Text of vision and word on UK’s breaking away from the EU

In view of my blogging intentions of the past fortnight being being diverted back to the vital importance of Brexit, as in the picture and instruction Neil Mackereth received to cut and cast off the EU’s tentacles and mine, intercessors’ and readers’ reactions (including one for whom that and the previous post confirm personal prophecies of years ago), plus reactions to Justin Welby’s wayward words on the EU, I rejoice in Veronika West’s ‘God-incidental’ prefatory remark to last night’s live-feed video. She, too, had her attention drawn back to Brexit!!

Here’s her introduction, followed by notes published on Ignite Ireland Ministry:

“I want to share something with you all as a matter of urgency really. As you know, I don’t generally do live feed…but this is a vision that God gave me about the nation of the United Kingdom – it’s really just about Brexit.

“In fact, it’s something I haven’t really been…that hasn’t been on my radar in the last couple of months – but yesterday I was busy around the house and I was praying and I was speaking to the Lord and the Holy Spirit kind of…He apprehended me really, and He said, “I want you to begin to pray for Brexit”.

“So I started to pray for Brexit and for what’s happening in the nation of Great Britain and, as I began to pray in the Spirit, the Lord took me into a very powerful vision and so I wanted to share the vision with you. Now, what I’ve done is to keep myself on track and to make sure I deliver the Word with some clarity and have an understanding of what God showed me, I’m going to read a lot of the vision; and then I’m going to stop and just expound upon some places where I felt God gave an emphasis to the vision…”




I was taken into a powerful vision yesterday morning where I saw a massive glacier floating on the ocean, now as I looked at the glacier in the Vision, I saw that there was a large iceberg firmly attached to the outer edges of the glacier. Now as I drew closer in the vision I saw that the iceberg was the Nation of Great Britain. As I looked at the Nation suddenly my eyes were drawn back to the massive glacier and as I looked again at the glacier I saw these words, ‘EU, the bloc‘.

Then suddenly I began to feel a spiritual shift and change in the vision and the waters of the ocean began to be stirred up. Then I heard the sound of cracking coming from deep within the glacier, Now as I stayed watching and listening, I saw the mountain-sized iceberg begin to move and then, suddenly, the berg broke away from the edge of the glacier and, as it tumbled and fell into the ocean, its large size and irregular shape led to
the berg swaying violently back and forth, and back and forth in the waters.

Now still watching and listening intently in the vision, suddenly I saw the berg begin to flip over as gravity sought to bring most of its weight beneath the water’s surface. Now as the iceberg flipped, I saw a massive tsunami wave begin to form under the water, and as the huge wave broke through the surface it caused a mighty ripple effect to take place upon the ocean. As I looked at the ripples moving upon the waters, I counted 5 tidal waves, then I heard these words,

“WATCH! For I AM turning things upside down and inside out, I AM will reverse and overturn the curse over the Nation of Great Britain”!

On hearing those words, suddenly I heard the loud sound of cracking once again, and my eyes were immediately drawn back to the massive glacier. Now as I looked at the glacier I saw 5 more icebergs breaking free from the outer edges of the glacier, and then I clearly heard the Spirit say,

“WATCH! For a great breaking away of the Nations from the EU will begin to take place in the days ahead as My Spirit moves mightily to dismantle and destroy the Stronghold of Globalism”!

Then I felt the earth tremble and a great shaking began to take place over many Nations. Suddenly, my eyes were drawn back to the overturned iceberg and I saw that it had now become stable, and I watched as it floated away from the glacier.

Then the vision shifted and suddenly I saw the sun rising on the horizon, painting the skies with the deep colours of yellow, red and orange. Then I heard these words echo in the realm of the Spirit,


Now as I looked at the sun rising in the distance, immediately I heard these words,


then I looked again at the iceberg and I watched as the light and heat from the suns ray’s began to shine brighter and brighter upon the whole Nation.

Now as I remained watching the Nation, I saw the tops of mountains which were covered in lush green grass beginning to emerge from the thick frozen layers of ice. Signs of NEW LIFE began to burst forth from beneath the icy surface. And then again I heard the Spirit say,


(The vision ended)


As I have prayed over this powerful vision and what it means for us as a Nation, the Holy Spirit began to show me that there is coming a COMPLETE BREAKING AWAY FROM THE EU. This breaking away will be a sharp severing of both spiritual and natural ties between the EU and the Nation of Great Britain.

