Cartoons confirm prophetic visions on leaving the EU

As a result of Britain leaving the EU on 31st January Veronika West posted a couple of confirmations in national press of prophecies she’d already published on her Facebook:

Readers may recall the vision of the UK breaking away like an iceberg from a glacial ‘bloc’, as told here last June, then ‘confirmed’ in news coinciding with July’s Brexit May-hem, and again in October.

This was followed by:

On 29th January Veronika had posted the following as re-published here on this site:


We’re not in a contest of power – but are contending in God-given AUTHORITY — Wanda Alger

In this ace follow-up Wanda reminds me of what I heard upon opening my Bible 12 years ago to check the wheat and tares parable only to hear, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled”. (Hence I began writing about End-times with The Endgame is now in play.)

Note that Wanda writes, “…In these days when the wheat and the tares are growing together and evil is continuing to rise, it is not those who exert the most power that will determine the outcome, but those who have been given the greater authority…”

As our president faces ongoing threats and attacks from his opponents, we can be assured that his assignment will not fail if we understand the superiority of legitimate authority. 828 more words


Do we know what we’re fighting for? — Wanda Alger

In addressing American disciples of the Lord, what Wanda says about that political scene also applies to Britain; eg. in standing against the illegal action of cancelling venues for the Frank Graham evangelistic tour > click to sign petition to the Home Secretary!  (See also ‘Thought police’ cancel events with Christian speakers.)

‘…It’s only when the legislation that is being passed behind closed doors comes to our own front doors, that we start to realize we need to pay attention and get involved. Yes, we must pray. Yes, we must stand in the gap and start speaking up about these issues that are core to our faith and critical to our witness. But, we must also begin thinking about our own responsibility in leading the way to reformation and transformation…’

Given current events, it is obvious we are in for a long stretch of war this coming year. But, this will not be a war of political parties as much as a war of spiritual powers in the high places of our nation. 904 more words

Continue reading at DO WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE FIGHTING FOR? —

Declaration for the spiritual harvest

Click/tap image for link to Passion For The Nation and previous declarations

By Suzanne Ferrett of Passion for the Nation on Monday February 17th, 2020


‘Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when the ploughman shall overtake the reaper’ (Amos 9:13)

We declare across this land, this is the day of revival and awakening, and we thank God for all those who have already come to know Him in this season, for the miracles that have taken place and the resources already released. Now, in the Name of Jesus, we speak increase and multiplication and we call God’s people into a revelation of the openness upon the land.

We come into agreement with God’s word that we are anointed...“to preach good tidings to the poor … to heal the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” 

In Jesus’ Name, we call forth salvations, we call forth Jesus-centred conversations, we call forth prophetic encounters, dreams and visions, and we declare our nation will not miss the day of His visitation. (Isaiah 61:1)

Even as God is releasing many ministries within the church, we declare this is a new season of the Evangelist and we call forth those who will speak to individuals and we call forth those who will speak to the crowds. We declare God’s people will speak His word with fresh faith, authenticity, compassion and urgency, as the revelation of His justice, mercy and goodness increases upon them; that God’s word will go out with boldness and clarity, yet sensitivity and wisdom, and the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ be heard.

We declare that grace and truth come through Jesus Christ and we speak the revelation of Jesus into the lives of individuals, families, communities and all cultures in our land.

Suzanne Ferrett.

Passion for the Nation (Facebook)

The Revival Prophecies – where are we now?

At One Voice, courtesy Carolyn Stewart: me, Andy, Geoff, Lisa, Carolyn, Ali & Rick, Chris.

First published and issued at the One Voice Conference, Reading, 8th Feb 2020; and thank you Geoffrey Pick for permission to republish from UK Prophetic Words, as well as for sharing the original with me. NB: links in prophets’ names for cross-reference:


Britain’s Christians have heard promises of future revival coming to the nation for generations, yet the long wait continues.

Are we now to give up hoping for a turnaround in church decline?

Can we really expect a revival to come suddenly, as it did in 1904-1905 in Wales, when hundreds of thousands were saved in a few years, swelling the congregations and igniting other revivals worldwide

The 20th-Century church in Britain saw a steady decline with membership as a proportion of the population shrinking ever decade since World War I. In a mere generation, Britain went from being a missionary sending nation to a mission-field. Foreign evangelists such as Billy Graham and Louis Palau took up the mantle for converting the nation through stadium evangelism. Even so, many foreign evangelists were not always received whole-heartedly by the British churches, who had failed to raise up soul winners themselves. It is noted that by international standards Britain had also been lagging behind other English speaking nations, by failing to encourage the voices of prophets. We are beginning to catch up in recent years, but as with evangelism owe much to the influence of other nations.

