ve ever seen before…because no one’s going to point to one mighty evangelist – There’s going to be a move of unity within the Body of Christ…another historical move of God… you are going to come together for the prize…“I will give you souls!”.

Finally, Veronika West, in April 2016 prophesied a “sudden supernatural shift happening in the realms of the Spirit in this hour. GET READY for there is an emerging army of mighty warriors coming forth from a firestorm of glory, WATCH!!! FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF GREATER SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES!”


Over and over again the prophets are speaking of a changing season, a new era, a greater day and the dawning of a new age. In January 2013 the UK Prophetic Council released a word concluding that we are “moving into a historic season to be known as ‘Days of Wonder’ “.

This particular phrase is dear to my heart, as in 1996 God gave me a vision of revival, calling it the “Days of Wonder”. I had been flying from London on a flight that appeared to be stopping at every African village en-route to Johannesburg. Sleeping through the night I was wakened by a startling vision of the glory of God. I lay terrified for several minutes, then slipped back into sleep. On arrival in South Africa the visions continued for several nights. Whilst ministering in South Africa God began to move at a level I had seldom seen before. People were healed, saved, drug addicts overwhelmed by the power of God. There were sightings of angels, visions of the future, and whole congregations were taken up into wondrous meetings with God. Backsliders came back to Christ, the oppressed were delivered, the unsaved fell down, overcome by God’s presence and got up saved! It was amazing.

All these prophetic words, accompanied by inspiring teaching, historical context and a fresh sense of what God is doing in the earth is in my new book “500: Is a New Era of glory dawning on the earth?”  For the book’s full details click here.

Jarrod Cooper, 5th October 2017

* For this content above, I am indebted to the excellent compilation of historic prophetic words from around the world, collected with care at Elijah List and at Richards Watch.[Jarrod’s is only a short sample because there’s dozens of prophecies for A New Era in Church to my knowledge since 2007! RB]

Dreams and visions of Big Ben at prophetical Midnight hour

In case anyone may not yet have read the two previous posts, or seen comments thereto, I submit for the record this chronological account of what I believe are highly significant visions and dreams about Big Ben together with perspicacious points from readers. I hope this brings clarification and I invite your prayers and weighing with the Lord.:

First, come with me into the recesses of this blog’s Prophecy Library as I unearth relevant data on the prophetical significance of Big Ben from 12 years ago… Continue reading

“The wind has shifted” – update from Revd John Kilpatrick

Come a short journey back in time with me, back to a fortnight ago today – Friday 21st October…

At about the same time in the morning I set off home from Alton High Street, Hampshire, with a couple of goodies to have with our morning coffee, 4500 miles over ‘the pond’ pastor John Kilpatrick was being awakened in the night by the Lord.

Nero_6As Nina’s forearm and hand were encased in plaster we weren’t chilling out for our usual Friday morning in Caffe Nero, but I’d managed to get there quickly and visit other shops so as not to be late getting back home – and so I looked my watch at 10:25 am.

Later, when we got to bite our ‘butties’ at lunch-time, would have been about the time pastor got a phone call – around daybreak there! (These time differences make our lives so interesting.)

Later again, after our afternoon ‘cuppa’, we hooked up to live streaming for the first 10:00 am morning session of the ‘Awake Deborah’ conference on 20th to 22nd October at Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama.

Later in their day, Pastor John popped into the evening session to tell them about what the Lord had given him before daybreak. WOW, the ladies must have taken off!  When we ‘attended’ the next morning’s session they were still flying high in prophetic intercessory declarations!

If you’ve read this blog’s most popular post of the year thus far (20 Prophecies and Words for 2016 and Beyond – “The Wind Has Shifted”), then you’ll want to know what happened. Here’s what John said at that Sunday’s service, from 1:10:00 mark on this video.:

JohnK 214_logo“While I was sound asleep the Lord woke me up about 4:30 and He said, “The wind has shifted!”

“The last time I heard that was last December but, as soon as I woke up and I heard the Lord say that, I listened and I heard the wind whistling through the windows of my house and the wind picked up. It wasn’t the natural wind that the Lord was talking about: it was some kind of another wind!

“About 7 o’clock – my phone rang around about daylight, and it was a preacher friend and evangelist who called me and said, ‘I couldn’t wait to call you and I’ve probably woken you up…’ No….he said, ‘The Lord wanted me to call you and tell you about the wind…and He wanted to start talking about the wind’.

“I said, ‘Yeah, four thirty this morning the Lord spoke to me about the wind, He said the wind’s shifted.  He (the friend) said, ‘Did you know they presented the Nobel Prize for Literature to Bob Dylan? They’ve never given it to a songwriter before but they gave it to him because they said that song that he wrote, the poetry and lyrics of that song have been so lasting – the name of the song is ‘The answer is ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’?’  And I said I knew that and he went on ‘Brother John, there’s something about the wind today!’.

“Later, that afternoon, one of my staff members emailed me and showed me where Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets was up in Maryland, and Chuck Pierce gave a word about the wind on that very day and the Lord said the winds have been blowing in the heavens for the last eight years, and He said, “I’m about the let those winds reach the earth and they’re going to start blowing”….Go ahead, give God praise!

John soon continued,

“I know that so many people are overly concerned – I’m really concerned myself.  I’m not worried but I’m concerned about two weeks this coming Tuesday – but you have to know that the Lord knows. You have to understand that the Lord knows, everything is right on schedule – nothing takes Him by surprise! – God never scurries, He never hurries – He’s never in an emergency, He knows everything…

“I have to believe that there’s something going on, there’s no telling what kind of things are going to take place that we don’t even know about yet – we just don’t know. The only thing I want you to assure you with is, the Lord woke me up and said the wind’s shifting.

“That means things have somehow been going along a certain way but last Friday (21st October) things shifted and that will show up real soon, whatever it is will show up real soon.

“Chuck Pierce also gave the word – and Dutch shared it when he was here – that the Lord said there’s going to be confusion and great confusion up until October 20th – that was the day the ladies started their ‘Awake Deborah’ conference here and the next morning was when the Lord woke me up to say, “The wind has shifted”

“I keep quoting Chuck and I believe he’s a prophet of the Lord, and Dutch says he’s the most accurate prophet he’s ever heard…he’s never known him to be wrong – I have to agree.” John then refers to when he received a personal word that happened exactly as he told him.

“So between now and Tuesday in two weeks we need to be in prayer.”

Listen to Chuck deliver this important prophetic word on ‘turning-point winds’ for re–arranging nations.:

On a personal note, we’ve met and heard Chuck on several occasions and many of the words he’s brought (especially of 2013 about this year and the 7 July 2005 attacks in London) are in this blog’s Library as well as under this tag.

Visit Chuck’s website at Glory of Zion International Ministries.

Fulfilled prophecy #8: part 3 – timing, purpose and outcome of Britain’s spiritual battle

Another piece of The Invisible Jigsaw is put into place

The prophecy in question is the one opening Part 1 (PM resigns in battle for Britain) and which is dated 2013 – BUT it’s just one portion of an ‘incredible prophecy’, as so titled by The Elijah List. And that was from just one prophet way beyond the far side of the ‘Pond’! Another prophet on this side was soon to receive specific timing of fulfillment from the Lord, as revealed below.

