UK/EU in/out #6: “Open blind eyes” prayer

It’s intriguing that the day after a thought got dropped into mind about the Lord exposing politics within the UK and the EU (as herein), ProphecyTodayUK reviewed some recent prophecies and reasoned arguments on Britain’s relationship with the EU.

In last Thursday’s first post I conclude,

“Wouldn’t now be a good time for all the rotten dirty laundry of crumbling EU finances to be exposed in full glare of continent-wide publicity? Maybe it would make messrs Cameron & Osborne do a volte-face, an abrupt U-turn, over the EU!”

Propehcy TodayUKThe closing item in Friday’s ‘Testing Prophecies Together’ by ProphecyTodayUK expands upon what I was trying to convey. Therefore, and with their editor’s kind permission, I draw that item to my reader’s attention for weighing with the Lord.:

‘…an exhortation for prayer from prayer partner Sandy Harvey, sent via the following e-mail to the office:

‘When I was praying for the upcoming referendum this weekend I believe that God gave me a clear word to help us pray for it in an ongoing, continual way.

‘I was interceding at the time but I am aware of the enormity of the decision and the importance of fervent prayer at every possible moment in the coming days.

‘The Word He gave was, “open blind eyes”.

‘I believe God gave this as a simple strategy to be able to continually pray throughout the day wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Whilst driving, shopping or doing any every day activity if we pray those words, ‘Lord, open blind eyes’, we are opening a door for Him to work in somebody.

‘People we see in the street, the man at the petrol pump, the supermarket checkout operator, “Lord open her/his blind eyes”.

‘Firing prayer darts whenever the vote comes to mind.

‘This was weighed and accepted by my prayer partner. I have also just heard that the intercessors in Israel praying for the UK about the referendum have also been using the same words, “Open blind eyes”. (I understand that they are also praying and ‘unblock ears’.)

‘Lay all this before the Lord, with Bibles open, and alongside other prophecies, and in a prayerful attitude seek the Lord’s wisdom for the future of our nation and our vote on 23 June.’


The thorough bias against the state of Israel is undoubtedly an important aspect of our Lord’s perspective upon the poisonous political spirit at the heart of the continent dear to my heart.  Middle-Eastern affairs analyst Daniel Pipes has just published a pointed paper that demonstrates this issue, which will have a grave effect upon the EU’s future. That is, it is under the Genesis 12:3 curse of failing to bless the Jewish people in their homeland.

In Left vs Israel, Daniel considers a little-known and seriously warped WHO report that was voted upon by members of the UNO. All European countries – INCLUDING UK – were against Israel. Pipes writes,

‘The unlikely (voting) pattern suggests that monolithic Muslim hostility is cracking while Europeans, who are overwhelmingly on the Left…increasingly despise Israel. Worse, even those who do not share this attitude go along with it, even in an obscure WHO vote.’

SO, we do need to be well aware of serious spiritual issues over being asociated with the European Union.

Paws-4-thought: removal of rubbish and the Lord’s glory

Paws4thort5The surprising find of an old, unread email appears related to today’s plans, the execution of which met with awkward, technical opposition. Before taking the walk mentioned in the previous post I’d emailed single copies of an intercessory email but left the bulk for circulation as an early task this morning.

Now let’s consider that unread email.:

Upon return and preparing for the distribution of the prayer to a several dozen I first dipped into the links in the email and replied to its sender,

‘…Have only now checked the links and particularly note Andy’s closing remarks on what the Lord showed him re St Paul’s (Cathedral) and a barge taking rubbish out to sea: “It’s time to clean My house”.
‘The Lord’s timing is always fascinating, so maybe that reflects my thoughts on the Lord starting to expose political wrong-doings, as mentioned in my email on praying for the Camerons….’


That link opens with a reference reflecting something similar that I saw over the weekend on a course on Living in the Anointing.  During fervent worship in the chapel I perceived a large pool of water overflow, as though from a well with a low wall. Soon I understood it may refresh the neighbourhood as the land is slightly higher than and thus may feed into the nearby wide but shallow valley. Later, I learned a visiting preacher’s remarks last week led to a search for dried-up, disused spring of water that served the large premises.

Looking now at the hardcopy of the linked article I notice the website’s appropriate title: Living Stones in Streams of Living Water aka. deepuntodeep-joy.blogspot, and the post refers to a song on the glory of the Lord by Godfrey Birtill: ‘Are You Ready?’.

It then provides a recent marvellous prophetic word that may be akin to the vision Smith-Wigglesworth and his prayer partner Norman James had, albeit 50 years later, of Britain. The writer then tells what he sensed from the Spirit whilst walking around central London and the Thames. I’m grateful, therefore, to Beverley (Joy) Hall for circulating this news.

Read this splendid account in full via the following title:

Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU??

A quick thought dropped into mind whilst out for a short walk this morning. I wanted to blog it upon return 5 hours ago but first needed to finish circulating an intercessory request to various groups – BUT then I got hit by inordinate difficulties using my email. There were conflicts between my email client and ISP’s server data and even resetting didn’t solve it; then it kept refusing to send because of ‘Too many addressees’!!  As my blogging day’s been halved maybe our enemy’s getting rattled? So here goes:

In re-posting a prophetic word on this month’s ‘Domino Effect’ I speculated that there may be more than one trail of ‘prophetical promises’ Patsy Southway saw, and where it has a counterpart elsewhere. To recap:

‘I cannot but think one of those domino-trails is in the secular world in view of recent, unexpected exposures of political activities. Eg., of anti-Semitism in the Labour party and its leader’s concessionary Mayday speech; of David Cameron’s ‘gaffe’ to the Queen and Archbishop about ‘fantastic’ corruption in Nigeria (read its president’s reaction here); President Obama’s unwelcome interference in the UK/EU Referendum and now his aide Ben Rhodes’ outrageous boasting about their manipulating media lackies with fiction and duplicity over the Iran nuclear deal. For the reasons behind this expose read here. (White House Christian correspondent Bill Koenig often refers to incompetence and lack of required experience and skills of Potus’ aides.) 

NB: The admittance to secret contact with Iran as early as 2011 is incorrect – TWO years too late! It started very early in Obama’s first term and prior to his infamous Cairo speech, as I wrote 7 years ago (18 May 2009) in Today’s Importance in History

‘this [diplomatic storm] involved attempts to turn the Arab world and Europe against Israel, and to appease Iran – even to ‘blackmailing’ Israel over its nuclear defence! (It’s reported Obama wanted to be able to use Iran’s territory for supplying US troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.) Also, there’s been dismay in Cairo and Riyadh over his courting the terrorist mentors in Teheran.’  [per DebkaFile intelligence reports].’

