Thank you, with update on Brexit Prayer Alert

Would regular readers kindly note that Neil Mackereth has emailed me in his usual, inimitable style,

“Yes please, am very grateful if you could thank your readers – and let interested ones know that I am clean shaven!”

He greatly appreciates everyone who’s been able to respond to the call to pray and make declarations, as published here last Thursday, and the many comments thereto – all of which shows it’s a very popular prayer request.

Also, he wrote Monday:

“Thank you so much for disseminating far and wide the urgent request for prayer to cut the serpent tentacles. The response has been overwhelming (or perhaps whelming would be more appropriate, as it has been manageable!).

“We had about 30 Winchester Churches Together intercessors praying on Saturday morning, another prayer meeting this evening and plans to pray over the River Itchen in the coming weeks.

“Suzanne Payne has been in touch with a host of encouraging comments and promises of prayer from readers of her posts. (Like Lurpack butter, our fame is spreading!).

“Just returned from a Winchester revival prayer meeting in the Cathedral undercroft. Powerful wake-up call and cries for unity.”

Then yesterday,

“I have now had a chance to read the comments and agree they are positive and encouraging. As you intimate, the River Thames comment has great resonance.

“I also noted the comment about the DUP holding the “balance of Power” and had referred to that in a paper I’ve been refining.

“Wonderful to hear your comments about your visit to Winvin, and the significance of the Isle of Wight (prayer there tomorrow I see) and I loved your cutting through the (English) Channel. By the way, the IoW locals talk about the mainland as “The North Island”.

Also, Suzanne emailed me direct, “…many intercessors follow and pray about Brexit prophetic words in the facebook group ‘Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival’.  Brexit Words/intercession alerts always get high stats on the UK Prophetic Words site also.”

The first response to my pre-blog circular to intercessors last week was most timely. It came from Suzanne Ferrett at Passion For The Nation“Hi Richard, thank you for this. Interestingly I will be on the Isle of Wight with some other intercessors, we can make some declarations then…

“Standing with you Winchester! I do believe you carry an inheritance of Godly government in your soil.”


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