Christian leader says voter fraud crisis no longer about Trump but everything to do with TREASON


You do not support Trump? At this point, that does not matter. Voter Fraud is so lethal to freedom that every Christian should be vehemently demanding that immediate action be taken to expose it and root it out. Voter fraud is terminal cancer to freedom. If we do not stop and confront this evil and […]

continue reading > THIS VOTER FRAUD CRISIS IS NO LONGER ABOUT DONALD TRUMP — Mario Murillo Ministries

US Election’s NOT over: 36 – Christmas-week summary

For the ongoing record during this holiday week, we return to the source of the first of this series of updates, and from where I keep in touch with the US political scene. Not only does William Koenig write from a Christian, Biblical stance, but also he’d attended a seminar on electronic and mail-in paper manipulation of elections only three months earlier.

Amongst others he met was former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, who now acts in a personal capacity to support Donald Trump on specific aspects of election fraud. This briefing of last weekend reports direct opposition to her work by Trump’s senior staff!!

KOENIG’s EYE VIEW FROM THE WHITE HOUSEDecember 26 [NB: extracts only]

The United States at a Crossroads; Next Two Weeks Determine Country’s Future

If the state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada and the state and federal courts and Republican members of Congress don’t stand up to the election fraud, they will be responsible for allowing the Biden-Harris debacle. The long-term consequences (of a) Biden administration filled with former Obama officials would be disastrous.

Voter fraud is obvious in each of the so-called swing states, but it is not just those states. How can they not see it? How can they not do anything?

Where is the courage? Are they going to allow “well-financed” street thugs to intimidate them from doing the right thing?

Are the Republican leaders going to allow the media to get away with their lies and deception? Or allow the Facebook, Twitter and Google/You Tube leadership to continue to suppress votes as did in the 2020 presidential outcome. Continue reading

To Christians AND cynics who think the US election was NOT rigged, here’s startling statistical facts!

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube truly believe you are stupid. Their fact checkers need to be fact checked. They take down posts without warning. They love to say they are neutral, but they are so biased that they are not fooling anyone but themselves. When someone writes a blog like the one you are reading now, […]


‘God-incidental’ reminder of prophecy of Trump and shaking Ukraine with news headline (F/P #25.8)

Before retiring last night I was nudged to check Veronika West’s Facebook (I don’t get any ‘feed’) and noticed she’d just reported being prompted too, as stated below (I’m writing at 2:15 pm GMT, so hers appeared approx 10pm, 28th December):

Click the screenshot to continue reading her entry published on 8 October 2109 at His Kingdom Prophecy (or here to read in fresh screen). That prophecy didn’t appear on Richard’s Watch because of other items and I’d strongly encourage you to read it in full in view of subsequent news about the Biden family scandal and Ukraine I posted three weeks ago, as in that link.

Now it so happens that three or more hours later, 1:00 am UK and 8pm Eastern USA, the following ‘God-incidental’ headline appears in Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit. (click image to read and bear with adverts):

Perhaps this prophetic word indicates Lord’s way forward for President Trump through the outrageous scandal of criminal fraud in America’s 2020 presidential election?

Christmas 2020 sees fulfillment of over two dozen prophecies on Brexit

Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration

An unprecedented Christmas when not only do we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday as fulfilling many Old Testament prophecies, but also the ‘deal’ upon which Britain leaves the EU, as agreed on Christmas Eve between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission – as prophesied in two dozen or more visions and words compiled/noted in this blog’s hub Prophecies – on Brexit.

[As these were in the process of coming to pass they have been included in examples of prophecies being fulfilled, currently 231 instances. See also Brexit vs EU hub]

The earliest known to me was through a friend in 2001 and then Wendy Alec’s Vision of Great Britain in 2005. Seven years later I heard Dr Sharon Stone bring an unusual one on the Significance of Hurricane Sandy, which had unexpectedly turned and devastated New York area in 2012, and part of which reports the Lord saying:,

“Parts of these winds that are blowing, part of these winds that are bringing a re-arranging, are blowing away what has confused nations of their identity.

