2020 US election results now at SCOTUS, as prophesied


As said to a couple of close friends this morning, I must have something of importance in my papers for my full-on blogging day because of three side-swipes in today’s personal events taking up my valuable 10am-6pm online time. Please bear with any errors in my haste and need to be brief so hope this will properly convey info, but here goes:

From the several updates do you recall this of 10th December listing 3 prophecies of last November’s US presidential election going to the Supreme Court of the United States?

Prophecies coming to pass in America 8 – 18 States going to SCOTUS against Election fraud (F/P #10.22.1-3)

This week Mike Lindell and several states’ Attorneys General submitted a lawsuit to SCOTUS supported by PCAP (data packet capture) evidence.

From Telegram’s Follow the Data with Dr Frank, starting 22nd Nov but not full thread:

MUST READ essential insights on Mike Lindell’s and John Durham’s roles in this lawsuit in Patel Patriot’s Addendum 3 to Devolution Theory – With permission, he reveals his confidential source is in US Army Intelligence Centre, Arizona. Here are snippets from closing pages of his 17-page paper:

‘If the evidence Mike Lindell claims to have is genuine, then we have already seen the failure of both the legislative and executive branches of our government due to rampant election fraud. Many members of Congress are illegitimate just like the current “president” occupying the White House. That means on January 6th, an illegitimate Congress rubber-stamped an illegitimate president resulting in the failure of both those branches.

If the only remaining branch of government (judicial) fails to recognize and rectify the 2020 election and illegitimacy of the other two branches, then all three branches of government would no longer be functioning as intended. Our form of government under the United States Constitution would no longer exist; a genuine constitutional crisis. I believe reaching this point would move us another step closer to the reveal of Devolution. We first have to exhaust all available legal and constitutional methods before military involvement is warranted. I truly believe this is how it will play out and here is my reasoning.

If the evidence Mike has is genuine, he could have went to the same AGs much sooner and got them on board. He could have taken his information to SCOTUS much sooner as he intended to after his August symposium. He could have even taken it to SCOTUS on January 21st. Why didn’t he?

It comes down to the timing!

As I have been saying since day 1 of my series, in order for Trump to return, there needs to be a super majority of Americans ready and willing to accept his return. The fact this has been pushed back until now when it didn’t need to be tells me it was done so on purpose. It has been timed to coincide with the multitude of failures of Biden’s administration and the mass awakening of Americans that has resulted from those highly visible failures.

So once again, if Mike Lindell has the AGs on board as he claims, and the evidence he possesses is genuine, than this upcoming SCOTUS date is even bigger than we realize…..

Keep the chain of custody in mind as we continue.

Questions & Answers


This last section will have to do with both Mike Lindell and John Durham. Before laying out the theory I’m going to ask a series of questions which only this theory seems to properly answer.

Regarding Mike Lindell:
  • If his PCAPs are genuine, where did he get them?
  • If his PCAPs are genuine, why is he allowed to maintain possession of them?
  • If his PCAPs are genuine, how is he able to maintain the proper chain of custody necessary to prove they are genuine without a doubt?
Regarding John Durham:
  • Why hasn’t the Biden administration shut him down yet?

…As I have said numerous times, the theft of the 2020 election was a culmination of the political establishment’s efforts to cover up for Spygate. Everything they did throughout President Trump’s first term was to cover up for their Russia Hoax. The Mueller special counsel, the impeachment, the lies, the election theft. Everything was aimed at removing Trump so that the crimes we see coming from the Durham special counsel would never see the light of day.

The conspiracy case that John Durham is showing us with these “speaking indictments” clearly shows the highest levels of the Obama administration were involved in this, including Joe Biden and Obama himself. Multiple agencies from our intelligence community are also complicit. If they truly had any control whatsoever, they would do absolutely anything they could to shut John Durham down, which is my entire point. They clearly don’t have control over John Durham. Why?


Are John Durham and Mike Lindell operating under the auspices of the military?

More specifically, is it possible they have been Direct Commissioned into our military while carrying out their roles? Here is what I mean:….


As we discovered in Devolution – Part 13 [RB: awesome], the scope of the devolution plan is much larger than we first realized.

If the same people who will be taken down by John Durham also played a role in the theft of the 2020 election, wouldn’t it make sense for the devolution plan to account for John Durham’s investigation and provide an avenue for it to continue uninterrupted? Commissioning him to the military during a devolution operation would truly move him out of their reach.

If Trump and his team are to exhaust all legal and constitutional methods of rectifying the 2020 election, they need to go before SCOTUS with irrefutable and concrete evidence. Maybe Mike Lindell is the guy to bring that evidence forth. If he is to truly move the chess pieces forward, his evidence has to be solid and irrefutable. Working with the military would be as solid as it gets….’

