Holy lightning beyond ‘The Pond’ strikes in the UK!


Sea by Salvatore Vuono, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

The ‘bolt’ struck in our lounge Sunday afternoon before last and hit my wife!  Not real atmospheric lightning but, nonetheless, the effects are electrical. It’s happened not a few times whilst live streaming to a morning’s service in Alabama. (It was 7th December 2014.)

Nina’s face contorted and emitted an indistinct sound as she squirmed in her seat. Eyes staring wide, eyebrows mid-forehead, electricity pulsed up and down from head to toe and back. It was caused by what was going on a quarter the way around the world southwest from us – on the Gulf of Mexico’s north coast!

Lindell_CooleyIt was the final night of Dedication Weekend for Church of His Presence moving into a brand new building by Daphne, Alabama. Reinhard Bonnke had opened the first night with being interviewed by pastor Kirkpatrick on how he was led into his evangelistic outreach (over 73 million souls saved) by Holy Spirit’s power healing the totally blind – incredible!

Eighteen minutes into Sunday’s worship Lindell Cooley burst into a song new to us, but which became popular when he led praise at the Brownsville Revival,

He has fire in His eyes,

A sword in His hand,

(And He’s still riding a white horse –

Fifteen years later He’s still going across this land).

There’s fire in His eyes,

A sword in His hand,

He’s riding a white horse across this land.

He’s calling out to you and me,

“Will you ride with Me?”

Fiery Eye (R)Fiery Eye (L)At this, Nina started to burn – and continued burning! Join in at 18:30 on this video link. At 1hr59 Lindell tells of the glory of God coming upon that song. Five minutes later he speaks and declares under a strong unction the importance of Ephesians 3:10 for the Church moving into the new season:

10 to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places,

Alternatively, hear Lindell as a younger psalmist here:

Or play his fiery version with Band of Brothers Bootcamp’s movie clip!

Maybe you question Nina’s reaction? Let me explain. Since being born-again 25 years ago on 1st of this month, she’s been blessed with the Holy Spirit’s gift of discernment!  Thus, she’s able to tell instantly whether anywhere or anyone has an unclean spiritual influence. This gifting has proven very useful for prayer-ministry – and when visiting Toronto Airport Church, in view of claims that manifestations there were demonic and nothing to do with God.

Also, in Nina’s growing closer to the Lord and leading a Spirit-led life, this sensitivity to Holy Spirit’s prompting has only heightened, as demonstrated above.

Thus, when someone speaks or sings under Holy Spirit’s anointing then His presence within her reacts noticeably, as with this song. It is unmistakably clear acceptance and endorsement of the Godly nature of what’s conveyed. (This assists an understanding of the power of prophetic decrees – see Mentoring Day part 2: Britain at a cross-roads).

Worship under the stars with Lindell

cruise0129Silkily gliding under the stars in the cool of an early Caribbean evening, delegates with Toronto’s ‘Catch The Wave’ conference at sea headed to the ship’s swimming pool nestled below restaurants. But it was planked over – musical kit and our musician/vocalists Kelley Warren and Lindell Cooley were warming up!

2nd March 2006, an unforgettable evening worshiping God under the heavens as we sailed in the dark towards Cuba en-route from Jamaica to the Bahamas. My attempt at short video capture completely fails to do it justice, but the psalmist’s ‘King of Glory’ praise left an indelible mark in my soul.

It got fired up a couple of years later upon hearing Roy Fields play it in Florida and then here in England. Even now, the fire burns deeply whenever I hear King of Glory.

Your face outshines the brightest sun,

Jesus, You’re glorious, You are so glorious,

With eyes that blaze like burning fire, 

Jesus, You’re glorious, You are so glorious.

King of Glory,

Have Your glory,

King of Glory,

Have Your glory,

King of Glory,

Have Your glory,

King of Glory,

Have Your glory...

Be blessed listening to it distraction-free with Jesus Culture…

[Image ‘Sea’ (cropped) by Salvatore Vuono, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net]

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  1. I know you may not believe me but anyway, the other night I had a vision of 3 men on horses and they had horns, meaning trumpets and the word indignation was on my mind. I didn’t think much about it but did look it up and found Johnny Cash’s last album with a song called When The Man Comes Around and it’s talking about Jesus.

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