To recap, that portion of the first prophecy amazingly predicts changes – even falls – within governments; as happened here last month!

In Part 2 (Warning of fierce spiritual battle) we considered a new revelation upon our enemy’s strategy to block application of ‘EU-get-out-clause’ Article 50, as received by a prolific third prophet, Veronika West.

The three are undoubtedly the most profoundly pertinent prophecies it’s been my privilege to write about, and I’m sure you can grasp the enormity of the situation!


The material in Parts 1 and 2 kept buzzing around in my mind two weekends ago. But I needed to dig into some background upon the long-standing spiritual battle. In checking by ‘happen-chance’ earlier material on this blog I found a link no longer worked – but I didn’t have time to correct it. But I got nudged into doing so – and then it was as though the Lord handed me a jigsaw piece! And it’s one I immediately knew referred to what was politically happening that very day – Monday 11th July 2016. I was ‘God-smacked’!

And so I quoted that espied paragraph as the Part 1’s tantalising opening. In that first draft I’d started writing about the early background but then omitted it from publication in order to focus upon the startling part. I’d written the following:

chuckpierce[1]‘Prophetic groups and intercessors learned about a symbolic vision of swords in the sky seen over London by Chuck Pierce on 29th May 2005 (see page 2 here). He distinctly heard before the July 2005 bomb outrages on London Transport from the Lord about “A season of war”!

‘This spiritual warfare footing has continued and was referred to by Dr Sharon Stone when bringing a clarion call to England for 2014-16 not to miss the time of our Visitation. This would clearly include the present situation of leaving the EU and where Britain is heading…’

I was then going to dig into that 3-part post on Britain and quote Sharon’s prophecy on the present battle BUT got waylaid by breaking news about the new Prime Minister Mrs May being a strong supporter of Israel. So that got priority for my circulating the news by email.

Upon returning to my task with that missing link I was given the ‘jigsaw piece’ in a new link to that prophetic word Chuck Pierce brought. Although apparently about the USA it does, in fact, accurately describe the past month’s events in the UK (as told in Part 1).

As linked in this blog’s Library, the first part of the word came in June 2013, followed by more on 7th Sept 2013 – but its present relevance hit me on Monday 11th July 2016. It reads as below (emphases as original but text relating to 2016 shown red – click title for The Elijah List version):

Clock from 4Signposts

“Hear The Clock Ticking! You’ve Been Catapulted into the Three Years Ahead!”

‘I know that so many of you have enjoyed watching the webcast replays from our Head of the Year 5774. Below is some of the prophetic revelation that came forth during our gatherings. Let this be a time you are propelled into your future and press through every gate of destiny!

The Kingdoms of this Earth Are Becoming My Kingdoms!

“Hear the clock ticking, for I have now catapulted you into the three years ahead.

“This month [September], the dearest of My months, I am moving you against gates that have never been moved against before. I am causing these gates that have withstood you in the past to come loose and open in days ahead! Move strategically day-by-day and month-by-month until the gate that has held back your blessing opens up. If you will move now, within the next three years the land you find yourself in will be producing great treasures.

In the third year, the War of the Kingdoms will begin, and Kingdom will rise against kingdoms. The kingdoms of this world will also come into great conflict. I have a Kingdom that I am preparing. I will remember this Kingdom and the Seed and the Seed’s seed of this Kingdom. I have a Kingdom that will triumph!

Shout that the kingdoms of this earth are becoming My Kingdoms! Decree that the prisoners will be let go and they will come back to My house; this is a season when My altar will be filled! I’m going to open your eyes to those around you, and you’re going to say, ‘They’re of a different kingdom.’ And I will say to you, ‘They are Mine! Bring them in now!’

“Beyond the gates, I am opening up new highways. I am beginning a highway out of Egypt! I will redo the highway that you’re presently walking on.

“The demons that have been trafficking and even creating trafficking throughout the earth, I Am now going to un-nest their headquarters. That which the enemy meant to destroy through trafficking, I will raise up as an unstoppable army in the days ahead, for that generation will be My generation! I call you, ‘My Army that is Unstoppable!’ I call you, ‘My Kingdom Swarm,’ and you shall invade the kingdoms of the earth. You shall extract that which is needed and you will bring it into My Kingdom.

“I will surprise you with the leaders of nations. I have ways to cause leaders that have been promoted to bow their knees. You will think they’re going one way, but you watch Me knock the feet out from under them; you watch them see Me in a way they’ve never seen Me before! (The ‘jigsaw piece’ used in Part 1 – all emphasis mine.)

Make ‘favor’ with those that come onto your highway. Many of you will say, ‘But they have evil character.’ Just remember, I can cause every Pharaoh in this land and the lands that you’re a part of to favor you in days ahead!

“You’ll hear of shakings from north to west! You’ll hear that I have come from Alaska to Maine to shake. But know this: I will shake the center of this nation called the United States of America. I will cause that which has been hidden and controlling the forces of this land to shake down!

“A new baptism I’ll give you, and My very finger I will place in My people’s keeping. When you point your finger, demons will flee!

“In this year of honey, I will cause a new hunger to arise throughout the lands for My Word. And where you have known My Word in the past, you will taste and see My Word in a different way!”

NB: the ‘THIRD YEAR’, or ‘THREE YEARS LATER’, is 2016!  Therefore, let’s consider the more specific dating from the other prophet as given here in the UK:


Note very carefully what Revd Dr Sharon Stone brought for Britain, which may seem to be an addendum to Chuck’s for she was expressing consensus of prophetical agreement. In closing her clarion call of early October 2013, Sharon continued hearing from the Lord:

Rev Dr Sharon Stone, courtesy CIE“Now God says the battles are going to be in Great Britain. Let me tell you why I believe its going to be here: where there are great battles there are great victories!

“So God’s not saying: I’m choosing you as a place of war, I’m choosing you as a place of conflict because I don’t like you – No! The Lord says,


“Do you hear this? Not just for England, or for Great Britain. So what God is doing is He’s setting up His own agenda that we might have a victory here that releases us to deliver other nations, and puts us back into a functioning position of where our true identity is.

“And we’re not talking about something that takes ten years to come to pass any more (as with other things), but we’re talking about the next two-and-a-half to three years! Those who have ears let them hear!”

[For complete transcript see Prophetic Words for 2014-2016 for UK and Ireland.]

That is, Sharon prophesied in October 2013 about serious issues during April to October THIS year – the latter month is when a decision upon activating Article 50 is expected!


When transcribing Sharon’s message three years ago I wondered what may be coming and confronting us. Would it be the serious threat of terrorist attacks or/and the antichrist spirit that empowers humanism – especially its vanguard units within the European Union monster?

