GPS #17: Personal prelude and cutting of EU serpent’s tentacles

The picture Neil Mackereth received, as recounted in Brexit Prayer Alert, produced a  very strong resonance not only in my spirit but also from personal experience, thereby indicating its veracity. In addition, several readers have recognised and confirmed its importance.

Also, I’m so pleased not to have published this hot-on-the-heels of that post because, at yesterday morning’s service, a friend told me Neil’s remarks on Winchester support what she’d sensed at about the same time whilst staying near Cowes; that is, at the northern-most point of the Isle of Wight and overlooking the Solent!  So, thank you ‘R’ for sharing this.

Upon my reading Neil’s description and the Lord’s emphasis upon the Isle of Wight, I instantly recalled not only the maps we use daily (as in the previous post and above; from Prayer of Protection for Britain) but also and especially what had happened when we were with a team of intercessors at Winchester Vineyard church on the eve of the EU Referendum. So, I dug out my account in New Britain’s Independence Day posted 25th June 2016 and quoted it in replying to Neil as follows,

‘On first reading of your picture re the Isle of Wight I was reminded of the Eve-of-Referendum prayer meeting we had in WinVin, upon which I blogged:
‘Whilst we stood in a rough circle I kept getting the impression of a huge outline of Britain hazily hovering a foot or so off the floor between us. It was as though we were standing as giants all around and looking down on Britain with backs turned towards Europe and Scandinavia (I didn’t share this as we were visitors and I didn’t know if it would be appreciated).
‘I was positioned by the ‘Isle of Wight’ and, after you (Neil) read about Jesus telling satan to get behind him, I was moved to declare that S in Europe get behind and away from Britain.
‘Also, I saw a huge Rock tear through the ‘map’ and emerge over a larger area (ie North Downs to Scottish borders) than when I saw a similar spiritual rock emerging 12 years ago.’

‘Now, Nina and I continue daily morning prayers for towns and cities based upon the 70-day ‘Keep Praying and Bless’ back in 2012 for the Jubilee. I use a small map of Britain which I turn over when referring to protection for sea, road, rail and air links and spotted that the ports have dotted lines (your ‘hawsers’) for ferry routes to Europe – and so I took a pair of scissors to cut through them on the map, as attached.’ (See below)

Thus, the symbolical links on that map are now prophetically severed with the EU.

Also Neil’s reference to Daniel is confirmatory, not only regarding the personal shower of recent references to that book, but also to my thoughts over the weekend.

In our online chat he adds, “This morning I noticed that ‘Itchen’ is an anagram of Ethnic (relating to characteristic of a group sharing a common history, culture, religion etc) – not quite sure why!”

The importance of what Neil received is such that I shared it with a couple of prophetical intercessors for their prayer groups. One, whose passion for our nation appreciates the great significance of King Alfred to our spiritual history and future, replied to him that her group is about to meet on the Isle of Wight!

For a brief overview of the whole issue visit the blog’s hub Brexit versus EU.

4 thoughts on “GPS #17: Personal prelude and cutting of EU serpent’s tentacles

  1. The tentacles of Europe are absolutely a great way of looking at the beast and its insidious grip on our nation. This sucking of the life blood out of are nation, bleeding the UK by the remoaners and their limpet like attachement in fear to the EU, like to a sinking boat, needs strong prayer. Thank God people who have faith that the Lord Jesus has got our nation back, and is moving inexhorably forward with his program, know that Brexit is a healthy baby. Once it gets it legs back and starts to build muscle it will start to walk, then to run, in the way of God. Speeded on by the intercessors in churches up and own the land, as the flame of Gods glory increases in out midst to the burning fire it is soon to become. Since Brexit, the Lion roared, and came out of his cage. I dont think he is very willing to go back in !!! Blessed is the nation whose God is Yahweh (Jehovah) Psalm 33 :12

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