Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10 cont’d – Trump vs. corrupt WHO (‘God-smacked’ about ‘God-incidence’)

Only after sharing the posting shown below on my personal Facebook with a covering remark, ‘Noteworthy follow-up on yesterday’s posts on Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10′, did I get well and truly ‘God-smacked’ by the ‘coincidence’ between that numbering (of these updates on a prophecy) and the ‘double-ten’ (1010) number Veronika West saw when encountering  an angelic presence at 10 Downing Street – and both being published the same day!!

SO it hit me between the eyes – and confirms what Veronika brought; ie. ‘By the word of two or three witnesses every word shall be established’ (2 Cor 13:1).

This article was published the same date as and providing written support for my blog of on Tomi Araryomi’s video The Biggest Lie You Never Heard and associated material – click the image to read the Daily Signal article:

PS (9/4) Trump is right: rotten WHO should be reformed or abolished, Christopher Snowdon, Institute for Economic Affairs article

4 thoughts on “Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10 cont’d – Trump vs. corrupt WHO (‘God-smacked’ about ‘God-incidence’)

  1. My thoughts entirely Alex. China has lied from the start and continue to attempt to bankrupt every other country for their own evil plans to take over the world. The One World Government fulfilled by the Chinese Government. We must pray and pray more to thwart the evil they’ll commit across the World.


    • Moira,
      China owns everything worldwide so have great power already.
      Now they have Chinese rep on human rights commission.at UN.
      Human Organ harvesting is their specialty.


  2. Richard,
    Thankyou for your marvellous site, I don’t know what I would do without it.
    Trump has the courage of a Lion hasn’t he.?
    Someone needs to take on the WHO and their China- Centric behaviour and he is just the man for the job as usual.
    Praise the I AM.

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