Her prediction’s timing is remarkable in clearly relating the ‘battle’ as being with the British government’s ‘project fear’ and deep hostility from others to the EU referendum’s result, and now the possibility of preventing Article 50’s application for leaving the EU.

Moreover, it’s yet another prophetic reason for affirming that Brexit is an ‘Act of God’, and one that seriously challenges established churches and clergy mindsets!

Therefore, let’s ponder afresh both prophetic statements in the light of recent events and praise the Lord in leading and sharing his plans with His servants the prophets…

[Hand Holding Puzzle Piece by Ponsulak, courtesy of Freedigital photos.net]

Charles Shamp: the Lion has Roared and the Eagle will Fly!


Note: thank you David Robinson for letting me know this is on Elijah List as it’s not on the Shamp’s Facebook. Published here with links and minor editorial changes only:

For many years now our family and ministry has had a burning desire for awakening and revival to return to Great Britain. Those that follow Destiny Encounters know that last year Brynn and I, along with our children spent three months traveling across the United Kingdom ministering in every church or ministry group that would open its doors to us. There was a mandate in our hearts concerning sowing into the rich revival heritage of that land.

In fact, a year before, the Spirit of intercession had come upon me and my close friend, Munday Martin, while at a lunch meeting with the Heartbeat team that hosted us in England. I laid prostrate on the floor weeping and praying for the nation in a home outside the city of Norwich. God was placing in my heart a deep burden for those beautiful lands. Upon returning home I shared my heart with Brynn regarding what the Lord had placed in me. During that time the Lord spoke with me and said, “Son, whatever you sow into this land you will reap for your nation, America”.

When I shared this with Brynn our hearts began to burn within us with a mandate to see Britain come alive with another awakening. This word was confirmed just a few months later when Chuck Pierce called me out and prophesied that God would use us on Island Nations to shift governments. I told Chuck this was a total confirmation of what the Lord had spoken to us about going to the United Kingdom. He laughed and said, praise God that’s a big island, go for it! With the help of a wonderful team of ministers and intercessors we were able to spend three months traveling and ministering across the island. God did amazing miracles and although the meetings were not attended by hundreds of people it was a significant time of sowing into the land to see change. Our love for the United Kingdom and its destiny had become such a passion in our hearts. We even felt very strongly to cancel a trip to Germany so we could stay longer in England to sow the Word.

Honestly we felt one with the people and the land, it was supernatural. We also understood that seed takes time to grow and while we are not a mega ministry that could draw the masses to the meetings to hear what the Lord was telling us we knew that God’s word never returns void and His word carries mega impact. It has been awesome to see what the Lord has done this year as a result of those three months. The awesome outpouring that is taking place in Seattle that God graciously let us be a part of, to the tremendous miracle reports we are receiving from people that have attended meetings in America this year. God is doing mighty things, but we believe this is just the beginning!

The realm of visions and prophecy is a place of seeing and knowing in order to create God’s desire in the earth. However, the Bible is very clear that often times we are only shown in part and therefore prophesy in part. I believe that what takes place is the Prophet does his part and God does his part and it creates a whole, a whole new world. The place of visions is an environment of mystery where you are left to decipher and interpret a symbolic language that, if the prophet was to be completely transparent, he often doesn’t fully know everything the Lord is showing him in the place of interpretation. The prophet’s only desire should be to yield as an oracle and as God’s prophetic mouth piece in the earth release a ‘thus says the Lord’. Just like the Prophet Habakkuk says,

“I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” (Habakkuk 2:1-3).

I’ve at times found myself in this place of prophesying in a meeting and afterwards thinking I fully understood what God was saying in the spirit only to come to the conclusion many months later that God was speaking on multiple levels that my natural brain couldn’t fully comprehend. I have watched over the years as the word came to pass in ways that even caught me by surprise. To me, prophecy has been like pieces of a puzzle placed together to reveal the bigger picture of God’s magnificent plan for the nations.

I’ve been cautious over the years to never give my personal opinion about politics. In fact, I try to avoid the conversation concerning any world politics because frankly I believe personal opinion doesn’t matter in world affairs, the only thing that matters are what the Lord speaks and the prophetic word shifts the natural world. I’ve only spoken when it was directed from a ‘thus says the Lord’. Last year while we were ministering in the United Kingdom the Lord gave me two specific visions about future events. The first was a vision of a terrorist attack attempt on London that I saw during a meeting in Norwich at a Heartbeat gathering. This vision was very self-explanatory and we knew as believers exactly what we must do. We prayed and as many remember several weeks later in June of 2015 there was a massive terrorist attack that was stopped.

The second was a vision and prophetic word that had deep symbolism and multiple layers of revelatory insight both naturally and spiritually for the future. The vision was concerning the United Kingdom and America and also was first given in Norwich at a Heartbeat meeting. It was a vision of revival, awakening and freedom first coming to the UK and as a result it would come to America. The word was,

“The Lion must roar before the Eagle can fly!”

I was shown in a vision a lion and an eagle. I then saw as the lion roared the eagle took flight. The lion spoke to me of Great Britain and the roar of the Lord over the land, a roar of freedom and revival. The eagle taking flight spoke to me of America and her receiving freedom and awakening as a result of what would take place in Great Britain. I released this word and later spoke to Alan Goldstone and David Cairns, leadership of the Heartbeat Team we had been working with, about it. We all felt it was a significant word for the United Kingdom and America that the two were interlocked for a great awakening and until the United Kingdom was awakened America could not see another great outpouring.

I also believe that this word was tied into the recent vote for Great Britain to leave the European Union and is a direct fulfillment of this prophetic word spoken last year. It is a trigger point in the natural for what God is doing spiritually for The United Kingdom. I believe Great Britain and America are on a prophetic timeline that is leading to a massive outpouring of the spirit once again. All the signs are lighting the way and the recent developments only make the picture become more clear, revival is near! When we study out the history of revival in the earth over the past several centuries, we can almost single-handedly point to the United Kingdom as a major hot spot and catalyst for what the Holy Spirit was doing at that time. Almost every major shift of reformation or revival started on these Island Nations.

Whether we are discussing the First and Second Great Awakenings, or go further back and discuss the mystics and catholic miracle workers that walked the shores of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales – God has always seemed to release the fresh movement of the Holy Spirit on these Islands that has gone on to affect the entire earth. My love for Church history and the moves of the Spirit caused me to recognize that what took place within these nations directly affected America and the move of the Spirit in my nation. Although we are an ocean away, we are connected in the realm of the Spirit, and as the song of Heaven would arise over the UK, it would carry all the way to the shores of America and revival would begin to come forth in these United States.

Over the past several years we have been traveling into the UK to minister, our greatest hope and prayer has been that God would once again ignite these Islands with the wild-fire of Heaven. From the moment that I first stepped into a meeting in the nation of Wales back in 2010, I could feel something fresh was being birthed in the Spirit, something organic, something that would turn the world upside down! Something massive has shifted, the lion is roaring and revival is coming.

