Is Brexit an ‘Act of God’? Yes, but it challenges churches!

Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7 NKJV )

Prophetic cloud over Windsor 2011

Cloud seen over Windsor, June 2011. Credit: Alan May

“We now need to recognise the outcome as an act of God – but so much of the future now depends upon the Church’s response”. (Revd Dr Clifford Hill: Deliverance Day!)

A vicar in Liphook, East Hants, spoke about God moving in Reading and said someone who definitely wanted the UK to remain in the EU woke up Thursday morning and heard the Lord tell them to vote ‘Leave’!

Insurance companies class the uninsured perils of that day’s floods as an ‘act of God’. The previous day, Brietbart News predicted a major ‘Act of God’ storm would upset billionaire speculator, hedge-fund player George Soros’ closing play of scaring undecided voters into the ‘Remain’ camp (see Brexit: Soros Defeated by Act of God).

[UPDATE Feb 2018: Soros connivance continues with “secret plot to thwart Brexit” – see Fulfilled Prophecy #26 – Exposed: ‘coup’ threats against Brexit and Trump.]

As you know, that night saw an awesome turnabout. Pollsters were expecting ‘Remain’ to take a lead to victory throughout the night’s results. And so it seemed as the first result was declared and Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independent Party, conceded defeat. But a sudden and against-the-odds unexpected swing in the morning hours led to ‘Leave’ becoming the people’s decision. At over 17 million it was the largest majority ever seen in British electoral history.

As a leading politico-religious blogger remarks in Independence Day UK: Resurgence of Democracy; Restoration of Sovereignty:

‘The whole entrenched elite Establishment – Monarchy, Parliament, Government and Church – has been confronted by an epoch-making movement of ordinary people, including humble, devout and sincere Christians who have been tarnished with the whiff of sin and smeared with racism, all because they believe in democracy, national self-determination, and the ability to sack those who make their laws’.

Credit: Ton Snoei – link to Prophecy Today UK editorial

So what’s a secular, democratic decision got to do with God??  Readers of this blog will know the essential political points as well as spiritual and prophetical case for getting out of the EU, as listed in ‘EU In God’s Face’ (re-titled EU & Brexit).

However, as an intercessor friend witnessed at a weekend event, many churchgoers are very confused over the whole EU-issue and our future!  It begs many questions, the main one: why are church leaders woefully ignorant of the essentials?

Probably the main reason is that most of us are focused upon God’s Kingdom and prefer not to consider – even disdain – earthy politics and its distasteful reputation.

Nevertheless, the turmoil of this deeply divisive referendum presents church leaders not only with an opportunity for ministry and evangelism, but also and especially in the major challenge of why didn’t THEY know the Lord’s heart on this matter!!

For example, Anglican archbishops and theologians stood on and then fell off the wrong side of the fence. Justin Welby is reputed to have said he doesn’t have a direct line to God – why not?  Ordinary believers can and do hear clearly from our Lord, so why doesn’t he? – especially upon such an important issue!

The fact that many gave a clear prophetic direction of proven accuracy for the nation must now provoke leaders and members of all churches to start taking prophetic gifting far more seriously than before. Also, the office of prophet needs to be recognised and re-stored, as well as the extensive teaching, encouraging and manifesting Holy Spirit’s many gifts for the benefit of those not yet saved.

Churches should, therefore, now move powerfully in evangelism by telling how God told His servants a ‘taster’ preview of the EU-Referendum’s outcome – His purpose being to bring millions into the salvation HE purchased for them in His own Son’s blood. That is, it demonstrates God is real and loves them immensely, not wanting any to perish.

Prophetic Words Supportive of ‘Brexit’

So, let’s refresh our minds with a sample of prophetic words supporting ‘Brexit’ as an act of God; that He’s behind, directing and changing our alliance with Europe.:

  • 2005 Vision of Great Britain – Wendy Alec: extensive foliage and deep roots from Brussels overshadow, extract and erode faith and shackle people to ungodliness. The Lord wants us to restore our glorious destiny and awaken the lion’s heart.
  • 2012 Significance of Hurricane Sandy – Dr Sharon Stone: The Lord says,“Parts of these winds that are blowing, part of these winds that are bringing a re-arranging, are blowing away what has confused nations of their identity. We’re not the only nation that has been in an identity crisis. I believe that many of our nations have had skewed identity and the Lord is saying; I will bring you out of what you have designed by your own thinking and by your own hands – listen to that! – that I may redesign it by My thoughts and My plans”. (Emphases added)
  • Nov 2015 Prophetic Warning Urges “Come Out”  David Noakes
  • Dec 2015 Nations Shall Be Shaken, But Kingdoms Jolted – John Kilpatrick: the Lord admonished him not to exclude the latter half, because he “will see” it happen!
  • April 2016 Prophetic word & Picture of Britannia – Ray & Ruth Scorey: “Leave! Why? Because of the advance of the spirit of antichrist in the European union and…
  • June: Prophecies for UK’s Critical Time – ‘This is MY country’, The Lion Free to Roar, ‘Hang Him on It’.
  • June: Vision of Battle for Britain’s Birthright –  Veronika West, with many other prophetic visions and words of encouragements, especially The Violent Take the Kingdom by Force on voting day 23 June.
  • June: ‘Declaration of outcome in heaven’ plus words and visions to the network of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival and Winchester intercessors; eg. here – here.
  • 21st June – ‘We felt the Lord powerfully upon us as I sensed Him say, “Thursday will be a NEW DAY for Great Britain”…’ – Ginny Cryer, Culture Changers.
  • [See fuller listing Prophecies on Brexit; attendee’s Polling Day observations here.]

In arguing my case for Brexit as ‘an act of God’, I’d also submit on the other hand that the exceptional opposition to the surprising turn of events comes from exposing and unseating of satanic strategies against people. In other words, we always know we’re on-track with the Lord and rattling satan’s cage when we’re met with an intensely severe reaction!

The history of lies and deception and post-Referendum sheer hatred, expose satan’s hand in stirring up deep, irrational and venomous opposition – even from clergymen, as blogger ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ encountered. (‘Never in a decade of blogging has so much bile and vomit been spewed in this direction…’!! – this post refers and even in Jan 2017, as here!)

Therefore, let us praise, exalt and glorify our Father, Son and Holy Spirit as He moves in subtle and open power across our nations here and beyond the English Channel.

Lastly, I didn’t look until now at the startling prophetic word received in 2012 by Dr Stone about an exceptionally violent hurricane. It’s surprisingly apt; especially in revealing not only the Lord’s intimate involvement in today’s upheavals but also His redesigning and remaking our national identity – a New Britain!

Furthermore, you may like to read about two amazing prophecies given 3 years ago which predict the timing, purpose and outcome of Britain’s politico-spiritual battle in 2016!

Further Reading

See Brexit, the Bible and Democracy: the Judgement of God is the Voice of the People for a thought-provoking scriptural perspective by Adrian Hilton.

PS – latest: Anglican Clergy Foment Hate Against Brexit Christians -clearly they reject outright Jesus’ command not to judge and thus not in the Kingdom of God. A fulfillment of Separation of the Bride and the Harlot (1993 prophecy of sifting the church!). 

New Britain: A UNITED Kingdom under Lord Jesus Christ

Another contribution from David Hood to the brief outline at UK/EU in/out #5 of the Vision for Great Britain the Lord gave Wendy Alec in 2005, warrants repeating as an individual post in its own right.

In commenting upon that outline, Dave offers items from a series of 12 visions starting in 1997 that show God’s love for this nation and our nearest ‘neighbour’, France, as well as God’s purpose for the UK in relation to Europe as a whole. The one dated 2003 is most apposite for today in view of  Brexit and Scottish hopes for separation. Dave writes.:

‘Many of us inhabitants of Great Britain, and even some outside of us, will not say that we are a UNITED Kingdom, but more a DIVIDED nation. One has only to have looked at the troubles of Northern Ireland, the SEPARATE and devolved parts of Scotland and Wales. Their animosity stretching back centuries for all to observe. In fact Scotland, Ireland and Wales are Celtic nations, and one may even include Cornwall, part of England whose roots are also Celtic. Yet, seemingly, England rules supreme.

‘Even geographically, the boundaries remain. Hadrian’s Wall separates Scotland from England and Offa’s Dyke separates England from Wales. Even Northern Ireland is separated by water from Scotland and Wales. Indeed the whole of Ireland itself is separated from each other, with a border between its North and South.

‘A number of years back, whilst attending the 1st Braveheart Conference in Edinburgh. I believed the Lord said this to me… “JUST AS HADRIAN’S WALL SEPARATES ENGLAND FROM SCOTLAND, AND OFFA’S DYKE SEPARATES ENGLAND FROM WALES (PHYSICALLY), SO TOO, AM I UNITING THEM SPIRITUALLY.”