For many, it goes against the grain to assume that today’s prophecy can take longer than a generation to be completed. Most expect prophecies to unfold in their lifetime or soon after. The key points from prophecies below show that although incomplete, these words are already in advanced progress to being fulfilled. This is an indication that the prophesied harvest of souls cannot be too far off.

A summary of well known UK revival prophecies with fulfillment dates: Continue reading

Leisa Ebere: Whirlwinds of the Spirit

Leisa emails me today, ‘The Lord is at work preparing His Bride for His purposes, as His Glory stands knocking at our doors. Please find below, the powerful Word the Lord gave me early this morning:


given to Leisa Ebere on 13th February 2020

“In the next five years ‘Whirlwinds of My Spirit’ shall touch down and cause nations and whole people-groups to experience holiness and power in such a life-changing way, that eternal heavenly portals will be established, as heaven relates to earth in a deep and favourable dimension, not previously known or understood by mankind. A new vernacular of heavenly revelation and understanding will abide within My People, as My true and humble apostles and prophets arise to raise up a people ready and willing to walk into the fires of revival, casting off all fears as they go. For though I am already releasing supernatural signs and wonders to begin wedging open the doors of true harvest, a transitioning must occur first so that My People can access higher revelation and understanding and My Power. Press into Me with all humility,” says the Lord, “for My Glory stands at your doors knocking, and yea, you must unlock the door and stand with expectancy and courage, as this current season of night turns into day.”

Fulfilled Prophecy #13.17 – EU goes into Brexit meltdown

Ever since David Noakes brought that word in November 2015 from the Lord urging Britain to “Come out” of the EU, we’ve been monitoring reports indicative of progress towards the fulfillment of the reason behind the Lord’s admonition (emphases mine):

“Rather than rely on Me and My faithfulness to you, you chose, for worldly purposes, to join yourself to an institution which has denied My Name and refused to acknowledge Me in its councils. My fierce anger is upon that institution on account of its rebellion, its defiant rejection of Me and its hardness of heart towards My ancient people IsraelI warn you now that the European institution will not repent, even though I bring disaster and destruction upon it. I urge you, O Britain still beloved by Me for the sake of your godly forefathers, come out of her, so that you may not be caught up in that same destruction, for I am even now arising in judgment to bring to nothing what she has sought to achieve….” 

So, here’s Michael Smith on The Bruges Group’s Facebook, as posted on Saturday:

Sherelle Jacobs (£Telegraph) writes……

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Prophecies for Scotland: 3 – Scotland arise, your time has come!

Leisa emailed last night that ‘The last two days I have been shown visions of Scotland on fire with Revival fires and this is what the Lord spoke to me last night:


given to Leisa Ebere on 10th February 2020

‘I heard the Lord say, “I am stirring up fires of My Spirit in strategic places throughout Scotland. And I have heard the heart cries of intercessors in Peterhead,” says the Lord, “and so My Sovereign Hand shall choose bulwarks which shall stand as defensive walls around those that are hungry for the fires of revival in that place. And though spilled blood upon the ground of that land has long caused it to be as an orphan and outcast under a curse, I am in this present day gathering her to Myself, so that she will weep no more. Yea, and I shall raise up one from the house of Fargus that shall have My mark upon their breastplate, and this one shall raise the battle cry, as an awakening causes a harvest and breaks the curse of the enemy. Yea, I say to you, Scotland your time has come!”, says the Living God, “and the armies of the Lord are ready for your battle cry.”

This was soon followed by, ‘I researched the House of Fargus after the Lord gave me the Vision and Word, and found that King David and King Fergus who lived in the 1100s and who were forefathers of the House of Fargus were great patrons and revivalists of the Christian faith of that day in Scotland, and now the Lord spoke to me, He is raising up another leader from that family line to lead in the revival fires there for the future. God remembers the faithful and will bless our family lines as we are obedient to Him. Hallelujah!’