The earth is shaking and God’s Kingdom is coming. I know many fear change and when it comes there is often turbulence that causes people to be uncertain about the future, but surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealed his secret unto his servants the prophets. The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord hath spoken, who can but prophesy? I tell you in confidence not from someone who is speaking what God is saying after the fact, but from one that has seen before hand that God is setting both the United Kingdom and America up for another massive awakening. We are the generation that will not just see revival, but we are those who will decree it into existence as Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom of God.

I want to leave you with this, God has not given you a spirit of fear United Kingdom, but He has given you a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Great Britain your greatest days of Glory are upon you!

Charles Shamp, 24th June 2016



Chuck Pierce et al: key prophetic revelation – a turning point

“We truly are at a “turning point” in the Church and God is doing a NEW thing in us and through us. We are at a shift and transition unlike any other time we’ve experienced before…and He is preparing His Church.

“Chuck Pierce is one I highly regard and look up to, to understand the times and seasons and where God is leading us. Below are the latest prophetic words and revelations from Chuck Pierce and his team…and all I can say is, “Wow!” (Steve Schultz, The Elijah List.)

The following prophetic words were brought on Sunday 1st November through Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Acijam Otxoa, Brian Kooiman, Lisa Lyons, Melinda Richardson.

Click for video and on following sub-header for original Elijah List post plus prophetic dreams and interpretations. Observations appended below refer to paragraphs with [number suffix].


chuckpierce[1]I would say to you, “Embrace your turning point. Over this past season you’ve been sifted and you’ve been strained, and you have even fought for your very breath. But this is a day of change! This is a day of rearranging! This is a time that I AM sending a three-fold cord of empowerment into your soul that cannot be broken. For many of your nerves were strained and broken over the last seven years. Many covenants that you thought would last are now lying by the wayside.

“I am now sending a three-fold cord to reform, and to restore, and to rebuild. I am causing My restoration of your future to begin to rise. Step into the well and the water that is now stirring and moving. Watch Me begin to wash away what strained you. Watch Me cause you to shine. Watch Me give you new territory for this season. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

“You have heard Me release Safe Passage. You have heard Me release Turning Point. But now you will see and hear Me as I come forth as Redeemer, Restorer, and Rebuilder. I am sending angels connected with these three dimensions of transformation. What was broken will be fixed, brought forth, and renewed.

“When you look at yourself don’t look for the pot or vessel that you were. I’ve had to disconnect elements from how you were built, crush, and then add new liquid that would cause you to be made into a structure for the future. What I am rebuilding, restoring and redeeming will look different from anything you expected from the past. Others that look you at would say, ‘Who is this person?’

Your heel will crush the head of the snakes you’ve seen in the past. The attacks you’ve seen between brothers and brothers, and sisters and sisters – look ahead and see the covenant that I have been developing. I will send My people realigned into the enemy’s camp. This realigned army will defeat the enemy and the booty will be brought to My Kingdom. You will fight alongside those you thought were sifted away. I am restoring an army in a new way, and I am realigning a new day.

For I am bringing down the Ancient Book with mysteries. These books carry the strategies for legislators of the Kingdom. These strategies contain revelation for a new dimension of Kingdom power. These strategies will overtake the enemy in every region that I assign you to. So receive the books – the Ancient Books – that carry the strategies of the legislation of God.” [1]

“I Need You! Therefore, I Am Drawing You!”

“This will be a time that I will release a new seeking draw upon your life. You will begin to seek Me and long for Me. You will begin to say, ‘I must have intervention! I must have a breaking-in of God’s presence and His life!’ I am going to draw you, and you will seek Me in a way you haven’t sought Me! You will know Me in a way you haven’t known Me! Feel the drawing, and submit to the drawing. Watch your new level of seeking begin. I will draw you into that which you have been longing to experience.

“For this is a time that I am beginning to brood and reform in a new way. For there are things that I have longed to see come into the earth realm. As My people gather and loose the sound of Heaven, I will hover and rearrange chaos. I am calling My people into a new place of alignment. My army is beginning to assemble. A new sound of joy, a new sound of laughter, and a new demonstration of power is beginning to arise. Allow My Spirit to brood over you. As I meet with you, you will see the two ends that could not meet in the last season begin to form a new line of demarcation. [2]

Your praise and worship are rising as an occupying force in the spirit realm. There is a rout (sic) taking place in the spirit world! This will only increase. There is a displacement coming in the second heaven from the worship and praise of My people as they seek My Spirit and respond to all I am offering them.” [3]

“I Am Rearranging Your Past Confusion!”

“I have been rearranging your confusion, for you have not been able to see the joy in the midst of the chaos around you. This will be a time that I draw out the joy that is in you. I have placed you in that chaos that is around you to produce joy. If you will release the joy that I have developed within you, the chaos will subside and you will see the order around you.

“It’s not how eloquently or long you pray! The key is the ONE WORD of faith. As you speak that one word, your situation will change. Do not let the downdraft pull you down into the circumstances that are surrounding you. Remain buoyant with that one word. The one word is your breakthrough in this season.

“Declare breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough into everything that seems chaotic. Your buoyant faith is what causes you to arise in the midst of everything that is trying to pull you down. Don’t stop at one breakthrough, but go from breakthrough to breakthrough until you are beyond breakthrough.

“My Names that you have built within you in the past season will now come into fullness. This will cause angelic armies to align with you and push you through the atmosphere that is attempting to hold you. Every force must bow! It is not the mere words that you speak, but it is the one effective word that causes a ‘bulls-eye’ shot.” [4]

(Prophetic dreams with interpretation follow…as here.)


As well as confirming several recent words (eg. James Bailey: My people have reached a tipping point), I was struck by these words in particular.:

  1. ‘Ancient Books’: last month I discussed with Nelson Walters the book referred to in Daniel 12 and his concluding it’s very likely the Lamb’s Book of Life. I pointed out Daniel 10 refers to it as ‘writings of Truth’ and Daniel 7 refers to other books being opened, as well as insights gained independently by Paul Keith Davis and Bobby Conner in December 2000. (See Is the Book of Daniel Unsealed in Dan 12? and comments thread.)
  2. ‘Allow My Spirit to brood over you’: this, together with ‘I will hover’, ‘new place of alignment’, ‘My army is beginning to assemble’.. ‘a new demonstration of power beginning to arise’, all remind me of Charles Shamp’s: Prophetic Prayer Points for 2015-2020 published on New Year’s Day and his teaching in A scriptural context of the 4th lunar eclipse of the ‘Blood Moon Tetrad’.
  3. ‘Praise and worship..an occupying force…’: More biblical boasting on who Jesus is quotes Pat Schatzline that the days ahead will require a new level of praise.
  4. ‘My Names..come into fullness’: echoes Pat’s “bragging” on Jesus’ identity in Old and New Covenants as well as in Hebrew – Let’s continue boasting…

About Chuck:

Charles D. “Chuck” Pierce serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI) in Corinth, Texas; an apostolic, prophetic ministry used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve throughout the world. He’s also President of Glory of Zion International Ministries, a ministry that aligns Jew and Gentile.