‘I then had a picture of England, Scotland and Wales joined together to one another, with NO geographical, political or historical boundaries, with the Dyke and the Wall removed. There were not 3 separate entities, but ONE. Later the Lord said to me… “I am doing a work amongst the Celtic nations”. For the first time, I realised that Ireland had its place with Wales and Scotland as IT TOO, was a Celtic nation.

‘He reminded me of the myth of a great giant who built a causeway from the north-east tip of Ireland to the south-west part of Scotland…He said… “In the same way that I am joining Wales and Scotland to England; I am crossing the divide between Ireland and Scotland and joining them to Wales and each other”. I could see part of God’s plan. He was taking them over on “dry ground”

‘The miracle here is that England IS NOT A CELTIC nation, but He will join them to these other Kingdom parts for His purpose and His glory. England is far more akin and likened to Europe…yet He will make Britain United and Great to transport and transfer his greatness and the unity to Europe and France as a Nation.

‘English bloodstock is inherited from European bloodstock. So at the same time that He unites England to Wales, Scotland and Ireland. He also seeks to unite and RE-ATTACHES England, with its Celtic and Godly unity RESIDING WITHIN IT to the European stock. “Behold…I do a new thing…”.

‘When Jesus said in Luke “Go ye unto all nations”, I believe He was saying go unto all ethnic groups. The Celts can be seen as an ethnic group and so, too, can the Anglo-Saxons … Acts 17:26 ‘And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation’; Gen 28:3 ‘May God Almighty bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers until you become a community of peoples’.

‘I believe this unity, is also necessary in the geopolitical quandary we now face with the Scottish move for separate rule.

‘Today in hindsight … he purposes to make UK Great again, separating from Europe, and within, He seeks to make this nation United and One, the Kingdom United.

‘His purpose for Britain is not to serve under Europe’s king Baal, but rather to take Britain’s King, King Jesus Christ, to Europe, not to serve a foreign God at Brussels but to join Europe to Himself.’

New Britain: loosed free to fish for souls again

Thank you to Suzanne Payne of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival for these prophetic words received early last week but which I was unable to post sooner.:

Vision of Battleship Britain Being Released From Eu-rope

I saw in a vision in a prayer meeting a couple of weeks ago….The Lord showed me a big grey battleship docked with heavy ‘guide’ ropes at a mooring…as I saw the big old type grey battleship…I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and tell me to ‘release the heavy guide ropes’ as we did this prophetically in prayer…the battleship began to separate itself from its ‘dock’ and move away from the shore!

In my spirit I knew this was a vision for ‘Great Britain’ to come out from its ‘anchored’ position in the EU…we prayed in this accord and the peace of God followed. Bless you all. Time to LEAVE the EU.

Debbie Jean 20th June’16

“I Will Restore What Has Been Stolen From Great Britain”

A few weeks ago I was thinking about the up and coming referendum and how it was so sad that our fishing industry in the country had been decimated and nearly non-existent because of the EU’s laws and regulations. Now we buy our own fish from our own waters from other European countries. We are a nation surrounded by the seas, and have had in the past a thriving and very prosperous fishing industry. This has now been lost, we have been robbed and men have lost their livelihoods and way of life. It seems like the enemy has robbed us of what was given to us by God.

Then I hear Holy Spirit say,

“Do not grieve for what was lost but rejoice for this is the year of Jubilee and I will restore what has been stolen from your nation. Once again you will be known as the “fishers of men”, I will make you into a great fishing nation again, and I will give back what you have been robbed of through the deceitfulness and cunning of man and his laws. I remember what my son Jacob has done in the past, how you were sent among the nations and spread the truth of My Gospel, how you laboured and sent missionaries all over the world to proclaim the good news of my Son Jesus Christ and of how you brought Glory to Me and My Kingdom, I have not forgotten and I will repay. No longer shall you be slaves and hostage to evil men and their ways, for I shall break the power of the enemy so that my fishermen can go forth I will restore what has been lost and I will prosper what has been taken, and this will be a sign that the glory has returned to this realm, this sceptred realm this land that my prophets and apostles fought and died for. I am the great restorer and I will make this nation great again as I have in the past, for the nations are in my Hand and are a drop in a bucket. I have power to root up and to set down so also I have power to raise up, I make all things new, so rejoice for you shall be called the Fisher nation on account of the souls that will be saved through you and this shall be a sign when you are set free, it is for freedom you are set free, free to preach the Gospel everywhere.”

Maria June Williams 21st June’16

Thank you Lord – and Debbie and Maria. My readers may like to visit and consider subscribing to Geoff Pick’s UK Prophetic Words – Holy Spirit Vision for Britain. (Its Blogger platform enables readers to choose different styles of layout for ease of reference.)

