The Lifeguard

This guest post is offered by Dave Hood for our weighing. It is relevant and timely in view of the ‘home and away’ Brexit ‘negotiations’ and conference debates, as well as prayers for Britain. (Its theme confirms a prophetic perspective shared with me by an author in mid-September and whose writings will soon appear on this blog.)

Dave has received more from the Lord, “particularly as seen in Veronika’s last post with you 22nd September” (my own birthday), and he continues waiting upon Him for a more  detailed understanding.:


In early August, the 6th, this year – I was praying and I saw a picture of a swimmer. He had a black swimming cap on his skull and was wearing black swimming goggles. He was swimming backwards, half on his back and half on his left side in the water, as we look head on. Very much like a life guard would do, a life saver, when “towing” a person to safety.

Only the “person” he was towing, was/is, the island of Great Britain. Who was depicted as a floating form of the geographical outline of the nation. Britain was being pulled away, being moved to “a more safe place” from her current place in the waters. This “towing” took a NW direction. It was almost, almost, as if she was being rescued, but there was no real turbulence in the waters that suggested rushing. But being maneuvered AWAY from the main land mass of Europe, to be stationed at a safer distance, in deeper waters.

I knew the whole issue represented the EU Brexit situation. This understanding came through a few different points. The black hat and goggles of the rescuer, or lifeguard of Britain … was the same coloured hat that our British swimming team were currently wearing, whilst representing our nation in the 2018 European Aquatic Championship, which included event swimming. The venues for the multi-sport Championship were split between the European venues of Berlin and Glasgow in the UK. Britain finished 2nd to Russia in the overall multi event Nations table and again second to Russia in the Swimming event table itself. I began to receive this as the Swimming events were taking place.

Britain was being steered away from the main European coastlines. More on this further on.

In doing so with one of his hands, the swimmer seemed to be holding on to a heavy thick chain that was attached to the centre of the southern coast of Britain. The northern end of our nation, Scotland’s tip, was up near his face. It seemed the end of the chain in the swimmers hand was not attached anywhere other than at the south. The chain was now partially attached (for towing purposes) but the other end seemingly free in the hand of our rescuer lifeguard.

The chain and its weight, and, the nation were being carried …the nation being freed from her anchor points as well as making her Britain, stationed more safely.

It shows the lifeguard had previously been and still is, watching over the nation, until such times as she needed to be moved further away, to different, deeper, safer waters.

What had triggered this vision? – during this prayer time the Lord had reminded me of a vision back in 2000. It was of a medal/medallion that He has already made, already minted…in advance of the event itself. This medal was made to commemorate and signal the victory of His purposes for Britain and their coming about with regard to Europe. As well as His stance with Britain in it and through it all. The medal was in pristine, in extra fine mint condition, brand new…and depicted a crowned Lion standing strong alongside Britannia, looking eastwards. Behold I do a new thing!

It projected a new and different era for the nation, that God had enabled her to gain. God had planned and purposed it in advance and was already in preparation for its celebration.

So it was with the background of God’s positive events that the swimmer emerged.

The activity of the swimmer was enabling a different buoyancy to be brought about … there was a distinct lack of turbulence in the waters as one envisioned this spiritually. But we all know this is not apparently so in the natural realm.

I had the sense also, that the towing away was in some way representative of Goshen. This occurred for Israel whilst enslaved to Egypt. The call to go to Goshen was given to Israel by God during God’s judgements upon Pharaoh through Moses. Some reasoning behind this follows.

The Land of Goshen (Hebrew: Eretz Gošen) is named in the Bible as the place in Egypt given to the Hebrews by the Pharaoh of Joseph (Genesis 45:9-10), described as a place of comfort and plenty and the land from which they later left Egypt at the time of the Exodus. We to are at a time of crossing over. The area is east of the Nile delta.

Brown-Driver-Brigg’s definition has “Goshen = drawing near”

Gen 45:10 says … You shall live in the land of Goshen, and you shall be near me, you and your children and your children’s children and your flocks and your herds and all that you have.

Being in Goshen, was being near God … in the midst of judgement(s).

Gen 46:34 says and reflects today … Then you will be allowed to settle in the land of Goshen, since all shepherds are “detestable to the Egyptians.”

It was a pastoral district, where some of the king’s cattle were kept ( Genesis 47:6 ). The inhabitants were not exclusively Israelites ( Exodus 3:22 ; 11:2 ; Exodus 12:35 Exodus 12:36 ). This reflects God’s call to the peoples of Europe to come out of her ( Egypt). All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved. We know He’s calling other nations out of her as well as any individual…and they will…come.

The meaning of Goshen, reflected in other languages have it as inundated, as in pouring forth, cultivated. A land fit for flocks … we know God has a great river that is coming forth FOR this nation, situated IN this nation, and to go forth FROM this nation.

God’s purpose I believe is not just to come out or away, to draw Britain out from Egypt (Europe) into these deeper waters. But to bring Egypt out of her. To, meet with and experience and know him in the depths of Him self and not just solely through His depths for us. Not just to engender safety for us, but safety for and towards others, whom he seeks to save, heal and deliver. Bringing their (our and Europe’s) flock and lambs into His care. Britain a “shepherd nation” detestable to Egypt!?!

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