Chuck is well known for an accurate prophetic gifting which helps direct nations, cities, churches, and individuals in understanding the times and seasons in which we live. It was through Rev Dr Sharon Stone in 2004-5 that I learned about his ministry and later I read about Chuck’s vision of ‘crossed swords’ over London and word connected with Big Ben when en-route to Nigeria. The need for action was so urgent they called 40-days intercessory prayers. The teams were to meet at the end of that period but, upon leaving Euston station on foot, Sharon and her companion Martha Lucia were met by the devastated double decker London bus blown up during the bomb attacks on London Transport. (See ‘2005’ sub-pages to Library of Prophecies for UK.)

Also, three years later he had a vision of the United States being divided and separated like the Grand Canyon, as well as in 2013 of a 3-year unlocking and shaking with the War of the Kingdoms.  In early 2012 he brought encouragement of the Lord doing a new thing in England. For these and more on this blog click tag ‘Pierce’.

Lord, turn the tide in the UK

Seven Bore

In closing the previous post I referred to a meeting convened for local churches that would be praying for this week’s General Election. That was last Wednesday evening, the day in which I’d been re-wording a reference page on the nature of Time to include a little something on the mathematics of tides. I was reminded of that in the meeting and was prompted to pray for the Lord to “Turn the tide”.

It was, in fact, the first of two evenings’ meetings which contrasted interestingly. Both were informal and capably led by Anglican ministers with the first being based upon the scriptural account of Samuel and Saul. We compared their lives and anointing, as well as obedience, and considered the lessons applicable to today’s events and prayed accordingly.

The next evening was one of worshiping the Lord and this centre’s director led on guitar as we waited on the Lord. Styled as community worship with prayer for healing, it was open to the Holy Spirit’s leading, inspiration and ministry. Therefore, I’ve increasingly sensed the presence of the Lord and other impressions at these times. Later in the free, unstructured gathering we were invited to pray for politicians.

Having ‘closed down’ from blogging for the Bank Holiday weekend, I was startled to be reminded of that for I sensed, going across the room, a tidal bore like that of the River Severn. Its back-white tone was similar to the above photo of the bore. (The tidal range is second highest in the world – learn more by clicking photo.)  As attendees were well disposed towards Holy Spirit’s activity I shared the vision and prayed, “Lord turn the tide in Britain”.

Afterwards, I recalled having blogged something about torrents of water flowing in the land after having referred to a vision of a river flowing through Britain (here and here). Moreover, I’d since had an email on that subject but not had opportunity to assimilate it.

The content is noteworthy, as is its reference to Chuck Pierce on a river that will reverse direction! (underlined). This is similar to what ‘Chabod’ reported when commenting upon Dale Mast, but which had occurred many years before Chuck’s time in Liverpool. And of course he wasn’t speaking about the Mersey!  Chabod’s comment is appended in full to this post.

This is what Suzanne sent [NB: we were unaware of revival events reported 7 May]:

The River of God

Monica White (Wells) – 10 April 2015
“Today I walked up a hill in Weston Super Mare and interceded again for England. Again we saw a flood, tidal wave, coming over the land from the Bristol channel.It was a physical wave we saw in the Spirit.”

Gaynor Lewis (Bristol) – 31 March 2015
“As we were praying I saw the oceans around the coast of Great Britain become turbulent to the extent that waters swept up the estuaries of our country. The cities along these estuaries were engulfed by a wave of the spirit. Cities such as Liverpool, Hull, London, Bristol, Cardiff were touched by the spirit of God.

“Places set aside for the youth were affected, nightclubs saw many lives touched by the spirit of God. I saw a campus established in a nightclub and hundreds of young people flocking into the church. The demographic profile of the church changed. New birth, new life, new purpose.”

Ruth Johnson (Bristol) – 11 September 2014

Wave Coming into Bristol

“I just sense that there’s a wave coming into Bristol in the Spirit. And that Lord You want us to get in the water and You want us to be on our boards, and You want us to be standing on those boards, and riding that wave. And as that wave comes in, to be shouting out the Name of Jesus, there is no other Name, there is no other power, but the Name of Jesus. And that Lord God, we need, as we ride that wave, as it comes in, to be able to see from a different perspective.”

Word for Liverpool from Chuck Pierce – 22nd January 2014

Mantle presented to Toronto via Barbara Yoder and Chuck Pierce sent a mantle to Liverpool – A river mantle for the days ahead.

“It is being sent all the way to Liverpool and we are going to decree that the river of God for Liverpool will start flowing. It will align I hear the Lord saying there is a divine alignment of my glory that is going on in this nation at this time which has never gone on before. This night is the beginning of a divine alignment of my glory.

“Father we send a new mantle to the Liverpool area. We say the mantle, the river of God will flow from Liverpool, it will move through Manchester, it cannot be stopped. It will begin to align with others rivers that are forming, the one in Dudley. It will cause London eventually to come alive. I say to you, you must go all the way to the south of this nation for I will create a strange thing: I will cause a river to flow north and I will be flowing from north to south, south to north. The alignment of God’s glory is beginning tonight here at Burton-on-Trent. This begins a new movement in this land.”

Song – Yes we will flow with the river, move in the river, live in the river with you x 2

“Just let it release and some will say it is causing destruction but I will say I am re-building that which is of ancient times. The Lord says I will bring your sons and your daughters back, back to the place of my plumb-line back to the place I have bought in the land.”

Comment by ‘Chabod’  Continue reading

Modern prophecy on USA & Israel approaches fulfilment

Grand Canyon Wpaper113

Am grateful to a critic of revival and the prophetic who castigates the promise of greater blessings and quickening power coming to the Welsh Outpouring, as declared by Chuck Pierce. (I will deal with that defamation later.)

My disquiet over this self-appointed heresy hunter’s claim made me dig into my records because, as mentioned recently, I knew Chuck had correctly foreseen danger 40 days before the 2005 London bomb attacks. (Those details, plus others for the UK, are now incorporated into my Library of prophecies as well as in some recent posts.)

chuckpierce[1]Let’s now consider what Chuck said about the future of the United States.

In The River and The Schism dated 31st Oct 2008, Chuck refers to visiting that awesome primeval place (my words), the Grand Canyon, which graphically reminded him of a vision received in August 2007,

It was then that the Lord began to show me a nation divided.  He has continued to deal with me from an intercessory standpoint to get prepared for a great schism that is coming to this nation.

He then outlines what happened 9 months later on 31st May 2008,

…as the Spirit of prophecy began to fall I exclaimed what our nation would look like in the future.  I have not yet had the liberty to discuss all that I saw.

However, three years afterwards Chuck was to give details of what had happened near the Statue of Liberty. In The Vision for Now! dated 20th May 2011, he writes,

Suddenly, the Lord gave me a  vision of our nation.  He took me three years into the future and began to let me hear and see what our future would look like…and the two iniquitous spirits that would try to capture my children and children’s children.