The American issue has since developed: The White House refuses to let Rhodes testify  (Fox News 17 May). Yesterday Reuters reports on the Hilary Clinton’s illegal activities, Clinton email server broke government rules.  HA! LOL!  Maybe that’s why mine was giving me such serious bother this morning 🙂

And today the Telegraph Tax Investigation into Trump was published; ie. a report on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s US tax avoidance activities.

All that’s probably nothing compared with the EU, which hasn’t been able to publish any certified accounts for donkey’s years!!

Kononia eNews_Breakup-of-EU

Wouldn’t now be a good time for all the rotten dirty laundry of crumbling EU finances to be exposed in full glare of continent-wide publicity? Maybe it would make messrs Cameron & Osborne do a volte-face, an abrupt U-turn, over the EU…?

Let’s pray so…

Cont’d in next two posts and in UK/EU in/out #6 and #7 >>

NB: see Fulfilled Prophecy #10: here, here and here PLUS a vision in Nov 2017 (read also discussion thereto)!

PS July’19: Fulfilled Prophecies lists (#10) several exposures (of many) noted on this blog.

Monday newsmix: UK re-awakening and more Muslims looking to Jesus

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunAfter a short break on the coast followed by a weekend course on living in Holy Spirit’s anointing, I trawled through my in-tray and was very pleased with the following good news. Both items are related to visionary and prophetical words, the first comes from our county town, and the second from the wider Middle-East.

Can These Bones Live?

Dr Clifford Hill reacts as follows to what happened during the Pentecost celebrations:

“If anyone thought that Christianity was dying in the traditional churches of Britain, what happened in Winchester Cathedral last week would have shattered their illusions!”

He reports the ancient, hallowed building and grounds were packed out at that evening’s celebration. This was the culmination of nine days of prayer events for the evangelisation of Britain, as invited by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. The Pentecost weekend itself culminated in six ‘Beacon events’ with video links to Canterbury Cathedral where the Archbishop, Justin Welby, gave a message based upon the Lord’s prayer, which he said was “reassuring enough to be on the lips of the dying and yet dangerous enough to be banned in cinemas!”

Read Clifford’s full report here, which closes with his asking,

“Was this a sign that something special is beginning to happen in the old denominational churches? Will the spiritual life of the nation be transformed by a new generation embracing the gospel in their own culture as the Holy Spirit breathes new life into the unchanging message of salvation and “Jesus is Lord!” is once again heard on the lips of children and young people?”

In my humble opinion, “Yes it is a sign” and my initial thought was of the prophetic promise heard at Ffald-y-Brenin retreat centre, as blogged two years ago in Resurrection Coming to the Anglican Church.:

‘The usual morning liturgical prayer time got overshadowed by the Lord, who reminded them of the raising of Lazarus. They were told He’s going to call the Anglican Church out of its grave and bring it back to life!’

Of all the words published in this blog this may be exceptional because it was the first to be severely criticised, as related in this post about our later visit to Ffald-y-Brenin.  Also, this latest event reflects what others have observed of an increasing number returning to the Anglican fold and other churches – yet without denominational divisions as in bygone eras. And, of course, readers of this blog are aware of many prophetic words about a new era in the Church and move of God in the UK; eg, brought by Heidi Baker (with updates).

Intense Persecution Brings Harvest of Muslims

The exciting news continues of many Muslims seriously doubting their faith and looking and turning to Jesus in reaction to it being returned to its original barbaric practices. As blogged about Iran and a significant warning in Mecca (here and here respectively), as well as other posts, this is personally encouraging in view of a vision I had in 1992 on the fall of Islam (see this email).

Another morning email Is There Any Good News From the Mid-East? alerted me to Joel Rosenberg’s latest post, in which his friend Tom Doyle answers,

“Yes, despite intense prosecution we’re also seeing a great harvest of Muslims turning to Christ.”

After providing several wonderful examples, especially of those martyred on a beach in Libya to the shock of the world, Tom asks why is it that Muslims are now coming to faith in Christ in significant numbers? His answer:

One of the reasons is that Islamic terrorists are killing violently for their faith, while followers of Jesus are dying peacefully for their faith. Muslims are watching the violence and it has soured them towards their religion. It has also opened them up to the possibility that there may be something to this Jesus after all. They see hate in Radical Islam and love among the Jesus followers, even as they are taken to be executed. What a contrast.

“Yes, Christians are being persecuted openly in the Middle East. But they are standing strong, and this has served to spread the gospel even more rapidly. In a world of bad news, that is very good news.”

Indeed it is. And as noted in Good News: Christian Revival in N Africa, the Cartheginian early Church author Tertullian observed the same and formulated the famous dictum:

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

[Credit: Hand Pressing News Icon by Watcharakun, courtesy of]

EU Referendum – an update

A quick note to say this blog’s hub EU In God’s Face has been updated to include an informative guide by Dave Chapman – There Is An Alternative.

This paper provides an introductory background to the European trading, political and financial union, its history and proposed development, as well as the UK’s involvement. The outline of differences between UK and European legal systems are personally helpful in view of last year’s posts on the 8th Centennial of the Magna Carta.

As well as providing links to earlier posts on the EU Referendum the hub also has some to a few interesting opinions. For example, author Frederick Forsyth speaks of “Government by Deception” and quotes a possibly questionable summation of ‘Father of Europe’ Jean Monnet’s intention as:

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super state, without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to Federation.”

Blogger ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ concludes his piece on former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey’s opinion of Brexit as being “The Refrain of Freedom” with:

“The European Union is an anti-democratic, centralised, unreformable, oligarchic bureaucratic beast bent on total domination. It is prepared to lose souls to save face. The people of God yearn for a better way, another treaty, a different mission of national discovery and self-confidence. We can meet together, network, dialogue, support and befriend our European neighbours as we boldly bear witness as followers of Christ. Or we can be absorbed, monitored, re-educated, relativised, patronised and ignored as the Euro-Beast marches on to ever closer union and democratic damnation. That is the choice we face. Thank God that Lord Carey sounds a clear note against the injustice, humiliation, pain and bitter resentment of remaining in a Godless sodality of gnashing teeth.”

Revd John Kilpatrick: apolitical prophecy in His Presence

Awkward internet trouble struck last Sunday afternoon!

However, resolution on Monday brought some unusual insights on America’s highly controversial presidential candidate!

Even more weirdly, whilst writing I’m struck that this post covers a ‘triple-strike’ on one particular day this month: see if you can spot it as you read. Ask yourself, “Does it confirm the previous post’s prophetic word, ‘Month of May – Domino Effect’ ?”