Furthermore, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that after the Nation breaks completely away from the EU, there will be a season where things will be violently shaken, the Nation will experience a time of even greater uncertainty and instability both Economically and Governmentally. This great and severe shaking will cause a mighty ripple effect which will be felt across many other Nations in the earth. I believe there will be many people in the Nation of Great Britain in this time who will feel like everything has been turned upside down and inside out. But as the Body of Christ we must STAND FIRM AND REMAIN STEADFAST, WE MUST STAY SECURELY ANCHORED TO HIS PROMISES OF FULL AND COMPLETE RESTITUTION AND RECOMPENSE FOR OUR NATION. WE MUST FEAR NOT!! For this violent shaking MUST COME for the work of rebuilding and establishing God’s kingdom purposes in the Nation.


Listen friends! The Spirit of Elijah is coming to the Nation of Great Britain like a mighty WHIRLWIND TO OVERTURN, OVERTHROW AND REVERSE THE CURSE THAT HAS BEEN UPON THE LAND.


Lastly, the Spirit of revelation shows me that as the Body of Christ in the Nation begins to walk in TRUE REPENTANCE, HUMILITY, UNITY AND KINGDOM AUTHORITY THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL BE MADE MANIFEST OVER THE NATION, and as The Saints “ARISE AND SHINE” the heart of the Nation (which has grown cold in Love) will be REVIVED AND REIGNITED, WE WILL SEE NEW LIFE BURSTING FORTH FROM THE ICY DARKNESS AND GREAT PROSPERITY WILL COME TO THE LAND.


PS: I have already shared this vision LIVE today on Facebook as some of you would have seen and heard. Please share for the purpose of prayer and intercession for the Nation at this poignant time.

Veronika West, 6th June 2018

8 thoughts on “Text of vision and word on UK’s breaking away from the EU

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  2. I noted the sentence wherein the warning is given that the Body of Messiah will need to walk in true humility, repentance, and kingdom authority. The Spirit is obviously reminding that “judgment begins at the house of GOD’. Where is the house of GOD? In each believer He’s made them a living stone of His temple / house where He dwells by His Spirit. Thus the true repentance He speaks of first starts as 2 Chron. 7:14 say, “If My people which are called by My name…”. I’m indebted to Ian Clayton for his sharing much on the true judgment (discerning) God speaks of, so that the body can by true repentance be purified in order to be vessels of honour , fit vessels for His kingdom authority , gifts, and His Spirit to opeerate in and through.

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  4. The following articles …The Iceberg (part 2) and The Iceberg, its Turning (part 12) form part of a series of prophetic pictures given between 1997 and 2004. I write these as a response to Veronika’s West posting here at Richards Watch, transcribed June 7th this year regarding nations of Europe breaking away.

    There are other details here that I hope will help broaden the issues and outcomes.