UPDATE 5 July 2017: see GPS#8 – On Britain Becoming a ‘Fisher of Souls’ Once Again

Fulfilled prophecy #7 – Brexit and nations/kingdoms shaken/jolted

Wind of God Brexit prophecy Dec 2015

Video of Church of His Presence 26 June – watch pastor Kilpatrick from 2:16:00

Last December Revd John Kilpatrick, senior pastor of Church of His Presence, received a powerful word from the Lord, the circumstances of which are told in 20 Prophecies for 2016 and Beyond: “The Wind Has Shifted”.

He announced (underlining added re current events):

“This year will be very unusual on many levels. As a matter of fact, a phrase will be repeated over and over on the lips of people of many nations. You will hear it said, “I have never seen anything like this before.” There will be a great stir among the people of the nations. Seemingly, nothing will remain normal any longer. This will not be just an American phenomenon, but it will touch all the continents.

> The Lord shall rise up and make Himself known.

> The forgotten shall shout for great joy.

> The heathen will see a great light.

> Unbelievers will take another look.

> Experts will be stumped.

> Nations shall be shaken, but kingdoms shall be jolted.

> Dead, dry bones will experience a fresh prophetic wind.

> Some will struggle with the question, “Is this God, or is this the devil?” But God will receive all the glory for His mysterious wonders.

> This will be the year of the winds of God, and those winds are already blowing even as I speak this word.”

JohnK 214_logoIn Sunday’s teaching ‘What Determines What You Hear?’ John asks those gathered if they recalled a prophetic word he brought:

“Do you remember, last December He (the Lord) said to me, “The wind has shifted”…? 

John repeats the opening phrase of what’s stated above and says,

“And then it said, ‘Nations shall be shaken’…do you remember; but ‘kingdoms jolted’..?

“The United Kingdom was jolted last week – the European bloc was jolted.

“When I wrote those words down, ‘Nations shall be shaken but kingdoms shall be jolted’, I started to leave that off and just say ‘Nations shall be shaken’, and I heard in my spirit the Holy Spirit say:

“No! Say that because you’re going to see that!”

And sure enough, amen. God knows what He’s doing – that’s just four words – ‘kingdoms shall be jolted’ – POW (John claps his hands) but it has power associated with them! It’s an ‘utterance’, it’s not a speech! It’s not just a declaration – it’s an ‘utterance’!”

It’s a truly exceptionally powerful prophetic word – one fulfilled only 6 months later!

[See also Nathan Morris in 2012: The Lord Is Setting Up the Stage for End-times.]

THE PEOPLE! United Kingdom Exiting the European Union

A good perspective from our brother over ‘the Pond’

Real Christianity

         In an incredible come from behind win, the British people have achieved the greatest victory for nationhood in the last quarter century.

         Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall has something this far-reaching and dramatic taken place, proving at once that great solidarity and a stiff upper lip in the face of arrogance and unrelenting fear tactics can bring down a giant.

         How ironic that the losing Prime Minister is named David.

         I had just posted an article on Wednesday, the day before the British vote on Thursday, regarding the 2016 Presidential Election in the United States entitled The People vs. The Establishment. In the article I stated that the central theme of the election this November was a battle between the entrenched elites and the American people in general who have been dictated to, patronized, misinformed, shut out, disrespected, taken full advantage of…

View original post 355 more words

New Britain’s Independence Day – my internet flooded!


Democracy’s Resurgence & Restoration of Sovereignty: credit/link Archbishop Cranmer

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that whoever reads it may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false’ (Habbakuk 2:2-3 NIV)

Thursday 23rd June 2016 – Independence Day for Britain, was very busy with email and blogs. Based on that information I decided to really stick my neck out with a prophetic declaration about a ‘New Day’ BUT then our internet/ phone line got dug up, flooded out and cut off!!

As suspected the previous day, there seemed to be some opposition from gremlins – the next day it came out into the open! Thursday16th a hole was dug in the pavement for an engineer to access location of the phone line’s fault the next day, but he found problems and needed another hole digging at the other side of our two-car driveway to make a fresh connection from the house to the street’s main-line.

Original hole and box

But on Tuesday contractors arrived and back-filled and asphalted that first hole. The engineers had been able to advance their new work a fortnight because three weeks had elapsed without our having any phones. So those contractors returned on midday Thursday to re-open the hole that had been re-filled, and dig another new one!