We couldn’t get live-streaming of Sunday morning’s service at Church of His Presence. Occasionally, there are intermittent dropouts but a simultaneously broadcast chat-room keeps e-members and ‘techies’ in touch and so we know what’s happening. But this time it was most unusual not to get any streaming connection at all in over half an hour. Then I saw their administrator’s note about the server having crashed.

I quipped to Nina, “Maybe they’re having a terrific time and the electrics are affected”.

A few years ago we heard Mahesh Chavda talk about when the powerful presence of the Lord blew stage-lighting and set off internal alarms, to which a fire brigade responded and arrived at the church meeting – but there wasn’t any fire, of the ordinary kind, that is.

Was something similar happening far beyond the other side of ‘the Pond’?? It was!!

Holy Spirit’s Presence

On Monday we caught up with the archived video and saw everyone was still affected by the evening celebration on Friday 7th May – Holy Spirit’s presence was clearly evident during Sunday’s worship.

Pastor John Kilpatrick immediately spoke about Friday evening’s celebration and referred to the Glory having fallen during the Brownsville Revival. John interviewed some who’d been there on their reactions.  Of last Friday he admitted to having struggled to preach; because it was on God’s Glory. His message had been held over from an earlier Friday, when he’d been completely unable to speak because he’d been under the ‘chabod’ or heavy weight of God’s glory – ‘slain in the Spirit’ – for several hours!

So, Sunday morning in Alabama continued in the same Revival atmosphere and one hour one minute into the service John said,

JohnK 214_logo“You know I believe what’s going on right now in the political world, somehow I believe the Lord’s right behind it!

“Here’s what I really believe and I want you to know I’m not saying (vote) democrat or a republican – understand?Listen to me: something’s going on in the political sphere!

“And something’s going on in grass-roots America and grass-roots America’s rising up and saying “We’re SICK of the political correctness. We’re SICK of our nation going down the drain. We’re SICK of decisions that’s being made that’s deteriorating America”, and the grass-roots are rising up and they’re possibly voting for somebody that makes Americans real nervous.

“And I’m not saying I’m a Trump supporter – because I’m not!…(and I’m not anyone’s supporter)…BUT I am a supporter of Revival and I’m believing God for Revival to SHOW UP in America and to SWEEP this country – from the White House to the school-house to the corn house!!…[great excitement across congregation].

“Here’s what I believe’s happening: I believe God’s shaking America back – I believe that we’ve been asleep. We’ve been in a coma but the Holy Ghost’s been slapping us [John slaps himself on both cheeks] with His Primaries and America’s waking up – “Huh? What he’d say?” – “What’d she say?”- “OMG what’s going on!” – “I’ve never seen nothing like this before!”

“And the Holy Spirit says,“Buckle your seat-belt; you ain’t never seen nothing like you’re about to see!!”

I believe that God somehow is going to translate what’s going on in the political world and bring it over into the spiritual world it’s time for spiritual correctness!

“Let God be God; I said ‘Let God be God’. Let God MOVE and let His power SWEEP this nation like it did many years ago!”….

Spirit-filled rejoicing and great excitement followed with lengthy ministry under the Glory – very definitely a church of HIS Presence!

Shake, Rattle and Roll…

John’s immense excitement as Holy Spirit sparked him into hopping and skipping whilst he moved into prophecy reminded me of an unusual word I’d read over the weekend from Australia’s Lana Vasser. Perhaps he was confirming the gist of what she received, as here:

LanaVawser‘…I have no political agenda, I am not attempting to ‘push’ anything, I am simply releasing something that I feel the Lord gave me. Recently, the Lord surprised me as I heard Him singing and I heard him singing concerning Trump. I heard the Lord singing in the same melody to the old song by Billy Haley and The Comets, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”. Yet as I heard the melody, I heard the Lord singing:

“I am using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll..I’m using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll… I’m using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll”(!)”

WHAT! WHY?  To grasp this rather alarming revelation read Lana’s blog I Heard the Lord Singing Regarding Donald Trump, published last Friday 7th May .

I doubt John would have opportunity for that to have come to his attention on the other side of the world – especially as he was involved in that evening’s celebration with Lindell Cooley, and preparing to speak on Mysteries of the Glory and then come under its after-effects!!

Trump and Israel

The next day, Tuesday, I had opportunity to follow-up a headline on William Koenig’s news service World Watch Daily as a matter of particular interest to students of Bible prophecy. This was from an article in The Jerusalem Post published on Friday 7th May – Politics: On Trump’s Side (by Gill Stern Stern Hoffman).

It covers the work of British-born public relations innovator Jonny Daniels, director of the Holocaust commemoration organization From The Depths, and may be the Israeli who’s closest to Donald Trump. Daniels is quoted as saying of Trump on Israel,

“He is someone who understands our traditions, Just like Obama grew up in traditional Muslim settings, Trump has gained an appreciation of traditional Judaism.

In 2013 Trump released a video of his deep respect for Israel’s PM Netanyahu and so you may like to read Hoffman’s article in full via the above link to print-copy. (The JP website is slow to load because of a long script and excessive advertising.)  Here are some extracts for your information:

“The Donald Trump I know is thoughtful, strong-willed and an incredibly smart person,” Daniels said. “He reads people and situations and, most importantly, doesn’t give up. He will fight for Israel and – just as important for Israel – fight for the USA. A strong America is a strong Israel. Over the past eight years, there has been a massive decrease in American strength, and as the US’s great ally that has been a significant problem for us.”
“It is very good news for Israel that he will be the Republican candidate for president, because we really do have a good friend in Donald Trump,” Daniels said. “I’m not sure people realize who he is beyond his media persona. He is a politician playing politics, and there are certain things you do and say for votes, and if it’s inflammatory so be it. Netanyahu and Obama have also reached out to their voter base, and that’s what Trump has been doing.”
“He is smart enough to understand that a peace deal wouldn’t be brokered over night,” Daniels said. “When we look at his true understanding of the concerns facing Israel, we have to see it promisingly. He was vehemently against the Iran deal before he thought he would be running for president.”

My reader, did you spot the triple date references in the above three sections?  Friday 7th May.  Hmmm most intriguing….

Maybe the Lord is underscoring that material? Maybe pastor Kilpatrick’s prognostication is accurate? How say you?

Finally, today Israel Hayom publishes an interview with Trump, Israel Is the US’ Bastion of Hope,  wherein he states, “We are going to protect Israel. We will make sure it is in good shape forever”.  I’ll leave you to read his opinion on the incumbent president’s actions to jeopardize an ally by dealing with Iran.

Such interesting times…

Patsy Southway: this month’s ‘domino effect’

On Tuesday Patsy Southway posted these encouraging words on her Pick Ministries blogspot.:


Patsy SouthwayA couple of weeks ago I was sharing with a few close friends about an open vision I had received from the Lord. In the vision I saw a long wavy line of dominos. Several, of which, were different colours; with their usual number of dots on them. I sensed that each domino had been strategically placed in preparation for the momentum that occurs when the first one is touched.

