‘Two President’ prophecy coming to pass. Can dis-United States of America be trustworthy ally and keep its place as global leader?

NO, it cannot! Period.

How soon will Americans realise the mess they’re in arises out of deliberately rejecting our Creator and His principles for good government contained in the ‘Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth’?

With Biden trashing his predecessor’s national as well international policies of standing firmly against tyrannical autocratic regimes of North Korea, China and Iran, America can seen as schizophrenic and thus too unreliable to remain a trusted ally, especially of Israel and the Western alliance of NATO, as below (click image to read):

Over last few weeks I’d given this piece’s draft various titles, viz: first, ‘4 years attempted ‘soft coup’ + sedition + rigged elections + cyber-censorship = civil war OR martial law’  then ‘Demise of democracy in the Dis-United States of America – will its leaders slaughter it or save it?‘ 

Over the last FOUR years there’s been HUGE amount of political mischief against a sitting President that’s tantamount to sedition and attempting a ‘soft coup’. Now they have illegal censorship started by someone fully sympathetic to China’s Communist Party (ie Z…berg – see The Navarro Report vol 2 pp 16-17).  So we need to be careful when assessing what’s happening in USA as it heads towards a scenario of the secession of many states from the Union!

An increasing number of Americans will rue that day of wrongful voting as their once dignified Christian nation becomes a totalitarian state, as in The Epoch Times:

NB:The formation of a totalitarian state is just about complete in America as the most powerful public and private sector actors unify behind the idea that actions to stamp out dissent can be justified, according to several experts on modern totalitarian ideologies.

‘While many have warned about the rise of fascism or socialism in “the land of the free,” the ideas have largely been vague or fragmented, focusing on individual events or actors. Recent events, however, indicate that seemingly unconnected pieces of the oppression puzzle are fitting together to form a comprehensive system, according to Michael Rectenwald, a retired liberal arts professor at New York University…’

Also, The Gateway Pundit’s selection of morning news (3rd is most informative!): 


In considering two of Kim Clement’s prophecies of 2008 & 2014 I referred to the Lord’s very brief, tantalising reference to a nation’s new kind of subtle warfare against America. This is abundantly evident through many alternative news items on politicians of both camps attending and being influenced by China’s Communist Party (I could have give lots more from those sites alone). 

Let’s look afresh at this Kim Clement prophecy:

There’s not so much a hint at claims of the future ‘president’ Biden’s dementia, but at how the nation’s repeatedly foreign policies over the past decade are schizophrenic. We look at how USA’s presidents have treated nations of the Middle-East (long-standing readers may recall this blog’s coverage) – Obama against Israel and for Iran, Trump for Israel and against Iran, Biden returns to Obama’s policies. UTTERLY SCHIZOID! 


MOREOVER, a much more significant sign of schizophrenia is a second ‘president’ who has been wrongfully installed as a result of voting fraud, and who then immediately moves to dishonour the very principles upon which the nation’s independence is based, as shown by:

There’s a good possibility that this prophecy will fully come to pass when the now increasing number of Americans who recognise what’s actually happening realise the good Trump did for their nation and the world and – dare I say it – invite him back!


May the good Lord send His Holy Spirit to convict Joseph Biden, supposedly a Catholic, of the grossly sinful nature of his proposed course of action in furthering modern child-sacrifice to Molech, and bring him to repentance and public renunciation of this practice.

FBI designates Turning Point student organisation an “extremist group” in first Biden administration political Purges — The Daily Trumpet

Political Purges on day one are the hallmark of legitimacy, giving the signal that the incoming administration feels secure in its mandate. Double plus good comrade. One of the metrics the FBI under the Biden administration is using to purge the National Guard and military is membership of the Student organisation founded by Charlie Kirk in the USA, by Ollie Anisfeld in the UK & with sister organisations throughout the anglophone world  […]

FBI designates Turning Point student organisation an “extremist group” in first of Biden administration political Purges. — The Daily Trumpet

In this post Benjamin Jenkins, The Daily Trumpet’s British editor, writes from personal experience…

The Plan – The Storm Is Upon Us — Wax Lyricals Blogspot

OK I was wrong. There were no groundbreaking DECLAS documents to halt this travesty of an inauguration. It is still going ahead and right now I can imagine that the faith of many is being sorely tested as they believe that President Trump has failed them, the Military has failed them and ultimately ‘Q’ has failed them […]

The Plan – The Storm Is Upon Us — Wax Lyricals Blogspot

Click above link to read the author’s musing upon a speaker’s apparently silly statements…BUT…and in case you don’t know…

What’s the real motive behind the ‘Washington war-zone’?


