Four ‘Signposts’ of the Books of Daniel and The Apocalypse

The prime purpose of this blog is to inform the public and students of Bible prophecy about its relevance to contemporary world events. Recent research prompts a fresh look at long-cherished scholarly assumptions on scripture and history.

daniel-revisited-cover-smallThus, Mark Davidson’s analysis of the Book of Daniel enables us to keep an even more informed watch upon changes taking place in the Middle-East, especially those on the Gog-Magog alliance foretold in the Book of Ezekiel.

On holiday last year I was enthralled to read his latest book, Daniel Revisited, and want to give an overview of its fascinating thesis. Mark’s following summary of his findings will enhance readers’ understanding of the previous post on Roman history and Daniel’s ‘sealed visions’:

The Four Signposts: A Summary

“The Four Signposts are four sets of events which will occur, one after the other, prior to the Tribulation or Rapture. These events are derived from the Biblical prophecies of the four beasts in Daniel 7:1-27, the ram and goat in Daniel 8:1-26, and the four horsemen in Revelation 6:1-8. The fulfillment of these events identified in prophecy, have been, and will continue to be, reported as news stories in the Middle East.

“In my book, Daniel Revisited, I go into detail of why these three prophecies qualify as identifying the Four Signposts. These three prophecies all share three things in common:

  1. They are all applicable to, and will be fulfilled in, modern-day end times just prior to the Tribulation (passages in Daniel 7 and 8 indicate this is so);
  2. They all describe the nations involved in, the actions of these nations, and the societal conditions of the geographical areas involved, during the times just immediately prior to the appearance of Antichrist;
  3. They all describe the same set of events, just from different perspectives.

colorlion“The First Signpost includes the lion with wings that is forced to stand upright and its heart replaced, and the first horseman that rides a white horse. The democratizing of the nation of Iraq and the career of its former leader Saddam Hussein, are the news events that fulfilled these prophecies.

colorbear“The Second Signpost includes the bear that is higher on one side, the ram with two long horns, and the second horseman that rides the red horse. The supreme leader of Iran is the first long horn on the ram; the leadership of Iran’s IRGC is the second horn coming up last and longer.  Iran will invade many countries and cause chaos across much of the Middle East.  They will most likely interrupt the Gulf oil supply and end America’s petrodollar causing economic chaos.

colorleopard“The Third Signpost includes the four-headed leopard, the goat with the one great horn, and the third horseman who rides the black horse. The news events to fulfill this signpost are still completely in our future. It will include a four-nation Sunni confederacy taking back the conquests of Iran, and ending Iran in the form that it currently exists. Due to the probable cut-off of oil, food will be available but will be very expensive. We do see today some events setting up the Third Signpost. In addition to food price hikes we have seen in the last few years, the governments of Turkey, Egypt and Syria are becoming Islamist. This situation is required for fulfillment of the Third Signpost.

colorbeast“Finally, the Fourth Signpost includes the terrible ten-horned beast, the little horn on one of the four horns of the goat, and the fourth horseman who rides the green horse. The news events to fulfill this signpost are even further in our future. It starts at the end of the Third Signpost where the great new nation that covers much of the Middle East fragments into four pieces. The man who is to be Antichrist will arise out of one of these four new nations, take it over, conquer two others, and have the fourth submit to him. The remainder of the Islamic realm then will also submit to him. At this point, a pre-Trib Rapture and the seven-year Tribulation are imminent.

“These Four Signposts are warnings to God’s Church. By watching these Signposts, we may know – as our world goes through each week, month, and year – what season of God’s plan we are in during these end times prior to the Tribulation. These news events will be truly terrible due to their causing economic and mental anguish among the populations of the world due to the cutoff of oil. Islam may be seen as gaining the upper hand and western civilization as being on the decline. But these events, instead of being continual bad news, can be seen instead as fulfillment of detailed and absolute prophecy that must be fulfilled in order for God’s promises to come to fruition.

“Those of us who are His must prepare.  Those on the fence in the churches will have their last chance to repent and follow Christ wholeheartedly.  The unbelievers can be witnessed to and shown that the Bible is the living and breathing word of God and is telling all of us what is playing out right before our eyes.”

[Illustrations courtesy of Mark Davidson.]

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8 thoughts on “Four ‘Signposts’ of the Books of Daniel and The Apocalypse

      • I saw this vision 3 years ago this month 03/3010. I hadn’t thought about it since then, that is, until somebody commented on it. What I saw was out of Revelation 6:1-8. What I saw in the vision was the 4 horsemen as described in the verses I quoted. There were two very large angels facing each other each had a very long sword and their swords were touching each other. These swords were what I saw that was keeping the horsemen from riding off. Of the four horsemen, the second one, the one riding the red horse who was given a great sword and to whom it was granted to take peace from the earth, stood out to me. The reason I post it again is because of the last 2 dreams that I had that seemed to have a common thread to them.

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  1. Thanks for the summary Richard; very helpful. The four signposts look like he may have got some revelation there…. not so sure about the ref to the pre-Trib rapture (probably pre-Wrath) and the Tribulation (not a scriptural concept… better as ‘Daniel’s 70th Week’). This is why we all need each other, as we all only see in part; and also why this is a good blog as you are willing to summarise what God is saying through different streams and people. If we humbly listen to each other, sift and select as the Holy Spirit leads… then the picture becomes clearer and we’ll know what to do to prepare. The food issue/price hikes stood out to me… God is calling some Christians to prepare now for famine etc in Britain and elsewhere in the near future (2016 is my hunch at present).
    God bless


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  3. Did you realise that to Jesus the apostles and the writers of the NT the ‘end times’ last days’ ‘day of judgement’ etc only ever referred to the end of the Old Covenant and full realisation of the new, this ocurred in AD 70 which was the ‘great tribulation’ All of the Olivet discourse and 99% of Rev were fulfilled in AD 70!


    • Thanks Martin and am aware there’s many opinions from learned quarters on this, some refuting your claim – AND all of which raise many questions. Eg. how can ALL Olivet discourse have been fulfilled when Matt 24:21 has yet to happen as described, and when did Jesus return (vv 26-30)?
      Imho all opinions need to fit the facts of history, today and the future as well allow for the totality of OT & NT prophecy.
      Had I not other pressing priorities would possibly consider.


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