God’s numbers in the Chilean miners’ rescue (Fulfilled Prophecy #38.3)

We continue with the fulfillment of the revelation of “My Numbers”, especially ’33’, with another guest post from Jonathan R Hill in his updating of an earlier paper. Note it closes by referring to the importance of the date of World War One’s Armistice.

Of personal interest is ’17’ because on my 71st birthday on 22nd Sept I wondered if it may have any meaning and the thought dropped into mind to reverse it – ah, back to being a teenager! Then I dug into Jonathan’s writing and noted it does have significance – and I’d totally forgotten about having inserted ’17 Year Cycles’ from Erik Hadik’s site into Cycles and the Bible. So be mightily blessed as you read about…


On the 5th August 2010, a mine collapsed in the Atacama Desert of Chile in South America trapping 33 miners. The extraordinary ordeal of these ordinary men separated from their families, captured the hearts of the world and commanded the attention of the global media. On the 13th October 2010, 69 days later and beginning just after midnight, all 33 miners were lifted-up in quick succession from their rocky tomb 2000 feet [1] below the surface. This victory over death was witnessed by the world.

The symbolism of this escape is of biblical proportion. The rescue of these men truly typifies a dispensational event of the highest order and the world must take note. As this short paper will show, the numbers involved with this escape align with biblical prophecy concerning the physical resurrection of dead. Just as Jesus rose from a rocky tomb aged 33, so all believers in Messiah will be raised future from now. These 33 miners who were constrained to die but rose to life through 2000 feet of rock (symbolic of 2000 years), signify this future event.


Of vital importance is the biblical meaning of 33, which speaks of a ‘living witness’. John’s gospel teaches that John is the testifying disciple or the disciple who bears witness.

John 21:24 – This is the disciple who testifies of these things, and wrote these things; and we know that his testimony is true.

By way of confirmation, the Greek word for ‘I bear witness’ or ‘testify’ is the verb ‘marturia’ and it appears in the Gospel of John precisely 33 times. The modern English word ‘martyr’ is derived from this Greek word. A martyr is someone who does not compromise but remains true to his or her testimony about Christ, even to the point of death.

The rescue holds a deeper meaning beyond that of resurrection and which relates to the ‘witness’ of the church. The initial contact with the miners symbolises a restoration of a ‘disconnect’ between the Body of Christ and the Head. For the miners this disconnect was caused by a collapsing mine. For the Body of Christ this disconnect is caused by an insufficient or incomplete witness. Consider the backbone or spine of a human being because it contains 33 vertebrae. The backbone protects the spinal cord through which the brain or the head communicates with the rest of the body. In the human body, the spine ensures the integrity of the message carried through the nervous system. When that integrity is compromised the message from the head is garbled and the body is paralysed. The Apostle Paul used the human body as a metaphor for the relationship between Jesus (the Head) and the church (the body). It follows that, when the witness or testimony (the 33 vertebrae) of the church is compromised, the messages from the Head are hindered or impeded and the fellowship between the body and Head is weakened. The Apostle Paul speaks of this weakness regarding the bread and the wine which typify the full witness of the Gospel.

1 Corinthians 11:29-30 – For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep.

A witness or testimony which is not only the truth but also the whole truth, is critical for maintaining and protecting full spiritual communion between the body and the Head – it is fundamental to the ongoing spiritual life of the church, without which there is a ‘disconnect’ or weaker fellowship.

NUMBERS 17 & 52

The 17th day after the mine collapsed was discovery day. A searching drill-bit miraculously discovered the men when it broke into one of their tunnels. Until this moment the miners were disconnected, and they picture the Body of Christ with a broken backbone. At day 17, however, the 33 were re-connected with their head (the surface teams) and communications were restored. It would another 52 days before the men would be lifted out of the mine. This 17th day connection for the miners before they were raised is highly symbolic and represents a fresh communion with the Head before the church is raised. Biblically, the number 17 represents Messiah in the flesh. This is derived by understanding Joseph received a tunic [2] from his father aged 17 and Adam also received a tunic [3] of flesh from his heavenly Father. Both these tunics represent the tunic of flesh that the divine Word (Jesus) would receive when He became flesh [4]. As such, the number 17 represents the ‘flesh of Jesus’ which must be continually spiritually consumed [5] for communion. Before day 17, the miners were disconnected and out of communications with the surface. In the same way, the Body of Christ without the pure, pristine apostolic truth of the Bread of Life [6], is out of communion with the Head. At ‘17’, communications were restored for the miners. The same is true for the Body of Christ, who consume the flesh of Jesus.