Nina had been delayed by two lots of severe road works whilst out and so we voted after lunch between showers. I went back online to blog the most important posts of that voting day BUT found the internet had crashed!! I went to find out what the guys had done and found the re-opened two and half feet deep hole half filled with rain water and almost drowning the telecoms 15″ joint-box!!


New connections

But I was determined to go ‘out on a limb’ and push to get a declaration published. Fortunately I have web-guest access at the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation half a mile away. So, thankfully I could complete the previous two posts on the exposure of economic lies against Brexit and New Day of Independence from the EU.

Next Day – a few hours after voting results were announced – the engineer team returned to complete the work and by lunch-time we had a properly working phone and internet line at normal speed. Thank you Lord. (Apparently a normal access pit cannot be installed because the power and gas mains are too close.)

Prayers & Prophecy

Voting day’s first blog mentioned my remark about Britain’s guardian angel at the previous evening’s prayer meeting. Apparently, this fired up the convener Caroline to pray whilst driving home and upon arrival was greeted by a huge confirmatory clap of thunder -confirmation! I emailed,

‘Whilst we stood in a rough circle I kept getting the impression of a huge outline of Britain hazily hovering a foot or so off the floor between us. It was as though we were standing as giants all around and looking down on Britain with backs turned towards Europe and Scandinavia (I didn’t share this as we were visitors and I didn’t know if it would be appreciated)
I was positioned by the ‘Isle of Wight’ and, after Neil read about Jesus telling Satan to get behind him, I was moved to declare that S in Europe get behind and away from Britain.

Also, I saw a huge Rock tear through the ‘map’ and emerge over a larger area (ie North Downs to Scottish borders) than when I saw a similar spiritual rock emerging 12 years ago ( refers)’

I received an email  from another leader saying on Tuesday they felt the Lord powerfully upon them and sensed Him saying, “Thursday would be a NEW DAY for Great Britain”. As I’d woken up with that in mind too, this encouraged me to stick my neck out and use it in a post’s title.

Also, I had news from Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival that some of their people had been hearing similarly: eg. that one had kept getting the outcome had already been declared in heaven!

Thank and praise you Lord that it is now manifest…

PS. It was an hour or so later that I became aware of this morning’s Telegraph headline, ‘Birth of a new Britain’!!

Further Reading

  • Archbishop Cranmer’s post (click/tap above title image)
  • Revd Clifford HillDeliverance Day

A New Day – UK’s Independence Day

We dare to hope and pray for a surprising turnaround within all people across our British society.

For everyone without exception to be encouraged and enthused to want us to become a revived new nation – and to seek and take hold of the vision the Living Holy God has for us all. A future free from invisible shackles of enslavement to that wants to return nations to the imaginary ‘ideal’ of Babel’s ‘one people, one tongue’ – even to the Days of Noah!

Although not a fan of Boris Johnson here’s some notably inspirational oratory:

Are we to bow down to Brussels? Adrian Hilton sums up the situation in the latter part of today’s blog Vote Leave: Take Control. Believe in Britain, or Bow Down to Brussels.:

‘…This Referendum is not only about Christian values, but about national identity. Are we really so feeble that our aspiration to wholeness may be apprehended only in the anti-democratic space? Are we really so fooled that our language of community may only be expressed in terms of political union? Are we really so blind that our morality may only be conceived in the secular Enlightenment conception of man, with his inviolable rights and perfect moral standards? Today is a watershed: Remain, and we perpetuate the self-congratulatory illusion of the abolition of nationalism and the death of God; Leave, and we move beyond myopic Euro-nationalism, spreading our vision upward, downward and outward into the world. There will be upheaval, but nothing that a new mode of thought and sensibility to new nations cannot withstand. Some say this is retrospective illusion: it is, rather, the true globalism of the catholic Christian.

‘If the Christian ends of peace and reconciliation are to be realised in and by the United Kingdom, our moral outlook must change. The Enlightenment European Union is not the Promised Land, for EUtopia erodes the cosmic order, denies self-determination, keeps the poor in famine and inflicts suffering on its own people. If we seek universal benevolence and justice, they are not found in haughty declarations of subjective rights of immunities and benefits, but in an apprehension of divine dignity; of man created in the image of God for a life of grace, love and service. This is not monkish ignorance or superstition: it is, whether we believe it or not, the truth. You may demand tyrannical impositions of trans-national equality, but God’s blessings flow only from humility; security comes only from self-government; and peace comes only from Christ, with whom believers are exhorted to walk in spirit and truth.