HIGHLY exciting extracts, are they not? – read in full by clicking here.

The Worldwide Web has come to its end — Wanda Alger

The time we are living in now is unprecedented. It is becoming more and more evident that Jesus is looking to redeem the entire globe, not just one nation. Though individuals are His priority, nations are His inheritance, and He will settle for nothing less. Even as His saving power has brought millions into the Kingdom in times past, there has never been a time when all the nations have been in such upheaval and desperation for redemption at the same time. We are witnessing the entire earth groaning and crying out for salvation from the enemy’s grip.… THE WORLDWIDE WEB HAS COME TO ITS END — wandaalger.me

This is a most notable commentary by Wanda, part of which significantly reads,

We will miss the destiny of this moment if we put our trust in eschatological timelines. We cannot afford to limit the possibilities of our faith because of various end-time narratives or tribulation calendars. We must see our condition from heaven’s perspective. We must realize the Son’s passion for His inheritance and the Father’s heart for His creation. They long for the sons and daughters to come into their time of fulfillment upon the earth. The Father is determined to demonstrate the power of His Kingdom through His people so that the whole earth will truly KNOW HIM.’

Compare with Romans 8:

From Suffering to Glory

18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared  with the glory which shall be revealed in us. 19 For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; 21 because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. 23 Not only that, but we also who have the first-fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body. 24 For we were saved in this hope, but hope that is seen is not hope; for why does one still hope for what he sees? 25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.

It Begins: FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections — Leo Hohmann

By Leo Hohmann via Worldview Weekend Report An FBI SWAT team raided the home of an activist mother of four in Colorado on Tuesday, Nov. 16, knocking down her door, bursting into the house with guns and handcuffing her while she was homeschooling her children. This is the first known case of the federal government […] It Begins: FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections — LeoHohmann.com


Further evidence the dis-United States of America urgently needs God’s direct intervention to deal with deep injustice endemic across principal areas of government.

For an exceptional investigation of how and why the FBI changed under Obama, read  https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/08/08/the-fourth-branch-of-united-states-government/

UK Press headlines Biden’s bent FBI attack upon parents – Deep-State intel

Further to my previous posts on deeply suspicious activities of the once-respected FBI and of Biden’s Attorney General Garland on their treating parents of school children as domestic terrorists, this can only lead to the demise of the Democratic Party:

NB: Parents are vociferously against pornographic books in school libraries, transgender assaults in toilets, degradation of children’s identity by means of critical race theory.

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Another media headline mirrors prophecy on exposure of evil

Rapidly increasing prophecies and related events and news has prevented my updating their listing in Media-mirrored Prophecies.  Now we have yet another indication of Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics? UK, USA – next EU? being fulfilled [Series #10 and #25 in Fulfilled Prophecies refer]:

DS = Deep-State: See https://x22report.com/ds-evil-exposed-this-is-not-about-politics-its-about-preserving-our-way-of-life-ep-2629/

Nations under the weight of God’s Glory – Veronika West

Another item published Tuesday 9th November! This is especially interesting because on the last day of our church Prayer Week I dreamt of seeing Jesus’ radiant glory being behind the walls and platform of a gathering place. I was praying in tongues continously. This also reminds me of what Nina saw in an open vision this Summer of Jesus’ glory being very close by the land.

Thank you Lord and Veronika for being so faithful and steadfast in You.


During my prayer time this morning, I was overwhelmed with a heavy burden for The Nations.

As I began to cry out to The LORD, suddenly The LORD spoke to me saying, ”Fear not… be still and know that I AM God!”

As I heard Him speak those Words, I was suddenly caught up in The Spirit Realm and I heard Him say, ”Daughter, what do Nations look like under The Weight of My Glory?”

As I heard those Words, the Words, Weight of My Glory hit me like an unexpected wave. A wave of His Power and Authority suddenly hit me, and I instantly fell on my face, and as I hit the floor, I heard the Words, ”Look….” and a deeper Realm of The Spirit opened up to me, where I could see The Nations.

I first saw my own Nation the United Kingdom, and then the nation of the United States of America, then the nations of Africa, and AsiaAustralia and the islands of the earth, and again I heard the Words, ”Look and look again….” and suddenly I saw The Glory of The LORD beginning to fall upon The Nations.

The presence of His Glory was so tangible, that I was unable to move a muscle.

Suddenly I saw nations being covered by the Light of His Glory, but then I saw that The Glory of The LORD carried “weight” and as I watched, The Weight of His Glory falling upon nations, I saw the powers of darkness that covered the nations being slowly crushed under the heavy weight of His falling Glory.

