Comments upon the collapse of Society

Extract from pre-blog email circulated on Thursday 18 August 2011
Subject: Comments upon Word received through Dr Sharon Stone

Dear Friends,  Further to circulating a word received through Lance Lambert on the eve of the London Riots (see email 9 August) and Dr Sharon’s insights 12 August (original email and link n/a but amended Oct 2016), I was reminded Billy Graham’s grandson is coming to stir the youth of Britain in late September.

(HA! Only after having inserted that line to precede my comments written below, have I  just noticed its title, Will Graham Set to Rock the UK, alludes exactly to the climax of the event I’m writing about….)

Personally, I’m encouraged that this word (through Revd Dr Stone) confirms the gist of an open vision that came at the opening of worship at the start of a conference in St Albans in October 2004.

Before me I ‘saw’ a map of Britain surrounded by the sea, as though painted on rotten sacking – like old, wet coal-sacks I saw in my youth. It seemed the Lord was saying the fabric of our nation’s so rotten He could tear it apart so easily. 

This ‘map’ then began to rip apart in the middle, from about the line of Hadian’s Wall down along the line of the Pennine chain to the Midlands, and I sensed the Lord say, “I’m going to put the backbone back in Britain”. (I recalled that the Pennines are known as the spine of England.)

But out of the tear arose a very long rock, which I understood as meaning the Lord would restore our strong, spiritual backbone when we stand upon Him, The Rock.

[Previously I’d noted, ‘Could the Lord be allowing increased persecutions here for the purpose of putting the spine back into Christians and making us stand up strongly?’… And Parliament has since been, and continues to be, thoroughly shaken and ripped open – do it to the media and elsewhere, Lord…Did you know that mounted, body-armoured police in Manchester interrogated a street preacher just because he was inviting people to an Easter service? Next, a hate-crimes unit visited him at home!!!]

It wasn’t so much the unexpected and unbidden nature of the event that startled me. It was because I thought I heard the Lord say that He would rip the nation apart as easily as an old sack because of its rotten nature!!  That troubled me for I considered such to be contrary to his loving nature. 

But NT scriptures do speak of judgement and He gives many repeated warnings of such impending action (eg. as given this month through Lance Lambert).  Yet, we must plead His remembrance of mercy and of Jesus’ sacrifice, through which comes the fullness of true blessing.  All rather a profound mystery.  Also, let’s not forget that the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD (Isaiah 11.2) were aspects of the Holy Spirit prophesied for the descendant of King David’s father Jesse: Jesus Christ. 

NB > the vision was subsequently offered to several church leaders for weighing yet without any response! However, upon our attending a prophecy school the next year at Bath, I submitted it to Dr Stone who immediately agreed its validity.

2016 Confirmation: see Britain: Reformation Is Coming With Far Greater Glory

John 3 – Today

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends & Readers,

Awoke this morning to recall something Jesus said about the weather, and that this scripture is relevant to the global warming issue .

I see, however, that it also applies to this morning’s headlines: World In Crisis: Markets Dive, Mobs burn London (Debka), Rule of the mob – Markets dive as panic spreads (Telegraph, main & business parts).  Leaders and populace, believers and non-believers alike are deeply disturbed about these events.  Are they conse-quences of taking ourselves from underneath God’s hand of blessing, thereby opening ourselves to all sorts of woes/curses?

Back to the particular scripture.  Two secret disciples took Jesus’ tortured frame down from the cross to the tomb in a garden close by Golgotha.  As members of the council of Jewish leaders, the Sanhedrin, Joseph and Nicodemus had previously been obliged to be circumspect (John 20:38-42).

We know from John chapter 3 about Jesus’ provocative response to Nicodemus’ recognition that God had sent Him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”.

Bewildered, the seeker sought explanation, which Jesus gave and He went on to say (verse 8), “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

“How can these thing be?” asked the Pharisee ruler of the Jews.

“Are you not a teacher of Israel, and do not know these things?…If I have told you of earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?

Oh, the wealth of wisdom in all Jesus taught in chapter 3 of John’s special selection of Gospel accounts.  Today, world leaders, ‘experts’ and media are blindly thrashing around simply because they’ve chosen to ignore the One our Almighty Father sent.  Pretending to lead nations and opinion, they’ve turned atheistic, humanist ideologies into idolatrous doctrine.

The Living Lord warns in His Word of the divinely declared consequence of cursing the descendants of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, and of dividing the land which He promised them as an everlasting Covenant, as well as of their intention to divide the only city God has chosen as His own, over which all nations will badly injure themselves. 

Also, in recent years various watchers and prophetical folk have repeatedly brought His admonition and, for example from Bath, foreseen these destructive riots breaking out in our cities.  [In particular, see two words I’ve previously mentioned that were received 2010 & 2011, which are clearly not false prophecies, at

Also, I know of three authors who’ve monitored the calamities that happen as a result of meddling with Israel – there’s almost a scientific accuracy in this!]