[Dr Sharon:] “We’re not the only nation that has been in an identity crisis. I believe that many of our nations have had skewed identity and the Lord is saying this; He says,

“I will bring you out of what you have designed by your own thinking and by your own hands – listen to that! – that I may redesign it by My thoughts and My plans.”

An astonishing, unwitting endorsement of this came in January 2017 when President-elect Donald Trump spoke to Britain’s Michael Gove, as blogged herein.

For more, see also last year’s Reflection Upon Brexit and Several Prophecies by Chris Moyler, especially some from Veronika West.

Prophecies of Jesus Christ’s birth

Prophetic Truths p1

Prophetic Truths p2

Thank you to Acorn Christian Healing Foundation for this compilation, which is offered for everyone’s edification (copyright unknown). May the Lord bless you with personal revelation of His Living Word.

Sidney Powell has RINOs and Deep State on edge! WHY are they afraid of this woman?

Thank you Tim Shey for the heads-up on this last night. (RINO = Republican in name only)

Members of past administrations, both the Obama and the Bush are going nuts over President Trump’s pick of appointing Attorney, Sidney Powell as White House Council. They have all seemed to pop up chattering of anything they can throw at her and at the White House. Nothing seems to be sticking, but what IS HAPPENING […]


May all my readers have a most blessed and joyous Christmas

Christmas card

Then the angel said to the shepherds keeping watch over their flocks at night,

“Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the City of David a Saviour, who is Christ he Lord…”  (Luke 2:8-14)+  +  +

Readers, have a ‘Mega-merry’ Christmas, as may be inferred from the OT Hebrew word ashar (Strong’s #833, as in Proverbs 31:28 on the virtuous wife), meaning

‘happy, blessed, prosperous, successful, from original root ‘be straight, upright’.’

Better still is New Testament Greek’s makarios (Strong’s #3107), which means

‘from root mak, indicating large, or of long durationhappy, supremely blessed, a condition in which congratulations are in order. It is a grace word that expresses the special joys and satisfaction granted the person who experiences salvation.’

This ‘Blessed’ is used in The Beatitudes, or the Sermon on the Mount, as recorded in Matthew 5. (Details New Spirit-Filled Life Bible, Executive editor. Dr Jack Hayford.)

May it be an especially blessed night of spiritual silence and insight for everyone.

Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht is one of my old favourites. First sung in 1818 in Oberndorf bie Salzburg chapel, my father had heard it during his stay in Stalag IIIA, near Dresden. (Seen en-route as a captive transported from the Battle for Crete, 1941, Austria looked very attractive. He wanted to return and so we took several holidays west of Salzburg.)

The above Graz choir’s version premiered today is ‘dedicated to all those who are not able to spend Christmas with their loved ones‘.  This version by ‘Celtic Woman’ is also sublime…

Read/watch this song’s story in “Silent Night! Holy Night!” A Song for the World.

‘God-incidental’ confirmation of Christmas ‘new gift’ prophecy


He is, after all, the Supreme Time Lord, as attested in The Epistle to the Hebrews.:

Chapter 1 – God’s Supreme Revelation

1. God, who [a]at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, 2 has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the [b]worlds; 3 who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had [c]by Himself [d]purged [e]our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, 4 having become so much better than the angels, as He has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.

Chapter 11 – By Faith We Understand

11. Now faith is the [a]substance of things hoped for, the [b]evidence of things not seen. 2 For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. 3 By faith we understand that the [c]worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

(Notes [b] 1:2 [c] 11:3 : Or ages, Grk aiones, aeons (ie. time) –

In going public after writing private emails on End-times I wanted to name this blog ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ – but was unable to find a suitable graphic! My long-time readers may recall many blogs on prophecies popping up like pieces of the Lord’s Invisible Jigsaw.

You’ll recall what it’s like having a jigsaw piece in each hand and fitting them together when doing a jigsaw, then spotting another piece looking like it could join them – you try it and the three knit huddled in a ‘nest’ on their own – then you see how they can connect into the whole picture!