I saw great chaos and upheaval beginning to take place. I saw Nations being shaken violently, boundaries of nations were suddenly being uprooted and realigned, great mountains and deep valleys were being leveled and filled, the waters of the seas were being violently stirred up, great earthquakes and tsunamis began to erupt and break out.

I saw whole cities within Nations being utterly demolished and destroyed. I watched as famous landmarks across many Nations being suddenly leveled and shattered to pieces. I saw great forests become wastelands and man-made dams breaking their banks, and even some bridges falling into the seas.

I saw multitudes of people running to and fro across the earth looking for a hiding place.

But… as the weight of His Glory fell upon Nations, suddenly I saw what looked like a divine demolition taking place over Nations.

I saw demonic strongholds that held regions and territories coming crashing down. I saw a satanic thrones of darkness being overthrown and overturned.

And then I heard these Words, ”When The Weight of My Glory falls upon The Nations, only that which has been built by My Hands shall be left standing.

For now The Weight of My Glory is falling upon The Nations to uproot and tear down, to build and to plant, for a time of great Reset and Kingdom Reformation is now taking place over The Nations.

The Weight of My Glory shall crush the works of darkness and shall raise up a Standard against the rising flood of wickedness and witchcraft that seeks to swallow up a great harvest of souls!”

A simultaneous move of Judgement and Harvest taking place at the same time!

Coming out of this encounter, I was immediately reminded of a powerful Vision God gave me about a simultaneous move of Judgement and Harvest taking place at the same time.

Please see below for March 26, 2021 HKP Word (click image for link):


On 1st November Wanda Alger posted the following in her Prophetic Perspectives for the Kingdom Age:

That which our spiritual adversary has been allowed to do on the earth has brought many hardships and heartaches. It has been a painful process. Yet, it has awakened the masses to demonic schemes and agendas laid out for years.

Lucifer and his hordes have plotted and planned for generations to take out the sons of the earth. Those he controls are addicted to the power they have seized. Thinking they have free reign, these demonically inspired agents have cast off restraint, and cared little about repercussions. Like starving rats drawn to food, they have come into the open where all can now see the source of their madness. Their Fallen Master has convinced them he is able to alter the future, promote their agendas, and even change his own fate. And yet, the Father of Lies is blind.

Reaping the results of his own deception, he has no idea what’s coming. Deceived by his own vanity and pride, he has miscalculated his reach by believing his own lie.

He has no idea of the trap that has been set.

His own Creator has known from the start what Morning Star would do. The One who has watched from the beginning foresaw this collision of expectations and planned for it. Though the road has been long and the cost has been high, the reward will be great.The oppressive regime paying homage to Satan is about to collide with the Spirit of Truth and the Fear of the Lord. The centuries-long plans woven together by the dark lords of the underworld are about to unravel. The web of deception is but a flimsy mirage that is blown away with but one breath of the Living God.

Do not fear the darkness, for He who is King often works in cover of night. While the devils have been preoccupied with their prey, the Captain of the Host has been positioning His armies. Our adversary has been lured to the bait and the snap of the trap will be heard as these creatures are caught and their network of lies dismantled and destroyed.

This illusion of power is about to break. The trap has been set!

Farcebook blocks British prophet, proving she hears from God! Testimony against demonic.

Click here for Veronika’s posts at His Kingdom Prophecy.

I first noticed this happening to our sister when Farcebuk added CCP members to its team in the lead-up to the November election when they started blocking THE President – hence in my humble opinion, seditious treason – because she offered prayers for him!

Doubtless, they don’t want anyone thinking for themselves contrary to the New World Order’s dictats and programme of Global Reset and tyrannical control. 

ALSO, being under the influence of the prince of the air, aka, father of lies, Farcebuk may have taken exception to Veronika’s most informative discussion on that thread, the beginning of which she covered in her Postscript in my previous post. NB: if you’ve yet to read therein about demonic action please do so first as her following very personal testimony continues those opening points (copied from Fbk without reformatting):

Veronika West to Chris M (emphases mine: RB)