Then God said to me that during the month of May many will see the beginning of a ‘domino effect’ in their lives. As God’s finger touches the very first domino; the rippling effect will be breathtaking!

I could see immense JOY exploding as long awaited promises and prophetic words that had been spoken, were suddenly, (it seemed suddenly but God has been behind the scenes working all the while) manifesting and bringing to birth the fulfillments that had been longed for.

I sensed too that for some the hope of ever seeing these promises come to pass had almost died as they had become weary in the waiting and had forgotten that God, our God, is a faithful God and ALL his promises are ‘yes and amen!’

For some, this will also be a time to see the beginning of an ENLARGEMENT! Those that have had to stand firm and entered into a LIFESTYLE of what I call ‘Heart Alignment’ (John 5:19) will no longer take any nonsense from the Father of Lies over their own lives, the lives of their families, Churches/Gatherings, their towns, cities and nations! A Holy boldness will be evident in these ones which will cause a stirring, a hunger even, resulting in great exploits to see Jesus glorified all over the world.

I also saw the ENLARGEMENT of territory, of land, and increase in all areas connected with the wealth of God’s Kingdom. As the finger of God touches the first domino we will hear the click click click of the rippling effect throughout the nations!

Footnote: – I cannot but think one of those dominoe-trails is in the secular world in view of recent, unexpected exposures of political activities. Eg., of anti-Semitism in the Labour party and its leader’s concessionary Mayday speech; of David Cameron’s ‘gaffe’ to the Queen and Archbishop about ‘fantastic’ corruption in Nigeria (read President’s reaction here); President Obama’s unwelcome interference in the UK/EU Referendum and now his aide Ben Rhodes’ outrageous boasting about their manipulating media lackies with fiction and duplicity over the Iran nuclear deal. For the reasons behind this expose read here. (White House Christian correspondent Bill Koenig often refers to incompetence and lack of required experience and skills of Potus’ aides.) 

NB: The admittance to secret contact with Iran as early as 2011 is incorrect – TWO years too late! It started very early in Obama’s first term and prior to his infamous Cairo speech, as I wrote 7 years ago (18 May 2009) in Today’s Importance in History

‘this [diplomatic storm] involved attempts to turn the Arab world and Europe against Israel, and to appease Iran – even to ‘blackmailing’ Israel over its nuclear defence! (It’s reported Obama wanted to be able to use Iran’s territory for supplying US troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.) Also, there’s been dismay in Cairo and Riyadh over his courting the terrorist mentors in Teheran.’  [per DebkaFile intelligence reports – emphases added].

UPDATE 17 May: White House refuses to let aide testify after controversial Iran remarks.

Five big things to celebrate on Israel’s 68th modern birthday.

News of welcome growth for the ancient tree we’re grafted into…

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

israelUPDATED: As the modern State of Israel turns 68 years old, the citizens and residents of this tiny country find themselves facing serious threats. But amidst all the sobering headlines, there is much good news, too.

Here are five big things I’m celebrating — I hope you will, too.

First, the very fact that the State of Israel exists today, and is celebrating her 68th modern birthday, is evidence of the dramatic fulfillment of ancient Biblical prophecies, and a powerful testimony that the Bible is the very Word of God. 

  • Many ancient Biblical prophecies — notably Ezekiel 36, 37, 38 & 39 — indicated that Israel would be reborn as a geopolitical nation state in the “last days” of history, that Jews would return en masse to the holy land, and that the Jewish people, with God’s help, would rebuild the “ancient ruins.”
  • For much of the past 1,900, many people around the world — including, unfortunately, many…

View original post 1,173 more words

UK/EU in/out #5: vision of Britain and our End-time purpose

An exhortation to pray for Britain’s leaders and people to know and move into God’s full purpose for us. When we humbly recognise, repent and turn from all that’s contradictory to the spirit of our prayers and seek God’s face for fuller revelation, then He promises to hear, forgive and cleanse us individually and nationally and to heal our land (per 2 Chron 7:14)

Thank you to Lynne at Father’s House of Prayer for reminding me of this powerful vision the Lord gave Wendy Alec a week after bombings on London Transport in July 2005 (see Watchman Network report). This extract from the full vision explains unequivocally why Britain should extricate itself from the anti-Christ spirits presiding across the water.:

Wendy Alec‘…And the Lord showed me huge flourishing green tree that was planted in the European mainland – its huge trunk seemed to be planted in Brussels and the foliage had grown so dense that the trees branches and foliage had grown over the English channel and covered Britain in a great dark shadow and thousands of smaller offshoots and branches had taken deep root in Great Britain – and I saw the roots tangled and grown into London and then through the British Isles up all the way to Scotland.

‘The Lord said –

“These are the deep roots of secularism and humanism that have taken deep root in this nation – these are the roots that are eroding this nation’s faith!”

‘And I saw thousands upon thousands of people bowing in obedience to this tree and the roots were tightly twisted around their ankles – but they seemed totally unaware of this – that they were bound – and so they rejected the faith of their fathers – and I saw a great scoffing and a great decline in the traditions and the foundations of the past – and this mass of people was divided into two camps – the first huge mass of people whose ankles were bound by the gnarling roots of the green tree from Europe were younger and seemed more modern in their approach – and I saw written over their head – ‘UNBELIEF’ – ‘CYNICISM’ – ‘HUMANISM’ – and the foliage and green leaves seemed to shadow their heads – and I sensed that they were being attacked at a cerebral level.”

‘But the second group seemed to be those whose roots and foundations were from the established traditional denominations of Britain – yet they were just as affected as this first group – but I saw written over their head – ‘PRIDE’ – ‘SKEPTICISM’ – ‘CLOSED MINDEDNESS’ and I sensed that the roots around their ankles had bound them in a different manner – that even if they heard the call of the Spirit in these days that the spiritual forces had them so bound that they could not move with the tide and the times of God – and I saw the green foliage literally cover and shadow their foreheads and eyes and I saw the word blinding.”

‘And I said to the Lord, “Father – what does this mean?” And He said –

“The spirits that led Europe into post Christian decline – have invaded Great Britain over these past decades – and have infiltrated and overshadowed the nation with the same humanism and paganism and secularism – and yet Britain is still so blinded by her roots and her foundations that she is still declaring herself a Christian nation” – but the Lord says that, “She has been shackled by the enemy.”

‘And I said, “Lord what can break the shackles?”