Well, I had two pieces of part of God’s invisible jigsaw but it took me a week to connect them because of unforeseen delays – but Papa was watching over my shoulder 🙂

Piece 1 was given me a last Monday week as a video of pastor Kent Christmas and I asked Carolyn Stewart if she could provide me with a transcript – piece 2. She said she may be able to action that evening but wasn’t able to send it until Thursday evening – 1st delay. It was too late for me publish as I’d ‘shut the shop’ for that week.

However, I hoped to publish it whilst Nina was having coffee-zoom with her choir chums on Saturday morning. However, The Navarro Report ‘Immaculate Deception’ appeared and took top priority – 2nd delay. Therefore, I scheduled the transcript for my return to week-time working on Monday; but it was such a hectic day of catching up – 3rd delay. So, after three delays it didn’t appear until yesterday at 4:40 pm.

Publishing the original video with its transcript acts like two pieces of a jigsaw. BUT little did I know another piece of the same jigsaw was putting in an appearance at about the same time, as may be seen here in my WordPress Reader listing…

Within an hour of my posting that transcript of pastor Christmas’ new gift message, Tim Shey reacts from far over ‘the Pond’ by commenting upon it as follows:

“Praise the Lord! Very powerful word. This really bears witness with my spirit.

“Richard: You like to use the term “God-incidence”. This is a God-incidence for me to read this prophetic word. Pastor Christmas spoke about the Angel Michael. Just last night I read this testimony of a U.S. Marine that was protected in the Korean War by the Archangel Michael. So I was definitely meant to read this post this morning. Perfect timing; God’s timing.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

Tim closes with this link to A Marine’s Encounter with Michael the Archangel. I highly recommend reading this amazing account of our protector’s life-saving power.

Therefore, I cannot but conclude that we have received a confirmation of the prophetic word pastor Kent Christmas brought on Sunday 13th December.

[Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy]

The ‘steamroller’ President with hot blood — Wanda Alger

My number 22 yet again! WOWEE – or shouldn’t I say: “WOOO-Wooooee….”

I was awoken at 2:22 this morning, feeling an unusual amount of heat in my feet and legs. As I was trying to figure out the cause, I saw in my spirit the Trump Train that was being held at a station and building up steam. I could tell that its boilers were getting hot…


US Election’s NOT over: 35 – Trump urges Americans to “Stop the theft of the presidential election”

The Epoch Times’ Mimi Nguyenly continues

“Americans must be able to have complete faith in the confidence of their elections. The fate of our democracy depends upon it,” he said in a video statement. “Now is the time for the American people to raise their voices and demand that this injustice be immediately corrected. Our elections must be fair, they must be honest, they must be transparent, and they must be 100 percent free of fraud.

“We won this election by a magnificent landslide, and the people of the United States know it. All over, they’re demonstrating, they’re angry, they’re fearful. We cannot allow a completely fraudulent election to stand.”

‘Trump said that one of his most solemn duties as president is to protect the integrity of Americans’ “sacred right to vote.”

‘He accused Democratic officials in key swing states of having used the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes the disease COVID-19, as a pretext to allegedly illegally violate state laws to “to enable, encourage, and facilitate fraud” on an unprecedented scale in the country.

‘Trump has previously alleged that there was widespread voting irregularity and fraud across the nation, however this is the first time he has made a lengthy address about the election urging Americans to be vocal about the situation…’ (continue reading).

Dominion CEO swears under oath and seizure warrant issued by US District Court for Eastern Michigan – TICK TOCK?

The data seized by Europol and the United States FBI with its seizure warrant issued pursuant to 18 USC 1030 issued by THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the EASTERN DISTRICT OF MICHIGAN will be analyzed. The site states, “The analysis of the seized data and the international investigations regarding the operators and users of […]


BOOM! Cybercriminals’ virtual private network taken down in global action! — The Marshall Report

Europol and law enforcement wiretapped the virtual private network service used by the world’s most notorious cyber criminals to evade interception and took them down on 12-21-2020! This was done in a coordinated law enforcement action led by the German Reutlingen Police Headquarters together with Europol and law enforcement agencies from around the world.  The […]


A new, unforgettable Christmas gift to the nations – prophetic word through Kent Christmas

