God is testing our power source: Obedience — Wanda Alger

Once again we have words of wisdom from Wanda and which ‘coincided’ with retaining  the opening scripture to my Fulfilled Prophecies catalogue. (Appearing in full from the page’s inception I’d decided to truncate it down to first verse only but yesterday morning obeyed the Spirit’s direction to retain it >> later that day I received an email from such a ‘false tree’ of prophecy!)

Next, after re-blogging the previous post relating to censoring Franklin Graham a reader queried my use of a certain word. I replied that my focus is to try meeting Jesus’ triple insistence in John 14 of obedience as a demonstration of loving Him (vv 15, 21, 23). Next, is to avoid judging my brethren. SO carefully consider Wanda’s teaching and example below:

We underestimate the POWER in OBEDIENCE. For those of us who champion the tangible presence of God and spending time in the quiet place, it’s easy to assume that this is our only source of spiritual power. Though it is true that spending time with the Lord is foundational to our faith and nurturing our…

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