‘And the Lord spoke and said,

“The prayers and fervent supplications of My saints in Great Britain – the repentance for the sins of commission and omission on behalf of the governments of Great Britain – on behalf of the people of Great Britain.”

‘Then I asked the Lord about the Church – and He showed me thousands of people all belonging to different denominations with divisions and literally multitudes of OPINION – and somehow it seemed that the people’s opinion was all more important in their eyes than God’s opinion and I heard Him say:

“Until their opinions become My opinion the Church will continue to be divided among itself and be weak and underfed and lack the true POWER of GOD – Oh yes,” says the Lord –

“There are many meetings – there are many committees – there are many opinions – opinions – but it is not the opinion and the thoughts of men’s hearts that will change the destiny of Great Britain – but the opinion and the thoughts and intents of the word of the Living God – Humble yourselves – Humble yourselves and put aside your opinions and press into me the Living God for a living Word.”

‘And the Lord said –

“A humble and penitent heart I will not despise.”

– and I saw the words written – ‘DIVISIONS AND FACTIONS’.”

‘Then as people dropped to their knees all over Britain from every walk of life and denomination – the lion started to change – and He grew strong and sleek and his roar grew stronger. And I saw written in the spirit – “Create in me a clean heart O God – and renew a right spirit within me”. And as the people started to seek the face of the Lord I saw the word ‘COURAGE’ – and I knew that in the spirit realm that Great Britain had been endowed from the beginning of time with the mantle ‘COURAGE’ – and the Lord said,


‘And God said Britain has yet to move into her end-time destiny in the nations – And I saw again in great letters – the words –


AMEN: Lord let Your Kingdom come, Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven…


  1. Read the full account in Vision for Great Britain which opens with encouragement for intercessors and reference to angelic activity followed by a promised awakening of the Church and for Great Britain as a ‘Land of End-time Destiny’, even hinting at changes in the United States!
  2. The vision came 11 years before the long-awaited Referendum, the results of which will be known in time for its 11th anniversary in July. Number 11 is said to symbolise disorder, chaos and judgment ( Pray the voting turns out God’s way.
  3. Perhaps we’ll see monumental governmental changes on both sides of the ‘Pond’!
  4. UPDATE April 2017: the importance of this vision resurfaced 12 years later in connection with two related prophetic words (Fulfilled Prophecies #19 Britain’s Shackles Now Shattered and Spiritual Shift Across Northern Hemisphere…).

UK/EU in/out #4: prophetic warning urges “come out!”

To continue in the prophetical vein from the latter half of #3 In the Face of God, the timing of this seems apropos to today’s headlines. (My intention for this mini-series on the EU and referendum of our membership is to present a ‘prophetical sandwich’ of spiritual food for thought stuffed between two ‘doughy’ slices of politico-historical, legal data.)

We learn PM Cameron has ‘lost the plot’ by saying that Brexit could lead of war because of  secession/independence from the EU. (Timed for today’s celebration of Europe Day marking the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of 9th May 1950). He would be wiser were he to seek, hear and heed the Living Lord’s opinion on the EU’s future.

Readers who followed the link in this series’ #1 post may have already read the following from a Bible teacher whom we’ve known for years (and who gave Nina an accurate word a few months before our marriage). The following prophetic word is posted with permission of Prophecy Today UK, with sub-heading linking to the original.:


This prophetic word was delivered during a meeting with a group of ministry leaders on 17th November last year.:

“Nation of Britain, I have loved you with a love which has not ceased, despite the state of apostasy and degradation into which you have fallen. My anger towards those church leaders who have taught false things in My Name, and encouraged others to believe and act as they do, is intense and My judgment upon them will be severe. Yet I have compassion upon those who have been like sheep without godly shepherds; and My heart still longs to exercise mercy upon a nation whose forefathers upheld My Name and took My Word to the ends of the earth; a nation whose belief in the truth of My Word framed godly laws and inspired a culture of uprightness.

“Rather than rely on Me and My faithfulness to you, you chose, for worldly purposes, to join yourself to an institution which has denied My Name and refused to acknowledge Me in its councils. My fierce anger is upon that institution on account of its rebellion, its defiant rejection of Me and its hardness of heart towards My ancient people Israel.

“I warn you now that the European institution will not repent, even though I bring disaster and destruction upon it. I urge you, O Britain still beloved by Me for the sake of your godly forefathers, come out of her, so that you may not be caught up in that same destruction, for I am even now arising in judgment to bring to nothing what she has sought to achieve. If you will separate yourself from her declared rejection of God, I will have mercy upon you and restore My hand of protection; and I will use you once again to bring light to many lost in the darkness which is now steadily increasing.

“Hear Me, O once godly nation and respond to My call, or you also will come to ruin in that same judgment of destruction. This is not My will for you, but you must choose the course which you will take. I urge you to respond to Me and choose life under My hand of discipline and protection, rather than death in the disaster which is even now coming upon Europe.”

David Noakes

The prophecy has already been widely circulated and the Prophecy Today UK editorial team believe their readers should see it in the context of seeking guidance from God in regard to the forthcoming Referendum on EU membership. 

Readers are reminded all modern prophecy should be tested and not simply accepted as having come from a reliable messenger (see Additional Note from Dr Clifford Hill and its latter section for his personal testimony of David’s reliability and integrity).

UK/EU in/out #3: In the Face of God

I’m grateful to Dave Chapman for this paper of 7th April and especially for emphasing the importance of Christians taking a stand (hence my under-linings) and for including some prophetical visions. The Footnote updates the first section and considers the Lord’s hand behind the exposures of anti-Semitism in UK politics.:


We have reached a time in our nation where we need to stand up and be counted. Here is an example why :-

In recognition of Baal worship

“On April 19, 2016, in cooperation with national and international cultural heritage preservation organizations, and in conjunction with World Heritage Week 2016, the Institute for Digital Archaeology will install a monumental scale reconstruction of Palmyra’s Triumphal Arch on Trafalgar Square. Through this project — and others like it scheduled throughout 2016 in cities both inside and outside the Middle East — the IDA seeks to provide an optimistic and constructive response to the ongoing threats to history and heritage that have captured headlines over the past year. Our aim is to highlight the potential for the triumph of human ingenuity over violence by offering innovative, technology-driven options for the stewardship of objects and architecture from our shared past”. (Source: IDA website original).

A considered response

‘Voice for Justice’ make a response this way (most of original on Voice for Justice UK – News) :-

‘We call on the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and Roger Michel, executive director of the Institute for Digital Archaeology, to abandon immediately the scheme to reconstruct the Arch of Palmyra in Trafalgar Square on April 19.  In 2015 the pictures of destruction by ISIS/Daesh of the Temple of Bel (also known as Baal Shamin) in Palmyra rightly shocked the world, and attempts to safeguard the world’s historical heritage from future acts of senseless aggression are to be applauded.