Here’s the last paragraphs in case of image’s illegibility:

But this massive military show of force smacks of protecting against a threat that has not yet been disclosed publicly. They seem to be planning against a military mutiny. That’s how it feels.

‘Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.’

Click to read full article and to read About Legal Insurrection.

“We paid agitators to provoke a situation in the front & back of Trump crowd” – Undercover footage exposes Democrat Rent-a-mob. — The Daily Trumpet

Democrats Have Been Paying People To Riot, Infiltrate MAGA Rallies As FBI Says Capitol Riot Planned. [Click link below to read or play video]

“We paid agitators to provoke a situation in the front & back of Trump crowd” – Undercover footage exposes Democrat Rent-a-mob. — The Daily Trumpet

Laptop incriminates Pelosi: “4…BLAME TRUMP, this has always worked” — The Marshal Report

There was a laptop confiscated in the Capitol Building. Many of them on January 6, 2021. There were a lot of revealing things found. Here is one of them. Did they really think people were that stupid? It appears the one who wrote the letter did.  Now I ask you, do you really believe President Trump who knows EVERYTHING is going to do nothing when he has everything still at his disposal? […]




Kim Clement prophecies NOW fulfilled: two US presidents, China’s “new kind of subtle war”, impeach, impeach!

In monitoring a few prophecies on the US presidential election, we’ve noted two have been fulfilled: (1) its results referred to SCOTUS, (2) exposure of political corruption. As two have happened then it’s not unreasonable to expect well-known ones of a second term as President for Trump to be fulfilled..

I’m not familiar with many American prophet’s work, including that of the late Kim Clement. However, I find two others of his are now coming to pass.

I offer, therefore, the following for weighing and praying (emphases mine) :

> APRIL 4, 2008 — Seattle, Washington

“And they shall say, ‘But now there is a second president, how can we have two presidents?’ An unusual thing, isn’t it?” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Why would it be that one with a double-mind would stand up and face the people?

“No, they shall say, ‘We have two presidents, what do we do now?’ Fear not.” For God says, “As I promised before, this is My Nation and I will change things according to the time and season and I told you now in Spring, I will expose and reveal things that have been hidden, so that My Nation can move into this next election and to the next phase with victory and honor and glory,” says the Lord of Hosts!

(American Christian Prophetic TV, 13th January 2021)

Twelve years later we now see how there can be TWO presidents when a challenger has cheated by rigging votes to steal victory from the sitting president – and not only to get it denied by media but also in Congress to prevent proper process of discussion of all in-depth investigations carried out thus far (eg. in The Navarro Report and others).

So, there’s an illegitimate president about to be installed, but not accepted by half the voters who recognise the present president as the true winner, and who should be officially returned to office!

MOREOVER, prophetic words Kim brought six years later apply exactly to the hidden influence causing that ‘dual-presidency’ six years later.

> FEBRUARY 22, 2014 – Stephen Powell has published this short recording of Kim.

However, in talking about “impeach” the president coming after Obama and his “not speaking enough”, he overlooks the astonishing opening words – ensure sound is unmuted and listen carefully:

“..And then there is a nation He showed me – He took me – itching for a new kind of war with America.

“They will shout “Impeach, impeach!” – ‘Impeach’ they say – but nay!

This nation shall come very subtly, but they shall not come in the time of President Obamathey shall come when this new one arrives, as My David, that I have set aside for this nation. A man of prayer – a man of choice words – not a man who is verbose, has verbosity, who speaks too much!

“They will say ‘This man is not speaking enough!’ BUT God says, “I have set him aside….. “

“They will shout “Impeach, impeach!” BUT this shall not happen.

“God says, “HIGHLY embarrassing moment when another ‘Snowden’ arrives!”

So maybe there’s a new whistle-blower coming on the scene to spill all the beans on criminal and seditious activities of politicians, media and business people?

China’s ‘new, subtle kind of war’ involves wooing and seducing many leaders in industry, business, media (as with Facebook) and all shades of politics, thereby blackmailing them into becoming fifth columnists and traitors in attacking their own nation and government from deep within, PLUS global release of their engineered viral bio-weapon, Covid-19.