Thank you to Chris G Bennett for alerting me to this awesome messgae, and to Carolyn Stewart for kindly transcribing this Word brought by Pastor Kent Christmas on 13th December 2020. Please note, purely for ease of reading I’ve replaced most of Kent’s “saith God/the Lord” with periods:

“Today is a little bit different. I know it is Christmas time, but yesterday morning God began to speak to me prophetically, and I feel compelled to release this word today.  I think it will be an encouragement to you.  For some reason God waits to the end of the year generally to begin to speak to me the word of the Lord, and I know that a lot of us are wondering what God’s going to do in our nation.  So I think today, God will give you some answers as I release what the Lord has to say.

“Let us bow our heads: “Holy Spirit, I’m so thankful Lord for who you are.  Now Holy Ghost I stand as a servant of the Lord today.  May you speak, God, to the nations, to the church today, which you want to convey into their spirits.  We thank you, Lord, for the gift of prophecy.  We thank you, God, that you have got forgotten us today.  God, This is a season that we are truly going to celebrate hallelujah in Jesus’ name.”

“The Lord says, “What I am doing now, what you are seeing is not resurrection of something old.”  But God said: “I am birthing something new in the earth that you have not seen.  In My mercy…I have been silent, because I have been giving evil men time to repent.  But just now as evil has declared war on Me and on the Church, so do I declare war on you…I am sending My word forth into the earth and it will not return unto Me unfulfilled, but all that I have declared over the decades saith the Lord is going to come to pass in this hour, and it will come quickly.  For you are in the third day,..and in this day is a day of resurrection of the glory and of the power of the Holy Ghost.  My servants, who are My prophets that have spoken my words to the nations have not prophesied in their own name, they have not spoken fables, but they have declared what “thus saith the Lord” in My name. Know this,” says the Lord of Hosts, “I will not ‑‑ I will not,” says God, “let evil men and so‑called believers who are full of unbelief make Me a liar, for I am not a man that I should repent…for I am still God and when I send forth My Word it goes forth as a sword,..and it is going to pierce the very strongholds of the power of darkness.  Just as I came to the earth the first time as God in flesh, so am I now coming to you and to this nation and across the earth in this Christmas season to give you a gift that you will never forget.

“What you have been watching in the media is the spirit of that woman Jezebel trying to replace the woman called the Church in the earth.  But the voice of the Church in this hour are My prophets…and they will not be silenced, and the Word of the Lord that I have released in this hour: though it looks impossible…it will come to pass.  For all that I have declared to you…will not come by the power of men, it will not come through politics or law or even Supreme Courts…but it will come forth by the power of the Holy Ghost in this hour.  Just as Jezebel in the days of Elijah drove the prophets into caves, so she in 2020 drove My Church into hiding.  But just as I was only in the cave for three days…so is My Church coming out of the cave and coming out of hiding.  For the voice of righteousness will not be silenced, says the Lord, and you will not muzzle Me…I will not sit down as a small child in a corner and yield to a power that is not as great as I, for I am still God,” saith the Lord.

“In the year 2021 of January, the angel Michael is sounding the ram’s horn as a call to war against false religion and counterfeit churches in the earth.  Every pastor in church that has crawled into bed with this spirit…I am now going to uncover and I am going to judge…For there are many buildings that are built that have the word “church” on them and a cross,..but they do not honour My name.  They are not about My presence and they do not care for the poor and those who have been laden with sin.  But in this day I am raising up a Church that is glorious, without spot, wrinkle or blemish. Just as the Devil has tried to put despair and intimidation on My people I now release from My Throne-room…a holy garment of bonus on them,” says the Lord.

“For there is a spirit of power and authority that is going to rise on you, and I put the spirit of fear and intimidation on those that have tried to shut up the house of the Lord.  And as I am watched, hallelujah,..the houses of the enemy become silent.  There is now a sound of the Lion of Judah that is getting ready to come up out of the house of the Lord.  You will no longer be known as a house that is heavy and in despair, but there is joy,..for even as I came to the earth the first time and the angels shouted there is joy in the earth, so am I coming to you in this Christmas season,” saith the Lord. “I have not forgotten what I have promised you, and though it looks impossible, and though the media says it will not happen, and though they have already crowned one man a king, I say to you, he is a false king, for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is yet to be raised up, for the Throne-room of the Lord will not be occupied by an imposter, but it will be set upon by the glorious God of all eternity.

