New Britain: loosed free to fish for souls again

Thank you to Suzanne Payne of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival for these prophetic words received early last week but which I was unable to post sooner.:

Vision of Battleship Britain Being Released From Eu-rope

I saw in a vision in a prayer meeting a couple of weeks ago….The Lord showed me a big grey battleship docked with heavy ‘guide’ ropes at a mooring…as I saw the big old type grey battleship…I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and tell me to ‘release the heavy guide ropes’ as we did this prophetically in prayer…the battleship began to separate itself from its ‘dock’ and move away from the shore!

In my spirit I knew this was a vision for ‘Great Britain’ to come out from its ‘anchored’ position in the EU…we prayed in this accord and the peace of God followed. Bless you all. Time to LEAVE the EU.

Debbie Jean 20th June’16

“I Will Restore What Has Been Stolen From Great Britain”

A few weeks ago I was thinking about the up and coming referendum and how it was so sad that our fishing industry in the country had been decimated and nearly non-existent because of the EU’s laws and regulations. Now we buy our own fish from our own waters from other European countries. We are a nation surrounded by the seas, and have had in the past a thriving and very prosperous fishing industry. This has now been lost, we have been robbed and men have lost their livelihoods and way of life. It seems like the enemy has robbed us of what was given to us by God.

Then I hear Holy Spirit say,

“Do not grieve for what was lost but rejoice for this is the year of Jubilee and I will restore what has been stolen from your nation. Once again you will be known as the “fishers of men”, I will make you into a great fishing nation again, and I will give back what you have been robbed of through the deceitfulness and cunning of man and his laws. I remember what my son Jacob has done in the past, how you were sent among the nations and spread the truth of My Gospel, how you laboured and sent missionaries all over the world to proclaim the good news of my Son Jesus Christ and of how you brought Glory to Me and My Kingdom, I have not forgotten and I will repay. No longer shall you be slaves and hostage to evil men and their ways, for I shall break the power of the enemy so that my fishermen can go forth I will restore what has been lost and I will prosper what has been taken, and this will be a sign that the glory has returned to this realm, this sceptred realm this land that my prophets and apostles fought and died for. I am the great restorer and I will make this nation great again as I have in the past, for the nations are in my Hand and are a drop in a bucket. I have power to root up and to set down so also I have power to raise up, I make all things new, so rejoice for you shall be called the Fisher nation on account of the souls that will be saved through you and this shall be a sign when you are set free, it is for freedom you are set free, free to preach the Gospel everywhere.”

Maria June Williams 21st June’16

Thank you Lord – and Debbie and Maria. My readers may like to visit and consider subscribing to Geoff Pick’s UK Prophetic Words – Holy Spirit Vision for Britain. (Its Blogger platform enables readers to choose different styles of layout for ease of reference.)

UPDATE 5 July 2017: see GPS#8 – On Britain Becoming a ‘Fisher of Souls’ Once Again

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