My readers who’ve dug into the source material I’ve used will readily grasp that’s the true Situation.

Those who read the previous post by Dianne Marshall may have studied closely the text of her copy of President Trump’s letter laying out, as head of the nation’s intelligence, China’s direct interference in the 2020 election. I can infer, that surreptitious hostility, tantamount to an act of war, thus renders the election results null and void. (When his legal team announced starting legal proceedings on 19th November I posited ‘WILL THE US ELECTION BE OVERTURNED, RENDERED NULL & VOID?)

In view of all that plotical treachery therefore, the incumbent president should remain in office until all voting procedures have been revised and protected from all interference.


After writing the above I found the latest Marshall Report at the top of my emails…. It offers ‘tickets’ to ‘The Storm’ and to President Trump yesterday signing a new Executive Order on ‘Ensuring Democratic Accountability in Agency Rulemaking‘!!!

AND this instruction is retrospective 12 years, not to Kim’s first prophecy above BUT to the very start of the Obama presidency! So Trump’s intention is to clean out government corruption – AND he wouldn’t issue that directive if he were willing to relinquish office tomorrow.

That is, apparently Donald Trump plans to stay President of the United States!

Meantime ‘President-elect’ Biden kowtows to and surrenders the USA to China and its Communist Party, as clearly implicit in these articles in The Washington Free Beacon.:

By Alex Nester, 15th January – click image to read

By Alana Goodman, 18th January – click image to read

ALSO see The National Pulse exclusives:

EXC: Biden Personnel Chief Served At Chinese Intel Org Flagged By FBI For Recruiting Western Spies

EXCLUSIVE: China Is Waging A Campaign to “Influence” U.S. School Textbooks

“A court of censorship like The Inquisition to manage public opinion…THIS is really serious,” GERMAN Chancellor, other leaders LEAP to President Trump’s defence over censorship — The Daily Trumpet

The Social Media companies that have seized the power to dictate what you can say have upped the ante: they now think they have the power to tell you what you can hear, and from whom you may hear it. Even if that person is the leader of the free world – unelected CEOs think […]

“A court of censorship like the Inquisition to manage public opinion: this is really serious,” German Chancellor & other leaders LEAP to President Trump’s defence over censorship. — The Daily Trumpet

God will NOT be mocked! – Neil Mackereth


Neil writes me on Wed 13th January, “I know you are very busy and saw your plea! However, I felt called to write the attached this afternoon and it is time critical. I am sure we are about to witness something extraordinary, and obviously of God, in the USA.”


If a novel had been written, say 5 years ago, with a plot that described the events currently unfolding in the USA, it would have been dismissed as the outpourings of an over fertile imagination!

President Trump is undoubtedly an oddball who makes extraordinary and sometimes outrageous comments. Nevertheless, during his term of office he has done remarkable things for the United States and Israel (Arab states and elsewhere).

The greater his success the more it seems to have offended the Democrats and globalist left. For the most part, his achievements have gone unreported or under-reported. There have been continuous (unrelenting) attempts to ridicule, disparage and unseat President Trump. The heinous crimes he is alleged to have committed have received fulsome and salacious media coverage, while the subsequent revelations that the accusations were fabricated, have been glossed over.

The intense and blatantly biased media onslaught has even sown seeds of doubt in the minds of some of those who were once staunch supporters, “if that were possible”. The witch-hunt is becoming ever more apparent, characteristic of a totalitarian state. The hallmarks of an authoritarian regime include the control of the media, the broadcasting of propaganda, the monitoring and censorship of social communication, misinformation, defamation and the entrapment of opponents.

The USA stands on the brink of a takeover by a left-wing oligarchy. The coup, being realised by deep-state Machiavellian intrigue and corruption, is nearing fulfillment. A puppet-president, who will be “advised” (controlled) by tyrannical “insiders”, is very close to inauguration. This has nothing to do with democracy: We are witnessing an essential step on the road to a New World Order. At the same time, the economies of the world are reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Fertile ground paving the way for the Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” plans for a global economic system.

The magnitude and audacity of the deception we are witnessing is breath-taking. This radical global elitist group is challenging God!

So, there has been corruption, malfeasance and wickedness on a massive, worldwide scale.