“Know this,” saith God, “Have I not always told you that though I tarry long when you pray, that when I do come I will show up quickly?  What I am getting ready to do in the next few weeks…will be a quick work.  It will not be done in part, it will not leave a back door for an enemy to come through.  But this time,..I am going to finish what I started, and for four years the Glory of the Lord shall descend upon the earth in a way that you have never seen it,…for I have waited to show Myself in this time of destiny, because I wanted the enemy to show himself first.  Now that he is uncovered, you are going to see the anointing of Elijah being released in the earth,..and harvest will begin.

“Just as I had to wait until Goliath’s sword could be put in the hand of David before the enemy was destroyed; just as I waited for Jordan to flood before Israel could cross over; just as I waited for Mordecai to be promoted until Haman’s gallows were built, know this: the enemy has built a gallows to hang the Church, but I am getting ready to reverse,” saith God,

“What has been declared in this nation and I am going to take the weapon that the enemy formed against the house of the Lord, and I am going to cause the enemy to be destroyed by the very weapon that he forged in the fires of hell to destroy the people of God.  In the next four years I am giving the nations to the Church as their inheritance.  Not just a few, not just a bit, not just those that are not under the Iron Curtain.  I am invading the Muslim nations.  I am invading the Communist nations.  I am tearing down the iron curtains,..I am also taking the wealth of the wicked and I am transferring it to the saints of the most high. I did not cause you to be poor.  I take pleasure in the prosperity of My servant – land, titles, deeds, money, businesses, wealth and inventions – are now being released out of the heavens onto the saints of the most high, for what I am going to do will not be a cheap move, but it will be the riches of glory being displayed on the earth for what I am going to do accomplish,” says God.

“What I am now going to do will be like an explosion of My Power and My Glory in the earth.  I am going to cripple China for what they have done to the nations, because they have tried to remove Me from the earth, I am also going to deal with their leaders, and there is going to be a release of the presence of God and revival in the nation of China.  Just as hell released a global epidemic in the earth to advance the purpose of Satan, I am now releasing in every nation My Presence and My Glory to bring forth the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  As you have seen wave of a death in the earth, now shall you see life and divine healing released in the earth, and the shout that is coming out of the people of God is going to tear down the ancient strongholds that have ruled the nations.  So get the ready,” says God, “not months from now but you are on the precipice…of the greatest outpouring of the Glory of God, and today I lift off you,..the spirit of heaviness, and I release upon you the garment of praise.  Shout unto the Lord, for this is the hour in which My mercy has been released upon My people,” saith God. ” Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!”

AMEN, let it be so please dear Lord..

PS: A reader’s comment of last Saturday is noteworthy:

“In the Sky News this morning they mentioned that the conjunction of two planets creating the ‘Christmas Star’ due to be seen on December 21st, was last seen in 1620. Wondering why this date rang a bell I googled it to find it was the year the Mayflower first set out. Perhaps, in the words of the slogan ‘Wise men sought Jesus, and wise men still do’, it is time for America to ‘set out’ again, on a fresh journey, seeking Jesus?”

US Election’s NOT over: 34 – Electoral College vote count to be challenged in Congress

Ivan Pentchoukov & Zachary Steiber present a most informative article, updated today, in All Eyes on Congress as Lawmakers Vow to Oppose Electoral Votes, the first paragraphs of which read:

‘President Donald Trump’s multilayered effort to challenge the results of the election is expected to culminate on Jan. 6, 2021, when the Electoral College vote count will almost surely be challenged by a group of Republican lawmakers who vow to block electors from seven states where allegations of voter fraud and misconduct have been raised.

‘The Republican presidential electors in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico cast procedural votes for Trump on Dec. 14, creating dual slates of electors in Congress for the first time since 1960. This year, only the Democratic electors’ votes in the seven states come affirmed with certificates of ascertainment signed by state authorities and are on display on the website of the National Archives.

