Reports of ‘Awakenings’ in USA – UK next please Lord (#1,000)

Appropriately for this blog’s 1,000th post there’s news of developments in the New Era for the Church:

At Sunday’s morning’s service in CHP in Alabama pastor John Kilpatrick said he’s being contacted about a revival involving many young people in eastern Kentucky, as well as one happening in West Virginia (see video at 1:19:40). He reminded the congregation of what he heard when visiting the Appalachian area of the early 19th Century Cane Ridge Revival.

Those remarks are particularly interesting in view of news received the previous day from Michael Marcel. He updates subscribers to his website with a couple of email, one of which was also circulated to nearly two hundred leaders and which reads as follows:

Dear Pastor, Prophet or Leader
Most of you know that Revival/Awakening has been on my heart for several years now and I am sure you have heard many prophecies over the last two years that Revival is coming – well, that season is upon us!
An awakening has been apparent in many parts of the world for a year or more – the underground church and government churches in China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mozambique, Uganda to name a few. I believe it is clear that the Billion soul revival, as prophesied by Bob Jones, is with us. It has been noticeable though that there has been little happening in the west – America and Europe.
This has now changed. This week I came back from the Fire & Glory outpouring in San Diego. It has been going for 89 nights (6 nights a week) and each meeting can be viewed here:
This is is for the equipping of the harvesters and was prophesied by James Goll in January.
A sister outpouring has been going on for 40 days (4 nights a week) in Seattle and can be seen here:
Since March there has been a full-scale awakening in West Virginia with hundreds of students coming to the Lord, as reported by Christian Today in this post.
Today,  I have discovered that something else is beginning in Edmonton, Canada, through Todd Bentley. He has just announced he is extending his conference by a week.
So, now it is our turn and the turn of Europe. I personally have not heard of anything breaking out here in the UK (apart from Coleraine last year), but perhaps you know different; if so please let me know. It is not a guarantee that the awakening will hit us; it is up to us – we have to take a risk and step into what God is doing. There is a significant personal cost in putting on meetings every night or several times a week, but I believe that this will happen here soon. This is a time when we need to work out where God wants us in the Revival; there is no more time, it is at our door, so I urge you to switch into revival mode.
I do not know about you, but I am NOT going to let this awakening pass us by. If there were the demand I would open my house up to worship and prayer every night.
I know each one of you are doing wonderful things, but I am writing to you to urge you, if you are not already doing it, to prepare for revival!
When you see something breaking out please let me know as I want to record it on my website UK Awakening, which I have set up for this purpose.

For more and reaction from Holy Spirit, read Reports of ‘Awakenings’ cont’d.

Pray_For_RevivalMichael Marcel is the author of Prepare For Revival, the publicity for which reads:

‘It is time for Revival. Many are expecting one to break out across our nation, but do you really know what a revival is? In this important and timely book, Michael Marcel answers this question and records many exciting accounts of revivals that we have experienced in the United Kingdom since the Reformation. He looks at the reason why the last revival/awakening in the United Kingdom was in 1949, and the last in England was 1921.  “Prepare for Revival” recommends what strategies we must do to make revival a reality and what we need to do to prepare ourselves for the revival that is coming.’

Michael’s other books are God’s Heart For A Dying Land and It Is Time – to step out into your calling.

2 thoughts on “Reports of ‘Awakenings’ in USA – UK next please Lord (#1,000)

  1. Congratulations on #1000, Richard! The “Early Stages” of the Awakening have been in effect now for at least almost six years.

    We must also be aware that while the real Great Awakening is coming forth, there are also false revivals happening concurrently. It is up to us to distinguish between the two. One very key part is that the real thing will not be clergy-driven or clergy led. It will be driven by the Lord Jesus who will work through very humble but spiritually effective disciples who honor Him first. He can only draw all men to Himself if He is lifted up.

    Another sign of the real Great Awakening is intense spiritual warfare and increasing attacks against His people in the effort to demoralize them and dis-empower their effectiveness in the Spirit and for the Lord. This is why great persecution and Great Awakenings always go together. For example, while the disciples in the Book of Acts were being used of God in that He was working through them to do great miracles and healings, they were also being killed, injured, and thrown in jail.

    No one wants the latter but it is a byproduct of the former. All glory to the Lord Jesus!

    Please pray for me. Thank you.

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