Blessings, Leisa

For previous prophecies on Scotland click here

MP urges Britain to return to its Christian heritage – Christian Institute

Read The Christian Institute’s report of Danny Kruger, MP for Devizes’ speech here and ‘Archbishop Cranmer’s’ commentary and discussion here.

Very well said Sir!

Leisa Ebere: a vision concerning coronavirus

Leisa emails me yesterday: ‘The Lord took me into an open vision and has shown me specifically what has been happening concerning the Coronavirus in China.  It is a sobering vision, but also gives us hope that His Sovereign Will is at work.  Praise God!  Here is the vision below:


‘The Lord took me into an open vision and I found myself looking down at a map of China, and I saw a hand from the heavenly realm draw a trajectory from Wuhan to Nanjing, and then to Taiwan, and I saw a cheribim with four wings carrying looked like powder, as black as coal dust, and fly across these regions and sprinkle the black dust over them. Then I saw the Lord place a plumb-line into the ground of these regions of China and Taiwan, and I knew somehow that this was the carrying out of Amos 7:7-8. And then the Lord spoke in a clear voice and said:

“I have allowed the enemy by divine legal right to clear out the abominations that are being carried out by evil people through practices of black magic and entrapments of the innocent. For they shall no longer be allowed to release evil in this way, as I am stirring up these places to rise up and embrace harvest as My Sovereign Hand brings cleansing and a New Day by My Spirit. But be assured My People, that My Remnant will be preserved and prosper, as these lands transition from defilement to ‘holiness and righteousness’. Yea, My Sovereign Will is at work,” said the Lord of Hosts.’

Bless You, Leisa Ebere

‘Thought police’ cancel events with Christian speakers

I understand that, as below, organisers are considering suing the stadiums for breach of contract in cancelling the Franklin Graham events. Simultaneous cancellations point to well-organised opposition behind them. Moreover, they’ve achieved other cancellations on the grounds of what MIGHT BE SAID by a Christian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEREFORE, there comes a time when CHRISTIANS MUST STAND AGAINST these strategies of satan and its stooges AS WELL AS STAND UP for freedom of speech. Otherwise, we dishonour our forebears who lost their lives fighting similar fascism and defending our now lost freedom!

Also, failure to take a stand dishonours all those saved during Billy Graham missions to Great Britain.

AS the enemy is well-organised, then why can’t Christians act? Muslims won’t tolerate it, so why should we? Have you signed the petition yet???

“They said his message that Jesus Christ can change lives might incite hate and put the gay community in danger. So they launched a campaign to bully and badger government leaders into silencing the American evangelist … If we do nothing they will be successful in silencing Christians in the public marketplace. And once that happens—you’d better believe they will come for our church houses.” – Todd Starnes (author, broadcaster)

Breaking Christian News reports,

Since the original venues have broken our legal contract with them, we are pursuing appropriate actions based on grounds of religious discrimination and freedom of speech. The Gospel always faces opposition, so we will prayerfully and boldly continue to press forward so that the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness will be proclaimed in all of the cities we have planned to visit,” the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) spokesman told CBN News.

‘Graham is not the only preacher to be banned in the UK. The Times reports Larry Stockstill, a Louisiana-based evangelist, also had his appearance in Edinburgh, Scotland canceled after complaints were received over his Biblical views on homosexuality.

‘Despite the reports in the British media, the BGEA spokesman told CBN News they plan to go ahead with the tour.

“The planned Graham Tour is going ahead and is certainly not canceled in any of the cities as some press reports have indicated. The momentum for the Tour is growing throughout the UK by the day. We are continuing to finalize sites for the Tour to determine where the events will take place. In the meantime, all of the preparation events and training programs are continuing as planned,” the spokesman said.’

See also ‘The Wee Flea’ David Robertson’s The Cancellation of Franklin Graham Tour is a Seminal Moment for UK, which opens (emphasis mine),

‘This is my latest column for Christian Today – you can read the original here. I am grateful to Christian Today for having the courage to print this. For me this is a really key tipping point in the UK. All those who love liberty, democracy and the freedom we have to proclaim the Gospel – must respond. The time for being silent is over. You can help by sharing this far and wide.The CT article is a follow up to this – The Brave New World of Patrick Harvie and the Tired Old World of Franklin Graham _ It is incredible how quick this is moving. Destiny Church in Edinburgh has been banned from using the Usher hall because of ‘objections received’. This is a seminal moment.’