    The Iceberg (part 2) (given 1997-2003)
    (England UK)
    Imagine if you will an iceberg, its tip appearing above the water. In fact only one seventh of the iceberg is above water. The other six sevenths, is submerged. Consider what this means. There is more of it in the dark than the light, as yet only a small part of the iceberg is exposed or seen.  
    Consider the state and form of this berg which is underneath the surface of the water. It is in the dark, away from the light. At best it may dwell in an icy grey light, that is neither in day, yet it is neither in night.
    Such is the heart of man. Such is the heart of a nation.
    However, Gods purpose for this cold, hard, gray icy mass is to expose it to the Light of His Son, bringing it out of dark light, twilight, into daylight. The greater (6/7ths), becoming more visible than the lesser (1/7th)……thereby turning the heart of man upside down through the impossible angle. Exposing the darkest parts to the light, that shines from the surface of The Son/Sun above. Turning the heart of man, the heart of a nation, upside down.
    The world has yet to see the full heart of God in man turned loose in the world. He said “The world , this country is yet to see the full geometry that is Me”.
    The Lord desires to melt the ice grey heart, for the iceberg, in its present state, only causes the water around it to grow cold at its touch. Within the body of man, within its place in its world, touching adversely his closest neighbor. As the sun/Son beams down onto its surface, warming and melting the berg, the berg warms and melts and the waters cool.
    If an ice berg were turned upside down in this manner, it would in fact do the impossible. For it would be defying the laws of gravity, the laws of its physics. In the natural realm by itself, it simply is not possible. However in the spiritual realm it is. Consider.
    2 Kings 6:1-7
    6:1 The Floating Axe Head
    And the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, “See now, the place where we dwell with you is too small for us. 2 Please, let us go to the Jordan, and let every man take a beam from there, and let us make there a place where we may dwell.”
    So he answered, “Go.” 3 Then one said, “Please consent to go with your servants.” And he answered, “I will go.” 4 So he went with them. And when they came to the Jordan, they cut down trees. 5 But as one was cutting down a tree, the iron axe head fell into the water; and he cried out and said, “Alas, master! For it was borrowed.” 6 So the man of God said, “Where did it fall?” And he showed him the place. So he cut off a stick, and threw it in there; and he made the iron float. 7 Therefore he said, “Pick it up for yourself.” So he reached out his hand and took it. NKJV
    The axe head had fallen into the river, it had sunk. It and its purpose were lost. Elisha cut off a stick and threw it there….where it had fallen…and he made the iron float. The application of the stick, a piece of wood, is the application of the cross of God to the waters. There is a return to life, a return to purpose. There is a reversing of the laws of nature.
    The greater part of the iceberg is underwater, as a result of the reverse, it’s floating, it’s turning over and through the impossible angle, and a new type of geometry is seen. A new thing. As a result of it turning over the glory of the latter will be greater than the glory of the former. An increase to what was there before.
    As an iceberg turns, particularly one of gigantic size and momentum would create a great undercurrent and suction. As the air and the sea currents meet, warm meeting between cold, moist air is hit by cold fronts. This causes storms. Cold water in  =  warm water out. ( in part, in these days, the turmoil of the Referendum)
    An iceberg is a significant lump of ice, broken free from its main land mass. It is a floating, moving mass, deceptively large, yet apparently small. The ice berg is if you like, is an island. Not attached to the land at it sides or the ocean bed at its roots.
    The ice berg is the cold, dense, dark heart of man within the water of the body of man. It in turn is an island amid waters…. An iceberg is an island……and so is Great Britain.
    Margaret Thatcher became famous for the quote…”this lady is not for turning”. Father God is making a statement about the heart of this country and its place as a nation… ”this country IS for turning.”  And as it turns it will encounter the clear blue heavens of its Fathers love, the warmth of the rays of His Son and will be touched by the clear air of His Spirit. As the chemistry of love and the physics of heaven, meets with the biology of man, the geography of heaven appears and a new map is formed.
    As this immense berg turns, its heaving waters will rush to its nearest shores, those of Europe, its neighbor, who will experience the change of its heart and warmth in its waters. May He let us welcome the change to our hearts and the nation it’s turning to His purpose. He will finish what He has started, for He is the Mastermind. He wants the mind and the heart of the Master to be within you.
    It can be done, it can be done in us, it can be done in this nation and it can be done in this continent…why for as the word says…we each have a beam…and so has a nation…v6 says it…”Please, go to the Jordan, and let every man take a beam from there”. We all have access to the cross, to Christ, to Jesus. God knows where we have fallen, where with His work, with ourselves and with this country we have fallen short. But like Elisha and Moses, will we ask v.3 “please consent to come with your servant”. The answer is clear…v.7 “Pick it up for yourself”…He was there with His servant, He is there and here with us now, and he already has cut down His tree, his beam, in Jesus and just as He is ascended, He is ready now to again pick up His cross for us now, will we pick up our cross for Him, for His country and His continent.

    Great Britain is that iceberg, Great Britain is that nation, Great Britain is for turning upside down. If you will believe you will see the glory of God
    please read portion 12 … The Iceberg … its turning, NOW

    part 12 was written within a year of part 2. Only after the referendum of 2016, did I begin to examine, that part 12 could be a fulfillment of part 2 given earlier.

    The Iceberg – part 12,… its turning NOW

    Part 12 – The Iceberg, its turning 1997 – 2003 …its turning (this June 2016)

    At the very beginning, we spoke about the Iceberg. This country Great Britain, this island being turned upside down…and exposed to the air (Holy Spirit), the clear blue sky (the Fathers will) and the sun (the Lord Jesus Christ).

    Air, sky and sun…the Godhead.

    I saw the beginnings of the turning upside down and around of this country… the 6/7ths below, becoming visible…the 1/7th above, becoming invisible. This happened as I saw the Lord place downward force, very firmly with His foot, somewhere in the SE of England, very near London. The force of this foot began to turn the iceberg by tilting it.. The northern and north western areas of the country began to rise into the air, the south and south eastern part of the country began to get submerged at their coasts.

    The Creator of these laws began to turn this island, this country upside down. He began to turn the berg through an impossible angle. We have yet to see the full geometry of God… we are yet to discover the fuller and more hidden dimensions of Him…yet to witness these incredible works and power of our God… who chooses until this NOW, not to be hidden any more. We have yet to see the heart of our God revealed to us through the new life which is in Jesus… to be seen in this new way.

