Peace talks shelved for 2nd term

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Friends – in case you misread the header; ‘Term’, not ‘Time’, is correct – ie. President Obama’s next term in the Oval Office, if he’s elected again.

Before going on holiday I’d considered doing a note upon the Israel-Palestinian situation and the proposals to get United Nations’ recognition of statehood for Palestine.

The confrontation between Obama and Netanyahu on 20th May provides an ideal study for counsellors in body-language – extremely closed: I’ve made up my mind, what I’ve said goes! In case you’d like to watch, click

This morning’s news appears to put a new slant on the resumption of talks for peace.

(A polite reminder: as regards concessions for starting negotiations, there has yet to be any from the Muslim side whereas, after making many offers, the Jewish side drew a line in the sand at continuing the freeze on building homes. During all the many years’ previous discussions this had never been an issue or stumbling block from the Palestinian perspective.)

At long last some sense seems to be starting to emerge in a couple of quarters:

First, despite his strong prejudice against Netanyahu and the Jewish nation and his inordinate bias towards the devious Palestinians, Obama has shown some sense. Many well-seasoned experts knew that proposals for getting serious talks started before the Palestinians approach the UN General Assembly in Sept were well and truly ‘dead in the water’. DebkaFile reports that it is now going under wraps without the involvement of the long-standing host of advisors. Apparently, the top man alone is dealing with everything.

Secondly, their sources disclose that after the sudden, unexpected rift in diplomatic and military relations a distinct rapprochement between Turkey and Israel has developed in order to facilitate discrete contact.

For details of both developments see brief, exclusive report > and for a brief explanation of the UN aspect see this item by Elliott Abrams of the Council of Foreign Relations > .

The Lord bless you and keep you

Visitation of Jesus to the Arab nations

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Dear Friends,

Have received God TV’s letter for June which announces their focus upon events in the Middle East and which will especially focus upon the extraordinary work of Canon Andrew White, the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’.  Transmission is scheduled for 9-12 June, should you want to watch these programmes.

Furthermore, I’d draw your special attention to the attached prophetic word about the Arab nations. It was first published in Journal of the Unknown Prophet, which bears the following wholehearted recommendation of Colin Dye, pastor of Kensington Temple:

‘The Journal carries the distinctive ring of a genuine prophetic word of our times’.

This word, and many more, was received during a 10-day visitation in Nov 1999 and of which one particularly spoke of the future betrayal of Israel by nations which had previously been her allies:

“…For even the governments of the West and the Western powers shall shift and sway and even those you thought were solid allies to you, shall in the coming days shift allegiance…”

Over the past two years – climaxing last week in Washington! – we’ve seen this genuine prophecy come to pass.  But praise the Lord there’s one God-fearing leader in this world: Canada’s PM Stephen Harper – would that ours were of his spiritual calibre.

During the last few weeks I’ve been discovering more about the Lord’s wonderful work within the Muslim nations, and would like to share it another time.

To close, could Jesus’ words at John 5.23 about honouring Him be aimed at not only Jews but also Muslims?  After all they regard Jesus as a prophet and thereby give him honour – and look what happened to the Samaritan woman when she recognised Jesus as a prophet (John 4.19), He then blessed her with the revelation of Him as Messiah!