‘However, the reconstruction of the temple arch in Trafalgar Square on April 19 by the Oxford based Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDS) will serve a much darker purpose….. From earliest times Baal was a powerful symbol for evil and the occult: a pagan Canaanite god who demanded regular and bloody appeasement by child sacrifice.  Baal worship, representing all that was evil, was particularly condemned in the Bible (e.g. Leviticus 18:21).

‘In terms of symbolic value, however, even more disturbing is the date chosen for the reconstruction of the monument, because in occult belief, April 19 marks the Feast of Moloch, another ancient Canaanite god, specifically associated with Baal (e.g. Jeremiah 32:35), who also demanded child sacrifice.  April 19 marks the first day of a thirteen day period known as the “blood sacrifice to the beast,” and culminates in the high occult holy day of Beltane on 1st May……[NB. date for Footnote]

‘….Without question, April 19…is one of the most significant dates in the occult calendar. Was the selection of this particular date to reconstruct an ancient monument to the god Baal random or deliberate?  Either way, it is extremely unfortunate, to say the least.

‘If we allow the erection of this Arch we will be placing a symbol of death, murder, child sacrifice and sexual immorality in the heart of London…….. And we call on the Mayor of London to uphold the UK’s Christian heritage and ban the erection of a monument that is clearly hostile to Christian belief.”

Flying in the Face of God

Surely such a thing flies in the face of God.  Our battle though is not a physical one, even though we cannot stay silent by failing to protest its erection in our Capital City, despite their claim that it is apparently intended only for World Heritage purposes. Why should we celebrate what we know is specifically identified in Scripture as a forbidden ‘god’ by the Lord Himself!?  Of course, as Christians we do not, but why should we not speak up, as those aware of evil things, since we desire blessing upon our Nation, not cursing.

Another edifice to ‘another god’ 

There again, there is our Union with Europe, which as we pray for our Nation to return to God, includes praying concerning this upcoming Referendum Vote on the 23rd June, and, as we do, we find clarity that the prime issue is a spiritual one.  It is clear that the whole of this Union is constructed not only on a Godless basis – in fact God is not mentioned in any of the founding or official documents of this Union – which therefore stands in direct competition to God, in setting itself up as an alternative power to rule – therefore as an alternative Kingdom.  That, in itself is an alignment with the spirit of anti-Christ.  We shall return to this aspect.

A grand example to us all 

Not only this, but as a Nation – I mean the current British Isles – we have a Monarch, who achieves her 90th birthday on the 21st of this month, who recognises, and serves, our God as her King, and recommends  the Christian Gospel.  For instance, in her Coronation vows, the Queen requested Gods help to make good her vow to the Nation – which is ‘to be devoted to our service’ – and requested Him’ to bless us all’.  At this same Coronation she received the Bible, given to her at that time as  “The most valuable thing that this world affords”.  Later, the Queen in her message to the Nation in 2008 expressed, in speaking of Jesus of Nazareth (there is no disputing who she speaks of), that “so many of us are able to draw inspiration from His message, and to find in Him a source of strength and courage”.

Then in her message of 2012, when speaking to us, the Queen quoted from the carol  “In the bleak mid winter” these words  “What can I give him, poor as I am?  If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb; if I were a wise man I would do my part. Yet, what I can I give him? – give my heart”.  It is clear the Queen understands to love and follow Christ is a matter of the heart and not of words only.

All these things are imbedded in our Constitutional Monarchy, and have been for centuries the basis of our Governmental authority. Yet we find no such thing in the EU Constitution.  Are we really wanting to give up such a Godly heritage?  If so we will find a quickening decline into open rebellion against God, with pretty dire spiritual, and natural consequences.  As if we are not in considerable trouble with our present spiritual state already!

Choose the better path

No, it is time to stand up and be counted – and be clear about it.  We need to leave the EU. It may be the only opportunity we get before the whole thing descends into more and more chaos.  It’s central Parliament is as we know held in Brussels, the Capital of Belgium, which itself became locked in confusion for over one year and seven months as it tried to put together a Coalition after their last Election.  What an example from the EU’s present Capital City!  We can see what happened here:-

‘Following the Belgian general election held on 13 June 2010, a process of cabinet formation started in Belgium. The election produced a very fragmented political landscape, with 11 parties elected to the Chamber of Representatives, none of which won more than 20% of the seats. The separatist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), the largest party in Flanders and the country as a whole, controls 27 of 150 seats in the lower chamber. The Francophone Socialist Party (PS), the largest in Wallonia, controls 26 seats. Cabinet negotiations continued for a long time. On 1 June 2011, Belgium matched the record for time taken to form a new democratic government after an election, at 353 days, held until then by Cambodia in 2003–2004.[1] On 11 October 2011, the final agreement for institutional reform was presented to the media. A government coalition was named on 5 December 2011 and sworn in after a total of 541 days of negotiations and formation on 6 December 2011,[2] and 589 days without an elected government [3] with Elio Di Rupo named Prime Minister of the Di Rupo I Government.’  (The bold letters are mine – DC – for emphasis. Otherwise all above as quote from Wikipedia here) :-

Can we really ignore what confusion and ineptness, as a Governmental example, we have from the very seat of this unwieldy Organisation?  We may do so at our peril.  Could their malaise over the Jihadists living in areas of Brussels be connected to this lack of Government?  At least they do not have to vote again till 2019 though!

However, in finding out how Belgium got its name, we discover its ancient roots are linked with the worship of Bel, and Belenus, the Babylonian and Celtic sun gods, indicating  ‘lord and master’, known otherwise as Baal also! Conspiracy of links?   No, clear demonic overlay.  We have pointed out before also the Statue of the Woman riding on the Bull shown outside the European Buildings there.  Apocalyptic imagery indeed.

Another EU Parliament?

Of course, the other Parliament in the EU is in Strasbourg.  Built there at a cost to Member Countries of the EU of some 500 million Euros – let alone the secondary buildings! – and designed to represent the unfinished Tower of Babel – which itself means “confusion”  – (The people who built this original Tower attempted to enter spiritual realms beyond this earth to gain power to operate totally independently of God, so were scattered by the Lord through confusion their languages) – It is active for just 4 days a month, when papers, personnel, security, MEP’s, the whole shebang – decamps from Brussels to hold Parliament there, and then back! 

The strap-line to Sunday Telegraph’s Chief Reporter Robert Mendick’s report The Farce of the EU Travelling Circus published on 11 January 2014 reads.:

‘The full cost of the travelling circus that sees MEPs decamp once a month from Brussels to Strasbourg can be disclosed. And even though MEPs have voted to scrap a second parliament, the French government has the power to block any such move.’