ABSOLUTELY! Being born and raised in Africa my first encounter with a powerful demonic entity was over a region in Africa where Satanic sacrifices had been made,…the church in that area had become compromised by mixture false teaching which was Satan’s entry point,..the Church/Restrainer was strategically targeted by the enemy with a goal to gain a foothold and an opportunity to build his throne. Witch doctors in the area who once walked in the fear of God that operated through the local Pastors were now taking over and becoming bolder and bolder in their own agenda,.. Soon the people in that region had become fully deceived by the reports of the witch doctors and even a counterfeit demonic spirit moved with demonstration of signs and wonders; this only fortified the Satanic hold over the lives of many. Weather patterns in that area soon began to change famine soon took hold over a region known for the best rainfall and wheat harvests,…people began to suffer,…but hence the Government’s soon moved in with a NEW INITIATIVE which would take the little money the people had but with a PROMISE OF A RETURN TO PROSPERITY. Of course many bought into the scheme and Satan certainly took over that area. I was part of a team that went into this area to PRAYER MAP,…Through much prayer and fasting THE LORD SHOWED US THE GATEWAYS AND THE ENTRY POINTS AND WE WERE ABLE TO REINSTATE THE LOCAL CHURCH LEADERS AND THE HEALING OF THE LAND BEGAN,…WE SPENT MONTHS PRAYER WALKING BINDING AND LOOSING CLEANSING THE LAND THROUGH WATER, OIL AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND SOON THE POWER OF THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT BEGAN TO ARISE WITHIN THE CHURCH AND WE SAW A PUSHING BACK OF THE DARKNESS AND A SHUTTING DOWN THE DEMONIC ENTRY POINTS. PRAYERS OF REPENTANCE WERE THE CATALYST FOR THE TRANSFORMATION AND RADICAL CHANGE. THE DEMONIC ALTARS WERE PULLED DOWN AND AN ALTAR OF REPENTANCE AND SURRENDER WAS ERECTED AND MADE WAY FOR CHANGE.

So having shared just one of my experiences I can tell you without reservation that Satan will take whatever he can get as long as he can get the Church to become is compromised and ineffective.
To Nancie M –  thank you for your great question,…but unfortunately the answer would be too long to share over this platform. I encourage you to do some research on Prayer Mapping and certainly spiritual warfare. Taking a Warfare stand over territories requires great wisdom, revelation and indeed prophetic and prayerful strategy. Make no mistake these types of assignments are weighty and carry great risk if not done in the correct way. I have come across many casualties in Warfare that have steamed ahead in great zeal and passion only to be taken out by the enemy for a lack of knowledge and revelation. Satan is very real and he does not give over these strongholds in these areas with ease. While we of course have been given the fire -power which is greater than the devil’s, one must know how to use that fire-power with great care. So beloved, not wanting to put you off but rather encourage you to get understanding and wisdom concerning these things and then formulate a strategic plan in which you can go out as a small team and take ground and reclaim what has been stolen. Xxx

RB: Although based upon Africa, Veronika’s account is not exceptional for the Lord showed me this book when fairly ‘new-born’ into the Kingdom 

in 1993 John Widdas and Peter Mockford wrote  about learning how to deal with demonic attacks against church congregations. One of the hardest comments they heard whilst writing their book was made by, ‘…someone coming out of satanism: “The Church is powerless, because they do not live in their inheritance”! (at page 170)

Immediately I recognised its truth from decades spent in the enemy’s camp of the New Age/occult (as told herein).

‘October Surprise’ Newsmix 3 – its roots in 2016 Election?

How wonderful if that ‘surprise’ is the Lord’s glory coming in widespread Revival and reverent fear of the Lord falling upon a nation, thereby bringing all people and especially leaders of every political view into full repentance, renouncing and turning from evil ways. Until that happens, and because so many prophetic words I’ve covered on this blog since last year are, of necessity, on America’s situation, let’s continue watching for likelihood of the anticipated ‘surprise’ being in their news.

These legal indictments may be the ‘biggie’ that proves to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back (click for link):

For perhaps the best in-depth coverage of this saga of the Democrats’ governmental corruption, read the author that researcher Patriot Patel (Devolution series) follows closely – Brian Cates. At The Epoch Times he writes about US special counsel John Durham’s legal investigations and indictments, and this article conveys many insights:

The opening paragraphs read – and note well the importance to this month of October’s especial significance:

‘I think I’ve figured out why former top intelligence official Kash Patel has been saying in interviews the time-frame for a whole slew of Durham indictments dropping is “5 to 6 months”.

As everybody knows, Durham slipped the indictment of Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussman just under the wire to beat the expiration of the 5 year statute of limitations. Patel appears to be expecting Durham to drop new indictments just ahead of the five year expiration dates that will be coming up over the next five to six months.

Most of the overt acts to further the Russiagate criminal conspiracy – including multiple instances of Hillary Clinton’s private operatives lying about who they were working as they were handing off fake Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes to federal officials – were committed between late October 2016 and June of 2017.

That means the five year statute of limitations on some of those criminal acts will begin expiring between late October 2021 and April of 2022. From late October 2012 to early June 2022 is around six months.

If you study the timeline of SpyGate, many of the most serious crimes committed during the scandal begin in the 3 week period just before the November 2016 election all the way through late February of 2017.’

