Status of prophecy in Britain in one sentence

“I’m aware of 150 examples of non-personal prophetic words and visions coming to pass in recent years, two dozen of which their text or images have been unwittingly repeated in the news media.” (Richard Barker)

And that’s only those known to me personally, as reported on this blog. So there must be many more out there of which I’m unaware. That number also includes over two dozen accurate prophecies on the outcome of the 2016 EU Referendum.

For details see Prophecies – Fulfilled, as well as overview in The State of the Prophetic in the UK.

1 thought on “Status of prophecy in Britain in one sentence

  1. What I would like to see is union between the prophets and people who understand the areas in our country that need fixing. With the best will in the world, I think the church needs to give more space to hear Christians explain what they see going wrong in the secular world and what is needed to fix it. To some extent the church is aware just by reading the papers, blogs, etc. But often that is still an outsider’s view (e.g. journalists).

    If you want to know in what ways the education system is failing – ask a teacher. If you want to know how crime is going – ask a policeman. If you want to know about the criminal justice system – ask a lawyer. Etc. What we could do with are presentation and prayer evenings where people actually invite Christians in these professions to talk about what they see as going wrong in depth and then pray and prophesy about it. A lot of what I see is fairly woolly, because a number of commentators aren’t close enough to the action to know what is going on – unless they happen to have read the right reports, etc.

    We can of course write to our MPs about this – but that works better if an organisation actually produces a rigorous document in support of a petition.

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