Photo credit: ALAMY

What of us?

Are we any better though?  It’s not really a point of ‘being better’, is it?  Surely, in the face of such control – and increasingly so with regard to our Laws, our Finances, our Business relationships, as well as our spiritual alignments – we need the ability to make our own decisions, choose our own path, to walk as much as is possible with as many Countries as possible, but not to be controlled, manipulated or intimidated by them.  We have ‘sleep walked’ into this mess.  We have been  passive for too long.  Are we brave enough to start to step out of it?

Are we, as Christians, at last going to express what we really feel and know in our inner beings about this matter? We have a choice.  In this life choice is one of the most valuable things we have.  It is directly linked to freedom. We can take a lead.  Too many live under despotic regimes where they have none.  Let’s own some backbone.  I wanted to say have some ‘steel’ in us, but that’s another problem at the moment too! – and not unconnected either!  As has been said “it only takes good men (and women) to do nothing for evil to triumph”.

Voice of believers

But, here are also some things from believers, the one who we know well, and trust her spiritual insights; the other, though a total stranger, sounds like she has bothered to pray about these matters for nigh on 30 years.  That’s good enough for me.  Firstly, from her :-

“In my quiet time I was led to Matthew 16:19 where it talks about binding and loosing. I confess I didn’t fully understand the principle and asked the Lord for clarification. I began to think of a vision I had way back in ’87 of scissors cutting through the English Channel. The Lord told me I was to pray that we are to cut off from Europe.  I asked why not a sword? “You got yourselves into this mess, you are going to have to pray yourselves out. Every time you pray according to my will I will cut…cut.” The vision then changed to a Britain as a battleship tied by her stern to Europe with an enormous rope; I then saw little fiery darts hitting and cutting into the rope, these I understood to be the prayers of the saints. As I watched the rope broke and the battleship slowly turned to face Europe, and the covers came off her guns; signifying this was a spiritual as well as a physical battle.”

Some weeks later a Pastor’s wife rang to say she had the same vision and what did it mean? I explained, and then we discovered that women all over the country were having the same vision.

“29 years later we are on the threshold of the rope breaking in the coming Referendum as we seek to leave the EU. So what has this to do with binding and loosing in Matt 16:19?  I wrote down the word ‘Europe’ and immediately saw the word EuROPE, the rope that binds us to the EU…..”

Then again, earlier this year, in response to my item called  ‘Britain and the EU’, Sue commented :-

“Some years back when I was praying  for Europe one Tuesday afternoon, the Lord gave me an action picture of the map of Europe.  I saw the UK right at the heart of Europe, then a big hand came and grabbed the whole nation, wrenched it out of Europe and put it back in its place, which is geographically where it is on maps.  Then Europe imploded on itself, as if it was in tatters.”

A Second Chance

So, some 41 years on from our last opportunity to express our personal conviction on this matter, we have this chance to change our course.  Mind you, it was not the same question then we answered.  At that stage it was whether we wanted to be a part of a free trading Europe, or not.  But, we were not told the truth, which Mr Heath admitted to.  Now that it is clear what it is all about, and with increasing loss of National Sovereignty, we can make a wiser decision. As one happy campaigner said today, after Holland said “No” to greater trading ties with Ukraine, “what we want is cooperation between European nation States, without all the superstructure we have at present”.

Neither did our current Government expect to have to grant a Referendum, since although it was a main promise if they won the Election, no one, the Conservatives included, other politicians or forecasters, expected an outright majority for them!  They certainly didn’t!   But now they had to keep their promise, otherwise there would have been uproar in the Conservative Party.  The Referendum Act in Parliament, some 7 months later, was passed into Law.  So, it was a ‘set up’!  And who did that?   I suspect our ALL KNOWING GOD did!

A Higher Purpose

But, let’s not waste this opportunity, and so gather to pray, in two’s and few’s, and many too, not only about this, but for the real purpose of separating  from the EU – which is to head these Nations back to God.  (Many will be doing so on St George’s Day 23rd April, also Passover.  George, a Christian in Diocletian’s Roman army in 303 AD, who refused to deny his faith, became a martyr).  Leaving the EU is just a big step to choosing a better path for that.  We are not above any other peoples, but we can choose to be blessed, and be a blessing to others, to fulfil the long-established, un-rescinded call of God to spread His name around the world, by being an example among the Nations to His faithfulness, His Gospel, and His Kingdom, through, and from these Nations.  “The gifts and callings of God are without repentance”.  They are there for picking up again – and He wants us to.

That has to be our goal, otherwise we become lost in the political and economic tangles of one issue alone, then, only to find his purposes still exist for us, whatever the result on the day – it’s just that one pathway will be less severe as a journey to that end, than the other.

Dave Chapman 7th April 2016


  1. After much public protestation – by believers and the public in UK and USA, over the raising of a Baal Arch in London and New York, we understand New York cancelled theirs, and the one raised in London was only the Roman Arch at the front of their Colonnade and Market.  Voice for Justice says, “We are being contacted by people saying they have heard interviews on LBC radio reporting that the Triumphal Arch today being erected in Trafalgar Square is part of the Temple of Bel/Baal, and asking what is going on.  In particular, they are asking if we have been misled. The answer to this, we believe, is no.   It is our understanding that the Roman Triumphal Arch was not part of the Temple of Bel/Baal but was an entirely separate structure standing at the end of a colonnade that began in the market place and led up to the Temple. Current misreporting appears to reflect the general confusion surrounding reconstruction of the arch, but may also mirror continued attempts to claw back victory.   Either reason serves to demonstrate the continued need for vigilance and prayer.”  [Thanks for this Dave; latest from VFJuk may be read in ‘Victory’.]
  2. Interesting to note above reference to pagan significance of 1st May, which is also celebrated by Communism and Socialism as the workers’ public holiday. This year however, we can see the hand of the Lord in exposing the outrageous anti-Semitism buried deeply within the Labour Party. This necessitated its leader Jeremy Corbyn’s eventual denunciation of all racialism in his public Mayday speech (report here) .
  3. Dave’s calls for us to “Stand!” speaks to me about the meaning of an open vision I had in 2004 of a map of Britain. As the fabric of society is rotten I saw a great tear appear from which emerged a huge long rock, in the same location as the Pennines – I understood this means the Lord will restore our strong, spiritual backbone when we stand upon Him, The Rock –  see Comments upon the collapse of Society.

Reports of ‘Awakenings’ cont’d – “Get ready to jump!”

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevLet me now share some personal things about the last two posts that may be of interest.