Here’s more fascinating reading:

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‘October Surprise’ – Strike The Target – kingpin falling, October 18th update

Thank you again Roger for this transcript to an important word to an intercessor that Dutch Sheets recounts in Give  Him 15 on 21st October


While speaking in Indiana a few weeks ago, I was interrupted by a strong presence of the Lord. This was not a sweet presence of the Lord, it was a weighty presence, representing His warrior heart and nature. A fear of the Lord came into the room. I then had a vision of Him staring intensely in another direction. As I looked, I saw a principality that I knew was ruling a significant portion of the earth. Then I heard Christ say, “I am now going to deal with this spirit.” I wrote about this in a previous post.

A week and a half ago I was with Chuck Pierce in Tennessee. He, too, had a vision, which I also shared in one of my previous posts. Here is a portion of his word: Continue reading

Prophetical insight into political intrigue – events indicate Devolution is in play

After receiving the lengthy Word of the Lord on 31st August about bringing “an October surprise”, and which has featured in several blogs herein, Amanda Grace attended a conference on 18th September where she spoke in sessions about her understanding of that word and subsequent insights and events.

They were closely transcribed and published in two parts as Prophetic Insights: A Tower, an Arch, Build Back Better. The second part closes with her referring to a ‘Crimson Tide’ and then to one of our favorite films ‘The Hunt for Red October’, as follows with emphases mine:

“… hold our positions in God and see the salvation of the Lord happen – interesting, the Crimson tide Alabama football team’s mascot is an elephant – someone just wrote that – thank you for that – I found that very interesting.  Praise the Lord All Glory be to God Keep the faith everyone. 

Get ready – I know it was last September I heard “Red October” – now I don’t know if it pertained to last October or this October, but I remember last September talking about this, that I heard ‘Red October’ and I went to ‘The Hunt for Red October’, which was the movie about the submarine, the Russian submarine…but it was months ago – like two months ago – I saw it twice in a day Crimson tide and I went what is going on – so I sat on it till now and now I’m speaking about it – Praise the Lord.

So, this is where we’re going to end part two. I pray that now you’ve gotten a lot out of this, but this encourages you to go and research – to go and pray to go and dig deeper from what I have given you today…”


NOW, to news of an apparently related event in the Pacific on 2nd October:

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Prophetical insight into political intrigue – Devolution situation update

Click image for link to play video on Rumble – starts at 1:00 mark

Continuing from previous post, Tim Shey’s reaction to watching Patriot Patel’s excellent situation analysis of 15th October gives a helpful summary,

Richard: Thanks for the video. That was a very good interview with Patel Patriot. I think I have read the first four parts of the Devolution Series. You could sum up the interview like this: the Book of Esther is being played out right now on a global scale. The Lord is reversing the Satanic narrative of the Deep State. Everything that the fake president has said and done has done nothing but help to destroy the United States and our relationship with our allies. Everybody knows that the fake president is not making his own decisions. The Deep State began to hang themselves the day of the fake inauguration. The Deep State is fighting against the Lord and against the Lord’s anointed (President Trump). The brain-dead fake president really isn’t the problem. The problem is the people controlling the fake president: Obama, Soros, the CCP (the Deep State/Satan).

Esther 7:10: “So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath pacified.”


Patel speaks from a well-informed position, as expected from his in-depth research his  Devolution series, and refers to ‘The Playbook’ manual used in destabilising nations by means of ‘Colour Revolutions’. In Part 12 he introduces this subject:

The focus of this article is going to be all about providing the proper context that we will need for Devolution – Part 13. It’s incredibly important to understand who the political establishment is and their history of manipulating the political landscape to their benefit. The 2020 United States election wasn’t the first time the political establishment ousted a leader they didn’t want or couldn’t controlit’s important to better understand this topic before we move forward.

In the video I note that, in saying the current administration’s policies and conduct  will inevitably lead to the ‘Democrat’ party’s demise, at 11:40 mark Patel refers to Trump as “holding all the cards, he has all the evidence” – as foreseen by Veronika West in the Trump vs. Biden Poker Game and blogged with many news updates, then later in Dr Patricia Show’s short video Their House of Cards is Falling.

From 26 minutes he speaks about the increasing exposures of deep corruption within the Deep-State. Continue reading

“I keep politics out of the pulpit.” 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do — Mario Murillo

“I keep politics out of the pulpit.” I believe that there are 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do to your ministry. We have spent so much time talking about the hazards of speaking out that we have not realized the disasters of remaining silent. The nation (USA) is careening toward division that is even more intense than what we see now. Be warned! The middle ground is going to disappear soon.

This message is urgent. But it is not bashing pastors. It is my honor to work with thousands of sincere men and women of God in our pulpits.

Sadly, there are also many other preachers who are hoodwinked by the devil. They think they are doing the right thing by remaining silent on burning issues. It is deep in my heart for this to warn those preachers about the disaster that will come to any preacher who refuses to stand against evil when the evil is so glaring and the price of disobedience is so high.