Next, He showed me that within three years (by May 31, 2011), a statement would be made regarding Israel in this nation that would realign the nation and determine the future of this land.  (With President Obama’s speech yesterday endorsing the Palestinians’ demand for their own state based on borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war, this has now happened.  I believe this statement will create a split in the United States for the next three years as individual states make choices on how they will align.) The Lord then revealed His remnant in this nation, which states had covenant roots…(continued here).

Prophecy being fulfilled

A great schism/chasm?

Would my American readers please correct me if I’m mistaken here: in keeping tabs on  your news from ‘over the pond’ it would seem a gaping chasm has opened up across your nation.  So it seems Chuck Pierce correctly prophesied on that score…

A realignment?

Monday’s newsletter from Israel Hayom reports America will intervene with own peace plan by January if peace talks fail. After meeting with senior Palestinian and American officials, Meretz Chairwoman MK Zehava Gal-On released a statement on Monday that the Americans are “moving from a coordination phase between the two sides to an intervention phase.”  She reveals that the new plan, expected to be presented in Jan 2014, will follow the “Clinton parameters” and will address all the core issues, and will be “based on the ’67 lines with agreed land swaps”.  Also, that President Obama will continue to pressure Ramallah and Jerusalem to reach a breakthrough in negotiations by the second quarter of 2014. Thus, the US is moving from coordination to intervention without any more interim agreements.

John McTernanJohn McTernan, posted and commented upon the above for his readers, ‘to see the link between Obama pressuring Israel to divide the land and the disintegration of his presidency. He is on a collision course with the Lord over Israel and Jerusalem. Obama shows no signs of backing down over dividing Israel; therefore, severe judgment is now coming at him from all angles. One scandal may erupt and destroy him as president…’  (continued here).

Ray-ibrahimSo Chuck Pierce was correct on that one too; whichever person was to become President has indeed turned the US from support of Israel towards the Palestinians.  And there are also deepening issues over POTUS’ personal support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which leading Egyptian press reports as being entrenched across USA (see Raymond Ibrahim’s Exposed: names and identities of MB operatives in US).

In view of the collapse of American influence throughout the Middle-East and Russian ascendency, alongside deep internal divisions, America’s ‘exceptionalist’ stature has rapidly declined into the mediocre. Furthermore, only last week Forbes magazine rated  Vladimir Putin as ‘The Most Powerful Man In The World’, usurping Obama’s position!!

Today I received Chuck Missler’s weekly eNews with his unsettling report on America’s location on the ‘Cycle of Nations’. Here’s your starter;

Chuck Missler…we are leaving dependence and are on the brink of bondage; so many people are sound asleep and totally oblivious of the catastrophe lurking on the horizon. They are deceived, blinded and being hurtled into a global government with no rights available to anyone not belonging to the elite. On New Year’s Eve 2011, our Bill of Rights was essentially nullified with a Presidential order. Barely a ripple was noted among the people…

I’d urge my American readers to consider the above-linked articles.

A severely judgemental spirit

Back to the beginning: The critic mentioned above has implied it’s no longer the Lord’s will to draw people to Himself and save them, as happened in 1904-5!  Emphatically he states, ‘God is NOT going to move in a new way..’.  In truth, he curses and not blesses Wales. Ultimately, time will prove whether the American or Welshman is accurate.

Having occasionally transcribed prophetical material myself I notice this critic’s analysis is inaccurate. It’s no use quoting scripture without knowing and moving under the Holy Spirit oneself. Ranting about apostasy, deception and error in Wales is failure to love, as Jesus commanded! (Such drove me away from Christ and into the occult, as here.)

This stance not only grieves the Holy Spirit but, in attributing what may be His work to that of Satan, also runs the grave risk of committing the unpardonable sin. It’s wiser to disagree lovingly than declare something is of the devil, and thereby serve the Accuser of the Brethren, is it not?

For the scriptural support to my complaint, read Jesus’ rebuke of the Pharisees when they claimed His work was empowered by Beelzebub, or Satan, at Matthew 12:25-31 (context here).  A helpful explanation may be read at Christian Answers.

Lastly, the critic condemns several people whom I know to be humble servants of the Lord. His claims of their using Kundalini power are most questionable. Having practised yoga and been delivered from that spirit I would have discerned its presence whenever I several times witnessed Holy Spirit working through those men of God.

Furthermore, had it not been for one of them stopping his sermon because He sensed the Lord wanting to heal, then I’d still be a 24/7 carer of my dear wife 7 years later!  So praise you Lord that Nina is no longer officially registered as permanently disabled – read her documented account of how Jesus healed her broken spine.

Prophetic words for 2014-16 for UK & Ireland from Dr Stone – part 3

[Click to read Part 1 and Part 2]

ENGLAND cont’d

Recap: Revd Dr Stone stated one of the things the Spirit of the Lord spoke to her about England she’d never heard before is, “England is a key to release the wealth that is needed”.  She believes part of that is to deal with injustices that are going on in the earth.

Clash of Kingdoms

Chuck Pierce and other prophets have foreseen a great conflict or clash of kingdoms manifesting in or around 2015.  Britain may be in the middle of this conflict but he did not share the details [Note 1 below]. I’m reminded of earlier this year when  Lydia Stanley Marrow burst out with a prophetic word [2] during worship, as well as what evangelist Nathan Morris brought for 2012 [3].

“And so,” says Sharon, “I have spent some time before God saying, “God we need to know more about this. What are some of these things?”

“Well, first of all, if we’re called to release wealth then one of the issues is going to be  over money. There’s going to be a conflict of economy…of righteous ways to deal with money and unrighteous Mammon…”

Also, I’d add, Christian leaders worldwide are well aware of the increasingly aggressive advance of secular humanism and its antichrist spirit. Many consider it worse than the Islamist aims of establishing a global caliphate.

Sharon stresses, however, that whoever those involved in the conflict may be, “We love all people. We’re talking about the spirit and the agenda” (ie. entirely different things). “You’re mature enough for me not to have to teach upon that…it’s a spirit that has an agenda against God’s agenda!  Just because issues are politically incorrect to deal with…it wouldn’t be wise for us to let it simply pass by.

“Now God says the battles are going to be in Great Britain. Let me tell you why I believe its going to be here: where there are great battles there are great victories!

“So God’s not saying, I’m choosing you as a place of war, I’m choosing you as a place of conflict, because I don’t like you…No, the Lord says,

“I’m choosing you as a place for victory, so that the victory won here has an ability to be a victory that affects other nations!”

“Do you hear this? Not just for England, or for Great Britain. So what God is doing is He’s setting up His own agenda that we might have a victory here that releases us to deliver other nations, and puts us back into a functioning position of where our true identity is.

“And we’re not talking about something that takes 10 years to come to pass any more (as with other things) but we’re talking about the next two and a half to three years! Those who have ears let them hear!”  [NB: That is, APRIL to OCT 2016’s lead up to and aftermath of the surprising jolt and uproar following the UK’s referendum vote to leave the EU!]