John 14:23 – Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

The glory is in the detail and the demarcation of 17 and 52 days, associate this divinely symbolic rescue with John 1:1 because the original Greek of John 1:1 contains precisely 17 Greek words and 52 Greek letters.

John 1:1 – In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

In the words of Greg Hall, who was credited with accomplishing the rescue, “The hole could not be drilled. It was a miracle” [7]. This link with John 1:1 demonstrates that it was God who intervened favourably in the rescue of these men. This same God is also the Word and it is God who gives life. The following words, which the men attached to the drill-bit on discovery day 17, notified the surface team the men were alive. The message contained 33 characters (including the spaces):

“estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (meaning “all 33 of us are in the shelter”)

Now the meaning of 33 is understood, the sign or witness of the ‘33 Chilean miners rescued’ is this.: If Jesus died and rose again, so too will God bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 4:14 – For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.

The original Greek words for ‘Jesus died’ in the above verse have a numerical value of 33 x 33, where each letter in the Greek is associated with a numerical value according to standard Isopsephy (the practice of adding up the number values of the letters in a word to form a single number).


To confirm this rescue as a ‘living witness’, there are more 33s. Discovery day 17 was the 22nd August 2010, which is the last day of the 33rd week of 2010. The average temperature in the mine was 33 degrees Celsius. The rescue shaft had a radius of 33 centimetres. The spiritual leader of the group, Jose Henriquez, who was nicknamed ‘the pastor’, had been married for 33 years and had worked in the mines for 33 years. The numbers in the final date of rescue can be written 13/10/10 where 13 + 10 + 10 = 33.

None were lost in this remarkable release, just as none will be lost of those given to Messiah.

John 6:39 – This is the will of the Father who sent Me, that of all He has given Me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up at the last day.


The final escape of miners on 13th October 2010 (CM) links with another ‘escape’ across the globe on another continent. This escape is national and out of the EU block of 28 nations with 5 in accession (33 nations). As witnessed by the world, the UK voted for Brexit on the 23rd June 2016 (BR). The number of days between CM and BR is 33 x 63 and symbolically links these two escapes together. The relevance of 33 is clear and relates to the witness of escape of this event, but what of 63? In scripture, the Lord uses triangular numbers to mark individuals or bodies of people with whom He will interact. The 17th triangular number ‘153’ is a wonderful example which represents the completed church at the point of rapture or ‘escape’, born out of the pierced flesh of Jesus (17). What has this to do with the number 63? Well, the 63rd triangular number in mathematics is 2016, the year of Brexit and confirms the link with CM.

Other important events which link with CM include:

  • The super, blue and blood moon on Wednesday 31 January 2018. The first in over 100 years. The moon is God’s faithful witness in the sky (Psalms 89:37).
    • It was exactly 2667 days from CM
    • 2667 = 7 (meaning Spiritual Perfection) x 381 (Hebrew Ordinal Gematria of Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.)
  • Armistice Day on Monday 11 November 1918. An historic 11th hour global warning.
    • It was 33575 days (inclusively) to CM
    • 33575 = 17 (speaks of the flesh of Jesus) x 1975 (Greek Isopsephy of ‘Eutychus’, the 8th and last person resurrected in scripture, see Acts 20:9. The number 8 is also the biblical number of resurrection.)

The following words of Daniel sum up this extraordinary event and rescue, and are for our thoughts, prayers and meditation:

Daniel 6:27 – He delivers and rescues, And He works signs and wonders In heaven and on earth…

Jonathan Hill, 16th September 2018, West Sussex. Copyright ©


[1] The rescue shaft was 2047 feet in length and so 2000 feet to the nearest 100 feet.

[2] Genesis 37:3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age. Also he made him a tunic of many colors.

[3] Genesis 3:21 Also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made tunics of skin, and clothed them.

[4] John 1:14 (NKJV) And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

[5] John 6:51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.”

[6] John 6:35 (NKJV) And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.

[7] https://aleteia.org/2015/11/13/33-chilean-miners-saved-by-miracle/

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