It is wrong to keep politics out of the pulpit for the simple reason that it is no longer about politics…it is about evil.

“I keep politics out of the pulpit.” 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do to your ministry. — Mario Murillo Ministries  

Deep-State sedition & election theft revealed by former CIA officer

Continue reading full article here

NB. The latest part of Devolution Series lists Eisen as law school classmate of student with Obama and student of Saul Alinsky’s political subversion, as in recent post Obama-Soros Puppet Biden is Guided by ‘Rules For Radicals’. Eisen developed it much further as author of the ‘Color Revolution’ regime change manual ‘The Playbook’. This instructs politicians and operatives in destabilizing of foreign states and is also being applied to the USA!!  [See Devolution in-depth investigation Part 12 The Playbook.]

As mentioned several times – and rebuked for referring to treachery of two fine presidents! – plotting against a sitting President of the United States is subversion and is a treasonous act, is it not?

Continue reading full article here

Exposing plans of the wicked cont’d: severe purging plus signs – Amanda Grace (GPS #70.2)

Further to Exposing Plans of the Wicked: Given Ultimatum, Amanda Grace brought a further word on 25th September at Colorado Springs:

‘And the Spirit of the Lord says this day

“Fear not My children, fear not in an hour where you will see much shaking, in an hour where I the Lord thy God will shake the foundations of the White House, in the hour where I the Lord thy God will split the leadership in Australia, in an hour where I the Lord thy God will cause an unexpected fall in the states including California, says the Lord. For I the Lord thy God will not be mocked in this hour, I love My children, I am long-suffering, says the Lord. But the time has come, says the Lord, where the balances must be weighed. Where there must be a reckoning, says the Lord thy God this day. For says the Lord of hosts, I have allowed in this hour these things to take place; I the Lord have allowed it in order to bring to the forefront the plans of the enemy and expose them and shine a spotlight on them. In this hour, I the Lord shall magnify down to the depths of the tiniest details, that are going to make a huge impact and that are going to hit the enemy’s camps, says the Lord. For I the Lord thy God am going to move My Spirit across this country for I shall be the dividing line in this hour, I shall be the two-edged sword, says the Lord.

“And I the Lord thy God shall cause in this hour exposure, says the Lord, exposure in the Midwest. I the Lord thy God shall make a spectacle of those that are attempting to overturn what I the Lord have put on their hearts to begin in Texas to protect the little ones. For it is better to have a millstone put around their neck and be cast into the sea, says the Lord thy God, than to have to deal with Me in this hour for what they have done. For I the Lord thy God am beginning to dry up their rivers of blood. I am beginning to dry up, says the Lord thy God, their supply, their storehouses, I the Lord thy God am going to strike their storehouses and I am going to begin to drain it and deplete it, says the Lord. And says the Lord thy God this day, I shall put the enemy’s camp on the run, and those that have chosen to serve him, and those that have chosen to openly lie, and deceive, and challenge My sovereignty. I the Lord thy God in this hour, says the Lord, shall cause them to fall. I shall cause them to fall into their own trap and net that they have set for my children. For I the Lord thy God am going ahead of My children in this hour, I shall march ahead of them, I shall give them the instruction, “you shall march” says the Lord, “you shall speak in faith” says the Lord, and “you shall watch the walls come down in this hour” that the enemy has attempted to prop up and keep up and erect, in order to try to protect the most precious part of his plan, but I the Lord thy God am going to split those plans, I am going to gut them, I am going to go in and do the biggest purging that this country has ever seen, says the Lord. And I the Lord thy God shall raise up a leader that will be a defender of Israel, I the Lord thy God shall raise up a leader that is led by My Spirit, I am working on him right now, says the Lord. I am dealing with him right now in this hour, and I am ordering his steps and setting him straight, in his life. For I shall raise up this leader when you see a double fall in the Capitol of this nation. You shall see in this hour, you shall see it leading into the new year, what you call your new year, says the Lord. You shall see it. And there shall be signs in this country there shall be uncanny events, baffling events, unprecedented events, that shall confirm this Word today, for I the Lord thy God am the Alpha and Omega, I change not, I am the Beginning and the End and I am the Righteous Judge, I rule on the throne, and I the Lord thy God this day shall call out the principalities of Baal, I shall call him out, and I shall tear down his high place that he had so desperately tried to protect, because I am God, and there is none other.” Thus sayeth the Lord of hosts, in Jesus’ Name.’


Kim Clement 2014 China’s ‘subtle war’ prophecy fulfilled, as detailed in Press


In the above-entitled report, part of the prophetic word South African prophet Kim Clement brought on 22nd February 2014 reads – emphases mine::

“..And then there is a nation He showed me – He took me – itching for a new kind of war with America…

“This nation shall come very subtly, but they shall not come in the time of President Obama…they shall come when this new one arrives, as My David, that I have set aside for this nation. A man of prayer – a man of choice words – not a man who is verbose, has verbosity, who speaks too much!”