‘The president and several third parties are pursuing legal challenges in six of the seven states, including several cases pending in the U.S. Supreme Court. The lawsuits allege that millions of votes—enough to alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential race—were illegally cast, processed, or counted. Actions by the courts in any of the cases over the next two weeks would impact how the electors from the disputed states are counted during the joint session of Congress….

‘Rule as they may, the courts can’t dictate how each member of Congress should vote. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), the first congressman to say he will lodge a challenge when the votes are counted, told The Epoch Times that it’s up to individual citizens to demand that their representatives take a stand and support the challenges…’ (click to continue).

This article outlines the expected process of following US constitutional procedures, and is thereby a helpful guide for non-Americans to their peculiar way of electing leaders. If you wish to read in full, I trust you will bear with the hurdles presented by The Epoch Times to encourage your subscription. (They’re unable to accept UK post-codes.)

US Election’s NOT over: 33 – Franklin Graham, “Trump has a track record of being right”

Three years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Franklin Graham at a dinner held on behalf of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and his famous international charity, Samaritan’s Purse.

Ten years ago, in an email of 2010 to friends I mentioned a couple of instances where he’d fallen foul of Obama’s policies in his first presidential term, including the Pentagon withdrawing their invitation to Franklin to attend a prayer breakfast. And Muslim activists wanted him banned from attending America’s National Prayer Day!!!

The previous two ‘reprise’ posts cover Franklin’s strong warning about the dangers of the ‘deep-state swamp’ as well as his talking about President Trump as a man of prayer.

In digging out data for writing about Trump’s Heart for God’s Kingdom I blogged this:

‘Inauguration 20 Jan 2017Unprecedented Prayer On Display

‘Prayer played a major role in the inauguration of Donald Trump. The ceremony featured six religious leaders, more than any other inauguration in history. The list included Paula White, one of his spiritual advisors, Rev. Franklin Graham, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Rabbi Marvin Hier, and Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.

‘Read Trump’s Inaugural Speech, Mentions of Faith Compared to Past Presidents

Now, however, he’s been taken task for apparently accepting the election result and praying for Biden. But look carefully at his Facebook commentaries on this, noting his explanations and especially the latest (emphases mine):

1st [4 days ago] ‘As we approach a transition in the leadership of our government in Washington, it is critically important for followers of Jesus Christ to pray for those who will be making decisions that impact the future of our nation. Just because we might not have voted for someone doesn’t mean that we get a pass to not pray for them. The Bible instructs us to pray for all of our leaders—“all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior” (1 Timothy 2:2-3). We must not give up or waver.

‘Pray for President-elect Joe Biden, that he would not be swayed by the voices of self-interest, but that he would listen to the still small voice of Almighty God. I met then-Senator Joe Biden many years ago through Senator Jesse Helms when I went to meet with him in the capital. Senator Helms paid him a compliment and said Senator Biden was a Democrat that Republicans could work with. I pray that this will hold true for the future. Pray for President-elect Biden every day—that God would direct His decision.’

2nd [4 days ago] ‘Many of you have commented with concerns about my Facebook post yesterday urging Christians to pray for Joe Biden. Some thought this meant I am not supporting President Trump or have given up. That’s just not correct. President Donald J. Trump is still our president, and he still has my full support and prayers. After the electoral college voted, with that development I simply felt that it was important to remind everyone that Joe Biden needs to be high on our prayer list.’

3rd [3 days ago] ‘As Joe Biden announces his cabinet choices, we are seeing a big difference from President Donald J. Trump’s appointments. President Trump searched for the best of the best to run the various levels of government. Being a businessman, he brought in people who were the top in their field to use their expertise to benefit the nation; and if they didn’t measure up, he showed them the door. With Joe Biden, competence doesn’t seem to be as important as diversity. Diversity is certainly important, but competence matters even more. We don’t need people running areas of government who don’t have a clue. Thank God that President Trump brought the sharpest minds to the table to solve problems, and in some cases, even people who disagreed with him. Continue to pray for our nation.’

