Vital PS to vision of angelic presence at No. 10 Downing Street, London

Veronika adds:


‘One crucial thing to add to yesterday’s post re; Boris Johnson:

‘The Spirit of Revelation impressed heavily upon my heart yesterday that the next ‘21 DAYS’ ARE HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT FOR STRATEGIC PRAYER AND MANIFEST VICTORY, as per Daniel 10 the Spirit quickened to me that Daniel fasted for 21 days…!!

So as for Boris Johnson, I believe it’s imperative that we remain VIGILANT, ALERT AND WATCHFUL…WITH FERVENT PRAYER AND THANKSGIVING OVER THE NEXT 21 Days….interestingly yesterday was the 7th….I received the encounter yesterday…and so the next 21 days as of yesterday are vitally important to seeing TOTAL VICTORY OVER THE ENEMY….(777,…3 WEEKS)…!’

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