“They will say ‘This man is not speaking enough!’ BUT God says, I have set him aside”…..

“And then God says,HIGHLY embarrassing moment when another ‘Snowden’ arrives!”

My post continues: ‘So maybe there’s a new whistle-blower coming on the scene to spill all the beans on criminal and seditious activities of politicians, media and business people?

‘China’s ‘new, subtle kind of war’ involves wooing and seducing many leaders in industry, business, media (as with Facebook) and all shades of politics, thereby blackmailing them into becoming fifth columnists and traitors in attacking their own nation and government from deep within, PLUS global release of their engineered viral bio-weapon, Covid-19.

‘My readers who’ve dug into the source material I’ve used will readily grasp that’s the true Situation.’


Now, Cathy He’s report published 7 years 7 months later begins:

‘Psychological warfare. Public opinion warfare. Legal warfare.

Known as the “three warfares” doctrine and relatively unknown in the West, these concepts serve as key strategies guiding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its quest to win a war against the free world without firing a single shot.

Psychological warfare seeks to demoralize the enemy; public opinion warfare seeks to shape the hearts and minds of the masses; legal warfare seeks to use systems of law to deter enemy attacks.

This explanation was set out in a recently released 650-page report that provides a comprehensive illustration of the Chinese communist regime’s global influence operations. The French-language report was published by the Institute for Strategic Studies of Military Schools (IRSEM), an independent agency affiliated with the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

Combined with another key CCP doctrine called “United Front” work, these principles have undergirded a breathtaking campaign by the Chinese regime to expand its influence and infiltration into Western democracies, the report stated.

United Front, described by the CCP’s first leader Mao Zedong as a “magic weapon,” is a policy that, according to the report, involves the regime “eliminating its internal and external enemies, controlling groups that may challenge its authority, building a coalition around the Party to serve its interests, and projecting its influence abroad.”

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Exposures continue: ‘president’ Biden’s falsehoods as ‘commander-in-chief’

My five years-old prophetical musing about the Lord exposing political rot in UK, USA & EU keeps on manifesting in the media – but now it’s at the very top and includes ‘top brass’ prevarication – as may be expected from a ‘general’ who contacted China without telling President Trump

On Tuesday 28th September, Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) questioned Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Gen. Mark Milley, and Gen. Frank McKenzie about Afghanistan during a Senate Armed Services hearing (emphases within transcript mine):

[YouTube transcript edited 30 Sept, adjusted 1 Oct]
Sen Dan: “Thank you madam-chair, gentlemen this committee recognizes that your Constitutional duty is to follow the lawful orders of the President, or resign if you don’t agree with his decisions and policies, like Secretary Mattis did, but I want to emphasize: you do not have a duty, constitutional or otherwise, to cover for the commander-in-chief when he is not telling the truth to the American people. With that I have a few questions that i’d like you to keep short concise answers to:
1) On August 18th in a media interview to the American people the president said that none of his military advisers told him that he should keep US forces in Afghanistan. General Milley, that was a false statement by the president united states, was it not?

Gen M: I didn’t even see the statement, to tell you the truth…

Sen Dan: I’m reading you a truthful statement….Look, I don’t have a lot of time: was that a false statement to the American people or not?

Gen M:  I‘m not going to categorize the statement of the president of United States

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UK and US prophets confirm each other yet again re Trump – ‘Jackal spirit’ (God’s GPS #69.4)

NB: my blogging about politics is not to be construed as being judgmental, but merely presenting facts, PLUS what I understand to be what the Lord is saying about a person and situation. As said previously, we pray for the Lord’s gracious mercy to convict them of their personal sin and its effect upon others, to enable them to be truly contrite and repent of all wrongdoing, thereby coming to a full expression of faith in and following Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

RECAP: we look at our jigsaw pieces once again and the location where their spiritual GPS signal was received – note: American states are 5 to 8 hours behind the UK:

  • England – Monday, I read news about Israel and infer it links to Barack Obama
  • North Carolina – Tuesday, Lisa S contacts me on Nancy Pelosi, outing Obama – also about two US prophets’ related words, as below.
  • Northern Ireland – last Thursday, Veronika West prophetic word on jackals in US.
  • Tennessee – Thursday, Johnny Enlow speaks on Isaiah 13 jackals and symbolism
  • Alabama – Tuesday, Robin Bullock receives word on Biden, and Lisa writes me…

“Also today, Robin gave a word that the Lord is going to I expose the “puppeteer.” Great timing if there is a connection there. I am just throwing pieces your way.”