A Spiritual Centre

Cloud over Windsor June 2011This photo of a cloud formation looking like England, Scotland and Wales was shown to delegates. It was taken across the street from the meeting’s venue, namely the entrance to Windsor Castle, on the day in 2011 when Her Majesty’s Most Noble Order of the Garter met in Saint George’s Chapel. The prophetical Old Testament Book of Daniel records a royal  decree issued by the Persian king Darius, from which Sharon quotes verse 27.:

26 I make a decree that in every dominion of my kingdom men must tremble and fear before the God of Daniel.

For He is the living God, And steadfast forever; His kingdom is the one which shall not be destroyed, And His dominion shall endure to the end. 27 He delivers and rescues, And He works signs and wonders In heaven and on earth, Who has delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.

“The note sent out with this picture says, ‘Signs of revival that will flow out of the UK, and a significant spiritual centre of the UK is Windsor’…I don’t believe we are the centre, or main area, just a centre of spiritual activity to affect a shift in the nation. Well first of all, any place that you get a body of prophets gathering and releasing God’s perspective in, then you are in a place like that.

“Any place where you have people who know how to see by the Spirit and know how to respond to what God’s saying versus what the newspaper and evening tv news is telling them, you have a people helping to bring shift in the midst of a nation. So I believe that you’re some of those, just as God has called you to be here with us…

In connection with Windsor, however, Sharon mentioned an angelic army in the area being available for helping to bring shifts in the nation. (Maybe like the one reported as being encamped in Buckinghamshire – see Note 4.)  Thank you Lord!

This session then drew to a close with prayers and declarations over England.

The International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets representing 30 nations held last weekend in Windsor brought more revelation plus action upon these words for England.


  1. New Warpaths and See…Shaking in Next 3 Years; at June 2nd and Sept 7th.
  2. A ‘download’ whilst leading worship: “A great shaking and a great clash”.
  3. Prophetic Words for 2012: setting the stage for the End-times.
  4. The Angels – Restore Hope Latimer Newsletter Autumn 2008.

Prophetic words for 2014-16 for UK & Ireland from Dr Stone – part 1

On watch... A clarion call has been released for the UK not to miss its Day of Visitation (because of England’s complacency over advancing the Kingdom of God), as well as for intercessory prayer covering the next phase of God’s move here.

Rev Dr Stone stressed the importance of words received recently from the Lord, and told why England has been ‘out of sync’ with God’s timings and how that can be corrected.


Rev Dr Sharon Stone, Senior Minister Christian International Europe; courtesy CIEAs ever, prophetic messages Sharon delivers are a guide for teaching, prayer and alignment with our heavenly Father’s purposes. The usual invitations for October’s mentoring day had been re-issued and flagged ‘Urgent’.  Sharon stressed that was not a marketing technique but it was because she believes she has an important prophetic message which, she says,

“…Is actually the blending of several prophetic utterances that need to be heard and understood so that you and I know how to align and how to partner with it – but also so that we’re not frustrated by what we see going on around about us…

“We’re going to release a clarion call for the UK not to miss its Day of Visitation, and I believe that the Spirit of God is declaring over the UK that He has not passed us by, that we are on God’s calendar NOW.

“But you need to know what that looks like and, if you will allow me I can be prophetic without saying ‘Thus saith the Lord’ every few minutes; I want to take that and put some meat on the bones so that we have more understanding for our alignment.

“Now, I know that we hear many accounts in different nations of the Holy Spirit’s activity going on across the earth. Some of the major nations where we see that are Indonesia, Brazil, China and even in Nigeria.”  (In the last, where there’s been many murderous atrocities committed against believers by maniacal fanatics, Sharon sees the Spirit’s activity as moving them out of religious and into truly apostolic structure.)

“Also, in Iceland where last week we saw Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, and for the first time 100s responded and came into salvation. Iceland has never, ever, seen that! And so I believe we are seeing some amazing things going on in different nations.

“Most people always judge what’s going on in other nations by what’s going on in their nation. And when somebody talks about nations being first, or nations that enter into things first, everybody believes their nation is one of those! But how many know everybody’s nation is not?

“And so we have to have some understanding prophetically of what’s going on so that we partner with God. We need to know whether we’re to drag our nation into the timing of God, whether we get behind it and push it in, whether we intercede it in, whether we declare it in, whether we release the manifestations of God to cause it to walk in the fullness…We need to know these things!

“And so I’m particularly going to target the next three and a half years for the UK…I know we have people here from other nations and we’re not preferring (the UK) but I believe that’s what’s so different about what I’m speaking at this time challenges most people that have put the entire UK into one pot and mixed all the prophetic words!

“I believe that God is not speaking to us as the United Kingdom at this time.

“I believe that God is speaking to us as Wales, as Scotland, as Ireland and as England, and the reason that He is speaking to us individually as countries at this time is because we are not on the same heavenly ‘time zone’. [Note 1 below also refers.]

“So if that’s true then we need to know where we are in the heavenly time zones of God. But at the same time we need to realise that we are there and what’s going on in each one of us is meant to complement and is meant to benefit the rest of the United Kingdom, as well as other nations.

“So the UK is not getting passed by!”

Sharon then asked those present from those parts of the British Isles to stand up on behalf for their fellow citizens. She then prayed, blessed and spoke prophetically over each country in turn, especially for acceleration into national destinies (not transcribed here).


“In speaking into Ireland it doesn’t take a genius to see that’s the western gate of revival for the UK. That means that if God is moving from the west eastwards they’re carrying something that those in England have need of. Does that make sense?”  Sharon draws attention of intercessors to her points, then reads from her notes of what she heard:

“This is what the Spirit of God, the Lord says,

“You’re the western gate of revival, so it’s crisis time for your heart. (Speaks to intercessors) In the heart of the nation I am bringing a brief shock, like a defibrillator.

“In the heart of Ireland I am bringing a brief shock to reset the heart rhythm. The reason is because Ireland has always been a ‘sending’ nation (ie. of people all around the world) but they have benefitted more nations than they’ve benefitted themselves).

“It’s now time to revive the heart of your nation. Just as man has cut the nation in half (Eire and Ulster) I will heal the laceration portion with prayers for revival. From the west coast to the east coast on your border scar I will turn yesterday’s violence into an arm of strength. An arm of strength that will hurl My spear of revival on into the rest of the UK.”

<Prayers/declarations over those from/connected to Ireland.>


“The Lord says,

“2013 began your time to awaken but 2014 will be your time of a new outpouring. An Outpouring that is very new and very different from the past. (That means people can’t go back and say “I want the Welsh Revival all over again”.)  An outpouring that will overlap not only the season that you’re in now but the season that will come after the 2014.”

“An outpouring of your worship will break through the 100 years of barrenness since the last Visitation. (Listen!) Creation’s voice is crying out for my Glory. So altars of corporate worship are going to need to be built to release My Glory. Glory will turn your barrenness into a fruitful land. Your corporate worship will influence and calculate your harvest and your fruitfulness. 

“I am going to pour Myself  out on you but I’ve been waiting for you to pour yourself out on Me. So, My Church of Wales, it’s time to cry, to strain, to exert yourself with tears of intercession for a new quickening power because you are called to seek manifestations of My Spirit.” 