NOW the FULL follow-on:

4th [ 2days ago] In 2016 Donald J. Trump told the American people that the government was spying on him. The media said that he was paranoid. The Obama administration and the Democrats said that this was an absolute lie and that Donald Trump was not fit to be president, only for us to find out later that the U.S. government did spy on Donald Trump and what he had said was in fact true.
‘Then we spent the next two years with the President under investigation for collusion with the Russians. The President said there was no collusion, but night after night, the media and the Democrats said there was collusion. After an investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it turned out to be false—there was no collusion. President Trump was right again.
‘Then the Democrats impeached him over a phone call. The President has been maligned, falsely accused, and attacked on every front since before the election in 2016. When President Trump says that this election has been rigged or stolen, I tend to believe him. He has a track record of being right.
‘Pray for President Trump, pray for Joe Biden, and pray for our nation—that we will get through this, and for God’s will be done.’


To my mind, the facts in Franklin’s final comments must surely be grounds for bringing charges of treason against those plotting to remove a sitting head of state!

Reprise 2 of 2 re. Franklin Graham: Not many people know – more true news about Trump

NOTE. A couple of blogs wherein I quoted Revd Franklin Graham are republished  as background for considering his opinion on the US presidential election…

Here’s three items spotted over weekend (4-5 May 2019) and popped onto my personal Fb profile, click Links below photos for source. Be sure to read last one’s reference to President Trump starting all cabinet meetings with prayer!:

Source: Meme

Source: CBN News

Source: Fox News

Reprise 1 of 2 re. Franklin Graham: F/P #26 – Exposed: ‘coup’ threats against Brexit and against Trump.

NOTE. A couple of blogs wherein I quoted Revd Franklin Graham are republished  as background for considering his opinion on the US presidential election…

UTTERLY fantastic ‘coincidence’ with what I’ve prepared for publishing today (8 Feb 2018), as though more pieces of God’s ‘Invisible Jigsaw’!  One warning of a possible coup d’etat, another of international meddling, both exposing corrupt and apparently centrally directed, anti-democratic chicanery on opposite sides of ‘The Pond’.

Daily Telegraph’s investigative journalists are to be warmly congratulated (click to read)

The strap-line and opening paragraph of this exclusive investigation read:

‘Billionaire financier Soros hosts campaign dinner to undermine May and keep Britain in the EU – George Soros, the billionaire known as the man who “broke the Bank of England”, is backing a campaign to overturn Brexit, the Telegraph can disclose.


This isn’t entirely new because in Why Leave the EU? Jonathan Ely posted rumours of Soros’ interference in our democratic decision to leave the ‘Tower of Babel/Brussels’. Also, December’s issue of Christian Voice published an in-depth report on Soros’ pan-EU anti-Brexit web by Stephen Green (see Farage Exposes Soros Plotters). AND his dealings were exposed in June 2016 ( Is Brexit an ‘Act of God’? Yes, but it challenges Churches!).


A fortnight ago today I blogged about corruption worse than the Watergate scandal surfacing, as another example of fulfillment of my prophetical musing about the exposure of rotten politics and corruption in the UK, USA – and EU? (Months later examples erupted here and here, then a year later here; others brought prophecies on it, as blogged here and here in November 2016 and here a year later.)

Thank you Jennie C and Lynne H for informing me of news emerging the day before my blog of Franklin Graham’s warning about the ‘Deep State Threat’ – even a ‘coup d’etat’ – against President Trump. Continue reading

Trumpwatch 42: when the dam bursts — JRB Publications

Another Brit is on-the-ball as regards events across the Pond, and here John Barber adds a very suitable scripture for meditation upon the situation…
Let’s be honest – forty-seven days ago I woke with a heavy heart thinking that Trump had lost the US Presidential election. Shortly after, I realised there had been industrial scale, criminality by then undisclosed high-level people to steal the election. It is why I could blog soon after about the fat lady singing, and […]   Trumpwatch 42 – when the dam bursts — JRB Publications

Monday newsmix: US election update 32 – prophecy fulfilled #10.24


My readers will be aware that two out of three prophecies on the USA I’ve covered are coming to pass. The third is increasingly likely to manifest too. We looked at this year’s Presidential Election as yet another fulfillment of the Lord exposing the corruption within politics and, as prophesied, its results being referred to SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States).