I ask for a link and useful time marks and Lisa replies,

“He is the jackal to another pushing him along. But I will remove the barking dog and I will expose the master of the jackal…” He also calls him the “puppeteer.” Obama was on the lips of Pelosi when she said: “”Keep government open… to address the full #Obama agenda of building back better.” Obama was all over the news today.”

“Anyway, start at about 21:15 in Robin’s The Eleventh Hour… I started it there in the link below for you – I think.”

However, in view of what Robin says about Israel and my first point above, I’m starting it earlier – just after Robin brings God’s scriptural word against satan.

Personally, I take particular note of the Lord referring to a “new page” because about 10 years ago He dropped into me an insight into the heavenly book beyond the Apocalypse otherwise known as the Book of Revelation (see 1989>2009>2019>The Age To Come)

From auto-captions transcript (pls bear with copy-formatting issues):

“I have brought my people to a place now and I have every intention on giving them a new start.” 
‘But I hear the Lord call upon His people from this place of high exalted and lifted up as He is .
“Begin to live differently! Do not live the way you live to this day. Begin to live in this place I‘ve raised you to on this side of the page. For your life will not change unless you do these things, for when I turn the page,” says the Lord. “some will grab hold of the edges and try to hold on but they will fall off and I will close the page upon them.”
But on this side I saw the Lord blow across the page and clear it of any debris and He says, “Now start over and write history. So with pen in hand, God’s people, begin to write! What is it in America you want? What is it that you see America to be?

“Say it!” says the Lord, “And I’ll bring it to pass with My might, for the world is looking to see what happens here, and Israel is feeling alone without any ally at all, but I am the strength of that nation and My right arm will bring them deliverance.”

“America recognized a fool as President – America chose a fool, and let him remain. While louder voices than My people shouted and screamed, “He is the president he is the leader he is the one,” the Lord says, “Nay, he’s not the one! He is a jackal to another pushing him along, but I will remove the barking dog and I will expose the master of the jackal.

“I will do these things,” says the Lord “I will remove the saliva dog and I will expose the puppeteer that moves him around.
“You sought to infiltrate the capital of my covenant nation, but you did not hem Me in for I have one way that you know not of and I am going to show this before the end!
“Laugh, rich laugh, for your laughter will choke in your throat for I am going to bring to pass the prophecy Jacob gave to Joseph when he put the many-colored coat; for I am going to have a a people and a remnant all around this world, every nation, every tribe, every tongue and I will present a speckled and spotted Church before Myself from every tribe and tongue. There will be sheep of great strength and the spots will not be dirt, but yet they will be the strength like Jacob’s sheep, who will really know what they’re worth.
“Cry out loud, spare not, the lion’s gonna roar! Get ready,” says the Lordto walk through the open door.  It’s the time of the open door…Let the lion roar… Let the lions roar…it’s the time!

[Flying Puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

CDC (USA) claims it has authority to use police to do everything you see going on in Australia; and Congress agrees — Leo Hohmann

We’ve arrived at the imposition of the New World Order as foreseen 25 years ago by a renowned Kiwi end-times teacher, and others – in fact, we’re now beyond it: once democratic nations are becoming  totalitarian and violent against their citizens.

We’ve all seen the videos from Australia. Police chasing down and beating a helpless woman, shooting rubber bullets at construction workers who violate that country’s draconian lockdown rules. A 12-year-old girl gets pepper-sprayed for not wearing a mask!!

Watch the horrific excuse for policing below. ‘How Australia plans on beating COVID’

Do not be fooled into thinking this is just an Australian thing, never to happen in America. Check out below what’s going on in Israel, where IDF soldiers are being forcibly jabbed in the middle of the night. […continue reading at..] CDC claims it has authority to use police to do everything you see going on in Australia; and Congress agrees — LeoHohmann.com

In this post we see America and Australia affected by demonic direction – BUT God..!

Internationally renowned Barry Smith started writing this book in April 1995 and  it was completed in October 1996. It is sub-titled ‘Or, The Secretive World Take-over’. Often in his books and lectures he’d repeat that New Zealand had become the guinea pig of the New World Order (aka Deep-State, aka The Great Reset) for introducing its policies of global control. 

“Their House of Cards is Falling!” – Dr Patrica Show, Jeremiah 23: 19-20

Only a few hours ago Dr Patrica Show brought this prophetic word on the Lord exposing the gross evil in America and using His “Trump card”.  Watch video and read transcript.

[Extract:.”I am using my trump card, says the Lord of hosts, “and my Trump card wins the game!” Then He said, “Child there are many people who are tiring and have given up hope that America can come back from this wickedness. This is what I say to them: hold on, hold on, hold on and watch and see the salvation of the Lord, My salvation,”]

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