‘This isn’t a game of point scoring: it is about the moral culture of our civilisation. There is a prideful illusion of a Godless European Empire with its unaccountable omnipotence and infallible dreams of universal justice, equality and rights; or there is the subtler language of the nation under God, within which the unrighteous may be removed and the immoral corrected, rebuked, reformed and restored. You may not agree with this ‘parochial’ view of human nature in the created order, believing instead that political man is moving toward the zenith of moral perfection and that justice is about to flow like a river. But when empires impose their laws and enforce their creeds by natural authority and the people do not obey except out of cynicism, the only solution is the restoration of the true political authority which chimes with the mores and traditions of the people.

‘So, forget the finger-jabbing niggles of elite establishment politicians sanctified by ecclesial negativity: there is nothing to fear in leaving the European Union. On the contrary, there is hope in liberty; morality in democracy; and prosperity in the restoration of a global outlook. Today is about national self-belief and self-determination. It is about taking back control of our national destiny. Today we vote for freedom. Let today be and hereafter forever be known as UK Independence Day.

S T I L L . U N D E C I D E D ?


Reality check - you really want to be controlled by EU?

Credit: Campaign For An Independent Britain (founded 1969)

Another EU exposure – financial lies against Brexit

A month ago I asked Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU? and hoped that “all the rotten dirty laundry of crumbling EU finances be exposed in full glare of continent-wide publicity”  We soon saw how European Council’s president Donald Tusk admitted to ‘EUtopian’ ideals tearing the EU apart.

Now, thanks to Why Leave The EU? more irrationality is being revealed.  Paolo Barnard is Italy’s most censored economics journalist and before an audience reveals the real sense about Brexit in the light of EU’s financial stupidity. Watch his admirable, logically presented argument in The Truth About BREXIT.:

His interviewer states that knowledge of these financial truths may have a domino effect across Europe (perhaps as Patsy Southway prophesied about domino effects starting in May?)!

As many have prayed, “Lord may blind eyes be opened!”

Veronika West: visionary word for EU-Referendum Day

This follow-on published on Veronika’s Facebook yesterday 22nd June:


This morning I heard these words in the spirit, “Is there any Hope for Redemption, Restoration and Kingdom Reformation when we as a Nation are between the devil and the deep blue sea??”!

Then suddenly I saw in the spirit the people of the Nation of Britain standing at a crossroads, their ruthless captives relentlessly pursuing them from behind and a ferocious deep blue sea stood in front of them. All Hope seemed lost…..!

Then SUDDENLY I heard the sound of a Mighty Lion’s roar and the ground beneath their feet began to move and shift and a mighty wind began to blow across their path. I watched and listened as many cried out for direction and deliverance!


I submit in this hour the Lord is calling the Sons and Daughters of this Great Nation to go forward in faith and face what may seem an impossible crossing into the land of Great Promise, Prosperity, Restoration and Kingdom Reformation.

Listen!! Though it may seem that you may drown in the deep seas that stands before you, the Lord is calling you as a Great Nation to GO FORWARD in FAITH because HE CAN SEE BEYOND the boarders and HE CAN SEE something you cannot see. In this hour, as you LISTEN to His voice and choose to TRUST AND OBEY, there are unforeseen SIGNS, WONDERS AND EVEN GREATER MIRACLES that await the people of this Great Nation.

Papa knows that when you take the initiative in the face of certain death, He will part the seas of uncertainty that stand before you and He will lead and direct you across on dry land and you will look back and WATCH as your enemies are utterly defeated and destroyed.

I Prophesy in this hour and season, the Faith-filled Sons and Daughters of Great Britain are “crossing over” on dry land into their Promised land, where ABUNDANCE, INCREASE, OVERFLOW AND A GREAT HARVEST AWAITS THEM.

Today’s storms mirror Battle for Britain in the ‘heavenlies’

StormcloudsIt just cannot be coincidental…

Prolonged heavy thunderstorms and flooding since late last night and well into the early hours today across south-eastern England surely speak of what’s going on in the spiritual realms, as in the powerful vision for Britain’s birthright Veronika West experienced:

“In this hour I see a fierce battle, a tug-of-war that rages over the Destiny and Birthright of Britain, but fear not for your words and prayers have been heard and He has come!”

Last night we were blessed to attend interdenominational intercession held in Winchester Vineyard church.  A couple of folk brought scripture and prayers about spiritual birthright and I briefly referred to a Veronika’s prophetic word and her seeing the Guardian Angel of Great Britain.

Mention of that angel immediately affected a couple of sisters so strongly in their spirits they reacted physically (like when the Lord spoke to Nina during Trooping of the Colour and she saw the words as scrolling text, This is MY country!).