How can it be addressed? First it is necessary to draw the “enemy” out (to reveal who they are and what they intend to do). That will only be achieved when they think that they are so close to success that they are safe. There are indications of some insecurity in the Democrat’s camp, as they seek to introduce urgent measures to remove the President’s authority.

On the other hand, the President is uncharacteristically quiet and it is not clear who is in his team and what his intentions are. It is best not to speculate, the only chance of “turning the tables” will depend on an unexpected and revelatory re-establishment of the rightful and Godly rule of law under the Constitution.

I have no idea how that might be achieved (and my having no idea is a good thing!).
What I am absolutely certain about is that God will not be mocked, His plans will be fulfilled, Jesus will return.

US Capitol Hill = Smoke and Mirrors — The Marshall Report

We are at war on all fronts. President Donald Trump on Tuesday broke his silence after last Wednesday’s ANTIFA invasion at the U.S. Capitol and said that he has no intention of resigning — and that Democrats are courting “tremendous danger” by attempting a second impeachment. He stressed this was not done by patriots. He […]



This Report published Tuesday is particularly informative. In her concluding paragraphs Dianne Marshall alludes to the repetitive prophetic phrase Ben Kay heard on Saturday “The curtain is coming down!”  Here’s Dianne’s final paragraphs (emphases mine):

Remember always pull the veil back and see what is taking place behind it. The things they don’t want you to see behind the smoke and mirrors.

‘At every point of life, and especially at this point the best guide as to discernment is through the Lord’s gift of the Holy Spirit. Nothing is as it appears and we are but small against the enemy of the wicked. May the Lord make a way for his people and give them strength to keep their faith strong. For it is by faith that all things work together to them who love the Lord.

It is all in God’s hands. Pray to be worthy of his grace. Amen.’

The Curtain is Coming Down – Ben Kay

As mentioned in the previous post 100-Piece US Election Jigsaw’s Significance, here’s  the synchronous email that explains my impression of surrounding darkness as I asked the Lord “What’s next?” whilst we gazed upon the completed jigsaw. Ben Kay writes:

‘…Thank you for stepping it up in terms of the extensive updates that you’re currently providing to keep us up to date with everything that is happening in the States right now.

‘It was particularly encouraging reading all the posts from today (9th January) in light of a prophetic word that I sensed the Lord giving me beforehand, at lunchtime today.

‘I had plans for the day but sensed an interruption from the Lord when I kept hearing this repetitive phrase, “The curtain is coming down”.

‘I went into prayer and managed to find pen and paper so I could scribble down the words that were coming to mind…see below – also available at www.12amcry.com/the-curtain-is-coming-down

‘As this time of prayer came to a close, I was led to join a Pacific Coast online prayer meeting for an hour. Amazingly there were 4 of us from the UK in the meeting and another 5 from America, bridging that gap over the pond to pray for God’s plans and purposes to come to fruition.

‘There was also an opportunity to share the prophetic word I had just received, which thankfully resonated with all on the call. I thought that you, too, would appreciate some encouragement!’

God bless, Ben

A prophetic word journalled by Ben Kay on Saturday 9th January around midday. (As always, please feel free to weigh and test this prophetic word.)


The curtain is coming down on this charade, this pretence, that all is well in America when actually it stinks to high heaven: the corruption; the cover-ups; the injustice; the façade…and it’s all coming down.

And everything will be left bare for all to see…the shame, the embarrassment, the covert workings of those who have been plotting against Me behind the scenes…and yet the Lord declares that He has seen it all.

He has allowed time for those involved to repent, for the Lord is gracious and compassionate, and slow to anger…but then there comes a time when He has to act, to reveal the seditious acts of those that would deceive even the whole world, if that were possible.

“But I have raised up My faithful warriors, who will stand in the gap at this momentous time, as the curtain falls, as in the last act. But this curtain will not fall to cover up…this curtain will fall to reveal the corrupt workings of man (as in mankind).

“I am placing my troops on RED ALERT.  Be watchful and discerning. Do not believe everything you hear through the media. Listen to My Spirit. Have ears to hear…and watch, as I, the Lord Almighty, do wonders that you could only dream about in your wildest dreams.”


Note definitions:
  • ‘charade’: an absurd pretence intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.
  • ‘pretence’: an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.
  • ‘facade’: a deceptive outward appearance.