    His foot comes down tilting the land, the island from one point to another, diagonally across and down through the axis. This causes the waters to churn greatly by the icebergs displacement. As you imagine the natural effects that would move upon the shores of Europe, if physically this would happen? And what effect on this country? This is the way that God choose to show the effect of his power upon the iceberg in a spiritual way. Think about that. “SEE IT” …. we see by LOOKING.

    These waters churned and foamed giving way to His momentum. A shifting and moving of a great weight and mass. This island as it passed underwater through this “impossible angle” and rested upright… the bottom becoming the top… it appeared as a glistening ice diamond droplet in the world’s oceans. I saw it as it were a jewel adorning his crown. Rediscovered and formed through the furnace of renewal, resurrection and revival.

    As the Lord brings down His foot positively and not falteringly, the ice explodes under His Heel. His action in fact crushes a previously unseen serpent, crawling on its belly, within the scope of the area of London. This serpent was seen because it was against the backdrop of this glistening orb of land. With it came the words… “The God of Peace will soon crush Satan under His foot”.

    The Lords aim with His foot was so accurate in bringing his heel down on the serpent’s neck, He pinned its head to the ice, even though the ice was slippery, His foot did not slip… it was fixed on its neck… just as it was fixed in Christ on the cross and how the serpent was fixed to the cross Moses fashioned in the desert.

    The Spirit explained to me… there was to be this outpouring of His vigilant, violent force and applied by Him into a world that lacks the moral order of Gods love and might. He showed me that the neck of the snake was “almost, but not quite” separated from the head and the body. It only left the slimmest, merest sliver of ligament, which tenuously joined it. The lord was making the point that Satan lifespan is only held together by that which God himself and alone determines it to be and not by that which Satan determines it to be. There is no power or authority except… that God alone gave it… to God it is an incidence in eternal terms, to bring completion for all of the fulfilment of Gods plans.

    Only what He determines to remain, will remain.

    The Lord, The Lord, The Lord God Almighty, the El Shaddai, The Holy One of Israel. He has come and He will continue to make the place of his feet glorious. His foot will not slip; neither will He let ours slip. For His are and have been planted firmly and securely, following the already made footsteps of the Saviour, gone before in suffering and triumph.

    From here, the Lord seemed to take me into another realm… I was in no way out of control, things appeared new and vibrant and alive, beyond ones normal level of understanding and scope.

    Again I heard the Spirit say, He will make the place of his feet glorious and that God has taken this place with man and embarked on this journey on behalf of man His creation. He described the “place of His feet” (heel) as “to make an eternal impression for Him”… and that this would be known as a focal point in the history, not just of Britain, but also Europe… he put it in cosmic terms, in that He showed me the deep recesses of space, like those pictures of the towers and clouds of pillars of cosmic dust… it was shown along side to show the “beauty and majesty and significance” in terms of what he was going to do.

    His work, would outstrip, outweigh and outshine even the farthest known discovered beauties of the cosmos… the creative work of God that forms billowing cosmic dust into scenes of awe inspiring beauty…such is the plan of His handiwork, here on earth. These scenes can only be seen or understood more clearly, “outside the curving plane of the bow of earth’s atmosphere” As it happens Hubble’s telescope is in such a place… outside man’s known atmosphere, where the atmospheres own distortion hides detail and form.

    But he was saying that, that which is going on; to be brought about is of that ilk and kind in its beauty. No eye has seen, no ear heard, no mind conceived what GOD HAS for those that love Him.

    He continued to say that this would be a place of supreme significance in terms of what has already been created and seen. He left me with this statement.

    “In Jesus we saw the fingerprint of God,and now we shall see the footprint of heaven”

    As I write and edit today … July 28th 2016, it occurs to me now, but only partially back then … that this footstep of the lord, “almost” completely severing the serpents head, took place in London… the focal point of the nations referendum on Europe.

    An “unseen”, a “less than visible Evil” has been delivered the blow and God has used the vote to leave as his means to turn this nation upside down, geographically, economically, politically and spiritually … and we are seeing the rushing waters effects, its boiling turmoil, landing on the shores of our neighbours in Europe … but god is not just a wave, he is also the mighty tsunami, that invades deep, deep, inland beyond the borders and barricades of man towards him. In fact he has said, that this era upon us is not just a wave … its is HIS TIDE

    Like the day when god brought out his nation, his peoples from Egypt and the pursuit of their foes ended in the divide, the “separation” of the Red Sea, as the waters receded, the boundaries were never ever the same after that, a new watermark had been established.

    To God be the glory great things he hath done, so loved He the world that he gave us His son ….. praise the lord let the earth hear his voice

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