Usually I take a long weekend cyber-break after Thursdays but last week it would be until Tuesday as Monday was a Bank Holiday. As I’d be elsewhere yesterday, I very quickly scan-checked my email on Saturday and noticed a couple from Michael Marcel. (We first met at inter-church prayer meetings for the Thames Valley in Reading in late-1990s and last saw one another at a recent mentoring day in Windsor.)

I sensed it was important to reply to Michael’s email news with some from David Robinson of Bloxham, who too had emailed me on Friday about ‘Awakenings’ in USA, plus an earlier post of mine on related prophecies. Later we chatted on the phone after I’d updated him on what happened when I read out his email to Nina. I emailed him:

‘Have just finished early steak dinner and hooked laptop up to tv so we can check out the links I circulated from you and what David sent.

‘So then happened to notice (other) emails and read them out to Nina…(next) I read aloud your one to pastors but she’d already heard, “Get ready to jump!”

‘After saying so and my starting to reply to you, she then got a picture of a trampoline in a garden and saw a man using it and bouncing so high he went off flying and disappeared from view! She heard that, just as our ordinary muscles need to be used and flexed – so too do our spiritual muscles. She also knows there’s a distinct difference between ordinary and spiritual bouncing, as demonstrated in that ‘video’ picture!’

Michael phoned whilst we were watching Patricia King bring a prophetic word to those meetings in San Diego (as below) and, as he’d just returned from there, I asked if it was connected with her XP Ministries of Maricopa, Ariz, or Harvest International Ministries with Che Ahn in the Pasadena area.

He said, “No, neither – it’s not of any ministry. It’s non-denominational”.  Terrific, that’s as it should be.  I happened to mention about the many times we sense in our spirits, and even getting Holy Spirit ‘sizzles’, when watching Him moving and touching folk in Church of His Presence (Alabama), and explained that I refer to it as “Bridge Over the Pond”  (see Holy Lightning Beyond ‘The Pond’ Strikes in UK in particular).

Michael’s response intrigued me. He said, in one of his books Rick Joyner describes Holy Spirit’s going across the ocean as being like moving over a very long bridge!!

Hmm…very interesting…watch this space!

[Credit: Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, courtesy of]

Salvation comes to Hindu and Muslim

As well as circulating email news to church leaders of ‘An Awakening Season’, as in the previous post, Michael Marcel also separately reported how salvation came to two people of other faiths.:

Testimony (email 29th April)
A Hindu woman was walking in Leicester last week. She had struggled with depression for a long time and she saw in a vision a man dressed in white walk up to her and say, “Go to the house on your street with number 2 on it and a woman there will tell you how to restore your heavy heart”.
She went straight home, walked down her street to house number 2 and a Christian lady who has been saved out of the Hindu faith answered the door bell. She told this woman the vision of the man in white, and the lady promptly shared the gospel and prayed for her. She was saved and healed and came to church the following day! She is now sharing her new-found faith with her family; all of them have seen that she is no longer depressed and want to know what happened.
God is definitely on the move in this nation!
Another Testimony (email 1st May)
A Muslim man in Leicester had a dream; in the dream he saw a man dressed in white standing next to a cross, the man in white told him to go to the clock tower tomorrow at 12pm and a man who (will be) standing there will tell you what you must do.

The next day he went to town and found a street preacher at the clock tower, he told the preacher his dream and was then saved as a result. The same night this Muslim man had a dream that his sister in the Middle-East had a similar dream, except she was told to call her brother in the evening, On phoning her brother told her what had happened and shared the gospel and she was saved!

Thank and praise you Lord for what you are doing in bringing not-yet-believers into the Kingdom.

Reports of ‘Awakenings’ in USA – UK next please Lord (#1,000)

Appropriately for this blog’s 1,000th post there’s news of developments in the New Era for the Church:

At Sunday’s morning’s service in CHP in Alabama pastor John Kilpatrick said he’s being contacted about a revival involving many young people in eastern Kentucky, as well as one happening in West Virginia (see video at 1:19:40). He reminded the congregation of what he heard when visiting the Appalachian area of the early 19th Century Cane Ridge Revival.

Those remarks are particularly interesting in view of news received the previous day from Michael Marcel. He updates subscribers to his website with a couple of email, one of which was also circulated to nearly two hundred leaders and which reads as follows:

Dear Pastor, Prophet or Leader
Most of you know that Revival/Awakening has been on my heart for several years now and I am sure you have heard many prophecies over the last two years that Revival is coming – well, that season is upon us!
An awakening has been apparent in many parts of the world for a year or more – the underground church and government churches in China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mozambique, Uganda to name a few. I believe it is clear that the Billion soul revival, as prophesied by Bob Jones, is with us. It has been noticeable though that there has been little happening in the west – America and Europe.
This has now changed. This week I came back from the Fire & Glory outpouring in San Diego. It has been going for 89 nights (6 nights a week) and each meeting can be viewed here:
This is is for the equipping of the harvesters and was prophesied by James Goll in January.
A sister outpouring has been going on for 40 days (4 nights a week) in Seattle and can be seen here:
Since March there has been a full-scale awakening in West Virginia with hundreds of students coming to the Lord, as reported by Christian Today in this post.
Today,  I have discovered that something else is beginning in Edmonton, Canada, through Todd Bentley. He has just announced he is extending his conference by a week.
So, now it is our turn and the turn of Europe. I personally have not heard of anything breaking out here in the UK (apart from Coleraine last year), but perhaps you know different; if so please let me know. It is not a guarantee that the awakening will hit us; it is up to us – we have to take a risk and step into what God is doing. There is a significant personal cost in putting on meetings every night or several times a week, but I believe that this will happen here soon. This is a time when we need to work out where God wants us in the Revival; there is no more time, it is at our door, so I urge you to switch into revival mode.
I do not know about you, but I am NOT going to let this awakening pass us by. If there were the demand I would open my house up to worship and prayer every night.
I know each one of you are doing wonderful things, but I am writing to you to urge you, if you are not already doing it, to prepare for revival!
When you see something breaking out please let me know as I want to record it on my website UK Awakening, which I have set up for this purpose.

For more and reaction from Holy Spirit, read Reports of ‘Awakenings’ cont’d.

Pray_For_RevivalMichael Marcel is the author of Prepare For Revival, the publicity for which reads:

‘It is time for Revival. Many are expecting one to break out across our nation, but do you really know what a revival is? In this important and timely book, Michael Marcel answers this question and records many exciting accounts of revivals that we have experienced in the United Kingdom since the Reformation. He looks at the reason why the last revival/awakening in the United Kingdom was in 1949, and the last in England was 1921.  “Prepare for Revival” recommends what strategies we must do to make revival a reality and what we need to do to prepare ourselves for the revival that is coming.’

Michael’s other books are God’s Heart For A Dying Land and It Is Time – to step out into your calling.