UPDATE on US National Guard mobilization screen-shot

Further to my enquiry with The Marshall Report’s photo of a National Guard poster and learning OHIO NG say it’s false, ‘SiIver Dagger’ replies,:

“We have the actual video and the video was throughly examined. It’s deemed the ( video of the Stryker,s were filmed ) above I mentioned the attributes of the examination. There were no splices or let-ins – the date and time is missing – first-hand witness multiple reported seeing the similar to vehicles in nj (ie. New Jersey) – the questions were done with 75 different people – the national guard and or military has been deployed it seems it multiple locations through out the USA.”

See comments at close of Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump – Announcement?

Sign announcing US martial law preparations in shop window

Further to my remarking, ‘4 year’s attempted ‘soft coup’ + sedition + rigged elections + cyber-censorship = civil war OR martial law!’, upon revisiting The Marshall Report’s item C-in-C President Donald J Trump…Announcement? I notice this photo appended below Dianne Marshall’s name (HOW appropriate for our sister-in-Christ!):

SO we wait and watch if this proves true…

NEWSFLASH: lies about Trump’s rally attacking US Capitol – here’s timeline

This is for the benefit of both my readers and all cynics to be aware of the real facts vs mendacious media and politicians peddling poison and outright sedition fomenting civil war, look at these shots and click leading images to read reports in full:

But first, AS I WRITE THAT INTRO a browser alert popped into my the corner of my pc screen to this news from The National Pulse (click images to read but overwrites your open window): 


Editor-in-chief of The National Pulse, Raheem Kassam is quoted by Gateway Pundit:

Trump Declares Emergency in DC — The Marshall Report

It’s now come as I replied in a friend’s comments on FB this morning: “4 years’ attempted ‘soft coup’ + sedition + rigged elections + cyber-censorship = civil war OR martial law”

From Merica Now: “President Trump just declared than an Emergency exists in Washington DC and ordered Federal Assistance due to the conditions of the 59th Presidential Inauguration from January 11th to January 24th. “The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate any disaster relief efforts. “It […] Trump Declares Emergency in DC — THE MARSHALL REPORT


Over the last FOUR years there’s been HUGE amount of political mischief against a sitting President tantamount to a ‘soft coup’ (eg ‘Spygate’ & Crossfire Hurricane)

Now they have illegal censorship started by someone fully sympathetic to China’s Communist Party (ie Zuckerberg – details pp16-17 The Navarro Report vol 2)

So we need to be really careful when trying to asses rights and wrongs of what’s happening in USA as it heads towards civil war, where martial law may have to be introduced – IF it’s not already started!!

Commander-in-Chief, President of the United States Donald J. Trump…ANNOUNCEMENT?

President Trump is scheduled to speak. DISCLAIMER – we are at war, so if this is delayed…do not yell at the messenger. Know this, something HUGE is taking place and if you did not heed the warnings to prepare it was your choice. No one knows if they will be affected by this or not. […]


Published in last half-hour by The Marshall Report at 22:08 GMT (UK).

Blackouts…Insurrection Act signed by President Trump – Fake news??

For those who don’t believe anything is taking place. Don’t read any further. For those who are awake, it is time to get provisions and any cash you may need just in case ATM’s and all electronic services go down. This is no drill. https://video.parler.com/gD/9j/gD9j9l86DvjM_small.mp4 My purpose is to inform and to warn others of […]


Trump HAS said: “Never tell the enemy what you plan to do…” — The Marshall Report

President Trump told us all in many rallies and in primary debates in 2016 way before he was elected that the dumbest thing any one can do is tell the enemy when you are coming and what you are going to target so they can prepare. Maybe not in those words…but that was the meaning. […]


COMMS DOWN, cyber trolls everywhere — The Marshall Report


According to Underground Patriot, since the purge is on- disinformation is everywhere and those who can’t be attacked on controlled social media sites, the information shared on President Trump and any on their banned forever lists are being traced back to their sources. The goal is to take reliable sources and try and turn them […]


RB: Sedition + cyber-civil war = martial law

America – Pharaoh army at your back and the Red Sea at your front > STAND STILL AND BEHOLD…

Americans are under attack on all sides. Now the airlines are saying you can’t get on a flight as Pelosi and Pence do their takeover of America for the entire world to see. Censorship and now all who oppose the new regime in Wonderland and all who oppose human and child sacrifice and trafficking, all […]