As we left the building Nina noticed ominous clouds gathering but we drove away up and over the country hills eastwards with north-northwest sky lit by the sun below the horizon. Occasional rain started 20 minutes later upon reaching the small town on the heights of the A31 and began our descent of the dual-carriageway towards Alton.

Well beyond there, over our destination’s far horizon, we saw the darkest cloud masses lit by flashes. The overhead sky’s fireworks welcomed our arrival home after the 40 minute journey. It quickly sailed away – but more, lots and lots more with lashing, torrential rains was to follow throughout the night.  Incredibly, I missed the directly overhead crashes and flashes!  Drats!  I love watching night storms but was quite tired and awoke fired up.

Did PM Thatcher describe the EU in terms of Daniel 7 prophecy?

Ever so rarely do I bother getting a Sunday paper: maybe I was nudged into getting last Sunday’s just to read this exceptionally remarkable quotation by Christopher Booker.:

‘In the only two speeches I have made in this referendum campaign, I quoted that startling passage from Margaret Thatcher’s last book in 2003 where she wrote:

Lady Thatcher statue_credit Alamy

“That such an unnecessary and irrational project as building a European super-state was ever embarked on will seem in future years to be perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era. And that Britain, with her traditional strengths and global destiny, should ever have become part of it, will appear a political error of the first magnitude.”

‘Back in 1975, we may recall, when Mrs Thatcher had just become Tory leader, she played a very prominent role in the campaign to keep us in the Common Market. But after 11 years as prime minister, at “the heart of Europe”, she had completely reversed her view. This was because she had come to realise that everything she had originally been told about the real nature and purpose of the “European project” was wrong. (Emphases RB)

‘She had come to understand that its only real agenda in all it did was to work towards “ever-closer union”, under a form of governance like nothing the world had ever seen before.

‘The purpose was to weld all Europe together under a government that was “supranational”, never intended to be accountable or democratic and was based on gradually removing from member states any important power to govern themselves.’.

The phrase I’ve emboldened above in Christopher Brooker’s remarks could be his own perception of the late Lady’s opinion. Or perhaps it really was hers?

Nevertheless, it struck me as being closely similar to the description and explanation the OT prophet Daniel was given of an horrific beast seen in a night vision about the future and times just before Jesus Christ’s return.

Chapter 7 of his book recounts that dream of watching four beasts emerge from the sea (of peoples/nations) – first a lion, next a bear and then one like a leopard with four heads:

“After that, in my vision at night I looked, and there before me was a fourth beast – terrifying and very powerful. It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. It was different from all the former beasts, it had ten horns.” (Dan 7:7 NIV)

The dream continued by focusing on a horn that uprooted three of the others and began speaking blasphemously and waging war against and defeating the saints. The court of ‘The Ancient of Days’ was convened and judgement made against this horned beast and, unlike the others, it was slain and its body cast into ‘the blazing fire’. Then Daniel saw ‘one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven’ (ie: Yeshua Ha Messiach, Jesus Christ); verses 13-14 refer:

“…He approached the Ancient of Days and was led into His Presence. He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all peoples, nations and men of every language worshipped Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and His Kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.”

Readers will recall that Jesus referred to Himself as ‘Son of Man’ and to Daniel’s book when teaching upon the forthcoming fall of Jerusalem His return (Matt 24).

But the distinct peculiarity of that symbolic, spiritual ‘beast’ was stressed again by the one who was with him and whom Daniel asked what they were watching. I’m copying verse 23 from my old NIV Insight Bible along with my emphasis therein:

“…He gave me this explanation: ‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on the earth. It will be (NB:) different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it…”

This imagery is similar to the legs and feet of the statue in king Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, which Daniel interpreted as signifying and prophesying about his and later kingdoms (see chapter 2).

Both refer to a trampling and crushing of people in their subjugation by rulers or peoples. That description is also said to be the definition of the Arabic term for ISIS terrorists – ‘daesh’. (For an informed opinion read here.) So, some scholars and commentators offer the opinion that scripture may refer to and foresee the existence of ISIS, and that the personification of Anti-christ will thus be a Muslim. Without emphasising that Arabic term, authors Mark Davidson and Nelson Walters, for example, have produced some historical considerations that build upon Joel Richardson’s thesis about such an identity.

