Brexit – the Escape of a Nation (Fulfilled Prophecy #38.2)

Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration

Following my introduction to Fulfilled Prophecy #38.1, this guest post by Jonathan R Hill written two years ago brings intriguing insights into Britain’s possible ‘rescue’ out of the EU.  As promised in my preamble on Hallow’een in Declarations of the Lord’s Glory over Britain, we learn about the holy meaning of number 33. Emphases are mine:



According to the US news network NBC, the following is at stake:

“In short, the future of Europe and the global order. Britain is the EU’s second-largest economy, has a powerful military and exerts outsize influence in global affairs; it would be difficult to interpret ‘Brexit’ as anything other than abandonment of the EU by one of its most important members.” (Brexit Vote: What your need to know about Britain’s Referendum on leaving the EU]


Would the event of Brexit be witnessed and marvelled upon by the world with similar media attention allocated to the escape of the Chilean Miners in 2010? Global interest is certainly high and rising as a realignment of the global order is forthcoming.

There may be a logical progression of signs here.:

  • First, the escape of men,
  • secondly, the escape of a nation and
  • finally, the world-wide escape of the Body of Christ at the Rapture.

The CM rescue was marked with the number 33 which is the biblical number of bearing witness. The 33 vertebrae of the backbone point every fortunate human-being heaven ward towards the current location of the Son of God – in other words, ‘He went that way!’ These 33 bones also contain the messages from the head (typically in heaven) to the body.

The EU block is currently 28 nations with 5 in accession (33 nations) – International Economic Relations

Does the escape of the UK from the 33 nation block of the EU, following the escape of 33 Chilean Miners, channel a message from heaven to earth that points or witnesses to the next progressive escape – one that will be world-wide?


The number of days between the Chilean Miner rescue (13th October 2010) and the British EU referendum (23rd June 2016) is 2079, a number precisely factored by 33 and 63 (33 x 63 = 2079). The number 33 as a factor is clearly relevant but not significant unless the number 63 has a bearing. Interestingly, the 63rd triangular number is 2016.(Triangular numbers being used by our Father to signify important events – RB note: see foot of F/P #38 for diagrammatic explanation of these numbers.)

Jonathan Hill
8th June 2016

This may remind readers of The Lifeguard, a vision received by Dave Hood.  Next, we’ll look at that historical rescue which, unlike that in Thailand this year, was fatality-free, as well as go into some depth on number 33 and others. 

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