And we’ve yet to get to September!  Plans are afoot for UN General Assembly to declare a state of Palestine with old, original Jerusalam its capital – is the Holy God of Israel going to allow a Meccan moon god to overthrow His Holy Word and usurp the place where He put His Name forever?  Get ready to pray and keep looking up to the Lord.  How utterly majestic is He.

Let’s pray that all leaders emulate Nicodemus, in not only recognising who Jesus truly is but also by becoming a teachable disciple.  On their behalf, Lord, we repent of wrongdoing and ask for Your forgiveness, grace and mercy.


Not many people know…

CONTINUATION of pre-blog email Touching Turkey:

Now all this prefaced John’s talk ‘Eyes to See and Ears to Hear’ (Matt 13) in which he spoke about the Church’s deliberate choice of being either blinkered or able to see and understand what the Lord is doing and moving us into.  He hinted that this may explain why so many believers find it hard to appreciate what happens during visitations of the Lord, for example in Argentina, at Toronto, Pensacola, Lakeland, Mobile etc.

Did you know that the Holy Spirit-led Argentinian revival and the ‘Toronto Blessing’ have borne fruit in the Islamic world?  This oft-ignored impact has come mainly through those revivals’ associated ministries of:

> Norwegian LH made many secret missions into Pakistan where hundreds of thousands, if not now over a million Muslims, have come to faith in Jesus.

> Rolland and Heidi Baker, founders of Iris Ministries in Mozambique, through whom Muslim provinces have converted to Christ in response to their uncompromising approach.  On her visits there, Heidi would challenge them to, “Bring out your demon-possessed, your blind, deaf and lame”, whence all get healed by and encounter Jesus’ love direct.

When I discussed with Rolland a vision of Holy Spirit’s fire sweeping up Eastern Africa and across the Sinai into the Middle East (here), he told me about a strategists’ report from the highest Islamic centre of Al Azhar University, Cairo.  A discussion heard on Arabic TV stated the report’s goals of achieving a global caliphate were well on the way to being achieved BUT with the exception of Africa because of this ministry’s mission, where mosques have become churches!

Praise you, and lots, lots more Lord!

Touching Turkey

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends,
“The Lord is really working in Turkey.  He’s on the verge of doing some-thing that’s quite big, we’re certain of it” – ”He’s giving us many signs of His Presence and we believe this is to prepare us for quickly gathering a huge harvest”.
Thus reported ‘K’ and his church-planter friend at a Pastors & Leaders Conference in Toronto.  I happened to be watching this on GodTV during the same week I last wrote about Turkey.  Also at that time, ‘G’ was pleased to inform me of 5 baptisms at the church he’s associated with out there.
So, Turkey has been catching my attention for a while in both a secular and spiritual way.  My own words cannot convey the fantastic news shared on that TV conference, but here’s a hint:
First, church-planter gave a brief account of how the last couple of his 18 years missionary work in this large un-evangelised nation have radically changed following an ‘open heavens’ visitation at his church in 2008 accompanied with visions, healings, salvation and deliverance!  Praise You Lord!
He explained that Muslims regard God as very distant and unapproachable, so the evangelists simply pray for each to be introduced to Him through Jesus.  Consequently, over 90% get affected one way or another, often gaining great peace and having a personal encounter from Jesus.
His associate then gave a few examples of a many wonderful encounters, here’s two:
> one attendee, an atheist, did not respond but went away with some literature.  Whilst was mulling over matters he was alarmed to see a boy dashing out into heavy traffic. He then called out for help to the One he’d heard about – next he saw a large glowing hand appear and snatch the boy to safety!!  Wow!  It left the unsaved man profoundly moved for, after weeping all night, he came into the Kingdom the next day.
> after prayer, another man lay under the Spirit’s power and made gestures with his hand as though drinking.  He reported that he saw Jesus come to him speaking in the three languages he knows, told him to read the Bible and gave him a chalice to drink from.
The account of how the missionary’s work exploded is rather telling.  After it happened the denomination covering his mission investigated and told him to desist from working with the Holy Spirit!  Huh?  Even if the reason may have been out of due regard to the authorities and difficulties encountered in establishing a local church, there was no question of his obeying man over God.  Thus booted out of church fellowship without any funding he started a new church entirely from scratch, with many more Muslims coming into the Kingdom.
That missionary had been asked on stage by the session’s speaker John Arnott, founding pastor of Catch The Fire, Toronto.  Last year, John had responded to the invitation to visit Turkey where, he said, “My eyes were opened”.  He saw first–hand what the Lord is doing as well as hearing direct about the tremendous harvest in Iran.  Therefore, John briefed conference delegates upon what Joel Rosenberg has reported in his book Inside The Revolution, which I’ve read and want to update you about later.
>  continued in Not Many People Know