However, the more we learn about what is happening in Europe the more inclined I am to think there may be more merit to the older, yet relatively modern, theological ideas that the one or other of Revelation 13 beasts will come out of the revived Roman Empire – the EU. After all, the second one has power over buying and selling and people would be unable to do that without having been given that beast’s mark, the number of which is 666. One of my earliest email refers to this number in connection with the appointment of the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy & Security, as the investigator Herb Peters discovered about 25 years ago. (For more see two-part email Not Many People Know, April 2009)

Furthermore, couldn’t the open and veiled threats emanating from our government and those in the EU be similar to the ‘trampling and devouring’ prophesied in Daniel 7:7 ?

Of course there’s much more to a deeper consideration of these scripture, but I offer my thoughts on this specific similarity for what they may be worth.

NB: please note I’m no fan of that past prime minister in view of the way the department in which I worked was ‘privatised’.

PS: I was going to schedule this for later but hit ‘publish’ and a few seconds later my email pinged ‘incoming’. I thought it was alerting me to this new post; but no – it’s announcing Mark Davidson’s latest The Brexit and The Antichrist – HOW VERY COINCIDENTAL!

Vision of spiritual battle for Britain’s birthright

Veronika West published this yesterday morning 21st June on Facebook

Union Jack 672666_orig


This morning in my time of soaking in His presence, suddenly I was shown a fierce battle that is raging over the Birthright of Britain in this very hour. I saw in the Spirit Mighty Warring Warrior Angels in what looked like a fierce battle and tug of war over the future Destiny and Sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

As I watched intently, Immediately the Holy Spirit quickened these words to me, “Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your mind to understand and humbled yourself before your God, your words and prayers have been heard, and I have COME because of your words and prayers.”

Now, after hearing the Spirit speak, suddenly I could clearly hear the sound and the intensity of the words and prayers of the Sons and Daughters of God that have been crying out for the plans and the purposes of God to be made manifest in this hour and season over the Nation of Britain and the United Kingdom.

As I pressed in deeper into what I was hearing and seeing in the realms of the Spirit, suddenly I was shown the ‘Guardian Angel of the United Kingdom’ standing over the land.

This Mighty Guardian Angel stood hundreds of feet tall and with eyes of blazing fire he stood with a raised sword and shield which completely overshadowed the whole Nation of Britain.

Immediately the Holy Spirit likened this incredible Angel to me as the Archangel Michael who was the Guardian Angel and fierce Protector over the Nation of Israel, who had warred against and defeated the powerful territorial spirits that ruled over the Nations of Greece and Persia.
(“Then the messenger from God said, ‘Do you know why I have come to you? But now I will return to fight against the prince of Persia; and when I am through with him, lo, the prince of Greece will come. But I will tell you what is inscribed in the book of truth: there is none who contends by my side against these except Michael, your prince”!)

Friends, here we see the mighty Angel of the Lord going back to fight against the demon prince of Persia to DEFEAT HIM. As we read on we see yet again another enemy spirit, the powerful demon prince of Greece, these were the territorial spirits that had rule and dominion over the Nations of Persia and Greece! These were the demonic spirits that held sway over these Nations and they needed to be dealt with by the Warrior Angels of God in order that the plans and purposes of God could be established in the land in that day.

Prophetically this morning I was shown this same battle that this raging in this very hour over the Birthright and Destiny of BRITAIN, BUT I HEAR THE SPIRIT SAY, “FEAR NOT, FOR FROM THE FIRST DAY THAT YOU SET YOUR MIND TO UNDERSTAND AND YOU HUMBLED YOURSELF BEFORE YOUR GOD, YOURS WORDS AND PRAYERS HAVE BEEN HEARD, AND I HAVE COME”!

In this hour the Holy Spirit is charging us as Sons and Daughters to WAR IN A NEW WAY FOR A NEW DAY IS DAWNING, there is a spiritual battle that rages over this Nation with powerful territorial spirits, demons, principalities, powers, world rulers of this present darkness, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places, we MUST STAND OUR GROUND AND REFUSE TO BE DISTRACTED OR DISCOURAGED OR DERAILED WE MUST STAY THE COURSE AND REMAIN STEADFAST AND VIGILANT, WE MUST DECREE AND AGREE THAT THE BATTLE FOR BRITAIN IS THE LORDS, AS A NATION WE HAVE THE VICTORY TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

Footnote: In this connection see Tim Shey ‘s profound remarks on last Thursday’s post:

‘I believe this upcoming Brexit vote may be the most important event in Great Britain since the Allies defeated Nazi Germany in 1945. Here is something I stumbled upon earlier this morning; it is a dream that I had back in 2009: [continue reading at foot of this post]’

Also read Vision of Glory Firestorm and Four Faces of God.