Safe to stay in EU? Crucial tips from a 1975 ‘Yes’ voter to first time and floating voters

The safety issue to which I will refer is not one of security from terrorism..:

Western Europe

“Been there, done that and got the tee-shirt!”

So, a couple of crucial tips are offered from someone who voted ‘Yes’ to joining Europe in the 1975 referendum. They may help today’s floating and first time voters’ decisions for this week’s important historic date.

As a young man I voted for membership in 1975 as being a concrete way for nations to move away from conflict and wars and head towards worldwide peace, harmony and free trading. It was an idealism born out of the 1960s hippy era, opposition to the Vietnam war and real threats of a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) nuclear war. I saw it as a way of moving out of a ‘fuddy duddy’ national life under outmoded religious ideals and into much better New Age visions of an evolved global humanity.

I’m a Euro-phile

Also, I’m very fond of Europe and its heritage and loved motoring with my parents through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Yugoslavia. I well recall after a long hot day’s drive from Venice, finding ourselves away from civilisation at sunset and wanting somewhere to stay. So we had to keep driving but got halted out in ‘nowhere’ at the Yugoslav border. Behind the armed guards a large black-and-white photo of Marshal Tito frowned at us. Our visas were in order so we proceeded but it was eerie travelling along deserted roads in the pitch-black. We stopped in the quiet port of Rijecka and, speaking in his broken German learned as a POW, father managed to find us a room in someone’s apartment. Another year on and a farmer somewhere outside Skopje let us park and sleep in his barn! (This was all before that Balkan state was fully open to tourism.)

So my adult life has been spent in some degree of relationship with Europe – and my civil service career drew to a close in an EU-related department! So my opinion is born out of personal experience.

1st Real Issue – Legality

The real issue is NOT one of economics of migration but that of sovereignty and law – and there is a critical difference of definition between that of the UK and of EU. This is outlined in one of this blog’s popular posts: The EU – An Alternative. Upon receiving the draft I noted the headlines about Justice Secretary Michael Gove speaking out against the ‘rogue’ European Court because of its deep bias against common-sense requirements of our national protection.

In fact, the ‘retro’-EU takes Britain back to pre-Medieval times, if not the Dark Ages! About a year ago I wrote several posts on Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary and the profound effect of ‘no tax without representation’ upon the later political and legal development of Parliament – the ‘talking shop’ of nation-wide land-owners and civic leaders. And they even executed a monarch who thought he was above them in closing down Parliament!

Internationally respected financial editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard decided after careful consideration to vote for leaving the EU on the same grounds as me. He soundly makes the case in depth at Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament, nothing else…

2nd Real Issue – Lies

Another of my main objections is that Britain was deceived about the EEC, as well as the EEC/EU’s track record over the past 40 years.

One of my first blogs on the Referendum covered the deception and negotiating Prime Minister’s Ted Heath’s subsequent admission of dishonesty over our entry!

Once we’d said ‘Yes’ to joining the Common Market the nation was outraged to discover the price we had to pay was the destruction of our fishing industry by EEC’s Common Fisheries Policy.

Furthermore, I read this weekend that Christopher Brooker refers to the CFP as the EU’s most catastrophic folly in view of what his investigations unearthed (emphases added),

‘What made this tragic shambles even more painful was to discover [in 2001] a hitherto secret document showing that in 1971 the Brussels Council of Ministers had been made well aware by its own lawyers that there was nothing in the Treaty of Rome that could authorise any aspect of the CFP. The whole system was thus wholly illegal (and was only much later craftily legitimised by the Treaty of Maastricht).’

Boris Johnson refers to today’s version of this policy in his latest Telegraph op-ed urging voters to seize the opportunity of taking back our own destiny – and I firmly believe that would accord with the Lord’s desires too. He writes,

‘If we stay we will find our global influence and weight not enhanced, but diminished – as the EU ruthlessly cuckoos us aside from our seat [our rightful place] on international bodies, from the IMF or and the UN to the WTO to even the North Atlantic Fisheries Management Boards, which determines the fate of fish in so much of our waters. Iceland has a seat; Norway has a seat; the Faroe islands have a seat. The UK is represented by the Commission’ [ie. not ourselves: RB].

That’s just one very fundamental example of how the EEC has morphed into something outrageously unacceptable and, as seen when the EU Council’s chief Donald Tusk gave the game away (here), is clearly aiming for complete ‘utopian’, totalitarian power.


And if you’re a biblically informed Christian you will be surprised at the description of the European Project given by another past British Prime Minister who was well acquainted with it. Hopefully (internet connection permitting) I will soon blog about that…

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