Holy Spirit’s stirrings #2 – indications of Revival in the UK

Continuing with noteworthy communications received on Saturday 11th June.:

As well as the Lord’s action upon Nina and other prophetic words, I was amazed to receive Michael Marcell’s news about stirrings of the Holy Spirit in Reading because it was directly related to what had happened when I lived there.

His email alerts subscribers of UK Awakening that ‘God is moving in Reading’ and quotes a statement from Yinka Oyekan, senior leader at The Gate in Berkshire’s Thames Valley.:

‘An evangelist and his team came to minister from the US, training people to go out on the streets to speak to people about Jesus. After some worship and 20 minutes training, teams are sent out and people are very open to hearing about Jesus. Around 600 had made decisions for Christ in the first 12 days…continue reading full report from the pastor of Reading Community Church.

The details are personally relevant because I was present in the early 1990s when a prophetic vision about a revival came  to a young man in the inter-church Ditchdiggers team of youth evangelists. This was organised from Tilehurst Free Church whose young elder had worked in the revival in Argentina. (TFC’s building is now known as ‘The Gate’.)

In a prayer meeting, Chris D told us of having a vivid vision of crowds in Reading’s town centre being ‘slain’ in the Holy Spirit and coming to the Lord!  I can recall the expression of awe upon his face and in his voice as he told us about his experience.

In those days I knew precious little about the Holy Spirit’s gifts, but TFC’s Baptist pastor Rev Barry Kirk encouraged everyone to seek them. The bond between the town’s various churches was remarkably vibrant and teachers came from Kensington Temple to teach and equip us.

So do read Michael’s post, plus his others, the most recent being of stirrings of revival and the Lord’s presence, with salvations and healings in Wellington, Shropshire.  (Facebook: House of Prayer Telford.)

May you too be thoroughly blessed in reading about these ‘stirrings’…

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