Therefore, not only by the Spirit but also within statistical rationale, we can expect the fulfillment of many prophetic words, dreams and visions of Donald Trump continuing as POTUS (President of the United States).


Midnight Friday brought William Koenig’s weekly 12-page report, in which he begins:
Inside the White House

Luke 12:2–3 KJV: For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.
Election 2020 update

‘President Trump won decisively. There will be much more detail coming soon. It is sad that the courts in the swing states won’t take the cases or have hearings that would allow proof to be presented. The hearings in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin were sponsored by the legislatures in area hotels.

‘It is apparent that the Supreme Court, the state courts and the legislatures are more fearful of the violence than standing for the truth.

‘Senator Johnson’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee post-election hearing Wednesday was a good start. He asked to continue providing information. To watch the hearing, click here: C-Span

‘Proof of fraud is still the path to victory. I have been told we could hear something significant in 72 hours or sooner. They have forensic studies of the Dominion machines and other companies involved in the vote process, state fraud and much more….’
Trump strategy

‘I have thought a few times how I would react if I lost an election that was corrupt and fraudulent— especially with so much riding on the outcome. I would absolutely fight, which President Trump is certainly committed to doing. The consequences of the outcome are enormous.

‘The Trump team has had three areas of focus…

‘The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities’ – The Navarro Report (This is Peter Navarro’s comprehensive study of the election. He briefed 500 members of the media yesterday and the biased mainstream media didn’t write about or televise the powerful work. Fox News Martha McCallum had a good interview with him last night. Peter will be on Jessie Waters’ Fox program tomorrow night. Peter said it was an excellent pre-taped interview.)’

I’d already worked my way through most of that study after Jonathan S-B’s notification late Thursday. Hence, my unscheduled blog Saturday morning.

I underscore Bill’s 72 hour estimate to note it closes this evening. Last night came news of the Trump Campaign Taking Constitutional Fight to the Supreme Court. Natalie Winters at The National Pulse writes, ‘

‘The Trump campaign filed a (267-pages) petition for writ of certiorari (explanation here) to the US. Supreme Court aimed at reversing a trio of Pennsylvania Supreme Court cases that “illegally changed Pennsylvania’s mail balloting law immediately before and after the 2020 presidential election. The filing alleges the action was “in violation of Article II of the United States Constitution and Bush v. Gore,” and “represents the Campaign’s first independent U.S. Supreme Court filing and seeks relief based on the same Constitutional arguments successfully raised in Bush v. Gore,” according to the campaign’s press release.

‘The Trump campaign continues its explanation of the petition, noting it “seeks all appropriate remedies, including vacating the appointment of electors committed to Joseph Biden and allowing the Pennsylvania General Assembly to select their replacements”

MORE: The Epoch Times (click to read: bear with adverts!) In chronological order:

  • Recount Confirms Trump Won Michigan County That Reported Biden Win on Election Night
  • Georgia Poll Workers Who Raised Election Concerns Get Terminated
  • Redacted Information in Dominion Audit Report Shows Races Were Flipped: Analyst
  • Joe Biden Appears to Outperform in Counties Using Dominion or HART Voting Machines: Data Analyst
  • Dominion Whistle-blower Accuses CEO of Lying During Michigan Hearing
  • Trump Praises Navarro Report on Alleged Election Irregularities
  • Former Wisconsin Judge: ‘Our Court System…Deeply Intimidated by the Left’
  • YouTube Removes Trump Lawyer’s Opening Statement From Senate Committee Hearing
  • Flynn: Foreign Intelligence Agencies Were Monitoring US Election, Willing to Provide Information to Trump
  • Flynn: Foreign Intelligence Agencies Were Monitoring US Election, Willing to Provide Information to Trump
  • Beijing ‘Substantially Involved’ with 2020 US Election: China Analyst
  • LATEST >Trump: ‘We’re getting closer and closer’ to Successful Challenge to Election Results

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