“Look at the Welsh people here and say, “You’re called to do strange things for the Lord!” And the Lord says,

“And the prophetic anointing will prepare Wales for new Visitation and a new move. Wales you are placed for an outpouring visitation that is going to spread like lightning to you and beyond to Scotland and to England. But before it travels to the nation, nations will travel to you for refuge and My Presence. But you must mend your broken families and then I will give you a building anointing to heal your fractured churches.”

<Those words are prayed and declared over those from Wales – see Note 2>


“For Scotland, the Lord says,

“In 2013 you were pregnant with purpose. 2014 though, you’re going to give birth to twins and there’s going to be a double-anointing released upon Scotland.

“The first ways you’re going to see it is it’s going to be the Father’s Heart and the second is Justice.

“You have started a quantum momentum for the rest of the UK and Europe for you are no longer at a crossroads but you have crossed over. As with the Israelites when they crossed over from the desert to the Promised Land everything changed. A warrior mentality had to be restored, prophetic activity released…

“Now I used to live right underneath Scotland and the things that the Lord is speaking to me now about the nations He just wasn’t talking about before, and so I’m very excited about this! (emphasis RB). The Lord is saying,

“Prophetic activity released is this: the asset of Scotland is its families. No longer a fatherless nation but a refuge for families. Scotland you are not a mother nation like England but a father nation who fights for what is just. So prophetic warfare, praise and intercession will shift your land and help align England and other nations as well.

“Eventually, you will declare new freedoms. Freedom to see in a new way, freedom to govern yourself financially in a new way…

“And the Lord speaks to Scotland AND Wales and says,

“I will not let the complacency of England hold you back any longer. The hunger and the violence to take My Kingdom by force will be released within you.”

“Now before England gets upset there, you know that complacency means there is a relaxed wait and see position that you take, rather than a forcefully advancing Kingdom position – that’s the difference there…

“A friend of mine Chuck Pierce said this,

“Wales and Scotland you will be thorns in England’s side”.

“England, you’re going to get prodded, you’re going to get irritated, from your borders. That’s what’s going to happen at this time. And remember that God’s not speaking to us as one because we’re in different time zones spiritually – but we are a catalyst and a complement to one another.

“So, Wales and Scotland is going to assist England to spiritual hunger – repeat after me, ‘Hunger not jealousy’ – hunger for the Kingdom and God Himself. So before I go onto England itself, let’s pray over Scotland…”

<Those words are prayed and declared over delegates from Scotland.>

ENGLAND – is covered in Part 2, which goes on to refer to a clash of kingdoms and a spiritual centre in Part 3 (which includes link to record of angelic visitation).

To summarise thus far, Sharon prophesied that:

  • Ireland is a revival spear thrown from the heart of Ireland into the United Kingdom.
  • Wales is positioned now for an outpouring Visitation. [See also Note 2]
  • Scotland is the first nation in Europe to ‘cross over’. [See also Note 3]


1. In Nov 2008 Chuck Pierce closed his report on visiting Germany and England as follows: The Spirit of the Lord says to the people of England, “This is your season for your light to come forth as never before. Rifts will come in old structures and My people will unite in a new way. A message will come forth from pulpits in this land” Then I saw a picture of 5 nations and the Lord said, I will radiate in each land. Do not allow the rifts to cause you to let go of My hand for I am raising you up with a sound of victory.”  (Emphases added)

2. See Chuck Pierce on A New Quickening Power Coming to Wales, 19 Sept 2013.

3. For more see Seven Decrees Over Scotland – Jane Hamon, 20 Sept 2013

4. Transcribed with permission of CI Europe and a polite reminder; Copyright applies.

Heavenly open doors and ladders

In opening her second teaching service on The Season of Open Doors at The Well church yesterday morning, Minister Lindi said there’s been an acceleration in recent months not seen before. And that’s happening today!  Over the weekend I mused over last week’s material and browsed recent years of my prophetical papers. Lindi had quoted a word from Kathie Walters, whom I’d read on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Bells (here). So I wanted to find her latest online today.

My notes of the teaching were sparse as my pen had dried up so I wanted the quotation in full. First, I attended to the weekend’s email and noted one new blog was relevant to material I’d been reviewing!  So I reblogged Tony’s dream on ‘security blanket’. Only afterwards did I find and read Kathie’s latest Heavenly Ladders and Tables, and then noted it seems to relate well to that dream for she writes,

There is a mighty move being stirred – many great callings being released. But God is sending a great spirit of LIBERTY because we have to hear God for ourselves. It’s a wake up call for people who already think they are awake. It’s a new calling for many people who think they have nothing much to offer. God wants to break that box you have put yourself in or you have allowed others to put you in. (emphasis added)

Our minister’s teaching on how to move through opened spiritual doors was based upon Genesis 31:3-13 ‘Now arise’. Stressing amongst other things, our need to let go of past pain, self-reliance and self-imposed limitations, she led us into understanding freedom in the Lord by quoting Kathie’s prophetic word and references to Wilberforce and, as we’re connected to the Isles, the Hebrides’ Revival.  Now, in reading her full account, I notice how an encounter by one of Kathie’s friends links into my reader’s dream of this weekend, as follows:

I am not sure what the total significance of that encounter  is but I know it was monumental. Keys are being given to those who have been crying out to see the religious slavery broken off of God’s children. Keys to set the captives free, both saved and unsaved. The new Abolitionists are arising who will do whatever is necessary to loose the bound and oppressed.

Lindi, however, obviously didn’t have time to refer to Katie’s trip around the UK and to visions of ladders into the heavenly realms and ancient gates being opened.  (Not that it mattered for several of us had distinct impressions of the Lord opening gateways, as happened during worship times with Joann McFatter when New Zealander Ian Clayton was here – sessions may be heard here.)

The Impact

BUT what a totally unexpected – yet welcome – impact all this has made upon me. Why? I’d been mulling over dis-believers’ claims about Chuck Pierce on Wales for, although not a regular follower, I recalled a couple of accurate predictions he’d made. I dug out and scanned my sparse collection of prophetical papers, as well as my note pad. There I came across a few words prophesying changes in England.

In particular I noted how Chuck’s words in 2008 and Christen Forster’s in 2012 seemed to pivot around what Bill Johnson had said about the Kingdom in England and the date of 1st September 2011 as “the day things changed in the UK” (here).

Therefore, I updated my Library today and then checked whether it was worth including that recent word on Liberty from Kathie.

Her remark, “I saw many ladders and tables being put in place” struck my spirit. Why? Its similarity spoke into my dream of 3rd September 2011 of things coming down from the heavens to various places in England for ‘setting up’ the Kingdom, as recounted in Father, Let Your Kingdom Come.

Hence, my being dazed – and dazzled – by these downloads!

Should you wish to read it, the new material is indicated with dates/numbers in red in my Library and its sub-page A New Era in the Church.

May the Lord bless you with His Spirit of wisdom and of revelation.